Murder At Sunset Crater

Murder At Sunset Crater

by Renee Pitts
Murder At Sunset Crater

Murder At Sunset Crater

by Renee Pitts


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A harrowing accident on the Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon, leaves Krista badly shaken. She suspects her ex-husband, Jonathan, wanted by the authorities, has resurfaced with his lethal purpose. In Sedona, the family meets Angel (a menacing ruffian from deep in Mexico), Edgar (a mysterious hiking-supply shop owner), Billie (a USFS ranger), and a lecturer from the Hopi tribe. Inexplicably, paths cross resulting in two stabbing victims at Sunset Crater. Krista is in shock, inconsolable with grief and anger after finding the bodies--blood intermingling with the red cinders of Palatsmo.
Immediately suspecting Jonathan, she sets out with dogged determination to prove his involvement. FBI Special Agent in Charge Dean Black leads the investigation. Dean and Krista spar as they independently hunt a cunning madman. Forensics and witness testimony widen the suspect pool. Is this really the work of Jonathan? Something is off. Krista is troubled and confused. The FBI receives a letter from a "Concerned Citizen." Is Krista a suspect, too?
The authorities have more than one perplexing case to solve: Two tourists are gunned down in their car at a vista overlook. A fire at a bucolic campground reveals a homicide among the ashes of a jeep. Two locals disappear overnight. A police confrontation at one of Arizona's original general stores leaves the shooter dead. A sedan careens off a highway and remains hidden from view until a helicopter sights this crash; a fatality awaits within the vehicle. Do these tragedies have a connection?
Jonathan stalks and threatens Krista. He makes his presence known while continuing to elude capture for his past crimes. Krista has an explosive confrontation and physical altercation with more than one suspect for the double murder at Sunset Crater. She battles her own emotional demons; her loved ones face mortal danger as she struggles for the truth. Like a speeding locomotive without an engineer, no one sees the truth coming.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781987006711
Publisher: Kim Idynne
Publication date: 07/26/2018
Series: Blue Water Detective Agency , #2
Pages: 720
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.58(d)

About the Author

My novel, "Cataclysm in Blue Water," is a 2013 Beverly Hills Book Awards - finalist in the Mystery category, and a 2010 National Indie Excellence Award winner - finalist in the Historical Fiction category. "Cataclysm in Blue Water" is book one in the Blue Water Detective Agency Series.

Writer, traveler, adventurer, wife, and mother, I am also a CPA with an MBA in Finance. "Cataclysm in Blue Water," a complex and historical mystery, burst forth after I sailed into Santorini in 1994. I was unabashedly overwhelmed with the realization that my ship was bobbing in the caldera of a volcano. I gazed at the sheer cliffs - the result of a blast equal to millions of atomic bombs - in complete awe and wonder. The immediate and absolute recognition that this would be the subject matter of a novel I would author was as clear and dazzling as the deep blue.

Bringing the Minoans (Bronze-Age inhabitants of Santorini when the second largest eruption in the whole of human history obliterated their culture from the world stage) back to life and illuminating their glorious existence and geologic plight was key to this endeavor. Yet, it was my overwhelming desire to entertain and enthrall my reader with a mystery, both in ancient times and in modern times, that propelled me.

Book two in the series, "Murder At Sunset Crater," is now available in Kindle and Paperback. A former resident of Sedona and San Francisco, and very familiar with all the locations contained in MSC, I had a rollicking wicked time writing this book. The fascinating geology, the Hopi, the stunning beauty of the region are underpinnings, but a modern-day mystery takes center stage in book two of the Blue Water Detective Agency Series. Krista, our heroine, has a perilous journey of her own as she tracks a killer. Entertaining and challenging the mystery enthusiasts continued to be my desire in writing "Murder At Sunset Crater."

I live in Phoenix with my husband, Doug Pitts, two dogs and a rabbit.
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