No-Fail Watercolor: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Painting with Confidence

No-Fail Watercolor: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Painting with Confidence

by Mako

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Create Stunning Watercolor Projects in Just a Few Simple Steps

Mako, the artist behind the beloved blog and YouTube channel makoccino, brings you the most comprehensive beginner’s guide to watercolor.

If you’ve ever struggled with self-confidence concerning your art, or been overwhelmed by which brushes you need or how to blend paint, look no further than the gorgeous projects offered in No-Fail Watercolor. Through over 25 activities that are as lovely as they are accessible, Mako sheds light on the secrets to making dazzling watercolor paintings and guides you step by step through practicing and polishing your budding skills.

Learn to differentiate between monochromatic, complementary and analogous colors in the Color Harmony chapter; build your understanding of different mediums and textures with techniques like Painting with a Sponge or Softening and Blending; and take a tour through exquisite landscapes with projects like Cloudy Sunset Sky, Enchanted Forest or Ocean Cave.

Prepare to be challenged in the most fun way and to embrace simple but effective methods that will soon have you mastering watercolor. Above all, No-Fail Watercolor will remind you to let go of rigidity, to revel in the moment and to discover yourself along the way—because therein lies the true meaning of art.

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ISBN-13: 9781645671558
Publisher: Page Street Publishing
Publication date: 01/19/2021
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 865,046
File size: 248 MB
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About the Author

Mako is a YouTuber and artist who is passionate about encouraging creativity. She has over 100 million views on her YouTube channel, Makoccino. She currently lives in Germany.

Table of Contents

Introduction 6

The Beauty of Watercolors 6

How to Use This Book 7

Essential Watercolor Supplies 8

Watercolor Paper 8

Watercolor Brushes 10

Watercolor Paint 13

Other Essential Materials 15

The Art of Watercolor Mixing 17

The Color Wheel 17

Water-to-Paint Ratio 23

How to Make Colors Darker and More Dynamic 24

Color Harmony 26

Monochromatic 26

Analogous 27

Complementary 27

Complementary Analogous 28

Triadic 28

The Basic Techniques 29

The Amount of Water on the Brush and Paper 29

Watercolor Washes 31

Layering 33

Softening and Blending 34

Lifting 35

Dry Brush 36

Painting with a Sponge 37

Tips Before You Begin Painting 38

Painting Projects 39

Under the Sea 41

Sailing Away 42

Catch Me If You Can 48

Deep in the Ocean 52

Ocean Cave 57

Ocean Waves View 61

Let's Go to the Beach 65

Monochromatic Beach Sunset 66

The Ocean from Above 70

Dancing with the Fishes 74

Palm Tree Beach 78

Enjoying Watermelon at the Beach 84

Dreamy Night Skies 91

Lost in the Galaxy 92

To the Moon and Back 96

Cloudy Starry Night Sky 99

Cloudy Sunset Sky 104

Magical Ocean Moonshine 108

Up in the Clouds 113

Feathers 114

Feather Close-Up 118

Fluffy Clouds 122

Swimming with the Clouds 125

Cotton Candy Clouds 128

Lost in the Mountains 133

Mountain View 134

Misty Mountain View 140

Gloomy Mountains 144

Sunset Snowy Mountains 148

Enchanted Forest 152

Sunny Mountain Lake View 156

What to Do Next 161

Acknowledgments 162

About the Author 163

Index 164

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