No God But One: Allah or Jesus?: A Former Muslim Investigates the Evidence for Islam and Christianity

No God But One: Allah or Jesus?: A Former Muslim Investigates the Evidence for Islam and Christianity

by Nabeel Qureshi


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ISBN-13: 9780310522553
Publisher: Zondervan
Publication date: 08/30/2016
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 88,575
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Nabeel Qureshi was a speaker with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. He earned an MD from Eastern Virginia Medical School, an MA in Christian apologetics from Biola University, and an MA in religion from Duke University.

Table of Contents

1. Islam or Christianity?
PART 1: Core Beliefs
2. Qur’an: Divinely Inspired or a Human Product?
3. Muhammad: Godly Prophet or a Historical Enigma?
4. Jesus: Divine Son of God or a Mortal Messiah?
5. Jesus’ Death: Rescued or Crucified?
6. Jesus’ Resurrection: Miracle or Myth?
PART 2: Other Important Issues
7. Jihad and the Crusades: Violence in Islam and Christianity
8. Women in Islam and Christianity
9. The Qur’an and the Bible: The Scriptures of Islam and Christianity
10. Tauheed and the Trinity: The Heart of Islam and Christianity
11. Allah or Jesus?: Who Is Worthy of Worship?

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From the Publisher

There is no one I'd rather read on this subject than Nabeel Qureshi. His knowledge and method draw out the most important issues and demand a decision between the world's two largest religions. This remarkable book inspired me to reach out to conversation partners for additional dialogue about the evidence for Islam and Christianity. — Collin Hansen, editorial director, The Gospel Coalition

With clarity and precision, Nabeel takes his reader through the principal competing truth claims of Islam and Christianity, demonstrating through his own personal search how the Christian world view makes a compelling case for our allegiance while that of Islam falls far short. With an easy-to-read style, this book is a treasure both for those wrestling with the big questions of life as well as those wanting to help in guiding Muslims to find the answers they seek. I highly recommend No God but One! — Mateen Elass, Senior Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Edmond Oklahoma

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No God But One: Allah or Jesus?: A Former Muslim Investigates the Evidence for Islam and Christianity 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have a better understanding of Muslim thought than I did before, from reading this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"No God But One: Allah or Jesus?" By Nabeel Qureshi I really enjoyed reading this book! It was written from a unique perspective and was extremely helpful laying out many similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity in an objective and loving way. Dr. Qureshi gives you enough in depth material to consider this subject from numerous angles. This is an excellent read for Muslims, Christians, and those just trying to understand the differences between the two. In Dr. Qureshi's first book, "Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus", you will find the story of a young man in college who was bold and outspoken about his Muslim faith. Through his four years of college he lived life and debated intensely about faith with his Christian friend, David. This conversion story is well worth a read! In his current book, Dr. Qureshi, investigates the evidence for Islam and Christianity. Dr. Qureshi has a unique perspective, having grown up as a Muslim but now a Christian, after four years of investigation regarding the truth claims of both Islam and Christianity. His research was deep and thorough and included the use of original documents. While he desperately wanted Islam to be true, the religion he devoted so much to and loved, he desired the truth more. His findings are fasciniating and relevant. In addition, this book is respectfully and intelligently written with love for both Muslims and Christians. While none of us can be truly 100% objective, I have great respect for Dr. Qureshi and his continued efforts throughout the book to act and think as an objective investigator and I feel he has been extremely successful. You will not find the angry rhetoric that is prevelant in our society today, but rather a love for all as image bearers of God with a realistic look at our sinful nature. The book is an in-depth look at the differences between Islam and Christianity and will certainly help you grow in your understanding of both Islam and Christianity. I was surprised at how much I learned, especially about Islam. The book answers questions many are seeking in today's world of 9-11 and suicide bombers. What is the difference between the Koran and the Bible, Mohammed and Jesus, Jihad and the crusades? He looks deeply into the issues of whether we can know if Islam is true and he uses the same analysis for Christianity. Is Islam a religion of peace? Do Christians and Muslims worship the same god? There is a lot of meat in this book, but Dr. Qureshi is well-educated and well-spoken enough to unpack it for us in an understandable way. While the book is very readable, it takes time to digest, unless you are very familiar with the material. This book took me longer to read than another book this same size, but I thoroughly enjoyed it because it didn't leave me asking lots of questions that were not addressed. In addition, as a Christian it helped me to examine my faith more thoroughly and grow more deeply through examining the truth claims of both Islam and Christianity. I would definitely recommend this book! I know I'll be re-reading it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I've spent alot of time personally pouring over Muslims sources (Quran, hadiths considred reliable by Muslim scholars), so I was elated to find a book- and author- that balanced sound hermeneutic principles with his personal experiences. The son of Islamic scholars and a descenant from the prophets tribe? His carefully presented account cannot be easily dismissed. There are alot of books out there that paint a very different picture of Islam; this is the only I highly recommend the serious seeker of truth to consider. To everyone else, do yourself a favor and at least very the sources that other authors are quoting.
Jason_A_Greer More than 1 year ago
No God but One: Allah or Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi is a wonderful, apologetic follow up to his personal story, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus. In this work, Qureshi investigates and lays out the critical, apologetic differences between the faith he was raised in and the Christianity he has accepted. This book is divided into two major sections that are accessible to the general public, whether Christian, Muslim or even a general skeptic. These deal with differences between Islam and Christianity and how the truthfulness of each's claims can be made. The initial section deals with Qureshi's investigation and debates with Muslim scholars about the meaning and practical application of sharia, how the doctrine of the Trinity really is a stark difference with the Islamic Allah, and the ways that Jesus and Muhammed taught, acted and advocated differently. The final section, the truthfulness of each faith, is examined in turn. Jesus role as a divine mediator and the Koran's claim to be the final word of the prophet are examined. Qureshi, a Canadian pastor who has studied at Duke, Biola and Oxford and who also has a MD, and who works with Ravi Zacharias Ministries is certainly qualified and able to examine this subject fairly, calmly, and with real kindness. His attempt to be irenic, yet have a warm approach among Muslim scholars he debates with is a model of engagement worth paying attention to. This volume is well recommended.
Kasandra More than 1 year ago
Nabeel has done it again! I have been very interested in apologetics since before I became a Christian, to me, it was important to not have blind faith, to know that my beliefs were credible, had proven evidence. I originally became acquainted with Nabeel’s work through Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, it was through his book Jesus Amongst Other Gods that Jesus worked on my heart and I left Wicca for Christianity. After reading Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, I was left in love with Muslims, but also thankful that I knew Jesus. However, loving apologetics, I was left wanting to know the evidence behind why Nabeel left Islam for Christianity, now that I understood his heart. No God but One: Allah or Jesus, was the answer to these questions. Whether you are a Muslim or a Christian this book is theologically sound, there is a lot to be learned through Nabeel’s journey. After reading this book I was even more in love with Jesus, and felt my faith was even stronger than it had been before. There is something about apologetics, about the evidence that just lights a fire for me. Knowing that my God was so thoughtful, so purposeful is amazing. Also, I left with a different understanding of Muslims, of Islam, of Christianity, of history that really pushed me to pursue being more intentional with my life, being more intentional with the people around me, truly understanding love, and what it means to love others. I feel bolder to proclaim the truth as eternal lives really do hang in the balance. This book is not just a nice read, you cannot just read it, put it down and expect your life to stay the same, it really calls us to action. Personally and relationally you will be challenged in the best sort of way. I cannot recommend it enough. If you are on the fence, just buy it, if you ended up here on accident, please, just buy it, read it, you will not be disappointed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I can't say enough good things about this book! First I want to thank Nabeel, the author, for helping me see those of the Muslim faith as they see & picture themselves. You made me aware that they truly think of themselves as a peaceful people whether or not that is what their religion teaches. I am amazed at the way the author was able to restate truths in their simplest terms making them now so easy to understand. Thank you so much for writing this book & allowing others to glean from your investigation of the truth. There is "No God But One" & how glad I am that you were brought to a place where you needed to know this for yourself.
CamillaY More than 1 year ago
This book has had a big impact on me. It addresses many questions which I've grappled with personally, but in a way which has spoken to my heart as much as my mind. The author's explanations were clear and thorough, but they also put a smile on my face time after time. Topics which particularly stood out to me were the explanation of the Trinity, the discussion of whether Jesus ever actually claimed to be God, and the consideration of historical events such as the Crusades and the Council of Nicaea. The book is so much more than a simple comparison of the two religions, and the author's passion and intellectually integrity shine through. I'd recommend it wholeheartedly
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In his first book, Nabeel told about his journey from Islam to Christianity. In his latest book, he takes on some of the most difficult issues for Christians and Muslims. In the first half of the book, he contrasts key beliefs of Islam and Christianity. Here he shows the stark contrasts between Islam and Christianity. Sharia, with its emphasis on law, is compared to the Gospel, with its emphasis on grace. Next he shows how the Christians can believe in the Trinity and how it compares to Tawhid and the absolute oneness of God. Next he shows how the lives and teachings of Muhammad and Jesus are different, how the Bible and the Quran compare, and ends off this section with a comparison of the Crusades and Jihad. Examining the historic record, as well as the texts themselves, Nabeel shows that, for all of their similarities, Islam and Christianity are miles apart. In the next half, he deals with the foundations of Christianity and Islam. The first three issues he deals with are, apart from the trinity, the strongest points of contention between Islam and Christianity. He deals with the questions of whether Jesus died on the cross, whether he was resurrected and whether he claimed to be God. After presenting the positive case for each of these, he gives the Muslim counterarguments. He then examines the Muslim position in light of historic sources and scholarly consensus. He then draws a conclusion on each of these, showing the strengths of the Christian position and the weaknesses of the Islamic position. Next, he presents the Islamic cases for Muhammad, as a prophet of God, and of the Quran, as the word of God. After that, he shows the Christian counterarguments, examines them in light of the historic evidence and scholarly opinions. Whether you agree with his conclusions or not, you will be challenged to dig deeper and know why you believe what you believe. Whether you are a Christian or a Muslim or neither, you will learn more about your faith, as well as learn about the faith of those around you.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
No God but One is the third book written by Dr. Qureshi,and I have read and enjoyed all three of his books. This book delineates between Allah and the Judeo-Christian God. The author goes into a lot of detail regarding this history and foundations of both religions and their view of God. I find that I am always amazed by the author's intelligent presentations and reasonings. Yet, he is able to communicate in a very simple manner. After reading the book, I found myself more in love with the God of the Universe. He is always listening to everyone's prayers, even if the person isn't praying to Him.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In “No God But One: Allah or Jesus?”, he has woven a rich fabric from the strands of hard, factual, logical investigative conclusions along with his own, personal spiritual conclusions which led to his conversion to Christianity and his commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord. I am a Christian myself but in reading this book, I tried to follow Nabeel’s lead and balanced mindset while reading through the various arguments presented. The book is broken into 2 major parts. The first presents the questions, “Are Islam and Christianity really all that different?”, and further breaks it into sections covering the major comparison points: Sharia and Gospel, Muhammad and Jesus, Quran and the Bible, Jihad and the Crusades, among others. The second part asks, “Can we know whether Islam or Christianity is True?, which breaks down into the questions, “Did Jesus Die On the Cross?”, “Did Jesus Rise From the Dead?”, “Did Jesus Claim to Be God?”, “Is Muhammad a Prophet of God?”, “Is the Quran the Word of God?”. In each section, Nabeel presents the Muslim worldview on each topic and the Christian worldview, and proceeds to analyze each by applying neutral investigative techniques and solid concrete examples and evidence of each view, then presents his conclusion. Obviously, as Qureshi is a Christian, his job is to proclaim the Gospel, but he freely admits that, though he cannot be 100% neutral, he is presenting the arguments in as unbiased a manner as possible. I found the information well set out and easy to understand, regardless of whether you believe or not. It is hard to pick favorite sections, as I found the entire book interesting and eye-opening. But I would say that the sections on comparison of the origins of the Biblical and Qur'anic texts and their chronology and the section on the case for Jesus’ death on the cross, were the most enthralling for me. Don’t misunderstand, Qureshi is a passionate believer and follower of Jesus Christ, but he came to believe initially through this very same investigative process which he recounts in this book. The evidence became so prevalent and irrefutable, that he had no option to believe in the Truth. I highly recommend this book whether you are a believer in Jesus Christ and want to flesh out that belief and witness to it, whether you are Muslim (or any other religion) and have doubts or questions and are searching, or if you are an atheist and want to hear the other side of the argument in order to be balanced and informed. I also recommend his first book, “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus”, which recounts his own painful search for truth and inevitable conversion from Islam to Christianity; a conversion which cost him a close relationship with his family, and took out by the roots everything in which he had ever believed.
ashleyleigh88 More than 1 year ago
Nabeel Qureshi's books have been, hands-down, the most influential and helpful resources that I've read regarding Islam and Christianity. His first book, "Seeking Allah Finding Jesus," instantly made its way to my "Top 5 Books" list, and I've read it more than a handful of times, gleaning new information every single time. The tone that Nabeel writes with draws readers in, as he shares his personal journey from Islam to Christianity. His second book, "Answering Jihad," came out earlier this year and was a timely, thorough response to current world events. Again, the overall content of his book is tough to top, and the compassion and conviction that he feels is extremely evident as he addresses, in my opinion, one of the most sensitive and difficult topics of our time with grace and truth. Needless to say, I was filled with anticipation for the release of this third book, No God But One. I was excited and privileged to be a part of the Pre-Release Launch Team, so I got an advance copy in exchange for my honest review of the book - and here it is: In a sentence, Nabeel has done it again! He has sacrificed time and energy in research, labored in prayer and writing, and has produced a theological aid for Christians and Muslims that is unmatched. He's taken an unbelievable amount of information, systematically boiled it down into 350 pages, and made it into an understandable and accessible resource - for anyone and everyone. In 40 chapters, Nabeel addresses major questions posed by both religions, explains the answers traditionally given by both sides, lays out the historical basis that supports or disproves each side, and offers clear conclusions based on those facts. By the end of the book, the reader doesn't feel manipulated or coerced into a conclusion based solely on emotional pull one direction or another - and I appreciate that about the way No God But One is written. It's not intended to convince anyone of anything that they can't see with their own eyes or discover with their own mind. The facts are present and lead to the logical verdict of the title's question: Allah or Jesus? And that verdict is, overwhelmingly and undeniably, Jesus. I give this book 5 stars, two thumbs up, and the greatest "BUY THIS!" recommendation that I can. You won't regret it.
toysrubi More than 1 year ago
In No God But One, Dr. Nabeel Quereshi finds a way to explain difficult and sometimes complex ideas, making them easily accessible for the common reader. This book, while targeted at Muslims searching for the similarities and differences between Christianity and Islam, is also an excellent resource for Christians trying to learn more about their own faith, and perhaps learn about the religion of Islam as well. Nabeel takes what could be a dry subject and turns it into a journey, indeed a journey which Nabeel himself took 10 years ago, bringing the reader with him as he investigates which religion is true. His arguments are backed up by historical evidence, quotations from the Quran, the Hadith, and the Bible. We learn about key individuals important to each religion, foundational concepts, and how to start to determine what is truth. Nabeel does this with honesty and a heart for Muslims and Christians alike and by carefully examining the foundational documents he is able to review strengths and weaknesses of both world views without criticizing believers. Nabeel looks at foundational questions for both faiths, comparing Jesus and Mohamed as founders of each faith, comparing Jihad and the Crusades, defining and exploring the concepts of tawhid and the trinity. Taking the reader through the evidence he uncovered in his investigation of the two faiths and augmenting that with research he has continued to do over the past 10 years on the subject Nabeel allows us to see the decisions he made and how it impacted his life; "my family was shattered, and the next year of my life was by far the most harrowing I have ever endured. I was now an outsider, both to my family and to all my friends in the Islamic community.". He then invites the reader to make their own decisions based on the evidence. This can be a difficult and contentious topic, Nabeel brings compassion, intellect, humility and a level of careful rationality not frequently seen applied to faith. If you are looking for a study of comparative religion between Islam and Christianity, there is no one I would rather read than Nabeel's.
grae_bird More than 1 year ago
Mind. Reason. Debate. Logic. Evidence. History. Nabeel Qureshi presents his new book No God but One: Allah or Jesus? as the “mind” of his journey from Islam to Christianity (following his book Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus which he calls the “heart” of his own personal story). Yet, mind, reason, debate—dry words. Weighty words. Potential-weapon-words. This is not the case with Nabeel’s book. Personal stories and anecdotes keep it from becoming too dry. But more—why does this matter? Not a mere intellectual debate. Heart beating, tears, blood, lives are lost. Nabeel does not lose this and does not allow us to lose this perspective. No mere mind matter, but life and death. Nabeel succinctly takes the huge topic and presents it under two questions: Are Islam and Christianity really all that different? Can we know whether Islam or Christianity is true? Well organized, linear, succinct summaries help guide the reader through weighty and controversial topics, alternating between Islam’s presentation and Christianity’s stance. He creates small steps towards understanding, building upon each other. Not denying Christian truth nor diminishing it, but not overly exaggerating differences either. Because he deals with such weighty topics such as the Trinity, original sin, differences between the Christian God and Allah, Quran and the Bible, the reader can sometimes wish for greater depth. However, Nabeel’s presentations are sufficient and manageable. His goal is to build bridges, open doors, not exhaust. This book is impressive in its breadth. Delving into history, uncovering. It is impressive in its logical and bold search for truth. A gamut—from history, Crusades, holy war, resurrection, death on the cross, Nabeel is zealous to answer his Muslim friends’ questions. He probes into some of the tough questions and gives enlightening insight. However, if this daunts the reader, Nabeel doesn’t get caught off track with minute questions but is able to clearly lay out the essentials, the foundational arguments in a way that helps me feel truly equipped to get to the heart of the matter. As a Christian reader, more than mind was edified. I learned from the Muslim perspective on our God—augmenting the wonder of grace. Learning from their high view of holiness. Deepening appreciation of love. Knowing our God is worthy of public confession, no matter the cost. There is a love that is better than life—more than mind truth, a Living True God. It also equipped the readers for conversations among Christian circles to understand our Muslim friends rather than fear or distance. We need not be afraid of our Muslim friends or of the truth. It is not just a tool, not just a dry debate, it is a book that helps create planks in the bridges of conversations and friendships. It is a book that will find an undusty home on my bookshelf.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
No God but One: Allah or Jesus? is Nabeel Qureshi's third and most satisfying book. Like the others, it is well written and very easy to read, even as it delves deeper into the topics. No God but One builds on his first book, Seeking Allah Finding Jesus, by delving into many of the questions about Islam and Christianity that Nabeel himself raised before ultimately abandoning Islam for Christianity. The book is divided into 2 basic "Big Questions": Are Islam and Christianity basically the same and Can we know whether one of them is true? He then begins the process of, as objectively as possible, laying out the answers to each. In exploring these questions, Nabeel boils down what are the essentials required to be a Muslim and Christian. He then takes the theologicial arguments — From sharia vs. Gospel to the strict monotheism of tawhid vs the Trinity — and plays them out to their logical conclusions, including the ethical implications of these doctrinal points. Are they logically consistent? How do their claims line up with what we see in the world? Do they actually alleviate the problems we encounter? Do they actually offer hope? Nabeel then tackles the historical reliability of Islam and Christianity. From the death and resurrection of Jesus to of evidence for Muhammad's claim as prophet and the Quran as the Word of God. How do each of these line up with what we know about historical events and facts, and what does it mean to those seeking to follow these religious leaders faithfully? No God but One is an outstanding resource for those who are seeking answers. It is wonderful for Christians who are seeking ways to reach out to their Muslim neighbor. But it is so much more than that. No God but One is also a fantastic resource for Christians who may never encounter a Muslim. Nabeel's work tying together historical doctrinal and theological points of Christianity into the ethical behavior that should flow out of them is invaluable to a Christian disciple. The section on the Trinity alone is worth the price of the book.
Mr_Mac_ More than 1 year ago
Desire For Truth With Objective Integrity: About the author: I have had the opportunity to read all three of Nabeel Qureshi’s books, and watch many of the talks that he has done. After reading and listening to Nabeel’s words, I am certain of one thing, Nabeel has an amazing desire to pursue and help others understand truth. About the book: No God But One: Allah or Jesus? goes into great detail of both Islam and Christianity, exploring their core principles and showing how they compare with the historical evidence for both religions. Nabeel is certainly well equipped in knowledge of both religions and put forwards their core concepts very clearly. The book has two main questions “Are Islam and Christianity Really All That Different?” and “Can We Know Whether Islam Or Christianity Is True?”. Both of these questions are sectioned into 40 sub questions and points which are explored and answered in great detail. Writing a book of this nature means writing about theologies and traditions that will be new to the reader, even hard to grasp at times. However, Nabeel does a great job making them easy to understand. He follows up each point he makes, and is thorough enough to follow the points up with clarifications and examples. I often found myself with questions about a certain point made, only to find that my question would be answered in the text following it. I feel very much as though Nabeel has kept his readers in mind and aimed for clarity throughout when writing this book. If you have read any of Nabeel’s previous books, you will find that his attention to detail is still very much prominent in this book. In Nabeel’s first book, Seeking Allah Finding Jesus, he briefly mentions a scientific truth which I had no idea of and this truth has helped my understanding greatly since reading it. The science in that book was regarding resonance structures in atoms, and was used in discussing the basis of a triune God. In this book, we find scientific knowledge of embryology which is used to compare a claim of miraculous scientific knowledge in the Quran. I would say that Nabeel’s attention to detail has not faltered in this book and in fact, increased in this book as it is the most detailed yet on the matter of theology. Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, or neither, No God But One: Allah or Jesus? is a book you can read to gain a full understanding of both Islam and Christianity. This book has been insightful throughout and has helped me greatly in gaining new knowledge with a clarity that is much appreciated whilst seeking the truth of the complex matter at hand. No God But One: Allah or Jesus? Leaves you with a clear answer based on historical truths and evidence through the scope of an objective investigation.
BenjaminBarlow More than 1 year ago
Great book for Christian and Muslim alike. Nabeel takes the major questions Christians and Muslims have concerning the differences between both religions, and compares each subject with both sides of the argument. Nabeel critically shows the arguments for both sides using scriptural re fences, assesses the arguments from both sides and draws conclusions that give both readers the answers they need. I especially enjoyed the comparisons of Muhammad and Jesus as founders of each religion. Also the section on the differences Jihad and the crusades was very enlightening. To my Muslim friend if your searching for the truth concerning Christianity and Islam I know of no other book
Terry_Bortz More than 1 year ago
Nabeel Qureshi once again answers hard questions in a fair, informative and engaging book – “No God But One, Allah or Jesus?” “Are Islam and Christianity really all that different?” If you are a Christian, you will not only learn everything you need to know about Islam in today’s world – you will also learn about Christianity and how to defend your faith. If you are Muslim and wonder why there are so many different beliefs within Islam, you will learn much about your religion and also about Christianity. Nabeel has done all the difficult research for us and he lays it out in a way that is easily understood. I strongly recommend reading Nabeel’s first two books as well. “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus” is the story of his Muslim upbringing and his search for the truth. It will give you a basis for the differences between the two religions. In his second book, “Answering Jihad”, he discusses the top 18 questions people have about Islam. His third book, “No God But One, Allah or Jesus?” is more intellectual and delves deeper into the history of each religion – revealing facts and inconsistencies that most people are not aware of but are very thought provoking. His description of the Trinity and of Jesus’ death on the cross will bring you to a deeper understanding of who God is. The history of Islam, the Quran and Muhammad sheds light on the confusion surrounding the differences among Muslims. After being raised as a devout Muslim and then doing his own research, Qureshi states, “I discovered some shocking facts about early Islam”. He also states, “Most Muslims simply have not read the primary sources on Muhammad’s life, instead only hearing overviews that have filtered out the more problematic accounts. When they first hear these stories, they do not know how to react”. Qureshi has done the hard work for us. I highly recommend this book to people of all religions. There is much to be learned about the two largest religions in the world. This does not disappoint.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In “No God but One: Allah or Jesus”, one finds the methodology of an objective investigator. Dr. Nabeel Qureshi approaches the evidence for Islam and Christianity in a most methodical manner. Both Islam and Christianity claim to worship the “one God” – but they both cannot be right. Is it Allah or is it Jesus who is deserving of worship? Are Islam and Christianity different in their basic doctrines? Exploring the truth of parallel concepts in Islam and Christianity, Dr. Qureshi draws conclusions based on historical evidence, logic and scholars. The reader is offered an objective comparison between parallel beliefs of each faith, for instance the Islamic doctrine of Tawhid vs. the Christian doctrine of the Trinity. One is not left to make decisions based on feelings, one can clearly appreciate consistent standards applied to the exploration of each topic. If the faiths differ, which is to be true, reliable? Christianity rests upon the essential beliefs in the death of Jesus Christ by crucifixion, his resurrection from the dead and his claim to be God. If any one of these beliefs fail to be objectively proven true, Christianity crumbles. Islam rests upon the essential beliefs that Muhammed is a prophet of God and that the Quran is the Word of God. Should either of these beliefs fail to objectively pass the truth test, then the foundation of Islam crumbles. Dr. Qureshi painstakingly walks the reader through an examination of each essential tenet. Upon delving into supportive and confuting evidence a reasonable conclusion must be drawn. What would the objective investigator conclude? Dr. Qureshi, a former Muslim who embraced Christianity after a long, arduous intellectual journey, interjects commentary from his personal struggle. The commentary assists in taking this from an academic discussion to the real world dilemma faced by those who abandon Islam in light of the truth of Christianity. To the Christian reader, one can appreciate the struggle of their Muslim neighbor and reach out in truth, but truth bathed in love. One cannot read “No God but One: Allah or Jesus” without being compelled to love.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another excellent book by Nabeel Qureshi! In his first book, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, Nabeel described the journey of his heart as he progressed from Islam to Christianity. In his newest book, No God But One, he traces the journey of his mind as he wrestled with many intellectual objections to the truth claims of Christianity. This book compares and contrasts the best objective evidences for both religions, ending with (spoiler alert!) Nabeel’s conclusion: “After thoroughly investigating the truth claims of Islam and Christianity, even while a Muslim, there was no avoiding the obvious truth: The evidence in favor of Christianity was far, far greater than the evidence for Islam” (p. 347). Because this is the conclusion Nabeel reached after a long pursuit of God that was both intellectually and emotionally taxing, he writes with a great deal of conviction and compassion for Muslims. One of his stated purposes in writing this book is to help Muslims who are seeking to know the one true God and who are overwhelmed as they try to sift through the arguments on both sides. He admits he is not unbiased, but he strives to be even-handed in his presentation of the evidence. Since he knows what it feels like to be on both sides of this debate, I believe Muslims will appreciate his sincerity and balanced approach. I think every Muslim should read this book with an open mind and heart. I also think every Christian should read this book! We are living in a unique period in human history where opportunities for discussions with our Muslims friends abound. I believe it is important that we prepare ourselves for the types of questions we may be asked. There are some questions Muslims ask that Christians have never thought about and don’t have immediate answers for. For example, “Where did Jesus ever say ‘I am God’?” Or “How can Jesus be God if John 14:28 says the Father is greater than Jesus?” Muslims aren’t the only ones asking these kinds of questions so this book has broad application and should be read by Christians regardless of whether they personally know any Muslims. Finally, I think everyone else should also read this book for your own information, regardless of your worldview. We are living in a time of great ignorance about the world’s two largest religions and we are without excuse if we do not educate ourselves. This is the most well-researched, comprehensive yet concise, articulate, up-to-date resource I have found for understanding the similarities and differences between Christianity and Islam. This book covers subjects such as Sharia vs. the Gospel, Tawhid vs. the Trinity, Muhammad vs. Jesus, the Quran vs. the Bible, Jihad vs. the Crusades and the author provides both the positive case for each and then a critical review of the evidence. There are loads of footnotes and citations. Nabeel is currently pursuing a doctorate in New Testament studies at Oxford University and so the book is academic, but written in such an engaging way that it is very easy to understand and keep your attention. I cannot recommend this book more highly.
teacher2thelittles More than 1 year ago
I don’t know Nabeel Qureshi personally, but I can say that he has made a significant impact on my faith walk. I speak of his books and testimony to anyone willing to listen. Nabeel’s strong desire to know God and to seek answers to the ‘hard’ questions has moved me to really know my faith and My God. More importantly, his love and concern for the Muslim people is genuine and contagious in a time where mistrust dominates many conversations. I have read through this book twice now and continue to ponder so much of the information Nabeel has so carefully and thoughtfully provided. It’s important to read this book with an open mind, a soft heart, and a desire to learn and grow. No God But One is written from a historical lens and research based perspective where we are to examine all the evidence, the context and the period in which it was written. This is not a book that preaches at you from one side but provides the viewpoints and thoughts of both Christians and Muslims, even atheist authors where applicable. Nabeel covers ‘the hard’, the ‘confusing’, and the all-out misinterpretations that exist in the Western and Eastern societies and he provides a foundation to start from, to learn from and to ponder. Some of the challenging topics discussed include, Tawhid or the Trinity, Muhammad or Jesus, Jihad or the Crusades, Sharia or the Gospel, the Bible vs the Quran. Maybe you know one side of these topics, why not learn about the historical evidence provided for the other? No God But One not only provides citations for the various topics, but heartfelt analogies and examples to help you apply, understand and empathize with what Nabeel is teaching. With all that is going on in the world today and the constant misinterpretations of the media, No God But One is the perfect resource to bring clarity to topics the average person does not know or understand. With a prayerful heart and an open mind, God will hopefully draw you closer and help you to see that knowing your own faith is a blessing and knowing another’s faith opens doors, builds bridges and allows Him to use you in unexpected and incredible ways.
rosiebookworm More than 1 year ago
Another book from Nabeel that had my attention from cover to cover. This book analyzes the world’s two largest religions—Christianity and Islam--both of which claim to have the truth that must be followed in order to please God. But which one actually does possess that truth? And how do we know? Is there evidence, historical evidence, which supports one or the other and can stand up to analytical scrutiny? Dr. Nabeel Quereshi has not only done extensive apologetic research on both religions, he has also lived his life within the framework of each religion. This book is good for both Christians and Muslims to read. Why do you believe what you believe? How do you know you’re right? Is there any evidence to support what you say and believe is true? The author is not objective. He is a Christian. However, he was raised as a devout Muslim who loved his faith, who sought to honor Allah and the Quran, who sought to follow the teachings of Muhammad, and desired to propagate the truth he believed he possessed. And so, he is stands in an excellent position to provide a circumspect analysis of both religions with a spirit of boldness and compassion. I recommend this book. It investigates the historical evidence (or the lack thereof) for Christianity and Islam and covers a wide array of topics. If you are a Christian, it may address topics you have never thought of before and give you a springboard for defending your faith against questions that may come your way and assure you that, yes, a rational person can trust the message of the Christian faith. If you are a Muslim, this book might push you out of your comfort zone, and it might make you question things you hold dear, and you might come away from this book angry…..and you might come away from this book confused….but I hope you will come away from this book insisting to KNOW THE TRUTH.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Nabeel Qureshi delivers another great one. Nabeel Quereshi delivers an important contribution to the theological discussion in his latest book, No God But One: Allah or Jesus? As a former Muslim, Nabeel Quereshi is able to provide excellent insight into understanding Islam. He is able to articulate the arguments offered by the Muslim community, as he used to present them in defense of his faith in Islam. Nabeel Quereshi explains the “arguments . . . against the deity of Jesus” (265). As he lays out the case for Christianity and Islam, Nabeel Quereshi analyzes five points: Jesus’ death by crucifixion, Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, Jesus’ claim to be God, the prophetic authority of Muhammad, and the divine inspiration of the Quran (176). As one who really appreciates history, Nabeel Quereshi does an excellent job giving historical context when analyzing these points. For example, when investigating the preservation of the Quran, he dives into topics such as “Muhammad’s third successor, the Caliph Uthman” who “recalled all Quranic manuscripts, destroyed them by fire, and issued official, standardized copies” (132). While answering the question Allah or Jesus? Nabeel Qureshi again considers a number of arguments: the Pauline product, Swoon theory, Muhammad in the Bible, the Scientific Knowledge in the Quran, Mathematical Marvels of the Quran, the prophecies of the Quran, and the preservation of the Quran. Nabeel Qureshi expertly addresses the above arguments while also explaining the doctrine of the Trinity to demonstrate that the Christian God is “categorically different from the Muslim God. It is what makes God relational, what makes His love eternal. It is how God can be in us, through the Holy Spirit, while being over us, as the Father, and suffering for us, in the Son” (78). Nabeel Qureshi investigates the historical Jesus, the early Christian church, the Deity of Jesus, the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, and reaches this conclusion: “Jesus is more than a prophet, more than the Messiah, and more than divine. He is Yahweh Himself” (261). Nabeel Quereshi does not dodge attacks as he even discusses the arguments presented by a famed Islamic apologist Ahmed Deedat who “famously began to argue that the Bible was pornographic” (124-125). Nabeel Quereshi also provides the historical context of the crusades; "the Crusades were launched in defense of the Byzantine Empire after two-thirds of the Christian world had been conquered by centuries of Muslim attacks” (148). Salvation through violence is a deviation from what Christ taught, “whereas Muhammad himself taught Muslims that fighting in jihad can forgive sin, and indeed is the best thing in the world”(58). Nabeel Quereshi points to the “final marching orders” found in the Quran Chapter 9 to further demonstrate the violence. As written in Quran 9.5, “Kill the polytheists wherever you find them, and seize them, and besiege them, and wait for them at every place of ambush” (163). I cannot stress enough that Christians, Muslims, or anyone seeking the truth should read this book, as it moves the discussion forward in better understanding both the Christian and Muslim world views--especially in understanding how Muslims see the arguments for Islam. As a Christian I learned more about Christianity, and I now have a better understanding of the Muslim worldview, as well. What an awesome book.