Murder in Hell's Kitchen

Murder in Hell's Kitchen

by Lee Harris
4.3 3

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Murder in Hell's Kitchen 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Detective Jane Bauer is pulled of what she believes to be the case of her career to work with a special unit tackling unsolved crimes. She is planning to leave the NYPD soon for a desk job with an insurance company. Her new partners are Gordon Defino and Sean MacHovec. It is soon evident that MacHovec prefers to stay in and work the phones. Defino and Jane do the legwork. They were to re-investigate the death of Arlen Quill. Quill had been found stabbed to death in the entry of his apartment building. When they begin investigating, they find that everyone has moved from the apartment building. Considering that it is a rent-controlled building, this alone is suspicious. Then they find out that there were other deaths that in and of themselves were not suspicious but when you put them all together, they were. On top of all this, Jane is going through some changes in her life. Recently she split up with Hack. He's married and his daughter was getting suspicious. And she's moving into a new apartment. Then the letter arrives and complicates her life even more. She ends up going to Omaha to try to find one of the former tenants who might have much needed information. From that trip, she is concerned that she was followed. The case takes on a different tempo. She ends up putting herself in danger in her attempts to solve it. I really like Jane. She is a complex character but yet she is human. New York is always a great setting for a mystery with a detective for the protagonist. The plot takes many twists and turns before everything is discovered. It is very well written. I have always enjoyed Lee Harris' other series starring ex-nun Christine Bennett. The two series are very different and I think that is a good thing. I highly recommend this new series and cannot wait for the next book to be published.
Guest More than 1 year ago
While I liked this well enough, it did not grab me like the Christine Bennett series does. It seemed to move very slowly (I also didn't like the fact that police jargon was explained too much - it interrupted the flow of the story, and I felt like I was getting a primer in police talk). I've had the book for almost 2 weeks and just finished it today, whereas with the CB series, I would be lucky to stretch it out into a day's reading so I ccould savor it. Also, the solution seemed implaausible and a little tacked-on (I am not known for usually guessing the solution ahead of time, and this was no exception). It was a calm, comforting read, but I'm definitely looking forward to the next Chris Bennett book!
harstan More than 1 year ago
After almost twenty years in the New York City Police Department, Detective Jane Bauer is near retirement and ready to start a cushy job in an insurance company. Her last three months will be spent on the newly formed cold case task force. She is assigned the case of Arlan Quill, who was killed in the entranceway of his apartment building. When she goes to talk to some of Quill¿s neighbor, she learns that every tenant who lived in the building while Quill resided there is gone. Nobody leaves a rent-controlled apartment in Manhattan and further investigation shows that all the former tenants except one are dead and circumstances taken as a whole make it look like wholesale contract killings. Jane traces the last tenant to Omaha where she learns that he is scared for his life. Shortly afterward, he is beaten with in an inch of his life, which means there is a mole in the department who had Jane followed to her witness. When Jane returns home, she traces the killer to one of his lairs and almost loses her life in the process. Lee Bennett, the author of the cozy Christine Bennett mysteries, has written an exciting, stimulating gritty urban noir police procedural that displays the wide range of the author¿s talent. The heroine is a three dimensional character whose personal life shows she is a caring person while as a cop she is a dedicated pro who goes all out even with her career winding down. The plot is fast paced with never a dull moment but the heart of MURDER IN HELL¿S KITCHEN are the men and women in blue who risk their lives to keep the streets safe. Harriet Klausner