One Week To Better Sleep - 7 Steps For Success

One Week To Better Sleep - 7 Steps For Success

by Mitchel Schwindt

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Having problems sleeping?

Relying on coffee and energy drinks to make it through the day?

How often do you sleep well and wake feeling great?

Don't feel bad because you're not alone. Over 60 million people suffer in the U.S. alone.

As a physician, I see tons of people for sleep problems and the health issues directly related to poor sleep. I was once just like you. As an EM physician, being rested and sharp was critical; lives depended on it. Fortunately, I was in the ideal place to figure it out. Surrounded by great medical minds, I compiled the best techniques and blended that together with current science. That's why I created this course for you.

With the frenetic pace of today's world, getting good sleep has never been more important. You are here because either you or someone you care about has a problem with not sleeping - am I right?

This book is straightforward, the material is easy to understand, and no advanced knowledge or medical degree is needed. I promise.

If you want to sleep better, feel more rested, and wake up with tons of energy this book is for you.

You might be a friend or family member of someone who sleeps poorly and you're here to learn how to help them.

My goal is to give you an understanding of why sleep is eluding you or a loved one and provide you with an action plan.

The goal of One Week To Better Sleep is to give you the information, tools and techniques to start sleeping better.

There is no Sleep Bank, so learning this is critical for your health.

I'll be sharing the 7 P's of getting good sleep. Each day layers on another strategy to ensure you are getting the sleep your body needs.

By the end of this book, you will have a firm grasp on the how and why of getting better sleep.

If you find yourself tossing and turning and watching the clock tick by, don't waste another night counting sheep. There is a better way.

Mitchel Schwindt, M.D.

Physician, Healthy Living Expert and Author of the One Week To Better Sleep

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About the Author

Hi and thank you for stopping by.

I’m Doctor Mitchel Schwindt. I am a board-certified physician and I want to show you how you can stay healthy and happy for many years.

My story is simple: I worked in emergency rooms in both urban and rural environments. At every ER, I kept seeing the same people over and over. Whether it was from accidents or illness, it seemed like there was a group of regulars that would always end up in the ER, seeking treatment, and coming back again in a week or two.

Then I learned about functional medicine. Instead of being reactive, functional medicine is proactive! It seeks to get the core of the problem, not the symptoms. This isn’t only about health, but about a total mind-body-spirit experience that can allow people to reach their full potential.

“This sounds familiar. Lots of people say these things.”

True, but few of them are experienced physicians who have treated thousands of people teetering the edge of death. Few of them understand who the body reacts to trauma and how it can be strengthened by simply going “upstream of the problem.”

“Going upstream” means going farther than this moment or this illness or this injury, it means digging in and looking for the ROOT of the problem. Once we have found the root cause, we can fix it and everything else will fall into place.

“What if I don’t have an illness or an injury?” Every one of us has things that we can fix. Can you cheat death? Maybe not forever, but we can certainly keep it at bay for a lot longer.

I can show anyone how to feel better, live longer, and enjoy life more!

That’s my passion, my mission, and my commitment.

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