On Leopard Rock: A Life of Adventures

On Leopard Rock: A Life of Adventures

by Wilbur Smith


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ISBN-13: 9781499861242
Publisher: Zaffre
Publication date: 05/01/2018
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 110,256
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 9.25(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

Wilbur Smith is a global phenomenon: a distinguished author with a large and established readership built up over fifty-five years of writing with sales of over 120 million novels worldwide. Born in Central Africa in 1933, Wilbur became a full-time writer in 1964 following the success of When the Lion Feeds, and has since published over thirty novels, including the Courtney series, the Ballantyne series, the Egyptian series, the Hector Cross series and many successful standalone novels, all meticulously researched on his numerous expeditions worldwide. His books have now been translated into twenty-six languages. The establishment of the Wilbur & Niso Smith Foundation in 2015 cemented Wilbur's passion for empowering writers, promoting literacy and advancing adventure writing as a genre. The foundation's flagship programme is the Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Prize. For all the latest information on Wilbur visit www.wilbursmithbooks.com or facebook.com/WilburSmith

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Twilight 1

Chapter 2 Lions in the Night 11

Chapter 3 This Child's Life 21

Chapter 4 This Boys Life 57

Chapter 5 This Student's Life 71

Chapter 6 This Underworld Lif 79

Chapter 7 The Law is an Ass 95

Chapter 8 This Seafaring Life 109

Chapter 9 This High-Flying Life 125

Chapter 10 This Hollywood Life 143

Chapter 11 This Hero's Life 169

Chapter 12 This Hunting Life 185

Chapter 13 This African Life 195

Chapter 14 This Desert Life 229

Chapter 15 This American Life 247

Chapter 16 This Diving Life 267

Chapter 17 This Writing Life 295

Appendix The Monarch of the Ilungu 317

Index 321

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On Leopard Rock: A Life of Adventures 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Gurlay Garcia 8 months ago
What a delightful adventure this is. I actually feel envy knowing of Mr. Smith's life growing up because it was filled with a lot of adventures and time spent in the African landscape which is just filled with wondrous gifts of nature. But it wasn't all safaris and fun, there were a lot of very scary incidents too that has marked the author for life. Though I could say that his experiences with lions and snakes are ones I surely wouldn't survive, but reading them here is both frightening and in a way comical. The thing that strikes me the most in this book is the author's close relationship with his dad. That's another thing that I envy. He kept that relationship till he was older and till his dad passed away. His dad was his own hero and the inspiration in more than one of his great stories. His dad was a larger than life figure who had greatly influenced Wilbur Smith as an author and as a person. Reading this was a really great and immersing experience. To actually have a better understanding of the author as a real person and know how his stories came to life because of his rich experiences is such a rewarding experience. It was like being there under the African sun and having to relive the author's childhood, all his mischief, his failures, all his struggles before he became one of the world's most published and widely read authors and being shown his first high as the first of his many amazing stories were published. Like us readers, the author humbly admits that he too is inspired by his readers. He recalled in this book some of the times when some of his readerreades have touched his life because they have read his books. And I count myself one of those lucky people who have greatly appreciated Mr. Smith's gift for storytelling. My first encounter with Wilbur Smith was through Reader's Digest condensed books. If I remember correctly, The Sunbird was the first book I've read and my life was never the same after that. Yes, if you're one of his avid fan and readers, you know that his books are quite hard yet very engaging. Hard because it exposes the realities of life in Africa, o r wherever the setting of the story is, the human struggles and frailties. It's blunt and honest and no holds barred. Not to mention sex and violence. But all these weren't there just to sensationalized the story but rather because they help make the story more authentic.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Absolutely gripping! This book was absolutely gripping, a total joy to read. Since the book arrived I was not able to put it down. The writing flowed, and I learnt a great deal about South Africa in regard to hunting, politics, mining, ect, this book has just about everything. Wilbur Smith has led a fantastic life filled with adventure and determination. He has saw and done what most can only dream of doing. ‘On leopard rock’ has introduced me to an interesting man/author with plenty of stories to tell, and many novels to read, that I would have otherwise never heard about; though I’m very glad I now do. After reading this book I will definitely be reading more by this author and will be looking forward to more of his work in the future.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I started reading Wilbur Smith in the late 70's when an associate would bring his books back from business trips to South Africa. On Leopard Rock provides a wealth of information on his life,influence of his parents, research on his subjects. Read entire book in one sitting, Greatly recommend!