Musings of the Northern Poet: poems of love and faith

Musings of the Northern Poet: poems of love and faith

by Matthew E. Nordin


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ISBN-13: 9781532326127
Publisher: Dot's Micro-Publishing House
Publication date: 04/02/2018
Pages: 96
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.23(d)

About the Author

Matthew E. Nordin is a speculative fiction writer, poet, and a Midwestern traveler. He grew up in a rural setting on a farm outside of Gothenburg, Nebraska. His mind would thirst for sci-fi and fantasy books during his years attending a one-room, country school. The extensive library contained works well above the average reading level of an elementary student. He discovered the power books hold over emotions after reading Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls, and has never recovered.

As an avid reader of poetry, Matthew found himself creating over one hundred poems throughout high school. Those sappy lyrics were (hopefully) burned and replaced by a number of eloquent works contained in his collective book of poems, Musings of the Northern Poet.

His short story, Paint Me a Picture of Poison, won the 2017 Constellation short story contest in the Adult Professional category. It was released on Kindle in July 2017. He also wrote a flash fiction story titled XR-404 for ebook. Click HERE to find those works on Amazon.

Matthew lived in the Old Market area of Omaha for over ten years after graduating from Grace University where earned a double Bachelor of Science degrees in Christian Education and Biblical Studies. His devotion to the study of Scripture and faith in God has driven him to seek the goodwill of others and to love unconditionally. Although there is more to learn, he refers to himself as an unfinished Christian.

He met his soul mate and wife, Lisa, while performing at a Renaissance Festival with Scenery Changes, a theater troupe he co-founded and now leads. Formerly known as Evengard Improv, the company started in 2010 under the direction of Stephen Goodale. They have performed hundreds of shows some of the most unique locations. Stephen relinquished the reigns to the organization in 2014 but continues to join the zazzy actors. Matthew (Another Man) and Lisa (Story) can be seen doing stage and street shows at Ren Faires and Sci-Fi conventions across the Mid-West.

Matthew keeps active in social media through Scenery Changes and informs his followers of his writing wisdom and acting advice. You can find the quips and tips he learned on Facebook ( and sign up for the newsletter ( Keep an eye on this one; there are not enough words in dwarfish, elfish, or the languages of men to describe him further.

Table of Contents

PRELUDE: A Page Waits (2010)


Weltanschauung Vessel (2008

Retraining Hands (2009)

Despairing Storms (2009)

Vanity (2003)

Tsidkenu (2008)

We Wrestle Not (2001)

Weary Warrior (2001)

Learning Love (2006)

Chains That Free Me (2010)

Naked in the Garden (2005)

Corrupted Man (2007)

Undead Warrior (2003)

The Blossoms (2009)

My Cup of Tea (2008)

Memories Sprouting Seeds (2009)

Hope That Watches Us (2009)

Bricks and the Wall (2011)

  1. Your Footing (2009)

Incarnation (2003)

Eternal Ocean (2008)

Sign on the Wall (2010)

A Work in Progress (2008)

The Transcendent/Immanent One (2005)

Illuminate Glory (2011)

That the World Will Believe (2007)

Each New Ending (2011)

Soul Cry (2005)

That Sacrifice (2012)


Erato (2011)

Hair Danced (2009)

Kiss Me Quickly (2010)

I Choose to Love You (2011)

Endless Lines I Desire to Pen (2012)

The Heartbeat That Lasts Forever (2010)

Her Sweet Voice (2011)

An Angel’s Ring (2009)

I Stop to Wonder at the Scene (2011)

Never Alone Again (2009)

As the Sun Warms (2011)

Content in Confusion (2008)

Fragrance of Dreams (2009)

One Last Embrace (2011)

What You Are to Me (2009)

I Watch the Moon Fall from the Skies (2011)

I Will Always Hold Your Heart (2011)

In Forest Deep by River Bank (2010)

Contredanse of Memory (2011)

Sleep Sweetly Beside Me (2011)

Dreaming Together (2010)

The Bench’s Edge (2012)

Tell Me Again (2009)

As I Wandered (2011)

A Fresh Spin (2016)

She Shines like the Stars (2008)

The I to We (2008)


Breaking the Block (2011)

Wizard of Words (2009)

My Pen Let Loose (2010)

These Stained Marks (2010)

The Insane Conclusion (2009)

Snow of Two Thousand Ten (2010)

Simple Moments (2010)

Nannwin (2011)

The Seas of Eternity (2011)

Old Year’s Day (2011)

What Makes a Warrior? (2009)

Losing Ground (2009)

The King’s Army (2009)

Kissed by Fire (2010)

Warming into Renaissance (2011)

A Simple Pardon (2009)

The Friar (2012)

Reprise (2011)

To a Nettle Friend (2009)

An Ode to Those in College Still (2010)

Ode in C (2012)

A Proverb (2011)


My Mumbled Mind (2009)

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