On Your Magickal Way: Expanding Your Magickal Path

On Your Magickal Way: Expanding Your Magickal Path

by Mike Sexton
On Your Magickal Way: Expanding Your Magickal Path

On Your Magickal Way: Expanding Your Magickal Path

by Mike Sexton


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In my second book, you are going to learn a great deal more than I was able to explain in my first book, On Your Wiccan Way. In this book, On Your Magickal Way, you will learn more about the ways to incorporate magick further into your daily life. First, let me explain what true magick is. It is NOT the stuff you find in supernatural television shows or in paranormal books. True and real magick is using the energy of surrounding elements and your own energy in the effort of creating a change in your life. You might also be wondering why I have added the "k" in the word "magick". This is to differentiate real magick from the illusions that you see in magic shows or on television. What we do is completely natural and the way that we use herbs, oils, stones is based off of information that has been taught and in many instances, relearned about, for centuries. You will find that many of the ways herbs and oils are used in healing, for instance, have a great deal of understanding in the scientific community. Of course, if we use an herb or oil on ourselves, either by eating, drinking or applying the essential oil version of an herb to the skin or breathing it in, we are using that herb's natural healing properties. Most herbs and oils also have what we call "magickal properties" and these are more subjective to a degree; however, they still bring around REAL results and that is what is most important. This is what we will be working on in this book. You will learn how to use herbs, essential oils, crystals and candles in your everyday workings .You will learn how to choose the best time for spell work, how to create and activate your own sigils as well as dipping into cord magick. You will be surprised by how much you can do without going all out with fancy tools, ingredients. Spells are not done all of the time. In fact, in the past five years, I have only cast two or three spells. Most of what I do magickally is much more mundane. Things such as making sachets, sending healing energy to those in need, placing a stone or crystal on someone to heal them, including my own pets. Using foods and herbs to help heal and create change. I use aromatherapy to heal my loved ones as well as myself and I also use essential oils and herbs to create healing applications. These are the kinds of things you will be learning about in my second book and much more!As in my first book, I will also share a few of my personal experiences and stories along the way so I think you are in for an informational and fun ride!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781981311033
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/30/2017
Pages: 370
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.77(d)

About the Author

Mike Sexton is a Native of Germany who moved to the States when he was young. He's become a self-taught artist, digital artist and graphic designer who lives in Northeastern Kansas with his 2 dogs. He paints, draws and creates art in multiple formats. From paintings to graphic designing on his computer, to a bit of sculpting and sewing, Mike tries to always have his hands in the creative cookie jar. He has had his work featured in a few different art books over the years and runs his own website that sells his art as well as his other merchandise, from clothing to home gifts.

Mike has been learning about Wicca for over 20 years and has been practicing Wicca daily for several years now. He helps to teach others who are beginning on their Wiccan path as much as possible through groups he helps to run. He has the honor of having many new Wiccans and even more experienced Wiccans, coming to him for suggestions, to bounce ideas off of and to ask for help with various questions. He also has a Tumblr page dedicated to Wicca and Paganism. He was barely done writing his first book before people were already asking what his second book would be about. He was not sure if he would actually write a second book; however, he enjoyed writing, "On Your Wiccan Way", so much that he wanted to build upon those teachings so that those who read his first book, can continue their learning. This is where this book, "On Your Magickal Way" came about.

Mike has studied and learned about herbs since the late 1990's so he is well versed in them. Since embracing Wicca as his spiritual path, he has also learned a great deal about essential oils and crystals for magickal and mundane uses. He is NOT a licensed doctor, nurse or anything in the medical field. The information he provides to you in this book is based off of self-learning and things he has used and tried out himself. Mike does his utmost to not only teach others but to do so in a way that is fun and entertaining for them. With his writings, Mike gets others to think outside the box and look at things in a new way.
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