NUT JOB: How I Crushed My Food Allergies To Thrive

NUT JOB: How I Crushed My Food Allergies To Thrive

by Sonia Hunt
NUT JOB: How I Crushed My Food Allergies To Thrive

NUT JOB: How I Crushed My Food Allergies To Thrive

by Sonia Hunt


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It's time to wake up to the fact that food in the United States is killing us.

Every three minutes, a food allergy reaction sends someone to the emergency room. Each year in the United States, 200,000 people require emergency medical care for allergic reactions to food. Approximately 90% of food allergy reactions occur due to one of eight common foods in the U.S. called "The Big 8". These foods include milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, crustacean shellfish, wheat, and soy. And while 1 in 10 adults have a food allergy, nearly twice as many adults think that they are allergic to foods while their symptoms may suggest food intolerance or other food-related conditions. The net net: food allergies are rising at an alarming rate, and still with no cure today.

I am one of over 32 million Americans who suffer from severe food allergies, environmental allergies, and asthma-the trifecta-since the age of three. As a first-generation Indian-American, my immigrant parents had never heard the words "food allergy" before and struggled to find resources to help me survive. In partnership with my Western doctors, my entire life had been focused on one thing: making sure my body could withstand another attack. Because there is no cure for food allergies in Western medicine, for 4 decades I became a test subject and was poked and prodded to determine the best way to manage my allergies, often opting out of eating just to make sure I didn't get sick. Unfortunately, my life was not without incident as I found myself in the emergency room hundreds of times because of my food allergies, and on my deathbed 4 times due to anaphylaxis.

In 2008 after I found myself almost dead on the emergency room table for the fourth time, I knew that it might be the last chance I would get to find another way. This traumatic event made it evident that I had officially hit rock bottom. I felt like I was doing everything wrong. I felt that I was doing life wrong. During that time, I made a pact: I whispered into the Universe that if it allowed me to survive that day, I would change everything.

With a fire finally lit in my soul, I completely dissected and overhauled my life. Over a ten-year journey, I devoted myself to understanding the root cause of my over 32 food allergies and created the Three to Be™ program, a holistic healing program I exhaustively researched and developed and through which I eliminated my food allergies, reclaimed my health, and transformed my life. Three to Be™ guides people with food allergies and food restrictions to Be Healthy, Be Safe + Be Well™ to thrive, which is my mantra.

In my first book, NUT JOB: How I Crushed My Food Allergies To Thrive, I invite you onto my journey to becoming food allergy-free and share the long, arduous road to eliminating my food allergies and thriving in health and in life.

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ISBN-13: 9781737107620
Publisher: Gen X Media
Publication date: 08/22/2021
Pages: 326
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.73(d)

About the Author

Sonia Hunt is a first-generation Indian-American food allergy activist, TEDx Speaker, and Best-Selling Author who healed a lifetime of severe food allergies by reclaiming her native foodways and exploring Ayurveda and functional medicine as alternative pathways to healing. Over a ten-year journey, Sonia devoted herself to understanding the root cause of her over 32 food allergies and created Three to Be™, the holistic healing program she exhaustively researched and developed, and through which she reclaimed her health and transformed her life. An advocate for conscious cooking and eating to benefit both personal and planetary health, Sonia teaches people across the world the power of returning to their food roots for healing food allergies and dietary restrictions. Her personal mission is to offer the knowledge, native traditions, and wisdom she embraced on her profound healing journey and to positively impact as many communities as possible. In her first book, NUT JOB: How I Crushed My Food Allergies To Thrive, Sonia invites readers onto her path to becoming food allergy-free and shares the long, arduous road that landed her in the emergency room hundreds of times and on her deathbed 4 times due to anaphylaxis. In 2020, Sonia was proclaimed in remission by her doctors, virtually unheard of among the 32 million+ food allergy sufferers today. In NUT JOB, she shares how she did it.
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