Now That I'm Called: A Guide for Women Discerning a Call to Ministry

Now That I'm Called: A Guide for Women Discerning a Call to Ministry

by Kristen Padilla


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As a woman in the church, it's difficult to know what it means to say "I'm called to ministry." Whether you have been wrestling with that calling for years or are just starting to ask what it means, Now That I'm Called will provide you with guidance and direction on your journey. Perhaps you are feeling the Holy Spirit leading you toward vocational ministry but are unsure of what that means or if you are hearing the voice of the Lord correctly. This book will help you answer these questions and serve as a guide as you walk down this new and unfamiliar path.

Author Kristen Padilla answers questions like:

  • What does the Bible say about ministerial calling?
  • Can I, as a woman, be called to gospel ministry?
  • What is the difference between spiritual gifts and ministerial roles within the church?
  • Is there value in obtaining a theological education?
  • Should I go to a Bible college, seminary, or divinity school, and what is the difference between these three?
  • What is the value in having a ministerial mentor and doing internships?
  • What if I feel called to ministry but do not know what type of ministry?

Each chapter ends with further questions, exercises, assignments, and stories of real women doing vocational ministry. This is a book that will prepare you for a lifetime of vocational service to God. You will walk away with a biblical understanding of ministerial calling and a robust view of women in gospel ministry, as well as practical tools to help you pursue God's call for your life.

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Publication date: 06/12/2018
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About the Author

Kristen Padilla received a Master of Divinity degree in 2008 from Beeson Divinity School of Samford University and has been involved in mentoring young women called to ministry, writing Bible studies, and teaching Scripture at women's events since graduation. She also has written for Credo magazine, IVP's The Well, and The Gospel Coalition. She currently serves as the marketing and communications coordinator for Beeson Divinity School, where she produces a weekly podcast, magazine, and devotional booklets and she mentors seminary women. Kristen, along with her husband and son, are actively involved in their church, The Cathedral Church of the Advent. You can find her at

Table of Contents


For the Introduction, I will begin by describing how God called me to ministry. This will include my initial call, obstacles to my call, seminary, and what ministry looks like for me today. At the end of sharing my story, I will ask the question, Where are you today in your call? Secondly, I will provide a map of the book, briefly outlining the chapters and stating the purpose and goal of this book. Lastly, I will provide blank space and encourage each young woman to write out her calling story in the space provided.

Chapter 1: Is there really such a thing as a call to ministry?

In Chapter 1, I will address questions frequently asked: what does it mean to be called? Aren’t we all called to evangelize the lost and make disciples? Are some people really set apart for ministry? I will show, in this chapter, that there really is such a thing as a call to ministry. In order to achieve this, I will look at calls in the Bible, beginning in the Old Testament and moving canonically through the New Testament. I will include the callings of Moses, Joshua, David, Jeremiah, Peter, and Paul. I will examine the way in which God called them and to what task he called them. I will conclude with the following: God calls to ministry imperfect, sinful people; God calls people in a variety of ways; obedience and faithfulness is required of those whom he calls; and the ministry to which God calls people will always involve either the Word of God or the people of God, and many times it includes both. But what may be in the mind of readers as they reflect on this chapter is: what if I am a woman? Is there a vocational call for me? This leads to the next chapter.

Spotlight on Woman: Renee Pitts, Minister to Students, Global Involvement, Samford University, Birmingham, Ala.

Chapter 2: Can I be called if I’m a woman?

So much of the conversation centered on women in ministry within evangelical circles is about what women cannot do. In this chapter, I will attempt to put the focus on what women can do. First, I will begin with a biblical survey of roles held by women. This is briefly mentioned in the first chapter; it is developed in this chapter. This will include those who were prophets, judges, disciples, laborers in the Word, deacons, and the possible apostle. Next, I will address the prohibition passages in Scripture regarding women, as well as the most popular interpretations of those passages. I will conclude with the following: 1. Women are created in the image of God and are meant to be used in the church to display God’s image; 2. There were many exceptions to the rules, so to speak, where God used women in typical male-type roles; this is noteworthy given the ancient culture in which men ruled. 3. God gives women spiritual gifts to use in the church. 4. God calls women to specific tasks regarding Scripture and the church. At the end of the chapter, I will provide a list of modern day roles held by women in full-time ministry. How a woman works out her calling and in what roles will largely depend on her own conscience and denomination. Once a case from Scripture is made that God calls out both men and women for ministry, I will prompt the reader with the question, How does one prepare for ministry? This will be a prelude into the next chapter.

Spotlight on Woman: Cokiesha Bailey Robinson, founder of Cross Spring Ministries – a writing, preaching, and mentoring ministry

Chapter 3: Is theological education necessary?

This chapter will be written from my belief that theological education is important and necessary. While I do not believe that one can only do ministry if she has received theological education, theological education is the ideal toward which I want to push my readers. Even though the Holy Spirit enlightens and illumines God’s Word, we are not supernaturally given interpretations of passages of the Bible. Given the vast amount of space and time between the world of the Bible and our world, we nee

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Now That I'm Called: A Guide for Women Discerning a Call to Ministry 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
JLYoung More than 1 year ago
This book is so needed! It gives live. It gives hope. It encourages, guides and counsels. The author speaks from her personal experience and refers to scripture in everything. She begins with stories of Old Testament greats: Moses, Joshua, David and Jeremiah. She proves that God is the one who calls them and carries them through the calling. Just like these men our callings are from the Lord and they are big God sized callings that we need his help to accomplish. The author is so gracious and exhorts with love. At the end of each chapter you will find reflection questions, discussion questions, personal exercises and ministry spotlights. These things are designed to help the reader evaluate their own life and be encouraged by the testimonies of others. The calling of women in the old and new testaments is covered as well as spiritual gifts and the need for seminary/bible school. There is also a section on mentoring and other ways of gaining experience. And the book ends with a section asking the question “is God calling you?” This book is excellent. You’ll want to read it slow and allow yourself the time to journal the questions provided. Spend time in prayer and listening to the Lord for guidance. I received a copy of this book as a member of the author’s launch team. I was under no compulsion to write a review. All opinions stated here are my own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Kristen's writing is so clear and engaging, her story is so relatable, and this book is so needed for so many women (and men who minister to women) out there! I'm so thankful she took the time to write this book and answer God's call on her life. Her words will surely be an inspiration and help guide to so many women discerning their own calls. Kristen's theology is excellent, Bible-based, Spirit-led, and clearly communicated so that this book will be accessible to readers of different backgrounds. The spotlights on different women in ministry were so encouraging and the discussion questions at the end are so helpful for processing the book! A fun, encouraging, and necessary read to any woman in ministry, called to ministry, or considering a call. Thank you Kristen!
Patti_Rosell More than 1 year ago
The process of sifting through the messages for women in the church can feel overwhelming. Kristen has written a book that starts with Scripture and reminds the reader calling begins with God. She highlights those who have gone before and in their stories found in the Bible, you see more of God's character and His mission. She provides a range of perspectives and like a companion who is walking beside you, helps illicit the essentials in your own story. The chapters all have thoughtful discussion questions and prompts to take what you are reading and apply it to where you are. This book is a resource that you can continue to come back to as you discern where God is leading you in service to others.
Mossyoakprincess More than 1 year ago
Wonderfully written guide to help you discern your call to ministry. Kristen takes you on her journey and guides you carefully through scripture to help you understand what God's word. Great reflection questions to help you reflect on what you have read and to help you understand where God might be leading you. Spotlights of women in ministry sharing their journeys and advice they offer you. Kristen has a beautiful heart for helping women, or men for that matter, to find their place.
ecclecticnurse More than 1 year ago
This is a must read for all women seeking out their calling in life. Kristen Padilla does an amazing job of taking us back to the scriptures and it's contexts, and opening our eyes to see how it relates to us today in modern times using both Biblical characters and real modern day women. She beautifully scripts a story that perfectly balances the differing views held among the many denominations, and shows how all people, men and women, are called to be trained in the Bible and all have a calling of God on their life. I would highly recommend this book. I have read the first 5 chapters of this book. I was was given this book to read and review. These opinions given are my own opinion and thoughts.
EmilyBoyMom More than 1 year ago
This book is a must read for a woman seeking to discern their call to ministry. Such a great resource, with concrete examples of what it looks like to be in ministry. There are stories at the end of each chapter of women who have found their calling and gone after it, in many different ways. I have so many notes and things to process over..I am sure that I will re read this very soon. It is long overdue for a book like this that speaks specifically to women seeking their specific call to ministry from God. I wish this resource was available years earlier for friends of mine who had such a tough time navigating what has been, for the most part, a male focused profession. Well done, with lots of advice, encouragement and support, this is a valuable resource. I received an ARC from the publisher. All opinions are my own. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to read this book!