by Alice Loweecey


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Nuns and murder and ghosts, oh my! Here comes Giulia Driscoll again, and boy, is she in for it this time.

It starts when a frenzied Chihuahua leads Giulia and Frank Driscoll to the body of a nun in the street near a convent. The nuns fear they’re being harassed by the biggest developer in town and quickly embrace Giulia as their savior.

Of course, the former nun who exposed the drug ring run by a priest and nun will save their home and discover the murderer.

And of course, Giulia not only takes this job, but also all the other jobs clamoring for her attention. The result: Driscoll Investigations is pushed to its limit.

Then Giulia’s brother falls into a coma and she brings his kids to her house. Talk about a crash course in parenting for pregnant Giulia!

Did we mention the convent ghost? She loves the house, hates the nuns, and chain-smokes. Why couldn’t Giulia’s first honest-to-goodness ghost be shy and sweet?

More importantly, does the ghost hate the nuns—or the developer—enough to indulge in a bit of murder to liven up the afterlife?

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

NUN AFTER THE OTHER by Alice Loweecey | A Henery Press Mystery. If you like one, you’ll probably like them all.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781635113266
Publisher: Henery Press
Publication date: 04/17/2018
Series: A Giulia Driscoll Mystery , #5
Pages: 298
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.70(d)

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NUN AFTER THE OTHER 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
iiiireader More than 1 year ago
Guilia Driscoll is back on a case, this time involving a small group of nuns who are being harassed into selling their home to property developer. When a nun is found dead on the street while walking her dog and then the developer is found dead in basement of the nun’s home home, Guilia has to help solve the crime. In the meantime, Guilia is pregnant and is starting to show. Her clothes aren’t fitting and the baby is beginning to make himself known. The book progresses the story from the last as far as Guilia’s personal life. She is pulled back into her brother’s orbit when he is injured at work and is in a coma. She takes his kids in so they won’t be left alone. There are some funny scenes involving the nuns. The book also takes an unexpected dip in paranormal. While I generally don’t read paranormal books, this one was not something that overwhelmed the rest of the story. I was provided a digital advance reader copy of this book by the publisher via Netgalley.
mymissdaisy More than 1 year ago
I love book covers. Especially when they cleverly give insight into the story without giving anything away. The little nun mobile is just comical to me and draws me into what is waiting inside. As I turn the pages I am not disappointed. This is only the second book that I have read in the series. I am charmed by these characters. Giulia can at times be hilarious and then serious when she needs to be. I enjoy her character and her reluctance to chase ghosts but she steps up to the plate to solve the mysteries. The nuns living in the convent are engaging and funny as they each have their different reactions to the ghost that is living in their midst. I especially liked the part when older nun called out the camera man. "The Scoop" can sometimes be a thorn in Giada's side but ultimately he really ends up helping solve the mysteries. Our ghost in residence is hilarious disrupting the nuns and trying to thwart the sale of the house. I enjoyed reading book 5 better than book 4 making me want to go back and read all the rest. But I wanted to do that before. This is a great series that will keep drawing you in and making you want to read more. I received a complimentary copy.
LisaKsBooksReviews More than 1 year ago
Another witty installment in the Giulia Driscoll Mysteries. Author Alice Loweecey writes a mystery like no other. There is a unique flare to her story telling that draws the reader in quickly and keeps us ensnared until the book is finished. NUN AFTER THE OTHER is no exception. Wait, yes, it is. It’s even better than the four books that came before! NUN AFTER THE OTHER, book five in this delightful series, is a wonderful whodunit that kept me guessing through every twist and turn. I honestly didn’t know how the author was going to tie everything together, so the reveal, and conclusion were a total surprise! Well done, Ms. Loweecey. With eclectic characters, fun dialogue, and a fabulous mystery, NUN AFTER THE OTHER is like none other!
MariWatson1 More than 1 year ago
Alice Loweecey writes a bang-up mystery from the first chapter. Frank, a police officer and Giulia, who runs a Detective Agency, are on a married, date- night when they hear a scream. They arrive too late to see what happened, but, they are confronted with a dead Nun and a rabid little Chihuahua, who keeps nipping at ankles- while licking the face of Sister Mary Margaret. The Nuns are being terrorized and Eagle Developers is the likely Candidate. But someone is hiring people to paper the windows with smut and calling at all hours. They have had two people break in. Giulia is hired to find out what is going on and stop them being harassed or worse. Meanwhile, Giulia's brother has an accident at work and is in a coma. Giulia and Frank take his three kids into their small Cape Cod House. Salvatore, who was enough to drive a Saint to leave and did manage to isolate everyone, including his wife and Giulia. Her name is not mentioned in his house. This book is a combination of fast- paced mystery with lots of humor. The scene in which each Nun quotes a bible verse in order to get the Mother Superior to hire Giulia is laugh-out loud funny. Although it may help if you went to Catholic School as I did. But there are topics worth exploring in the Book too. One is the commercial greed of the Developers working to redo and make huge sums out of the slums. Or the fact the three kids had to hide the fact they slept in one room and were not with their Father because of Child Protective Services. I couldn't decide if I should say a rosary or enjoy the quips. I can tell you I finished this book in one night and laughed a lot. A very enjoyable quirky Mystery I gave it five stars. My thanks to Henery Press