My Soul to Keep (Soul Screamers Series #3)

My Soul to Keep (Soul Screamers Series #3)

by Rachel Vincent


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Kaylee has one addiction: her very hot, very popular boyfriend, Nash. A banshee like Kaylee, Nash understands her like no one else. Nothing can come between them.

Until something does.

Demon breath. No, not the toothpaste-challenged kind. The Netherworld kind. The kind that really can kill you. Somehow the super-addictive substance has made its way to the human world. But how? Kaylee and Nash have to cut off the source and protect their friends—one of whom is already hooked.

And so is someone else…

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780373210053
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 05/25/2010
Series: Soul Screamers Series , #3
Edition description: Original
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 590,449
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.90(d)
Age Range: 14 - 17 Years

About the Author

New York Times bestselling author Rachel Vincent loves good chocolate, comfortable jeans, and serial commas. She’s older than she looks and younger than she feels, but is convinced that for every day she spends writing, one more day will be added to her lifespan. Now absorbed in the dark, tangled loyalties of her UNBOUND world, as well as the travails of a teenage banshee in her SOUL SCREAMERS world, Rachel can be found online at or

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The whole thing started with a wasted jock and a totaled car. Or so I thought. But as usual, the truth was a bit more complicated….

"So, how does it feel to be free again?" Nash leaned against my car, flashing that smile I couldn't resist. The one that made his dimples stand out and his eyes shine, and made me melt like chocolate in the sun, in spite of the mid-December chill.

I sucked in a deep, cold breath. "Like I'm seeing the sun for the first time in a month." I pushed my car door closed and twisted the key in the lock. I didn't like parking on the street; it didn't seem like a very safe place to leave my most valuable possession. Not that my car was expensive, or anything. It was more than a decade old, and hardly anything to oooh over. But it was mine, and it was paid for, and unlike some of my more financially fortunate classmates, I'd never be able to afford another one, should some idiot veer too close to the curb.

But Scott Carter's driveway was full long before we'd arrived, and the street was lined with cars, most much nicer than mine. Of course, they all probably had more than liability coverage….

Fortunately, the party was in a very good section of our little Dallas suburb, where the lawn manicures cost more than my father made in six months.

"Relax, Kaylee." Nash pulled me close as we walked. "You look like you'd rather gouge your own eyes out than hang for a couple of hours with some friends."

"They're your friends, not mine," I insisted as we passed the third convertible on our way to the well-lit house at the end of the cul-de-sac, already thumping with some bass-heavy song I couldn't yet identify.

"They'd be yours if you'd get to know them."

I couldn't help rolling my eyes. "Yeah, I'm sure the glitter-and-gloss throng is waiting for me to give them a chance."

Nash shrugged. "They know all they need to know about you—you're smart, pretty, and crazy in love with me," he teased, squeezing me tighter.

I laughed. "Who started that vicious rumor?" I'd never said it, because as addictive as Nash was—as special as he made me feel—I wasn't going to toss off words like love and forever until I was sure. Until I was sure he was sure. Forever can be a very long time for bean sidhes, and so far his track record looked more like the fifty-yard dash than the Boston marathon. I'd been burned before by guys without much staying power.

When I looked up, I found Nash watching me, his hazel eyes swirling with streaks of green and brown in the orange glow from the streetlights. I almost felt sorry for all the humans who wouldn't be able to see that—to read emotion in another's eyes.

That was a bean sidhe thing, and easily my favorite part of my recently discovered heritage.

"All I'm saying is it would be nice to get to hang out with my friends and my girlfriend at the same time."

I rolled my eyes again. "Oh, fine. I'll play nice with the pretty people." At least Emma would be there to keep me company—she'd started going out with one of Nash's teammates while I was grounded. And the truth was that most of Nash's friends weren't that bad. Their girlfriends were another story.

Speaking of bloodthirsty hyenas…

A car door slammed in the driveway ahead and my cousin, Sophie, stood next to Scott Carter's metallic-blue convertible, her huge green eyes shadowed dramatically by the streetlight overhead. "Nash!" She smiled at him, ignoring me in spite of the fact that we'd shared a home for the past thirteen of her fifteen years, until my dad had moved back from Ireland in late September.

Or maybe because of that.

"Can you give me a hand?" As we stepped onto the driveway, she rounded the end of her boyfriend's car in a slinky, sleeveless pink top and designer jeans, a case of beer clutched awkwardly to her chest. Two more cases sat at her feet, and I glanced around to see if any of the neighbors were watching my fifteen-year-old cousin show off an armload of alcoholic beverages. But the neighbors were probably all out, spending their Saturday evening at the theater, or the ballet, or in some restaurant I couldn't even afford to park near.

And most of their kids were at Scott's house, waiting for us to come in with the beer.

Nash let go of me to take the case from Sophie, then grabbed another one from the ground. Sophie beamed at him, then shot a haughty sneer at my plain jacket before turning on one wedge-heeled foot to strut after him.

I sighed and picked up the remaining box, then followed them both inside. The front door opened before Nash could pound on it, and a tall, thick senior in a green-and-white-letter jacket slapped Nash's shoulder and took one of the cases from him. Nash twisted with his empty arm extended, clearly ready to wrap it around me, but found Sophie instead. He sidestepped her—ignoring her plump-lipped pout—and took the case from me, then stood back to let me go in first.

"Hudson!" Scott Carter greeted Nash, shouting to be heard over the music. He took one of the cases and led us toward a large kitchen crowded with bodies, scantily clad and shiny with sweat. In spite of the winter chill outside, it was hot and humid indoors, the hormone level rising with each new song that played.

I took off my jacket, revealing my snug red blouse, and almost immediately wished I could cover myself back up. I didn't have much to show off, but it was all now on display, thanks to the top Emma had picked out for me that afternoon, which suddenly seemed much more daring than it had in the privacy of my own room.

Nash set the remaining case of beer on the counter as Scott slid the first one into the refrigerator. "Kaylee Cavanaugh," Scott said when he stood, having apparently noticed me for the first time. He eyed me up and down while I resisted the urge to cross my arms over my chest. "Lookin' good." He glanced from me to Sophie, then back, while my cousin tried to fry me alive with the heat of her glare. "I'm starting to see the family resemblance."

"All I see is you," Nash said, pulling me close when he realized Sophie and I weren't happy with the comparison.

I smiled and kissed him impulsively, convinced by the slow churn of colors in his irises that he meant what he said.

Scott shoved the last case of beer into the fridge, then slapped a cold can into Nash's hand as I finally pulled away from him, my face flaming. "See? Family resemblance." Then he headed off into the crowd with Sophie, popping the top on a can of his own. Three steps later they were grinding to the music, one of Scott's hands around his drink, the other splayed across my cousin's lower back.

"Wow, that was… unexpected," Nash said, drawing my gaze from the familiar faces talking, dancing, drinking, and…otherwise engaged. And it took me a moment to realize he meant the kiss.

"Good unexpected, or bad unexpected?"

"Very, very good." He set his can on the counter at my back, then pulled me closer for a repeat performance, one hand sliding up my side. That time I didn't pull away until someone poked my shoulder. I twisted in Nash's arms to find Emma Marshall, my best friend, watching us with an amused half smile.

"Hey." Her grin grew as she glanced from me to Nash, then back. "You're blocking the fridge."

"There's a cooler in the other room." Nash nodded toward the main part of the house.

Emma shrugged. "Yeah, but no one's making out in front of it." She pulled open the fridge, grabbed a beer, then popped the can open as she pushed the door shut with a toss of one shapely hip. It wasn't fair. Emma and her sisters inherited crazy curves—a genetic jackpot—and all I got from my relatives was a really gnarled family tree.

There were times when I would gladly have traded all my bean sidhe "gifts"—did a glass-shattering screech and the ability to travel between the human world and the Netherworld even count as gifts?—for a little more of what she had. But this was not one of those times. Not while Nash's hands were on my waist, his taste still on my lips, and the greens and browns in his eyes swirling languorously with blatant desire. For me.

Em drank from her can, and I grabbed the car keys dangling from her hand, then showed them to her before stuffing them into my hip pocket, along with my own. She could stay the night with me, and I'd bring her back for her car in the morning. Emma smiled and nodded, already moving to the music when someone called her name from the living-room doorway.

"Hey Em!" a voice called over the music, and I turned to see Doug Fuller leaning with one bulging arm on the door frame. "Come dance with me."

Emma smiled, drained her can, then danced into the living room with Doug's hands on her already swaying hips. Nash and I joined them, and he returned greeting after greeting from the glitter crowd writhing around us. But then he was mine. We moved with the music as if the room was empty but for the stereo and the heat we shared.

I had stolen Nash from a room full of his adoring devotees with nothing but the secret connection we shared. A connection no other girl could possibly compete with.

We'd combined our bean sidhe abilities to bring my best friend back from the dead and to reclaim a damned soul from the hellion who'd bought it. We'd literally saved lives, fought evil, and almost died together. No mere pretty face could compete with that, no matter how much gloss and mascara she applied.

An hour later, Em tapped my shoulder and pointed toward the kitchen. I shook my head—after a month without him, I could have danced with Nash all night—but after Emma left, Nash kept glancing at the kitchen door like it was going to suddenly slam closed and lock us out.

"Need a break?" I asked, and he smiled in relief.

"Just for a minute." He tugged me through the crowd while my heart still raced to the beat, both of us damp with sweat.

In the kitchen, Emma drank from a fresh can of beer while Doug argued with Brant Williams about a bad call during some basketball game I hadn't seen.

"Here." Nash handed me a cold soda. "I'll be right back."

Then he pushed his way through the crowd without a backward glance.

I looked at Emma with both brows raised, but she only shrugged.

I popped open my Coke and noticed that Doug and Brant's argument had become a whispered conversation I couldn't follow, and Emma hadn't even noticed. For several minutes, she prattled about her sister refusing to lend her a blouse that made Cara look lumpy, anyway.

Before I could decide how to respond, someone called my name, and I looked up to find Brant watching me. "Yeah?" Obviously I'd missed a question.

"I said, 'Where's your boyfriend?'"

"Um…bathroom," I said, unwilling to admit that I wasn't sure.

Brant shook his head slowly. "Hudson's falling down on the job. You wanna dance till he gets back? I won't bite." He held out one large brown hand for mine, and I took it.

Brant Williams was tall, and dark, and always smiling. He was the football team's kicker, a senior, and the friendliest jock I'd ever met, not counting Nash. He was also the only other person in the house I would dance with, other than Emma.

I danced with Brant for two songs, glancing around for Nash the whole time. I was just starting to wonder if he'd gotten sick when I spotted him across the room, standing with Sophie in an arched doorway leading to a dark hall. He brushed a strand of hair from her forehead, then leaned closer to be heard over the music.

My chest ached like I couldn't breathe.

When he saw me looking, he stepped away from Sophie and scowled at my partner, then waved me over. I thanked Brant for the dance, then made my way across the room, dread building inside me like heartburn. Nash had ditched me at a party, then showed up with Sophie. Deep down, I'd known this day would come. I'd figured he'd eventually look elsewhere for what he hadn't had in the two and a half months we'd been going out. But with Sophie? A flash of anger burned in my cheeks. He may as well have just spit in my face!

Please, please be imagining things, Kaylee….

I stopped five feet away my heart bruising my chest with each labored beat. Yes, Sophie had a boyfriend, but that didn't mean she wouldn't try to take mine.

Nash took one look at my face, at my eyes, which were surely swirling with pain and anger I couldn't hide, then followed my gaze to Sophie. His eyes widened with comprehension. Then he smiled and grabbed my hand.

"Sophie was just looking for Scott. Right?" But then he tugged me down the dark hall before she could answer, leaving my cousin all alone in the crowd. "We can talk in here," Nash whispered, pressing me into a closed door.

The full body contact was promising, but I couldn't banish doubt. "Were you talking to her the whole time?" I asked around the hitch in my breath as his cheek brushed mine.

"I just went outside to cool off, and when I came back in, she cornered me. That's it." He fumbled for the handle near my hip, and the door swung open, revealing Scott's dad's posh office.


"Do I really need to?" Nash stepped back so I could see his eyes in the dim light of the desk lamp, and I saw the truth swirling in them. He didn't want Sophie, no matter what she might do that I hadn't.

I felt myself flush. "Sorry. I just thought—"

Nash closed the door and cut my apology off with a kiss. He tasted good. Like mint. We wound up on Mr. Carter's burgundy leather couch, and I had just enough time to think that psychiatrists made waaaay too much money before Nash's mouth found mine again, and thinking became impossible.

"You know I'm not interested in Sophie," he whispered. "I wouldn't do that to you or Scott." He leaned down and kissed me again. "There's only you, Kaylee."

My entire body tingled in wave after wave of warm, exhilarating shivers, and I let my lips trail over the rough stubble on his chin, delighting in the coarse texture.

"Oh, blah, blah, blah" a jaded voice said, drenching our privacy with a cold dose of sarcasm. "You love him, he loves you, and we're all one big, happy, sloppy, dorky family."

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My Soul to Keep (Soul Screamers Series #3) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 308 reviews.
kittydanza More than 1 year ago
MY SOUL TO KEEP, by Rachel Vincent, delved deeper into the dark addictions and creatures from the Netherworld. Kaylee and Nash discover that some of their classmates are addicted to a Netherworld substance that could drive them insane and kill them. With the help of Tod and other unlikely alliances, Kaylee and Nash fight to keep the souls of these innocents intact. The Soul Screamers series just keeps getting better and better with each book. The first book (My Soul to Take) was more of a introduction to Kaylee and her gifts. The second book (My Soul to Save) hinted at some danger involved with being non-human. This third book gave me chills with anticipation and fear that this time around, Kaylee and her friends might not be as safe as I thought they would be. I knew Kaylee's persistence from the last book would get her in trouble, and I was right. She created a terrible enemy without a care who he hurts, and he flips her life upside down for his sick amusement. The relationship between Kaylee and Nash intensified immensely in this book. They have come to a point where their emotions and hormones are raging for each other and it takes non-human strength to keep it under control. The Netherworld was its own character in this book. Kaylee frequented the Netherworld more in this book and Vincent's creativity really showed. While reading, I could feel what Kaylee felt and see what she saw so perfectly, including the fascinating but frightening creatures that lived in the Netherworld When Kaylee uncovers what is really going on, the realization was absolutely gut-wrenching. Vincent tugged at my heart strings and I felt so terrible for Kaylee. She has spent these past weeks building her self-confidence only to have it shattered in a matter of minutes. I am really looking forward to My Soul to Steal (release 2011) for the continuation of the series and hopefully some happiness for Kaylee.
Jenntx82 More than 1 year ago
Ms. Vincent really hit it out of the park with My Soul to Keep. I have read the first two in the series and I believe this one is truly my favorite. Kaylee is a different breed of a heroine. She really starts to blossom in this book. Kaylee learns to really stand up for herself and those around her. Tod plays an important role in this book. I love his humor. I don't feel this book would be the same without Nash. I also feel that this one is more realistic in the terms of teen love. Not all relationships are perfect all the time. I think the book showcases issues in a relationship that everyone faces at one point in their lives. It does seem to work out...but you are left wondering...why is Kaylee doing this to herself?!? I know I found myself thinking would I stay with someone that did that to me? I don't want to give too many details and ruin the book; but you will be left wishing January 2011 was next month and not several months away. Rachel has yet to disappoint and she does it again with her third installment of the Soul Screamer Series.
indymia on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This book just about freaking killed me. All of the emotions running through me were just too much for me to handle sometimes. As I got past the first half of the book, I kept having to put it down because I had an idea of what was going on and I just did not want it to happen. So many freaking emotions. I can't even think of what to write for this review. This book just made my brain so jumbled up. Rachel Vincent does an incredibly well job at invoking emotion. Wait no, cross that out. She's a master at invoking emotion. I've grown to care for this cast of characters so much; they're basically like some of my closest friends now. Man, how cool would it be to have a best friend like Kaylee? Or to even be friends with the Hudson boys? Life would be spectacular. Seeing any sort of harm come to these guys is just a shot to the heart for me. Reading this book, Vincent basically gutted out my heart and then staked it to the ground. Reading the last half of this book was like hell. There was just so much to process and feel. I didn't even know how to process what I was reading. All I knew was that I felt so much sorrow for Kaylee. This girl has had a tough life but she someone manages to keep her head up and continue to risk her life for others. Kaylee is definitely one of my favorite characters of all time. As for Nash. . . oh Nash. I love you, I really do. And I feel bad for you because its not like you asked for any of this. You're a good guy who just accidentally fell into the ditch you're now trying so hard to get out of. But a part of me is just so furious with you for what you did. I mean, I get it. When you're that desperate, you can't help it but still. It kills me what you did to Kaylee. You were what made it so hard to finish the book. Oh Nash, I want to hold you and kick your ass, all at the same time. The plot is just a rush, man. Everything just comes at you so fast. As usual, Rachel Vincent does a phenomenal job weaving everything together so that it becomes just this explosive, emotional ride. Normally I don't see what's around the corner when reading her work, but this time I managed to figure it out which disappointed me. The clues were not nearly as subtle this time. I managed to figure things out which is why I kept putting the book up and down; I was just not looking forward to what was next. When I read My Soul to Save, I had hoped that Rachel Vincent kicked it up a notch in this book. She totally did. This just made my emotions into a complete and utter mess. I'm both looking forward to getting into the next book and slightly afraid to because of what else she might have put this incredibly real set of characters into. What I love is the connection she made from the last book to this one. Rachel took this seemingly small incident in My Soul to Save, one I'm sure a few of us just brushed aside, and spun it into this massive wreckage. This is proof of Rachel Vincent's brilliance. Rachel Vincent, you are an evil, evil mastermind that I will forever bow down to.
danijohns on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Rachel Vincent has truly created a unique series in a genre dominated by vampires and werewolves. In my Soul to Keep, the series continues to explore a world filled with bean sidhes, reapers, and hellions, adding rich new details to Kaylee¿s world. This Soul Screamer novel started out the slowest for me. I felt the first hundred pages were a bit repetitive with the plot and were dragged out, but when the plot picked up, boy, did it pick up. After Kaylee almost gets killed and learns Nash's secret, I was eagerly turning pages to see what would happen next. The last two hundred pages were jam packed with everything I expect from this series. My Soul to Keep expanded greatly on the mythology of the Soul Screamer series, introducing the reader along with Kaylee to more of the mysteries of the Netherworld and of the bean sidhes. The Netherworld is such an interesting place, I am glad we got to learn more about it in this novel. Since My Soul to Keep is the third book in the series, it may be confusing to readers who have not picked up the previous two books in the series. Much of the story line in this book revolves around characters and actions that have taken place in the previous two books in the series. The end of this book left me waiting for the next book in the series. I cannot wait to see what happens with Nash and Kaylee's relationship after the ending and after what Nash did. While the ending was not a cliffhanger, it did leave me wanting more. I hope in the next books to learn more about the Netherworld and the creatures of the Netherworld, such as the hellions. I will be eagerly awaiting the fourth book in Soul Screamers series.
alaiel.kreuz on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
As always Kaylee finds herself in the middle of a calamity: someone is selling black balloons (yep, balloons) to one of the jocks at her school. One of Nash's friends to be more clear.But, why is a balloon so important, right? The thing is, these black balloons hide a terrible secret: they are full of Demon's Breath which means that someone is bringing them from the Netherworld to make the whole high-school addicted to it... and the first two to fall are Emma and Sophie's boyfriends.The thing is: who is dealing with Demon's Breath? Who brings it from the Netherworld? Who started this whole thing? And why is Tod missing almost all the time?Personal opinion:While I love this book as much as the others I have to say the ending was bittersweet. Why? Well, sorry, you have to read the book to know why but I can say one thing: I didn't see that coming. At all. And it was great to learn that something that happened in the previous book had affected the future of the characters.Still, despite the fact that the ending left me quite sad it's true that the book was terrific. The twists, the facts and the characters keep developing non-stop. You will cheer for you favorite character, you will smile but above all you will try to keep your hopes up.I can't honestly wait to read the next one and get as many answers as I can. What will happen next? That's my biggest question right now.If you want to know the answer buy the books and read them ASAP!^^
bkwormblogger on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Synopsis:Kaylee has one addiction: her very hot, very popular boyfriend, Nash. A banshee like Kaylee, Nash understands her like no one else. Nothing can come between them.Until something does.Demon breath. No, not the toothpaste-challenged kind. The Netherworld kind. The kind that really can kill you. Somehow the super-addictive substance has made its way to the human world. But how? Kaylee and Nash have to cut off the source and protect their friends¿one of whom is already hooked.And so is someone else¿Review:This is one of the saddest books I've read in ages. The third installment of Vincent's Soul Screamers series is certainly not to be missed.Kaylee is fantastic, she shows her true colours and doesn't back down from making the hardest decisions she had to make. Even when it comes to Nash.Early on in the book we began to see changes in their love life, and a few little new quirks of Nash's that were just annoying, and a little upsetting. How he tries to manipulate Kaylee, how he's a little more forceful with her, he questions her more than ever, and puts her down emotionally. But she still stands by his side because she knows that underneath all of that, they need each other because of their Banshee heritage.The new drug on the street is the shocking Demon's Breath that Kaylee and Nash encountered in the second book, and its starting to reach the kids from school so Kaylee and Nash start to find out who the supplier is and figure out how to cut off the supply, for good.The side characters all play a major part in this one. Emma is brilliant and Tod comes into his own. But Kaylee and Nash have an enormous problem and by the end Kaylee knows underneath that her small mishap when they were in the Netherworld (in Book 2)is the reason why everything is falling apart.I literally couldn't put this one down, and a tide of different emotions swept through me as I read this, and the end is so sad (sorry for the spoiler!)I'm giving this one 5 stars because the story is epic, and the message is brave, intelligent and heart-warming.
psteinke1122 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Holy Hannah!So in this installment¿Kaylee and Nash discover that one of their classmates is high on a new drug called ¿Frost¿. But they know what it really is¿Demon¿s Breath. Friends are starting to use Frost and lose their ever-lovin minds! So Kaylee and Nash start investigating how their friends are getting it and how to cut off the supply chain.OK¿I have to say that this book started out pretty much like the second book. I can relate to Kaylee¿s need to save the world! I would like to think that if I had the power to save someone¿anyone¿from some devastating event/situation/etc. I would do it. And Kaylee has that drive as well¿and it can be to her total detriment. That said, I think if every installment of the series has the weight and well-being of the world on Kaylee¿s shoulders, the series would get boring¿FAST! And that¿s where I thought we were headed with this book. BUT I WAS SO WRONG! Even though R.V. left clues, I like Kaylee didn¿t see them! WOW!I really like Nash, but to quote Kaylee, ¿Why are you being such a dick?¿. He was at times. I thought it was a hormonal, He-Man, kinda thing and I was really getting irritated by him. But the reality was truly heartwrenching! And I thought R.V.¿s writing in that area was superb! Ultimately, I thought the last half of ¿My Soul to Keep¿, was the best of the series thus far! Really worth the price of admission!
pnh002 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I must admit, it took me forever to pick this up because I was put off by the synopsis... But I guess its safe to say, "Don't judge a book by [its synopsis on] the cover." This book was filled with twists and turns and had me sitting and reading it bug eyed. I said I would finally give it a try because I needed something that would make me laugh but still keep me interested enough to read it, and I remembered the author's voice and writing style from the first two books in this series and I decided to give it a try. It was a little darker than what I was shooting for, but it was sooo good I couldn't put it down anyway. Now on to the book. At the beginning I was confused as to what was going on with Nash but as I read, things began to make sense. I couldn't believe that he would do that. (In the first two books of the series, I have to admit, I was smitten with him.) And at the price he was paying? I couldn't imagine doing that. But I lost all respect for Nash. And Kaylee, I was so upset with her. She keeps getting herself in these situations because she thinks she must save everyone. But one day, saving everyone is going to get her killed... Stupid hero complex smh. But even with the characters getting on my nerves and trying to help everyone but themselves, I still felt that same connection to them. Vincent was able to take some real issues that teens deal with and pair it with a few paranormal characters, throw in some romance and made it into a great more "believable" novel. I also liked how nothing that happened was predictable. I found myself realizing things at the same time as Kaylee which meant it wasn't extremely obvious. It made it even more enjoyable because I got to enjoy all the twists and surprises in the story. The ending was a doozie. I hated that things had to come to that, but hey he deserved it. Hence the reason, I am now #TeamTod. He stepped up and was there when Nash wasn't and I found myself not even caring if he even escaped with them. Mean I know, but seriously.... Anyway, this was a very enjoyable read. I stayed up until 3:30 trying to finish the last few pages of it and it was worth every minute. (Even if I will pay for it in the morning when the boyfriend wakes up and asks for breakfast before work lol)
mzserena on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
When I started this series, I was wary of it. I wasn't sure what I'd think of it. It was recommended by a friend whom I've since cut ties with and she always had good taste in books, so I gave it a shot. Every book I read, I fall more in love with the series.I love the drama between Kaylee and Nash. It's realistic and feasible. It reflects how real life is. It's all all shiny, happy, perfect world. And the drama isn't fixed by the end of the book, either, which makes me want to keep reading.So, I keep reading.
BookAddictDiary on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I've enjoyed this series from the beginning, even though I'm typically not a big fan of teen paranormal romance novels a la Twilight. Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers series has always managed to give me a compelling, enjoyable ride with great characters and a fun story. I wouldn't say that it's amazing literature, but it's a simple, easy read that's worth getting into.Young Kaylee is just getting used to life as a banshee -even the whole screaming when people die part. She's also been juggling fellow male banshee, and boyfriend Nash. Things are starting to make sense when Kaylee finds that some of her schoolmates are getting hold of, and using, a deadly Netherworld drug called Demon's Breath. Not only must Kaylee have to save her classmates and figure out how the drug got to the human world, but save Nash from his addiction to the horrible drug.Twists and turns abound in the plot, even up to the very last page. The ending though, is pretty shocking and unexpected -especially for a novel of this type. It's also a bit of a cliffhanger that left me impatient for the next book that's due out in January 2011.For me, the best part of My Soul to Keep is that Vincent really gets a chance to expand her world here, and allow readers to learn more about the mechanics of the Soul Screamers universe. It's a unique and interesting world that's fun and that makes sense.An overall good read that's a wonderful addition to a genre that's flooding with so many cliches.
xtastethesky on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This is the third book in the Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent, so there are slight spoilers. Just warning you now.The novel starts out were the last left off for the most part. Everything is going pretty well for Kaylee, she's off her grounding sentence, and things seem to be better than ever with Nash. And then one night at a party she realizes a lethal substance from the Netherworld is in the human world. She works with her friends to find the source and figure out a way to keep it from continuing to enter her world, and endangering her friends. Oh, and in case you didn't know - Kaylee and Nash are bean sidhe, or banshee. Kaylee knows when someone is going to die, and can see their spirit, which makes her scream (to Nash it sounds like singing) to keep the soul from leaving the body (which is not necessarily a good thing - see if one is supposed to die, it's scheduled for a reaper to take their soul, if you keep it from going? They'll take someone else in their place - not really a good thing).What drew me to this series is that while it's paranormal, it's not dealing with vampires or werewolves. It's dealing with a completely different mythology, which was really cool. I remember picking up the first book (My Soul to Take) in the series and being completely drawn into the story.Overall I thought this novel was pretty good. I enjoyed reading it, and I've loved Nash and Kaylee ever since I picked up the first book. One thing I was sad about with this book was Nash. As much as I love the guy, every single accusation Kaylee throws at him at the end is completely true. He loses himself, and doesn't tell anyone what's happening. It's frustrating to see a character you love go from this great guy, to a liar.My one, huge, problem with this book? There just wasn't enough Tod. He wasn't around enough, which made me sad. Tod is probably my favorite character. I just love who he is, his humor, his personality, everything. He really cares about his family and friends. If there's something he can do to help, he tries to do it. He's just a really great guy (And is it bad that part of me is holding out for Kaylee and Tod to get together? Even if he is a reaper? Cause there is part of me, not kidding).So, because this is part of the series, I completely recommend the whole series. Right now you can download a free ebook titled Reaper that completely focuses on Tod (so, obviously for me that's a total win). So check it out, and the rest of the series, you won't regret it.
dearheart on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Third book in the Soul Screamers series has Kaylee, a bean sidhe (banshee to the rest of us) in a struggle to prevent the use and spread of a new drug called frost from making the kids at her school go permanently crazy or lose their lives. The drug is actually Demon's Breath and it comes from the Netherworld. They have to find the distributor, how it's being transported into their world, and to stop it. But that's just the tip of the iceberg with what's going on.Kaylee has only recently learned what she is and what she can do and is still struggling with how to control her abilities while keeping them a secret from most. And of course, being a typical teen, tries to keep things from the adults that might be better shared. Her boyfriend, Nash, is acting funny and trust becomes a big issue.The story moves along at a good clip, taking on the issues of drugs, relationships, sex, parents and trust. A couple of the characters might surprise you. The book is easy to read and has a good balance between teen issues and the paranormal, and you'll really feel for Kaylee when it comes to making tough decisions.
Reader_Barbara on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
My Soul to Keep (Soul Screamers, Book 3) brings us back to the world of Kaylee Cavanaugh, teen-aged bean sidhe. Kaylee, still adjusting to life with her recently returned father, is finally finished with her grounding from her last adventure when the Netherworld rears its ugly head in her home town. It appears that some of the students in her school, friends of Nash, are inhaling Demon's Breath for a high, unaware of its otherworldly origins or of its deadly consequences.Kaylee and Nash set out to protect the student body from the highly dangerous Demon's Breath, but all is not as it seems. Nash's behavior is erratic and he keeps trying to Influence Kaylee. Both Emma and Sophie are wrapped up in things via their respective boyfriends, and Kaylee can't know for sure how much danger either of them are in. She wants to go to the adults for help but Nash keeps stopping her. The whole story seems a bit disjointed before things finally click into place for Kaylee and, vicariously, for the reader. Once the core of the story begins to unwind, we see that all roads lead to Avari, the hellion whose attempt to snatch Kaylee's soul was thwarted in My Soul to Save (Soul Screamers Book 2). I won't tell you how things develop to this point, but once Avari is revealed, things begin to make a little more sense and the action begins to pick up. Kaylee must make some difficult choices and take a long, hard look at who is truly on her side.In My Soul to Keep (Soul Screamers, Book 3), Kaylee begins to grow up. She has to make difficult decisions based on what is right, not on what she wants. She also seems to have made an enemy in Avari, bringing Netherworld into her life on terms other than her own. Her actions in previous books are coming back to either benefit her or make her re-evaluate the consequences of her previous decisions. Overall, I think that this book represents a turning point in the series. Kaylee is maturing, the problems are getting bigger and the villain is badder. It seems as if the character relationships will be more complex in the coming stories which will benefit the series' longevity.Follow my reviews at readerbarbara dot blogspot dot com
pacey1927 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I thought the first two books in Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamer's series were pretty good, but they didn't stand out as anything extra special. While My Soul To Keep doesn't exactly change my opinion, it definitely moves things in the right direction. Things become personal and the stakes are raised when Kaylee Cavanaugh finds out her boyfriend is in deep with the dark demon world. Kaylee has been dating Nash since the first book and thus far their relationship has seemed just about perfect. Then the couple finds out that their friends are getting high off a new drug...imagine the horror when they find out that drug is captured demon's breath. This is one drug that will make the human abuser mentally ill, if it doesn't kill them. Kaylee and Nash are worried about Kaylee's best friend and her cousin. Both have boyfriends that seem to be abusing demon's breath. With a little help from Tod, the reaper, Nash and Kaylee begin an investigation into how the drug has crossed into the human world. Who is selling? Who is using? How can it be stopped before it claims more victims. There is a definite focus to this story and the answers aren't as easy as they seem. Kaylee is a good girl and she makes a solid heroine that teens should be able to relate to. She isn't perfect and she does go behind her dad's back a lot but she also has a head on her shoulders, good morals, and the desire to keep her friends and family safe. Heck, if she can she tries to help strangers. I was slightly disappointed by the lack of 'banshee' activity in this book. There is a near miss or two but we don't get to see any of the intense 'banshee' activity I've enjoyed in the past. After a couple of books of solid world and character set up, Rachel Vincent takes a good risk with her characters here. I think we this book is the turning point and we should see the 'long game' start to come into play. Things are starting to happen folks, I am glad to report. I am also in for the long haul, I believe. Also, there is a related story available for free download right now called "Reaper". Its about Tod, naturally. I believe it falls between this book and the fourth installment. So pick it up now while its free.
sithereandread on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
MY SOUL TO KEEP, by Rachel Vincent, delved deeper into the dark addictions and creatures from the Netherworld. Kaylee and Nash discover that some of their classmates are addicted to a Netherworld substance that could drive them insane and kill them. With the help of Tod and other unlikely alliances, Kaylee and Nash fight to keep the souls of these innocents intact.The Soul Screamers series just keeps getting better and better with each book. The first book (My Soul to Take) was more of a introduction to Kaylee and her gifts. The second book (My Soul to Save) hinted at some danger involved with being non-human. This third book gave me chills with anticipation and fear that this time around, Kaylee and her friends might not be as safe as I thought they would be. I knew Kaylee's persistence from the last book would get her in trouble, and I was right. She created a terrible enemy without a care who he hurts, and he flips her life upside down for his sick amusement.The relationship between Kaylee and Nash intensified immensely in this book. They have come to a point where their emotions and hormones are raging for each other and it takes non-human strength to keep it under control.The Netherworld was its own character in this book. Kaylee frequented the Netherworld more in this book and Vincent's creativity really showed. While reading, I could feel what Kaylee felt and see what she saw so perfectly, including the fascinating but frightening creatures that lived in the NetherworldWhen Kaylee uncovers what is really going on, the realization was absolutely gut-wrenching. Vincent tugged at my heart strings and I felt so terrible for Kaylee. She has spent these past weeks building her self-confidence only to have it shattered in a matter of minutes. I am really looking forward to My Soul to Steal (release 2011) for the continuation of the series and hopefully some happiness for Kaylee.
RuthiesBookReviews on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I know it seems like I took forever to read this book, but it wasn't the books fault under any terms, it was my own because I couldn't force myself to sit in front of my computer for extended periods of time. But I did finish this last night and really I couldn't walk away from the screen because it was getting so good. So much was going on in this book.Now for the fear of giving too many spoilers for those out there that haven't yet read this book and because it isn't going to be released until sometime this month, I'm going to say that it was incredibly thought out and had a great story line. This book included well, the aforementioned Demon's Breath that we got a look at in the last book, but now it seems that someone is getting it into the human world from the Netherworld and Kaylee and Nash have to race against the clock to cut off the supply so that no one gets seriously hurt. We meet some old 'friends' (and I use that term loosely) from the last book. And there are some hurtful things that happen, such as the lying and covering up of stuff. The last page in the book actually choked me up. I'm not going to tell what happened, you'll have to read the book, but it was very emotional and touching!I can't wait to read the next book in this series to find out what's going to happen next! Great Read!
nanajlove on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This is the third offering in the Soul Screamer's series. The book can stand alone from the series if the reader is not too fussy about filling in a lot of blanks themselves. I enjoyed the characters and plot and the story progressed at a fast speed, which encouraged me to read on, and on, and on, just to see what would happen next.Kaylee and her boyfriend Nash are awkward above and beyond the normal teenager. They somehow must find a way of fitting in and behaving as close to 'normal' as any teenager can get, while at the same time protecting thier unsuspecting friends and classmates from a new drug being brought over from the Netherworld. Balancing teenage problems, threats from demons and potentially embarrassing genetic 'gifts' the two must do battle in two overlapping worlds to save themselves, protect their families and try to stop a deadly demon from destroying everything that they hold dear.Great read, but I recommend reading the series in order. The story is so complex and the characters have so much history that is explored in the first two books that a serious reader will enjoy having all the puzzle pieces available to them rather than guessing (even if their guesses are spot on).
lexilewords on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Its not often that you'll find me preferring the third book in a series to either of the first two, but with My Soul to Keep, third in Vincent's Soul Screamers novel series, I am. Its not that I didn't enjoy My Soul to Save and My Soul to Take, because I loved them both immensely, but I felt like Kaylee had infinitely more to lose in this book. In both books she had someone to help her, to lean on and put her full trust in. More often than not this was Nash, but her father fit the bill as well. Except Nash was too good to be true at times. He had the right answer, the right reaction, the right amount of...something whenever Kaylee needed it.Whether she meant to or not Kaylee had depended upon Nash to be there and what would happen if he wasn't? From the get go Nash is acting all shades of shifty. Set about a month after the events of My Soul to Save, Kaylee is just getting off her grounding and letting loose (or as loose as Kaylee can be). Except not only does she smell Demon's Breath on her friend Emma's jerk of a boyfriend, but her car gets wrecked in the process! She might have been better off just staying grounded.I don't blame her for feeling like the world was out to get her in this book--her car is totaled, her friend is possessed and Nash lies to her and repeatedly Influences her...and that's not even getting into some of the harder stuff to deal with. For me it felt more real, Kaylee's story that is, because she had to learn to deal with everything with limited help. She turned to Tod of course, and she asked for answers in a roundabout way from Harmony (Nash and Tod's mom), but she bears the brunt of things. As she races to save everyone from something, she's also trying to deal with trust issues, mental issues and guilt.I was kind of surprised by the lack of resentment towards Tod, but eventually we learn that Kaylee understands. And Tod does feel bad about it, just he would do it all again if he had to. He's in the deep gray of morality now that's dead and a Reaper. He isn't as selfish or calculating as he seems though, several times in MSTK his emotions get the better of him and he can't help himself. I still love Tod, something so irrepressible about him that I just can't deny.The story feels as if it moves at a faster pace, there is rarely any downtime for Kaylee which only feels heightened by the fact she isn't able to sleep very well (for a variety of spoilery reasons). She progressively gets more snappy, impatient and agitated as the book goes on and her ability to grab sleep is hindered significantly.I had a laugh out loud moment when Sophie gets a small dose of comeuppance that she desperately needed. She just...I'm not sure how to describe her because she reaches new levels in this book. Several times I turned to my sister and asked her 'Is this what girls are really like?' and she would tell me they're worse in her high school.The book delighted me, in a dark way (I wouldn't say this is a happy book) and though I was initially quite upset by some of the character developments, I eventually found myself agreeing with them and understanding why Vincent took them the route she did. A lot of what happens in MSTK is a direct consequence of the actions in My Soul to Save and watching the blame game get tossed around was darkly amusing. I'm geared up and ready for the fourth book, My Soul to Steal in January 2011!
middlemedia2 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I think this is the best book of the series. Kaylee and her boyfriend Nash encounter demon breath. Who is trafficking it in from the underworld? That is the mystery they need to solve before someone dies. Vincent not only gives you a shock at the end but leaves you wanting more! I hope the next book comes out soon!
Krista23 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Getting high on Demons Breath seems to be the new trend at school. But it's just another trick for the netherworld to find its way into Kaylee's life. And we finally get to see a little drama between her and Nash.
CatholicKittie on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
My Soul to Keep dug a little deeper than the previous in this series and it was completely heartbreaking and emotional which made it the best so far! Rachel Vincent really turned the characters inside out so we learned a lot more about them and they jumped off the pages and became real to me this time around. Where the other books in the series were good, My Soul to Keep went beyond just good it was haunting. MSTKeep had me on the edge of my seat, I believe my heart literally broke a few times as I whimpered, "Nooo, why are you doing this?" I am sure I got a few odd lucks but I never looked up from the pages to see. Kaylee is plunging deeper into her new world and new abilities and she is growing as a woman and a Bean Sidhe. Nash pulls out a lot of surprises and I think this time around he is more imperfect than he was portrayed in the other books. Tod was wonderful, delightfully charming as always and but he also shows us a lot more. This is all around a darker story but one that us readers can relate to somewhat and Vincent expands Kaylee, Nash and Tod more and what we know about them. Relationships evolve into completely new things. The ending truly will have you closing the book with a heavy sigh and googling when the next book will be released, My Soul to Keep was excellent!
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5/5 stars
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