Money Changes Everything: How Global Prosperity is Reshaping Our Needs, Values, and Lifestyles (Palm Reader)

Money Changes Everything: How Global Prosperity is Reshaping Our Needs, Values, and Lifestyles (Palm Reader)

by Peter Marber

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The debate on globalization is over. Globalization has won, and it's working. In Money Changes Everything, Peter Marber offers incontrovertible proof that new prosperity is spreading worldwide and transforming everything it touches: culture, religion, families, politics, education, leisure, and much more. Marber reveals what to expect in your own life, business, and investments--and how to profit from the deepest and most rapid changes in human history.

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ISBN-13: 9780131480742
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 05/05/2004
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 272
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Peter Marber is a Founding Partner and Chief Strategist for The Atlantic Funds, LLC (, and was formerly founder and President of the emerging markets subsidiaries at Wasserstein Perella. Since the mid-1980s, Marber has professionally invested billions of dollars for many of the world's largest corporations and financial groups.

Marber has been a faculty member at Columbia University since 1993, teaching at the Business School and School of International and Public Affairs, and has taught at Johns Hopkins and Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala. He has authored more than 100 articles on international finance and globalization. His first book, From Third World to World Class: The Future of Emerging Markets in the Global Economy, was called future reference reading for "The 24/7 Global Marketplace" by Wired magazine in 2001.

He has been a global analyst for CNN, CNBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, and the Wall Street Journal, has lectured at dozens of international conferences, and has served on many corporate and advisory boards.

Table of Contents


1. Living Large in the New Millennium.

The Biological Phase. The Material Phase. The Experiential Phase. Going Forward.

2. Wealth and History.

How We're All Doing Better. Progress Begets Progress.

3. Wealth and Economics.

Growing Human Capital and Technology. Comparative Advantage and Free Trade. Accelerated Finance. The Culture of Wealth Creation. Abundance Reinforces Abundance.

4. Wealth and Government.

Democracy and Development. Bottoms Up. Living in the Material World. Trending Toward Experiential Politics. The State in the New World. Political Change and Challenge.

5. Wealth and Religion.

Old-Time Religion. Religion in the Biological World. Slouching Toward Secularization. Religion in Material-to-Experiential Migration. Less Church, More Philosophy? Religious Conflict in the Wealthier World. Revolutions or Evolutions?

6. Wealth and Education.

First Steps. Quantifiable Progress. Beyond the Basics. America at the Educational Crossroads. Knowledge = Money.

7. Wealth and Family.

The Way We Were. Urbanization and Migration. The Female Factor. Wealth and Marriage. The New Family. Children and the Youth Bulge. The Graying Family. The Future of the Family.

8. Wealth and Leisure.

The Democratization of Prosperity. Fueling the Leisure Lifestyle: Greater Purchasing Power. The Global Bazaar. Global Prosperity, Consumption, and Convergence. From Biological to Material. Looking for Meaning: From Material to Experiential Consumption. Why Buy? Beyond the Material World. Westernization or Cross-Fertilization? Clashes or Common Ground?

9. Wealth and the Environment.

The Hangover of Progress? Biological-to-Material Issues. The Greening of the Experiential Trending World. Costs and Conflicts.

10. Wealth and the Future.

Risk #1: Nationalism. Risk # 2: Armed Conflicts. Risk # 3: Environmental Stress. Risk #4: Demographic Imbalances. Forward Wealth and Value Momentum.



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