Moses's Story Part 2: More Cross Comparison and Dissection

Moses's Story Part 2: More Cross Comparison and Dissection

by Steve Preston


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In order to understand our ancient history described by Moses in the Bible we need to, not only look at various interpreted Hebrew words for texts but also look at similar histories from other ancient descriptions and look for a comparison of content. That is exactly what this book does. Certainly, the Biblical history provides reasonable adaptation, but Hebrew is a difficult language to understand as they had very few words and verbs we arbitrary. We can rely on many interpretations, but Moses also tried to make his history of thousands of years condensed which made interpretations even more difficult. Instead of looking at sentences that seem widely unacceptable to modern history, science, and physical artifacts and deciding to either look at science and ignore the Moses writings or the opposite, there is a third option. This book compares over 200 different texts and traditions from around the world and those statements of Moses. With them an interpretation "free from dogmatic tampering" and we find there is no true separation between the scientific and Biblical histories. Let me open up your vision and help you understand the Bible at the same time.

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