Ordinary Christians, Extraordinary Signs: Healing in Evangelization

Ordinary Christians, Extraordinary Signs: Healing in Evangelization

by Steve Dawson, Mark Hornbacher

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This book is a practical, encouraging guide for “the rest of us”: Catholic parents that want to impart the faith to their children but aren’t quite sure where to start. Topics include leading by example, having conversations about faith, reading the Bible as a family, learning about the Saints, praying together, learning what the Mass means, celebrating special/feast days and liturgical seasons (Advent, Lent), and finding community with other Catholic families. Tommy and Karen emphasize that this a doable task and, with humor, let the reader know that there will be plenty of “fails” along the way but not to give up trying to develop a faith-filled family life.

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ISBN-13: 9781593250072
Publisher: The Word Among Us Press
Publication date: 04/10/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 192
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About the Author

After a powerful conversion to the Catholic faith in 2006, Steve has been active in various Catholic ministries and in leadership positions in the pro-life movement. Steve also spent time discerning religious life, spending 14 months with the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, before discerning his call to work for the Church as a layman. As Founder and President of St. Paul Street Evangelization, he has been featured on EWTN Television and Radio, Catholic Answers Live, Catholic Connection, Kresta in the Afternoon, the Radio Maria Network, Sirius Satellite Radio, Archangel Radio as well as in several Catholic news publications. He resides in Sterling Heights, MI with his wife, Maria, and three children.
Growing up nominally Catholic, Mark began reading and studying the Scriptures as a teenager. This journey into a more mature faith led him to theology studies, discernment of religious life, and diocesan seminary, before he recognized a lay calling in service to the Church’s mission of evangelization. As Vice President of Programs and Operations and Director of Theology at St. Paul Evangelization Institute, Mark helps develop and implement many of the institute’s initiatives, including new course materials and other publications. He also helps coordinate and supervise daily operations. He resides in Warren, Michigan, with his wife Gayle.

Table of Contents

Foreword Archbishop Allen Vigneron xi

Acknowledgments xv

Introduction 1

Chapter 1 The Sacred Scriptures and Church History 10

Signs of the Kingdom of God 11

Redemptive Suffering and "Redemptive Healing" 15

"Your Faith Has Made You Well" 17

Commissioned and Empowered by the Holy Spirit 19

Extraordinary Signs of Healing in the Early Church 21

A Decline 23

Performative Speech 26

Chapter 2 Healing Today and the Modern Magisterium 27

The Signs of the Times: Rejection of God 30

The Signs of the Times: Postmodernism and Extraordinary Deeds 34

The Signs of the Times: Pluarlism and Commercialism 36

The Magisterium and Charisms of the Holy Spirit 37

Ordinary Christians, Extraordinary Gifts 39

The Importance of the Extraordinary Charisms 41

Seeking the Extraordinary Charisms 42

Signs, Manifestations, and Proofs of the Gospel 43

Chapter 3 Four-Step Prayer Model 45

Step One: Interview and Preparation for Prayer 46

Step Two: Healing Prayer 50

Step Three: Reinterview 54

Step Four: Post-Prayer Proclamation and Recommendations 57

Chapter 4 Praying for the Gifts 60

Rekindle the Gift of God That Is within You 61

Earnestly Desire the Spiritual Gifts 64

I Will Show You a Still More Excellent Way 69

Come Holy Spirit! 70

Saint Paul Evangelization Institute's "Acts 4 Prayer" 72

Chapter 5 Power Evangelization 73

Preparation for Power Evangelization 79

Power Evangelization and the Kerygma 84

Seven General Points about Power Evangelization 98

How to Start a Conversation Leading to Healing Prayer and the Proclamation of the Gospel 102

Starting Conversations with Miraculous Medals 102

Starting Conversations with Rosaries 103

If the Person Is Hesitant to Receive a Medal or Rosary 103

Power Evangelization in Daily Living 105

Instruments of Christ's Power 114

Appendix A Extra Topics 116

Forgiveness and Repentance 116

Emotional and Spiritual Healing 118

Deliverance Prayer 121

The Prophetic Vocation and Healing Evangelization 125

Appendix B Frequently Asked Questions 130

Can't only holy people, like the saints, heal? 130

Isn't it true that we're not supposed to seek out extraordinary gifts? 132

What does it mean to "rashly" seek extraordinary gifts of the Holy Spirit? 134

Are laypeople allowed to lay hands on others? 135

Do we always need to lay hands on people? What about laying hands on sensitive areas? 135

What is a "spirit of affliction"? 136

Adjuration: is it OK to command the body? To command demons? 137

What if the pain moves or increases during healing prayer? 137

What do I say if the person doesn't get healed? 138

What if the illness or injury comes back? 139

How do we know when to seek healing through prayer and when to embrace or resign ourselves to redemptive suffering? 139

How do I know if I have a special charism of healing? How should I exercise it? 142

How do I know when a healing is not from God, but from a demon? Or from natural causes? 143

Appendix C Praying for Specific Conditions 146

Joint Injury or Arthritis 146

Back Pain 147

Limb Length Discrepancy (Short Arm or Leg) 148

Cancer 149

Lung Conditions (Bronchitis, Pneumonia, etc.) 149

Blindness 150

Infertility 151

Anxiety, Depression 152

Injury or Illness Caused by Self 153

Injury or Illness Caused by Someone Else 156

Emotional or Psychological Caused by Someone Else 158

Notes 162

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