Oddities & Entities

Oddities & Entities

by Roland Allnach

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Set in the mysterious space between the everyday world and an existence just beyond
reach, "Oddities & Entities" traces a path through the supernatural, the paranormal, and the speculative. With moments of horror, dark humor, and philosophical transcendence, these tales explore a definition of life beyond the fragile vessel of
the human body.

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BN ID: 2940013905788
Publisher: All Things That Matter Press
Publication date: 02/29/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 268
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About the Author

Roland Allnach, after working twenty years on the night shift in a hospital, has
witnessed life from a slightly different angle ... one that he shares on the pages
of this book, as well as in his critically acclaimed "Remnant". When not immersed in his imagination, he can be found at his website, rolandallnach.com.

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Oddities & Entities 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
EDL85 More than 1 year ago
"Oddities and Entities" is a collection of six horror stories, and they range from the unsettling to the gory to the bizarre, hitting all of the notes good horror should. The stories range from a young woman's strange protector, called the Curmudgeon, who has a sinister ulterior motive for serving as her companion since birth; to a young man paying penance in a job in a mortuary; to a tiny blob that lives within all of us and serves a very particular purpose, and havoc results if it gets lost. The standout story for me as a reader was the first, "Boneview;" the Curmudgeon's appearance, garbled speech, and strange, creaky voice as well as the main characters ability to see tragic futures makes for a chillingly creepy story that stays with you (the last creature so bizarre and scary for me was the eyeless being in "Pan's Labyrinth"). While I found the story about the mortuary, "Shift Change," to be a little dry, the tortured yet hopeful Rose is still a memorable and well-done character; if you like a healthy dose of gore in your horror, you'll enjoy "Elmer Phelps," a vampire story with a shockingly violent conclusion. Each story is well-written and well-paced, and the author has a talent for creating a foreboding atmosphere and and a rising sense of suspense. There's also some dark humor woven in as well, especially in "Gray." The stories are also all loosely related by a theme of identity--how internal and external forces can shape you in terrible, terrifying ways. If you like horror stories, I'd recommend "Oddities & Entities."
Francine1440 More than 1 year ago
Oddities and Entities is a collection of stories about all things that are strange and weird. In fact, I don’t think I could have ever have come up with some of the ideas that the author, Roland Allnach, presented in this anthology. It’s these strange and odd ideas that made me enjoy this book as much as I did. There are none of the usual witches and fairies that are scattered throughout most books these days. Instead there is a lady who can see through flesh to a person’s bones, a creepy vampire-like brother and sister duo, and, my favorite, Grey, a slimy snot-like thing that resides inside one character’s head until it comes out and creates chaos. Needless to say, all of the stories are entertaining and a lot of fun to read. The characters are definitely different and intriguing and the storylines keep the reader wanting to read more so they can find out exactly what is going on. The editing and formatting worked perfectly on my ereader. The stories moved along fluidly and made me not want to put the book down. The cover, although not particularly eye-catching, centers the title well which is what made me choose to read it in the first place. Overall, this is a great read!
JulieGB More than 1 year ago
What a fitting name for a collection of six eerie stories that can only be described as page-turners. I didn’t want to put it down. As I finished one story, I’d shiver and start the next. The stories delved into creepy subjects like your shadow personified, and a gray blob living in your head, and even the curmudgeon coming through your walls. Although one story contained a boring discussion of the differences in math between Leibniz and Newton, the rest of that story was entertaining, as well as the other five. In my opinion, this author’s writing style and imagination rivals the works of Steven King. While reading these stories, I was totally aware that each subject could never be real. However, they made you think, what if it did become real. Hats off to Mr. Allnach. I was thoroughly entertained.
Kujo222 More than 1 year ago
Oddities & Entities is a compilation of 6 short stories by Roland Allnach. Boneview: A woman is born with the site to see how people die. She will see their broken bones or other ailments if they are about to die or are dying. She lives a secluded life due to her ability. Also due to her ability she is visited by a strange creature at night who she believes is her friend. Shift/Change: A quiet man starts a job at a morgue in a hospital, to find that there are evil things happening in the morgue. My Other Me: When a very shy loner has an out of body experience. What makes it interesting is that he has this out of body experience because his subconscious got so bored of his life, it took over his body and shoved him out. Gray: Gray is the little implant in our brains that the government places to keep us all in check. Most people don't know about it, and not all people have them because they can get dislodged if you get sick or have a brain injury. Dave lost his due a strange occurrence and kept his gray who was still alive as a little gray being. The 2 go through quite a journey together. Elmer Phelps: This is a new twist for me on the vampire story. Elmer and his sister Casey are bitten by bats at a camp when they were children. After which Casey was very outgoing and Elmer was a sickly child. After Casey left for "College", where she was enrolled into the secret vampire government agency, she returned to tell Elmer how to be more healthy by eating a raw steak medallion. It worked! He started to feel healthier and stronger. The rest was an interesting road on them finding how to live in the situation they found themselves in. Appendage: Randal is a free spirit that was abused by his father, was the bad boy in high school, got the genius girl pregnant, fathered a genius son, and joined the military after marrying the girl. After which he realized he was never meant for that life and rebelled yet again. At this point he became a hired hand, a mercenary. In his 50s he was hired by his son, who had a high tech research lab on some remote island. The substance his son found could be a miracle drug, but was it supposed to be found? These 6 stories were very entertaining and interesting ideas. Allnach came up with some very surreal concepts, ones that really got me to think. He wrote them all very well. For these reasons I gave the book 4 stars. All stories had characters that were very flawed, some having a deserving outcome, some not. Even though i thoroughly enjoyed the concepts and thought they were unique and interesting. All 6 stories had not fun twists that I didn't enjoy, but all endings were good to me. For my overall enjoyment of the stories I would give 3 stars. Since this just wasn't my type of book, I believe others would really enjoy this book due to it being well written, that's why my finished rating was 4 instead of 3.
EMMacCallum More than 1 year ago
Six chilling stories that stray from the traditional ghouls we're all familiar with in horror. The author masterfully makes every new tale all his own. I always like trying to piece together puzzles in a story and Roland Allnach had six stories riff with puzzles. There was great description throughout which complimented the imaginative spins on every odd entity. Though all stories were interesting and even one based on Allnach's own experience, two stories stood out the most for me. Boneview was the perfect story to launch this collection. It's about an odd girl growing up with her own entity and special gift that I won't ruin for you. The telling of it was very well done and I could have read a full length novel based on the Boneview. The second was Elmer Phelps, though it dragged just a little in the middle, it was an amazingly imaginative story with plenty of action, mayhem and fascinating characters that stuck with me long after I'd finished. Again, he didn't skimp on the details and once he knew he had the reader, he didn't let go. This collection of short stories would make a great read for those looking for a chilling short story (or six) to tuck them in at night.
coziecorner More than 1 year ago
Roland pens "Oddities & Entities" in six short tales of horror that will curl your toes and make you want to hide under the covers. The author's imagination, writing and characters are very unique and strong which stands out in each story. Highly recommended for all horror/thriller fans! This review is based on a complimentary copy from the author which was provided for an honest review.
Reader_Views More than 1 year ago
Perfectly titled Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (8/12) “Oddities & Entities” by Roland Allnach is composed of six engrossing, and sometimes grossing short stories. Each one is unique in its own way, and completely different from anything I have ever read before. Reading these twisted stories gave me an awesome escape that made me feel like I was on a ride through a fun house with no idea when it would be over or where I would end up. As a result of the uniqueness of the author’s ideas, he is in control of the journey because you will have no idea what is going to happen next in his creative imagination. If you are looking for a romantic comedy, this is not the book for you. Although there are several relationships that are involved in most of these stories, they tend to be out of the norm. Way out of the norm as a matter of fact. For example, in “Elmer Phelps,” the main character has two relationships to deal with. One would be perfect, if it wasn’t complicated by Elmer’s secret dire need for consuming raw flesh. There is also a bit of an issue with how well he gets along with his sister who shares his dietary needs. I will stop there because I don’t want to spoil it. As I read each story, I appreciated how well Roland Allnach was able to write such complete, detailed scenes in the space of a short story or a novella. He does a wonderful job of describing the scenes and helping you dive right into the characters’ minds. He will take you to some dark and twisted places, and you will enjoy having goose bumps on your arms. And when you are done with reading “Oddities & Entities,” you will be extremely relieved to find yourself back in your mundane world, as I was. Then, if you are like me, you will find yourself looking on the Internet to find out what else Roland Allanach has written so that you can dive right back into that twisted darkness.
TheStarLady More than 1 year ago
Normally books I choose to review are non-fiction, upbeat, positive, and life-enhancing. Horror is not a genre that I read, but when Roland Allnach’s Oddities & Entities crossed my desk, I was intrigued by the sentence “Set in the mysterious space between the everyday world and an existence just beyond reach, ‘Oddities & Entities’ traces a path through the supernatural, the paranormal, and the speculative.” The read didn’t disappoint. Oddities & Entities is an anthology of six tales that explore the meaning of life beyond flesh and bone. The stories are gritty, gruesome, bewitching, and beautiful. Allnach began writing as a hobby when he was a teenager without dreams of becoming an author. After more than two decades working the night shift in a hospital, he had experienced an abundance of strange and abnormal activities, many of which found their way into his writings. Allnach is a master storyteller with a powerful pen. His words flow as gently as a stream meandering through a bucolic meadow even as he describes nightmarish scenes. Roland was a guest on my internationally broadcast radio program, Starstyle® -Be the Star You Are!® and he enthralled our listeners around the world as he described real life happenings hidden beyond the veil, his writing process, and his runaway imagination. An avid reader, Allnach has a do-it-yourself personality, thus when he writes, he studies what he reads then designs his own musicality for his sentences. The fluid transparency of his words catapult the reader into the world of his macabre characters forcing one to make a moral judgment on his philosophical musings. We experience the paranormal, the speculative, and the crazed with Allnach’s poetic prose. He is a master writer of the surreal and deserving of the numerous awards he is winning. Oddities & Entities will entice, frighten, and shock as the little voices that live in the author’s mind jump into yours. Enjoy the creatures, the complexities, and the curveballs. The horror and the haunting have never been more therapeutic! Cynthia Brian is Producer/Host of StarStyle®-Be the Star You Are!® Radio and a New York Times best selling author
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Lee Ashford for Readers Favorite "Oddities & Entities" by Roland Allnach, categorized as horror fiction, is unlike any other horror fiction I have ever encountered. The book is comprised of 5 stories, each of which is written a cut above the norm. There are no recognizable monsters in these stories, no sophomoric zombies, no evil ancient vampires, and none of the standard fare I have become accustomed to in the horror genre. I do like the usual run of the horror genre, but this book is written with thoughtful intelligence, for an intelligent adult reader. I do not mean to imply sexual situations or coarse language. What I mean is, any intelligent reader, capable of deep thought, will find this book irresistible. The 5 individual stories are as unlike as any 5 stories can be, yet each one is so sufficiently well-written that, if sold as individual short stories, I wouldn't hesitate to award 5 stars to each of them. To say I like this book is a crass understatement. Each story drew me in and evoked my empathy for various characters. These stories forced me to actually think beyond what I was reading. Each premise was unique, at least in my experience; I have never encountered any other stories that even approach the situations these present with authority and authenticity. If I could boil down my perception of this book into a single word, that word would be WOW! Roland Allnach's first anthology, "Remnant", which I have also read, was placed as a finalist in the Science Fiction category in the 2011 National Indie Excellence Awards. I absolutely expect "Oddities & Entities" to follow suit. If you read only one book this year, make it this one. Be prepared to have your comfort zone challenged.