Nocturne, Opus 1: Sea Foam

Nocturne, Opus 1: Sea Foam

by Norene Moskalski


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ISBN-13: 9780988381162
Publisher: Divinity Press
Publication date: 03/08/2013
Pages: 372
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.00(d)

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Nocturne, Opus 1: Sea Foam 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
yardgame More than 1 year ago
Nocturne, Opus 1: Sea Foam delivers believable characters in a surprising scenario of how genetically modified micro-organisms could create an unstoppable pandemic. The possibility of terrorists attacking our water supply pales in comparison to what a group of well-intentioned genetic scientists could wreak if just one of them unknowingly makes a mistake. This is a well-written, exciting, fast-paced thriller! Kate and Jake Connors, a likeable husband-wife covert agent team, embark on the task of finding a solution for stopping the spread of a genetically-altered, normally passive, waterborne bacteria, Bacillus nocturne. Incidents from around the world provide clues and subplots that come together at the end to show us that the enemy may be closer than we think. The unique plot and effective subplots are all plausible and unite at the end to form a satisfying conclusion. I enjoyed the contemporary premise and the true-to-life characters, and I am looking forward to reading the next adventurous confrontation that Kate and Jake must face.
LindaLange4 More than 1 year ago
Dr. Norene Moskalski has come up with a nifty premise for a series. Her protagonists are a married couple, Kate and Jake Connors. The two doctors are research professors at Atlantic University's Institute for Public Policy and Safety, which is dedicated to peacefully resolving international conflicts caused by climate change. They also serve as covert agents for a privately-funded, scientific subdivision of the Institute known only as the Agency. To heighten the tension in this premier book, "Nocturne, Opus 1: Sea Foam," agents are forbidden to tell even their spouses about the undercover work they do. "Nocturne" is a fast-moving medical eco-thriller that would make terrific beach reading if it weren't for the subject matter. A normally passive, water-borne organism has gone rogue, attacking and killing beach-goers in the Mid-Atlantic States and coastal Europe. It's up to Kate and Jake to find the cure for Bacillus nocturne, track down the rogue scientist who genetically modified the bacterium, and find out why deaths are occurring only among young adults in their twenties and thirties--before nocturne spreads and contaminates the world's water supply. "Nocturne" involves a tremendous amount of scientific explanation and backstory. I thought Moskalski did an excellent job of resenting the science. her website describes her as a naturalist and environmentalist by nature and a medical diagnostician by avocation, with a Ph. D. in Higher Education Administration. So she is well-equipped to research her ideas and familiar with institutions such as the ones described in her book. Although she used many technical terms, I felt that Moskalski made the science accessible to any reader who is reasonably well-educated. Her resort settings are also beautifully described; it is obvious that Moskalski has visited these places. The authenticity makes the premise especially frightening, since it is clear that this is a scenario that could happen in real life. I found Moskalski's presentation of the characters' history a bit awkward. In some cases, I didn't think I needed to know as much backstory as she gave me. In other cases, I found myself wondering, "Didn't I read about this in an earlier novel featuring these people?" But no, "Nocturne" is the first of a series. In a few instances I felt the explication got in the way of an otherwise rapidly-moving plot. One thing is sure--Moskalski has laid plenty of groundwork for potential prequels as well as sequels to "Nocturne." In discussions on Goodreads, the author stated that the flow of the narrative is designed to imitate a musical nocturne, with tranquil passages abruptly giving way to chaotic action. I recognize this pattern in the novel, but since I'm musically challenged, the comparison is lost on me. I regret that I'm missing an interesting dimension of Moskalski's work. However, I thoroughly appreciated the wordplay involved in choosing "nocturne" for the name of an organism that multiplies rapidly in the dark. Overall, "Nocturne, Opus 1: Sea Foam" is an engrossing read, a thriller with substance. I'm looking forward to the next Kate and Jake Connors story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Phenomenal writer! I just finished the final page of Norene's novel on my train ride home tonight. I wrote to Norene earlier when I was 90-95% done and offered my rave reviews!!!! What a fantastic book by a phenom writer! I am handing the book over to my scientist hubby, tonight. I told him what incredible medical/scientific research Norene did, and how much I knew he'd enjoy the book. Again, I say--Bravo! If you haven't yet turned the pages, I assure you that you should begin right away. You won't want to put the book down!
sunsetkey More than 1 year ago
Great storytelling in this thriller... I enjoyed the measured suspense between and among Jake and Kate's family, friends and colleagues.  Each has one's own secret from the other and each secret is released as their story evolves.  As quality of life issues of environmental consequence become politicized, this story includes political overtones for continued care of the environment because of the pleasures people find lying on the beach and swimming in our oceans as well as the continued need for safe drinking water!  Moskalski's topic is so timely with this year's super-storms on both the east and west coasts! Readers travel the route of a dangerous and deadly strain of bacteria found in beach waters off the shores of Venice, Italy across continents to Captiva Island, Florida and East Coast of the United States.  Kate and her best friend, Claire, race to their laboratory to find a cure for the life-threatening waterborne infection that has been responsible for many recent beach related deaths.  Kate's sister has also become infected. Together, these friends believe they can/must find a cure.  How could this destruction of life happen when only one person schemed to take action when the intention was to educate the public about the effects of sewage seepage on drinking water? What is Bacillus nocturne?  Who is the mastermind of this secret and deadly defiance of nature?  One secret action to bring attention to the effects of human behavior, not only on the tenuous balance of nature in our environment but also the balance of family and friends lives, creates this mystery.   Moskalski has written a suspense packed thriller with heroes and heroines, victims and villains without the need for excessive sexual or drug activity.  This novel is appropriate for sons and daughters, nieces and nephews and friends and family.  Keep writing Norene!  I loved the detailed descriptions of characters and setting!   I am looking forward to the sequel!