Overcoming Overwhelm: Dismantle Your Stress from the Inside Out

Overcoming Overwhelm: Dismantle Your Stress from the Inside Out

by Samantha Brody ND


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ISBN-13: 9781683641612
Publisher: Sounds True, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/01/2019
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 205,659
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Samantha Brody

Dr. Samantha Brody is a naturopathic physician and acupuncturist and founder of Evergreen Natural Health Center in Portland, Oregon. Licensed as a primary care provider with extensive training and experience in both complementary and Western medicine, she has worked with over 30,000 patients and clients in the past twenty years. Her mission is to empower people to address the stress in their lives and help them to make changes that are in alignment with their personal health goals and values. She holds a doctoral degree in naturopathic medicine and a master’s degree in oriental medicine from the National University of Natural Medicine. She is a sought-after international speaker who educates lay and professional audiences on the issues of stress and health. Dr. Samantha writes for a variety of publications and has been quoted extensively in books and media outlets including the Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, HuffPost, and Shape. Learn more at drsamantha.com.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

A New Understanding of Overwhelm 5

Chapter 1 The Impact of Overwhelm 7

Chapter 2 The Bucket Theory 13

Chapter 3 It's All about You 22

Step 1 Find Your True North 27

Chapter 4 Who Do You Want to Be? 28

Chapter 5 How Do You Want to Feel? 38

Chapter 6 What Do You Want to Do? 48

Step 2 Establish Your Foundation 57

Chapter 7 The Art of Change 58

Chapter 8 Identify Your Roadblocks 65

Chapter 9 Assemble Your Team 84

Chapter 10 Fortify Your Mindset 98

Step 3 Take Your Overwhelm Inventory 105

Chapter 11 Body, Mind, Spirit 107

Chapter 12 You Are What You Eat 127

Chapter 13 The World Around You 143

Chapter 14 The People in Your Life 158

Chapter 15 Habits and Lifestyle 170

Chapter 16 Your Starting Line 181

Step 4 Craft Your Personal Plan 189

Chapter 17 Gather and Assess 191

Chapter 18 Design Your Overwhelm Solution 196

Conclusion The Other Side of Overwhelm 208

Acknowledgments 209

List of Exercises 210

Appendix A Note on Naturopathic Medicine 212

Notes 215

Resources 224

About the Author 227

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Overcoming Overwhelm: Dismantle Your Stress from the Inside Out 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous 9 months ago
In "Overcoming Overwhelm", Dr Brody offers an encouraging and thoughtful approach to creating a road map towards better balance. Her book helps us distill what is most important, how to realistically let go of what stressors we can, and more efficiently manage the stressors that are non negotiable. She knows people are unique and their paths to improved wellness will be unique as well. What makes her book unique is her blend of Eastern and Western approaches towards medicine combined with the realities we face by being Human. Many self help/self care books are too esoteric, too woo woo to offer practical help. Others read like an instruction manual, devoid of any personal considerations. “Overcoming Overwhelm” is inclusive, open, and adaptable. Dr. Brody’s methodology allows room for individuals to find a path to stress management that works for them and their lifestyles. I have used the advice she recommends in her book with great results. I especially like her step by step approach that is easily understandable yet potent at the same time. I highly recommend Dr. Brody’s book, “Overcoming Overwhelm”. In an era where we are only starting to appreciate the importance of good Health - mental and emotional as well as physical - her book is an incredibly powerful tool. For those wanting more control over their lives, improved health, and greater well being, “Overcoming Overwhelm” is a must read.
Enders_Mama 9 months ago
This book really has changed my life. I was lucky enough to read an advanced copy and 2019 is giving me a chance to really put this advice into practice. Dr. Samantha's style of writing is honest, funny, and RELATABLE --she knows the challenges I face every single day as a working mom! My favorite piece of advice, and what I think sets this book apart from other similar books, is her advice to stop ignoring the "little things." She feels that the little things we "put up with" are draining our energy so that we can't keep our buckets full of good stuff. And she was right! I have gone through my house and either agreed that I'm purposefully ignoring the to-dos I see everywhere, or taken the time to actually to the repairs that are bugging me. If you're ready to start truly living a life based on your own values, check out this book!