My Name is Jesus: Discover Me Through My Names

My Name is Jesus: Discover Me Through My Names

by Elmer Towns


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Hello . . . My name is Jesus. There are many ways to learn about Me. You can study how I lived, or My miracles, or My sermons, or the way I talk to people. You can see My full deity in the things I said, and you can also see my full humanity in the gospels.

But I want to tell you about all My names, offices, titles, and pic­tures of Me in scripture. Each one gives a glimpse of who I am and what I do. When you put all of them together, you begin to grasp who I, the Son of God, am.

Why are there so many names about Me? Because I am God. My many names reflect My many qualities, even then there are many things about Me you will never know. Remember, as God I am eternal . . . omniscient . . . omnipresent . . . and omnipotent. These are qualities that humans can’t comprehend . . . measure . . . or fully understand.

You can never completely know Me because you don’t have a divine mind to know all things. Only the Father and the Holy Spirit know Me completely and understand every aspect of My life.
There are over 700 names-references to Me in scripture. Some of these are names I gave Myself, some are names given to Me by the Father, or the Holy Spirit. Other names are given to Me by humans who spoke under divine inspiration and/or direction by the Father or Holy Spirit. They spoke so people would know things about Me that were previously unknown.

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ISBN-13: 9780768445381
Publisher: Destiny Image, Inc.
Publication date: 02/19/2019
Pages: 160
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About the Author

Dr. Elmer Towns, vice president of Liberty University, college and seminary professor, dean of the School of Religion, is also the author of numerous popular and scholarly works. He is the recipient of the coveted Gold Medallion Award awarded by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association for the Book of the Year, The Names of the Holy Spirit. He and Ruth, his wife of 56 years, have three children and ten grandchildren.

Table of Contents

Dedication 3

Introduction 7

Part 1

1 My Name is Jesus 11

2 My Title is "Lord" 19

3 My Office Title is "Christ" 27

Part 2

4 My Old Testament Prophetic Names 41

5 My Salvational Names 49

6 My Birth Names 57

7 My Service Names 71

8 My Sonship Names 81

9 My Godhead Names 89

10 My Jehovistic Titles 97

11 My Church Names 107

12 My Apocalyptic Names 113


My Names and Titles In Scripture 125

My Preeminent Pronouns in scripture 144

Compound Names of The Lord God (Jehovah El) in Scripture 146

Names of God (Elohim) in Scripture 146

Names of Jehovah in Scripture 148

A Selected Bibliography of My Names 149

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