Moon 514: Blaze and the White Griffon

Moon 514: Blaze and the White Griffon

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Moon 514: Blaze and the White Griffon by Drew Briney, Grant Hansen

The inevitable is coming: technology must evolve alongside magic.

The earth wills it. After the Third Holocaust nearly extinguished life on her surface, the earth yearns for renewal and she hungers to guide mankind to its destiny ... but they may not be ready.

Trained from boyhood to be protectorate of the only known community of survivors, Blaze's world turns upside down when he fails to protect the Order from an unexpected and devastating attack. Then, as he discovers his mentor has turned executioner, finds himself accused of treason while traveling to Moon 514, and falls victim to Toka's secret gene splicing experiments, Blaze's troubles seem boundless as space itself.

His life is further thrown into confusion when he learns that his legendary skills in weaponry are useless against the psionic powers of a small alien whose name no one can pronounce – at least, not without two separately functioning vocal chords. And while Evelia, his unquenchable crush, becomes the alien's unexpected apprentice, Blaze hearkens to the earth's call to lead mankind's last few survivors to the destiny she envisions for them: a technologically advanced civilization governed by magic.

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BN ID: 2940149435159
Publisher: Drew Briney
Publication date: 05/01/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

After graduating from BYU (Phi Kappa Phi) with degrees in history, music, and logic, Drew entered the J. Reuben Clark Law School on scholarship and began teaching philosophy at UVU ... but writing sci-fi/fantasy is his true passion. 

Drew has been a staple storyteller at the Timpanogas Storytelling Festival for more than a dozen years because he is the only juggler in the world that tells stories while using ball patterns that help tell the story.  Really – it’s true: he's the world's only Story Juggler.  Just ask - he might juggle for you at a book signing!

Drew has published and contributed to a quasi-prodigious amount of books and articles that would probably cure you of your insomnia, including two volumes of ancient near eastern laws, weekly legal editorials for an award winning newspaper, and several books, articles, and pamphlets about controversial historical topics entirely unrelated to sci-fi/fantasy! In addition to his published works, Drew writes an inspirational blog. You can visit A New Breed of Dragon for information about Drew’s other books and stories, bundle coupons, daily sci-fi/fantasy inspiration, and more!

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Moon 514: Blaze and the White Griffon 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Highly entertaining and brilliantly written! Quite honestly, Moon 514: Blaze and the White Griffon by Drew Briney has been a wonderful surprise and an incredible journey to a brilliantly woven storyline. Briney’s attention to detail is extraordinary, and he manages to share to us readers the very vivid picture he sees in his head—for instance in chapter one, the mangled leg of Blaze, the book’s protagonist, almost to the point of being morbid. It turns out to be just a simulation, but still. That’s still quite an image to be burned into your brain very early on into the novel. But of course, more often than not, you do not open a science fiction book without expecting to encounter the bizarre and the macabre. And for fans of the genre, Moon 514: Blaze and the White Griffon does not disappoint. Not many writers are able to translate into writing exactly what they envision, but Briney accomplishes that with flying colors. There is literally no dull moment in the book, as Blaze jumps from one adventure to another. He goes from fighting a 365-pound beast in simulation training (which is at least 100 pounds heavier than what he’s used to), to being recruited to battle false paradigms, all while constantly dealing with his own personal issues about love. Briney has created something spectacular with Moon 514. Not only did he create a story so engaging, but also developed characters that are believable and with whom you will definitely empathize. Other science fiction writers tend to focus more on the narrative and how it will go, but sometimes neglect another important element—the characters needed to fuel the story into overdrive and win over readers. Moon 514 maintains that balance between a riveting story, relatable heroes, and nasty villains. And with so many fantasy books being made into movies today, Moon 514 should definitely be on its way to the big screen as well. Two thumbs up for this action-packed treat!
LHCollinsLH More than 1 year ago
When I started reading Moon 514: Blaze and the White Griffon I quickly found myself swept up in a fantastical tale filled with everything from aliens to magic, a dystopian society and a sweet romance. The author uses a sweeping tone to really pull the reader along, taking a story that twists and turns -- turning it into a far reaching series that has a great deal of promise and imaginative writing. The novel at times loses it speed with a short frame of clunky writing, but the author is skilled enough to pick steam back up again and suck you in once again. Blaze is a character that is strong, emotionally tied to the plot and filled with boundless promise; he really does bring this novel to another level with an ineffable quality that I really enjoyed. While this novel wasn't perfect it really did standout for me as the first of the series and it left me looking forward to more from the author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Drew Briney pushes the readers imagination to the fullest with this post-apocalyptic novel. Strong character development leads the reader to be engaged by creatures and aliens and a protagonist at his wits end blasted with adventures and battles, while struggling with unrequited feelings. The author holds no reservations when it comes to descriptive details, including bits of the grotesque to the brilliant. Moon 514: Blaze and the White Griffon is a an epic tale with the not commonly combined themes of magic and technology. However, the underlying message here is that the two go hand in hand. This reminds me of the series "Ancient Aliens" on the History Channel, which revolves around the theme of how ancient civilizations may have mistaken technology for magic. I'm not much of a sci-fi reader, however I am into magic and fantasy and this unique novel has just the right effects to capture and hold my attention.
Jlavuire More than 1 year ago
I finished this book before bed last night, but only just found time to leave a review. First of all, let me say that I love science-fiction and especially any sci-fi that has a dystopian or post-apocalyptic influence. That is what first intrigued me enough to give this book a chance, but it's definitely not the only thing that kept me hooked once I had delved into the story. The main thing that stood out to me about this book is the author's view of a "post apocalyptic world", it's not what you would typically expect when you first see the worlds, and I'm glad that Drew Briney isn't afraid to stand out and offer his own unique twist to the genre, which, I should mention, is executed near flawlessly through the great writing. Instead of using the same archetypes that almost everyone else uses, the author offers readers a unique view of what the future and technology may look like. Most people have this grim, mechanical, almost artificial view of the future - but Drew Briney has a much different perspective that I'm sure will impress even the most critical fans of the genre out there. I feel I should mention that there is a strong fantasy influence, but for me that just added to the allure (I love fantasy, anyway) of the book and I think the author has done a really great job of adding the fantasy influence, without making it overbearing or too over-the-top to the point that it takes away from the sci-fi element of the book. Overall, I would give this book a 9/10. I am very impressed and I will be keeping note of the author's name, but I do think some characters could have benefited from a little more 'background detail'. This is so minor, though, that I absolutely have to give this book 5 stars, as the pros far outweigh the tiny cons of this book. No story is perfect, but "Moon 514: Blaze and the White Griffon" comes pretty close to perfect, in my eyes.
Capri_Coker More than 1 year ago
Imaginative, Engaging and Fast-Paced ''Moon 514: Blaze and the White Griffon'' is the kind of imaginative novel that manages to capture your attention right from the start with fantastic storytelling, engaging characters, strong dialogue and a plot that is refreshingly original. Drew Briney does a wonderful job of sucking the reader into this tale of Earth, magic, aliens, intrigue, mystery and courage to fight for what you believe in and for what remains of mankind. The story is lushly written with an eye for detail and a clear aim to entertain the reader; the story has wonderful world-building and character development that feel authentic, multi-layered and intricately woven together... creating a novel that sparks with originality, imagination and enjoyable reading. It's post-apocalyptic with a side of supernatural and emotionally charged drama that reads like an epic space opera that is both memorable and worthy of a second (or third) reread. Overall, Mr. Briney certainly made an impression with this novel, forging a connection between me and the story that I would certainly recommend to other readers.
M-Hamilton More than 1 year ago
Unforgettable, imaginative, and unbelievably exhilarating To state that this was a breath of fresh air to read is, well, an understatement. This is one of those books that provide such a visual and great read that it makes you think “I wish that they made THIS into a movie!”. So many books get made into movies within this genre that are poorly constructed, but this I think would do well in that form. Going through this book while following Blaze's journey was a great read, and trying to figure out the resolution to this story kept me from putting this book down. I started to flip through this book in the morning and read through it through the day. Honestly, I'd recommend it to anyone that likes interesting blends of scifi and fantasy. And I'm glad that I gave this author a chance, as I will certainly be following all of Drew's future books!  Loved it!