Our Family Tree Index: A 12 Generation Genealogy Notebook for 4,095 ancestors

Our Family Tree Index: A 12 Generation Genealogy Notebook for 4,095 ancestors

by House Elves Anonymous, S. Zar (Illustrator)


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This is the world's first-ever 12 generation family tree notebook! This antique-style book has room for you to record the first 4,095 people in your family line. (That's not a typo. There's actually room to list thousands of relatives!) This journal contains everything you need to create an index of the first twelve generations of your ancestors. Document your genealogy research by hand in this lovely keepsake... You'll be creating a treasured historical document for future generations to enjoy while discovering your own heritage.


A numbered chart system makes it easy to see how the pages connect, and there are areas where you can write notes about any historical events that your family members may have experienced, witnessed, or survived.

Generations 1-10 of your lineage have lines where you can enter information next to the following prompts: Name, Born, Died, Married [with 2 lines to record multiple marriages or charming details], and Notes.

The 11th and 12th generations have room for only names and dates.


The first two generations of this paperback genealogy journal are gender-neutral/LGBTQAI+ friendly. The individuals in the first couple are labeled "Parent" instead of Mother and Father. The first generation can be used to record an individual or a sibling group. There is an unstructured notes section, where you can write in partners/spouses, siblings, or any other personal information you wish to include.


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3. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, then send us your preferred email address in a private message, so we know where to send your printable file. You'll receive a high-resolution digital JPG image (by email) of a family tree chart that matches the style of this book. This beautiful, 8 generation family tree chart can be printed, filled in by hand, and turned into a timeless family heirloom.

This matching pedigree chart is also available at HouseElvesAnonymous.com.

This journal is part of a series of family history workbooks, notebooks, and journals. The items in this collection can be used in any combination, and all feature beautiful, historic imagery to help you document and preserve your genealogical research. Family trees to match the style of these books are available at HouseElvesAnonymous.com.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781736115282
Publisher: Sphinx Business Papers
Publication date: 11/20/2020
Series: Family Tree Workbooks , #1
Pages: 236
Sales rank: 213,057
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.56(d)

About the Author

House Elves Anonymous is a female-run genealogy shop devoted to providing beautiful and useful family history heirlooms, family tree artwork, and research materials. To get printable genealogy gifts by email, sign up for the newsletter at www.HouseElvesAnonymous.com.

S. Zar is a multidisciplinary, internationally showing artist. Her illustration and literary works have been featured multiple times in books sold through the Museum of Modern Art's curated, second-floor bookshop, in Manhattan. Zar's first solo publication (also available at MoMA) is called Riddled with Spots. For more information, visit her website, www.SarahZar.com.

Table of Contents


✓ Introduction with a chart and instructions.

✓ Generation 1 - For the youngest person or sibling group in the tree (gender-neutral, LGBTQAI+ friendly).

There is an unstructured space that can be used to include partners.

✓ Generation 2 for "Parents" (gender-neutral, LGBTQAI+ friendly, one person per page)

✓ Historic events experienced by the 3rd generation

✓ Generation 3 (one person per page)

✓ Historic events experienced by the 4th generation

✓ Generation 4 (one person per page)

✓ Historic events experienced by the 5th generation

✓ Generation 5 (one person per page)

✓ Historic events experienced by the 6th generation

✓ Generation 6 (two people per page)

✓ Historic events experienced by the 7th generation

✓ Generation 7 (four people per page)

✓ Historic events experienced by the 8th generation

✓ Generation 8 (eight people per page)

✓ Historic Events experienced by the 9th-12th generations

✓ Pedigree charts for generations 9-12 (four generations per page)

✓ 5 pages for notes

✓ A page to credit the people involved in researching the family's history as you work on this book.

✓ 2 reference charts

*The marriage section has 2 lines per person in the recent generations. The extra line can be used to document additional marriages and other data or to write in charming notes about the couple's love story.

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