More Than We Remember

More Than We Remember

by Christina Suzann Nelson

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One night changes everything for three women. . . .

When Addison Killbourn's husband is involved in a car accident that leaves a woman dead, her perfectly constructed life crumbles apart. With her husband's memory of that night gone and the revelation of a potentially life-altering secret, Addison has to reevaluate all she thought she knew.

Emilia Cruz is a deputy bearing a heavy burden far beyond the weight of her job. Her husband is no longer the man she married, and Emilia's determined to prevent others from facing the same hardship. When she's called to the scene of an accident pointing to everything she's fighting against, she's determined to see justice for those wronged.

Brianne Demanno is hiding from reality. She was thriving as a counselor, but when tragedy struck a beloved client, she lost faith in herself and her purpose. When her neighbors, the Killbourns, are thrown into crisis, Brianne's solitary life is disrupted and she finds herself needed in a way she hasn't been in a while.

As the lives of these women intersect, they can no longer dwell in the memory of who they've been. Can they rise from the wreck of the worst moments of their lives to become who they were meant to be?

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ISBN-13: 9781493422692
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 02/18/2020
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 352
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About the Author

CBA bestselling author Christina Suzann Nelson writes stories that focus on changing legacies from dysfunction to hope. Her first novel, If We Make It Home, was named a Library Journal Best Book of 2017 and a Foreword INDIES 2017 Book of the Year. Christina is a part of Oregon Christian Writers and a member of ACFW, where she has served as the northwest zone director. She lives in Oregon's gorgeous Willamette Valley with her husband of 26 years and their children. Find her online at
CBA bestselling author Christina Suzann Nelson ( writes stories that focus on changing legacies from dysfunction to hope. Her first novel, If We Make It Home, was named a Library Journal Best Book of 2017 and a Foreword INDIES 2017 Book of the Year. Christina is a part of Oregon Christian Writers and a member of ACFW, where she has served as the northwest zone director. She lives in Oregon's gorgeous Willamette Valley with her husband of 26 years and their children.

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More Than We Remember 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Abby1219 15 hours ago
Life can be so unfair at times. It's so hard to trust God when things spiral out of control because of something we do or someone else does. Every decision that we make affects other people, the same way that their actions affect us too, in both good and bad ways. We have no control over most of what happens in our lives, but knowing that God is always with and for us sure makes a big difference when things just don't make any sense.
floraljoy 5 days ago
Poignant: I liked how it brought together the lives of 3 different women, highlighting their struggles, anxieties and aspirations. It was tragic and heart wrenching at times and while I get that the book was about facing hardships, personally I thought it could have benefited from at least some brevity, lightness or joy to counteract all of the somber times. There was a light inspirational message about turning to God during trials which I wished had of been emphasized more. I did however enjoy the investigative and mystery aspects of the book, even if they were slow to unfold. The ending felt rushed and it could have benefited from an epilogue. I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review. All opinions expressed are solely my own.
JenniaAhava 6 days ago
A catastrophic accident one night on the outskirts of small-town West Crow sends a community reeling. Playing with a central theme of the fallibility of memory, the various central characters must sift through their faulty remembrances and perceptions of past events versus the truth. The author uses three POVs to weave the story and different viewpoints together, each of the female characters dealing with her own disappointments and setbacks. Police deputy Emilia comes across as no-nonsense, quick to lay down the low at all costs, and blind to gray areas. Clouded by the tense atmosphere at home, she takes her frustrations out at work, pushing forward at all costs. Meanwhile, housewife and mom Addison, wife to the man charged as the cause of the fatal accident, feels like her entire world is spinning out of control. Problem after problem seems to be piling up and she feels unable to deal with her new reality. With a husband who can’t remember the night in question, an older daughter rebelling over their recent move, and a mother in law slipping further and further into dementia that only she seems to notice, she is in desperate need of a friend. Addison’s neighbor, Brianne, has shut herself away after a tragic incident causes her to doubt her effectiveness as a counselor. Now she spends her days creating art and hanging out with her new dog while rehashing past events over and over in her mind. After the accident pushes new neighbors Addison and Brianne together, they both realize how healing true friendship can be. Not a large issue, but especially near the end, certain fringe characters seemed alarmingly honest, with strangers and friends alike. I would have preferred to see more build up to explain their actions and their need to emotionally unload for this to have felt more true to life. Many of the twists were not surprising, but this did not lessen their emotional impact. I felt bonded to all three of the main characters, wanting each of them to overcome while learning to lean on both their faith and community. Nelson has written a strong, resounding story, teaching us that our first impressions are often wrong. Her story emphasizes the need to always keep an open mind before assuming we know the facts, and to hold off before judging not only others, but ourselves as well. 4.5 stars to this uplifting tale. Thank you to Bethany House for the complimentary copy. This did not impact my review.
Tessaboo 6 days ago
This is the second story that I have read by Christina Suzann Nelson. I really like her writing style as it draws you immediately into the story. In More Than We Remember, there are three points of view. This was well done and really worked for this story because you get to know what each of the main characters is feeling and thinking. I also liked the slight mystery that ran throughout. That being said, for me, this story, including all of the secondary stories, was just too heavy. I wish the romance thread would have started sooner and been expanded more. I think this would’ve balanced the story out a bit. I did appreciate Lilly, the young daughter of one of the main characters, who added a touch of lightness to the story. I also felt like the ending was too rushed especially since we had more than one story coming to a conclusion. I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
tickmenot 7 days ago
When Life Gets Messy….. Police officer Emilia’s existence has been a walking nightmare since a drunk’s inferno left her firefighter husband disabled. She is dedicated to making sure substance abusers will pay for harming someone else. Addison’s life has turned inside out after her husband, Caleb, was in a car accident that left one person dead. Non-drinking, anti-drug, Caleb, has been accused of having both in his system. Arrested for the crash, he has no memory of that night, where he had been, or with who. Unable to practice therapy after a girl she was treating committed suicide, Brianne has attempted a new career, while carrying the guilt that she was to blame for the girl’s death. Three fascinating stories intersect into one incredible book. You will be unable to put this down, and will not see the surprise ending. The things that happen, along with the character’s questioning of their faith, make this tale realistic. I highly recommend this 5-plus-star book to anyone who enjoys well-written, captivating stories. Bethany House Publishing has provided bookreadingtic with a complimentary copy of, More Than We Remember, for the purpose of review.
Nicole_C 8 days ago
Filled with heartache, pain, and hope for the future, Christina Suzann Nelson’s latest novel, More Than We Remember, will have readers reflecting on the story long after the final page. After a fatal car accident, three women find themselves connected in a shocking way that will change their lives forever. A coach’s wife, a deputy, and a counselor…three women carrying burdens of their own, are all searching for answers to overcome the pain of their pasts. More Than We Remember is the first book I have read by Christina Suzann Nelson. She realistically portrays issues that both adults and teenagers are facing in society, including addiction to pain medication and the popularity of vaping among teens. The women, their husbands, and children all have struggles they are facing, and everything is not always as it seems. The characters were well-developed and the readers could personally feel the pain they were experiencing. I did not care for the personality or character of deputy Emilia Cruz, but I could sympathize with the struggles that she was experiencing in her family life as she tried to find justice for victims in her law enforcement career. More Than We Remember is recommended for readers who are looking for a novel focusing on deeper subject material. I am looking forward to reading Christina Suzann Nelson’s next novel. I received a complimentary copy of this novel from Bethany House Publishers and was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine.
Christianfictionandmore 8 days ago
If you are sitting down to read to be entertained and escape the stresses of the world and your day, this is not the book for you. If you are looking for a book that addresses social issues of the day with plenty of raw emotion, More Than We Remember is just the book for you. The book focuses on the lives of three women whose stories intertwine. Deputy Emilia Cruz is working hard to further her career, battling the good ole boy system, while raising her teenage daughter and caring for her husband who suffers from traumatic brain injury caused by an accident with someone driving under the influence. Brianne Demanno is a struggling artist who resigned her counseling job after one of her favorite clients committed suicide. Addison Kilbourn is the wife of a popular high school coach who has been accused of being under the influence and causing the death of a single mom with three sons. Nelson carefully addresses the challenges of holding onto one's faith when tragedy strikes. Her dialogue is crisp and well written. She builds a strong sense of empathy for each of her characters. No spoilers here, but the ending, while satisfying, does not wrap everything up with a bow because there are consequences for behaviors and choices, and often those consequences fall on the innocent. I am grateful to have received a copy of More Than We Remember from Bethany House via Net Galley in exchange for my honest opinion. I was under no obligation to provide a positive review and received no monetary compensation.
AFerri 8 days ago
This book was absolutely wonderful! The story inside is just as beautiful as the cover. This story will stay with you long after you finish the last page. It will keep you turning the pages to see what happens next. I highly recommend this book. Thank you Bethany House via NetGalley for the ARC copy of this beautiful book. All opinions expressed are my own.
MaureenST 9 days ago
This book opens with a horrific accident; one woman is deceased and the gentleman that hit her is injured. There are witnesses to the accident, and the policewoman on duty at the scene is having a hard time keeping it together. What we don’t know about what others are going through, this book gives a glimpse into some broken lives, but all is possible with God, and there has to be some hope. We are given women that end up being there for each other at the right time in their lives, and becoming the blessings they need. Once you open the pages here, there is so much going on, but it felt like real life, and you want to be there to offer a hug! I had my opinions, but it changed some as the story progressed, but was really surprised at the final outcome. This book will have you in tears, and smiling at some of the kindness of others, filled with emotions, this is a page-turner. I received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Bethany House, and was not required to give a positive review.
PaulaShreckhise 18 days ago
This novel was so touching. The writing had me emotionally involved. Emilia, Addison, and Brianne move in different circles. When a horrific car accident happens, their circles intersect like a Venn Diagram. Each woman is haunted by her own demons. Each one has been shaped by her background and circumstances. Each one has faith, sometimes strong, sometimes floundering. Each one is just trying to live her life. Much like the rest of us. Ms. Nelson has posed seemingly impossible situations for each woman and through their interaction and through those around them, they are shown to grow in their faith. The everyday things become more than they can deal with. But God is in control and He can change perceptions. As Addison says: “It’s easy to see what we want to see, or even what we expect to see. It’s much harder to stand back and see the truth.” The author has a way of creeping into the thoughts of her characters and giving us profound lessons. There are shocking moments as well as tender ones and the relief of amusing antics of children and a dog. This novel comes across as real life. This is the first book I have read by Ms. Nelson and I will be sure to look up her previous offerings. *I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House. I was not required to give a favorable review. All opinions are my own.*