NATO Beyond 9/11: The Transformation of the Atlantic Alliance

NATO Beyond 9/11: The Transformation of the Atlantic Alliance

Paperback(1st ed. 2013)

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This collection reflects on the significance of the 9/11 terrorist attacks for the transatlantic alliance. Offering an analysis of NATO's evolution since 2001, it examines key topics such as the alliance's wars in Afghanistan, its military operation in Libya, global partnerships, burden-sharing and relations with the US and Russia.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781349351527
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan UK
Publication date: 01/01/2013
Series: New Security Challenges
Edition description: 1st ed. 2013
Pages: 347
Product dimensions: 5.51(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

About the Author

Mark Webber, University of Birmingham, UK
Michael Rühle, NATO's Emerging Security Challenges Division
Carl Cavanagh Hodge, University of British Columbia-Okanagan, Canada

Terry Terriff, University of Calgary, Canada

Tim Bird, King's College London, UK

Jeffrey H. Michaels, King's College London, UK
Magnus Petersson, Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies, Norway
Steve Marsh, Cardiff University, UK

Alan Dobson, University of Dundee, UK
Magnus Christiansson, Swedish National Defence College, Sweden
Sven Biscop, Egmont Royal Institute for International Relations in Brussels, Belgium
Trine Flockhart, Danish Institute for International Studies

Bastian Giegerich, Bundeswehr Centre for Military History and Social Sciences

Table of Contents

Introduction PART I: A NEW PARADIGM FOR NATO? 1. NATO after 9/11: Theoretical Perspectives; Mark Webber 2. Reflections on 9/11: A View from NATO; Micheal Ruhle 3. A Sense of Return: A Sense of Return: NATO's Libyan Intervention in Perspective; Carl Hodge PART II: THE TRANSFORMATION OF NATO 4. 'Déjà vu all over agai&ngrave;? September 11 2001 and NATO Military Transformation; Terry Teriff 5. NATO in Afghanistan; Tim Bird 6. Just an 'Internal Exercise?' NATO and the 'New' Security Challenges; Magnus Petersson 7. Fine Words, Few Answers: NATO's not so new New Strategic Concept; Steve Marsh & Alan Dobson 8. Pooling, Sharing and Specialising: The Age of Austerity ad the Euro-Atlantic Security Architecture; Magnus Christiansson 9. At the End of its Tether? NATO's Intervention in Libya; Jeff Michaels PART III: RELATIONSHIPS AND PARTNERSHIPS 10. Between Hope and Realism: the US, NATO and a Transatlantic Bargain for the 21st Century; Ellen Hallams 11. A Bipolar Alliance for a Multipolar World: NATO and the EU; Sven Biscop 12. NATO–Russia Relations after 9/11: New Challenges, Old Issues; Luca Ratti 13. NATO's Global Partnerships - A Haphazard Strategy?; Trine Flockhart 14. NATO and Interorganizational Cooperation; Bastian Giegerich PART IV: CONCLUSION - NATO'S RETRENCHMENT?

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