Owned by Fate (Serve Series #1)

Owned by Fate (Serve Series #1)

by Tessa Bailey

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A sexy category romance from Entangled's Brazen imprint...

Her mind rejects his world. But her body knows its master.

Journalist Caroline Preston arrives at Serve, New York City's hottest BDSM club, with one goal—to hate it. If her brother wasn't trying to turn the family's respectable financial magazine into a publication that features "lifestyle" pieces for the wealthy and adventurous, she wouldn't even be there, trying to write an article about a world she doesn't understand.

But then she sees him.

Jonah Briggs doesn't leave his post for just anyone. As the owner of the club, his sole purpose is to ensure that his clientele get everything they need, but when he sees Caroline, his only thought is what he wants—to dominate the sexy little reporter and give the most exquisite pleasure she's ever experienced.

Caroline has no intention of entering that particular lion's den—not with her family's reputation at stake—no matter how dark, sexy, and complex the lion in question may be. But with every encounter, she craves more, and with every slide of his lips, she realizes Jonah might just be the man to break down all her defenses…if she'll let him.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781633750944
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 09/29/2014
Series: Serve Series , #1
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 200
Sales rank: 58,265
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Tessa Bailey lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and young daughter. When she isn't writing or reading romance, she enjoys a good argument and thirty-minute recipes.

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Owned by Fate

A Serve Novel

By Tessa Bailey, Heather Howland, Kari Olson

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2014 Tessa Bailey
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-094-4


"So, a respected financial journalist and an award-winning interior designer walk into a BDSM club ..." Caroline Preston trailed off as she perused her surroundings with typical Manhattan coolness, wondering where they'd stashed the stockades.


"And nothing. That's the entire joke."

Eliza, Caroline's best friend since their days at Columbia, chuckled under her breath. "We just walked in. Try and last a minute before condemning it." They climbed onto plush leather chairs at the ultra-sleek bar. "Who knows? You might even — gasp — have a good time."

Caroline sent her a skeptical look. "One drink, and then we go get dumplings and fro-yo. That was the deal."

"You're forgetting that I'm here because you asked me to come." Eliza tried to place a credit card on the bar, but Caroline beat her to it and signaled the bartender to start a tab. "Any other Friday night, I would have been in my pajamas watching HGTV, operating under the delusion that my career is more fulfilling than a social life."

"Is there room under your delusion umbrella for one more?"

"Why? You've got your own."

Caroline threw a good-natured scowl at her friend before leaning back in her chair to scrutinize the nightclub.

It was a seamless mélange of grays, whites, blacks, and purples. Stainless steel fixtures provided minimal light, somehow dimming the volume of conversations to a collective purr in the darkness. Located in the Meatpacking District, just across the street from the Hudson, Serve appeared to be one of the many exclusive nightclubs in the area. The first floor gave that impression, anyway. Red velvet ropes, darkened windows, bouncers with earpieces looking judgmental. But everyone, even Caroline, knew what happened on the three floors above. Three floors that catered to guests with more ... interesting tastes.

Well. Interesting to someone else, maybe. Just not her.

She'd only set foot in the place for one express purpose. To hate it. So far, no issues on that front. Although Caroline had to admit that the clientele surprised her. As a financial journalist, she rubbed elbows daily with Wall Street's elite, which appeared to be Serve's main demographic. Men who possessed that typical boardroom-executive bearing were tucked into shadowy corners, whispering in the ears of women wearing stylish, expensive clothes. Did they know what lurked above them? They must. People such as these didn't walk into any situation without inspecting all angles, right?

Caroline's shoulders drooped a little, remembering why she'd come. Her family's esteemed financial magazine, Preston's Daily Finance, was tanking. They were one month, tops, from declaring bankruptcy.

They'd spent weeks scrambling, trying to find new advertisers and even downsizing the staff. It wasn't enough. Everything had seemed hopeless until her brother, Oliver, arrived at the board's weekly meeting with a patently insane idea. He'd found someone willing to bail out the magazine. A Manhattan-based publisher of lifestyle magazines wanted to revamp Preston's, combining finance with more exotic, adventurous themes directed at the wealthy.

BDSM included.

Of course, she and her father had dismissed the idea as absurd, but Oliver had been dogged, insisting it would be a lucrative venture. It had given Caroline pause, seeing him so passionate about something, a total departure from his usual laid-back demeanor. So while her father had voted no outright, Caroline, the only other board member beside her brother, had agreed on a trial run of sorts.

She wouldn't be trying out the amenities herself. God, no. She'd be doing what she did best. Writing what she saw. They would publish a short feature about Serve in the current version of their magazine and observe the fallout. Knowing there wasn't a chance in hell of a positive response, the situation was a win-win for her. She didn't cut her brother, who she loved, off at the knees. Plus, this risky and downright ridiculous idea went away pronto.

So here she was. Taking mental notes for a story on a place that specialized in bondage and domination. Not her typical Friday night.

Drinks being placed on the bar in front of her and Eliza brought Caroline back to the present. She raised an eyebrow at the red lollipop–garnished martini. Combined with the low strains of Tom Waits drifting across the spacious lounge and several discreet cage-themed fixtures adorning the walls, Caroline concluded the owner must have an odd sense of humor. One would have to, she reasoned, to build a business model on the foundation of spankings.

She chuckled under her breath at the thought.

"What prompted that sinister-as-hell laugh?"

"Nothing. I'm just wondering if there's some sort of spanking sign-up sheet being passed around."

Eliza took a testing sip of her drink and made a pleased sound at the taste. "I think it's more of a conversation system."

"Your hand, my ass ... let's do this. That type of thing?"

"Compelling, Caroline. I actually have goose bumps."

They traded smirks. "Oh, come on. I don't want to live in a world where spankings come with legal disclaimers."

"You do everything else by the book. Why not outline the terms of your own booty bashing?"

Caroline nearly spit out her drink. "Don't ever say that again." She shook her head. "And I wouldn't consider, on my worst day, having my ... booty bashed —"

"Oh, you can say it?"

"— by some random weirdo wearing a clown mask."

Eliza held up a hand. "Okay, wait. What the fuck are you talking about?"

Caroline pushed her hair over her shoulder. "Look. I might have ended up on some weird websites this afternoon. You know how I like to do my research. The point is —" She held up a finger when Eliza started to interrupt. "Dumplings. The point is dumplings."

Eliza melted back into her seat with a pensive expression. "Caroline, I love a good dumpling. You know this about me." She tapped the rim of her martini glass with her index finger. "But we never let ourselves ... go. Shouldn't girls our age engage in the occasional fling? You know, embrace our sexual freedom and give our middle finger to the man?"

"What are you saying? You want to be spanked by a clown?"

"No more talk of clowns." Eliza shivered. "Besides, I think I'm more of a flogging girl."

Caroline did a double take.

"What? You're the only one who can do research?"

"N-no, of course not." Caroline studied her best friend. They'd been inseparable since freshman year at Columbia when they'd been paired as roommates. She knew when Eliza was being serious. This appeared to be one of those times. "A fine time to spring this on me. We could have started small. Pottery classes or something."

That got the desired laugh. "Listen, all I'm saying is, if the opportunity presents itself ... I might consider going upstairs and —"

"Buy you a drink?"

Eliza and Caroline swiveled around to face the newcomer, a gorgeous, dark-haired man with a teasing smile and a hint of a British accent. He looked them both over with interest but winked at Eliza, who flushed red straight to the roots of her blond hair. "S-sure."

"Perfect. On one condition. You bring it with you when we dance." His grin was slow and sexy. "You don't mind if I steal her for a bit, right?"

Eliza widened her blue eyes at Caroline and gave a subtle headshake. In other words, Don't be a cock block. She couldn't exactly say no, could she? Even if her worst nightmare consisted of sitting alone in this den of iniquity for an interminable length of time while Eliza got her freak on. After her friend's speech about feeling restless in their predictability, she had a feeling upstairs was exactly where the duo would be headed. She'd barely had time to process her friend's newly adventurous outlook before the dark-haired Brit had appeared. She recalled Eliza's words, though, and they echoed now in her head. We never let ourselves go. If her friend wanted to subject herself to humiliation in the name of spontaneity, who was she to stop her? Later, though, they'd be having a heart-to-heart.

"Oh, go ahead." Caroline gave the man a once over, memorizing his features in case she ever had to pick him out of a lineup. "He looks like Gavin Rossdale resurrected from the nineties. You can hardly say no."

Eliza beamed. "Be back soon. Promise."

"I'll be here." Caroline flounced back in her seat and watched the two disappear into the darkness of the dance floor. They were immediately swallowed by the writhing crowd.

Since Caroline and Eliza's arrival, the music had increased in volume, dozens of customers apparently feeling loose enough from their alcohol consumption to dance. Bodies were pressed together intimately, some even kissing.

Caroline swung her attention back to the bar, pretending to be immersed in her drink. With one hand, she swirled the red lollipop, creating a mini-whirlpool in her martini. At least she'd have time to pepper the bartender with questions about what it was like to work in a place like this.

When a solid male figure leaned against the bar beside her, she tried not to look up, even though she could feel his gaze on her. She didn't want to make eye contact with any member of the opposite sex. He might talk to her, and she'd inevitably be forced to rebuff his awkward advances.

But he smelled like Red Vines. Not a hint of spicy cologne or laundry detergent. Just red licorice.

Caroline had always been inquisitive, even from an early age. Hence the journalism degree framed above her office desk. Inconsistencies drew her. She needed to make sense out of this guy who smelled so different from every other musky-scented man in the club. That was the only reason she looked up.

Her gaze stayed locked on him for several more compelling reasons.

In addition to being curious by nature, Caroline had an odd habit of matching people she met with their celebrity look-alike. Eliza was a blond Alexis Bledel, post–Gilmore Girls, pre–Traveling Pants. Her brother, Oliver, resembled a taller, darker version of Chris Pine. This guy looked like no one. As she'd suspected, he was regarding her steadily through narrowed eyes. In the dim lighting, she couldn't discern their color, but she guessed a deep brown. His light chestnut-colored hair was parted on one side, slightly damp and pushed over in one direction, as if he'd begun to slick it down, then forgot. His nose appeared to have been broken once or twice, something you might not notice unless you were searching for flaws. Components of him were imperfect, but somehow when combined, he was ... extraordinary.

Caroline decided she could admit that irritating fact and still sleep soundly tonight. As long as she didn't let him know she'd thought it. Bottom line, if he was in this place, he wasn't the type of person she wanted to associate with. She gave a cursory glance to his wide shoulders, noting that his casual posture did nothing to detract from his overall ruggedness, and went back to staring into her drink.

She felt a shiver pass down her spine when his baritone voice filled the space between them. "Are you going to suck it? Or just play with it all night?"


"Excuse me?"

Jonah Briggs felt a punch of satisfaction when the woman's eyes flashed up at him dangerously from her lower, seated position. Not quite so indifferent now, are you, sweetheart?

He jerked his chin toward her drink. "The lollipop. When are you going to give in and suck it?" When her lips parted, half in comprehension of his meaning, half in indignation, Jonah had to bite back a groan. Her mouth. It's what had brought him downstairs in the first place. On Friday nights, he always remained upstairs, watching the operation run smoothly on several high-definition monitors, making sure his customers behaved themselves and left satisfied. Even now, he could hear the curious whispers floating around him. Patrons wondering what had brought him downstairs when the real party raged three floors above their heads. It was where he should be. He shouldn't be bothering with this clearly uptight, disapproving sightseer. And yet, here he was. Trying to get her to suck a goddamn lollipop.

His fascination with the curve of a woman's lips couldn't necessarily be considered a fetish, per se. It had never been quite that extreme. Until now. She sat there, prim and righteous in her seat, tortoise-shell glasses perched on her button nose, melted-caramel hair straightened to perfection at her shoulders, with no inkling of the mental fantasies he'd already acted out with that mouth. Both of her rosy lips were plump, but the upper one was somehow bigger, more sensual. It rested on its counterpart like a lazy goddess lounging on a silk pillow.

He wanted to taste the fuck out of that mouth.

Jonah reined in his riotous thoughts, still irritated with himself for riding his private elevator down to the first floor just to see her up close, without the artificial glow of a monitor to detract from the shine she gave off. He knew her type. She'd been dragged here by a friend or otherwise coerced into coming. When he'd first noticed her from the comfort of his security room, her image picked up by one of more than a hundred cameras, he could practically feel her disdain through the electronic feed. He'd had more than enough judgment to last him a lifetime. He certainly didn't need to seek it out. In his own club, especially.

At the reminder of just how sharply he'd been stung recently by the judgment of specters from his past, those who found his chosen profession repulsive, Jonah quickly shifted his attention to the girl's toned, tightly crossed thighs. As if a hint of daylight between them would cause her to burst into flames. Jonah almost laughed out loud. No fire play down here, sweetheart. We restrict that to the third floor.

Jonah rubbed his knuckles along his jaw. He'd made it a rule never to engage with the willing women inside his own club, so why was he wasting his time on a decidedly unwilling one? It made little sense, and now that he stood inches away, Jonah could admit coming downstairs had been a huge mistake. Because now he wanted, desperately, to bring her back upstairs. With him.

He watched her tongue glide over her bottom lip, leaving it coated in slick moisture. Dear God, just one kiss and I'll let this one go. I swear on a stack of Bibles. Again, he almost laughed. His name might be Jonah, but it was the only biblical quality he possessed.

"Thank you for reminding me why I avoid places like this and people like you." She pulled the dripping lollipop out of her drink and bit it in half with a crunch, keeping her eyes deliberately locked on his. "Now go try that line again on someone with a bustier and leather pants. I'll pass."

Jonah dragged his gaze up from her mouth, knowing he'd be looking again within seconds. He'd gone rigidly hard when she'd sunk her white teeth into the lollipop. Not only because her spirit turned him on like hell but because it had felt like a transgression. She'd gone against his long-indulged wishes, and his dominant instincts made him want to chasten her for it, have that fierce spirit at his command. Not her. Not yet, anyway. "See, that was unwise. Now I'm just picturing you in a bustier."

Her eyebrows lifted innocently. "Well, knock it off."

"The bustier?"

She hummed in her throat, sizing him up as if for the first time. It wasn't, but if she wanted to delude herself into thinking she hadn't checked him out thoroughly minutes earlier, he'd play along. While she mounted her next attack, Jonah nodded at the bartender to pour him a drink. This was going to take a while.

Caroline watched the action with interest, not missing a thing. Her smile turned smug. "All right, I think I get where this is going, Johnny Pickup Line."

Jonah sighed at his bartender's jerky reaction to the girl's disrespect, something he never tolerated under any circumstances. No doubt the entire staff would know by the end of the night.

It'd better be worth it.

"You're obviously a regular here and know what goes on a short elevator ride away. So I have to ask myself, what are you doing moving in on me? Possibly the only woman at the bar who isn't dressed for whatever evil torture goes on upstairs."


Excerpted from Owned by Fate by Tessa Bailey, Heather Howland, Kari Olson. Copyright © 2014 Tessa Bailey. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Owned By Fate (a Serve novel) 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 31 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was so hot and exploding.. Caroline and Jonas story rocked it. Please keep them coming! In more ways than one.lol I was so happy when she finally stood up for what she really wanted and pulled him in. She showed her submission beautifully but at that moment, she was dominant too. Beautifully written and I also enjoyed the other two. Hurry and release more.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
## First and foremost let me say that I'm a HUGE fan of Tessa's. Every book of hers has been no less than brilliant. I've read them all AT LEAST 5 times each. "Protecting What's His" is one of my all time favorite books. Any time I'm in a book slump or just feel down about something, all I have to do is pull up one of Tessa's books and all is right again. Her characters are simply unforgettable. That being said, this is the first book of hers that I didn't completely love. The whole BDSM club theme never thrills me. Don't get me wrong, I love a man who can take charge in the bedroom. Sexy as all get out. I love the spankings (as long as it's not for abuse), the blindfold, and the restraints. I can say from personal experience that those things can be done tastefully, be completely arousing and add plenty of fun to a 31 year marriage. However, not being able to call her lover by his first name, only Master....pfffft. Saying things like "Don't question me, ever" is ridiculous. At least this hero wasn't a complete ass like most Doms in todays books. Also, it seemed all they had between them was sex. He never asked her out on a date or did anything else together besides sex. Bummer. As for fatherhood, I tend to agree that a man who owns a sex club is not a good role model for an 8 year old. If he really wanted his daughter, he should've sold his sex club and opened up a dance club or a simple bar. Albeit not being my favorite book, I will still read again and will always buy anything written by Ms. Bailey.
lithe1 More than 1 year ago
This book is a prime example of why not every author should jump on the BDSM bandwagon. I've read and loved all of Tessa Bailey's other books but this one left me very disappointed. The heroine, Caroline, is extremely judgemental and narrow-minded. The hero, Jonah, considering he was supposed to be this dominant "master" ,came across as desperate and needy. If someone made me feel like I was lacking and was ashamed to be associated with me- then forget about them- don't de-base yourself by continuing to pursue them! I never felt a real bond between the two characters- it was all physical attraction. This book just fell flat for me.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Riveting, exciting edgy words. I couldnt put it down!
Phe_BookMusings More than 1 year ago
The newest Entangled's Brazen continuity project, featuring authors Tessa Bailey and Katee Robert, centers on Serve, New York City’s hottest BDSM club. A seamless mélange of grays, whites, blacks and purples, stainless steel fixtures, velvet ropes and darkened windows, the first floor at Serve gives the impression of an exclusive nightclub. But everyone knows what happens on the three floors above. Three floors that cater to guests with more … interesting tastes. “So, a respected financial journalist and an award-winning interior designer walk into a BDSM club…” Journalist Caroline Preston arrives at Serve with one goal—to hate it. She wouldn’t even be there, trying to write an article about a world she doesn’t understand, if her brother, Oliver, wasn’t trying to revamp the family’s esteemed financial magazine into a publication that features “lifestyle” pieces—combining finance with more exotic, adventurous themes directed at the wealthy. But Preston’s Daily Finance is tanking; one month—tops—from declaring bankruptcy. So, she’s sitting in this den of iniquity, pretending to be immersed in her lollipop martini, taking notes for a story on a place that specializes in bondage and domination while others got their freak on. Not her typical Friday night. Jonah Briggs doesn’t leave his post for just anyone. As the owner of Serve, he always remains upstairs watching the operation run smoothly on several high-definition monitors, making sure his customers behave themselves and leave satisfied. But when he sees Caroline, his only thought is what he wants—to dominate the sexy little reporter who’s sitting there all prim and righteous in her seat, and give her the most exquisite pleasure she’s ever experienced.  With her family’s reputation at stake, Caroline has no intention of encouraging Jonah—no matter how sexy he may be. But when she realizes he has no idea she’s there to write a story, the enigmatic club owner becomes the focus of her feature. A man who provides pleasure for a living. Arranges it. And when he offers to give her a private tour upstairs, Caroline sees it as a way to gain valuable perspective for her story. After all, she’d come there to hate the place. What better way to succeed than getting a front-row seat? Everyone knows that Tessa Bailey has mad-skills writing dirty-talking alpha-males, and Jonah is no exception. His character was wonderfully complex, and though he may have been dominant in the bedroom, there was a vulnerability about him that makes you want to hug him. He’s sexy, charismatic, and confident in his abilities. In one night, he takes all of Caroline’s preconceived notions about BDSM—and sex in general—and turns them completely upside down. I liked everything about him. Caroline … not so much. At first glance, I saw a strong, highly educated, fiercely independent heroine. But underneath all of that was an insecure, foolish, shortsighted woman—a “closet” submissive, so to speak—who allowed the threat of her family, society, and colleagues’ perceptions to cloud her judgment time and again, making her a hypocrite. Unfortunately, she doesn’t figure any of this out until nearly the end—much too far along in the story, in my opinion.  The writing was solid and the story was engaging, but for a series that revolves around a sex club, the BDSM was surprisingly tame. Overall, Owned By Fate was a quick, fun, entertaining read with plenty of sizzle and a satisfying HEA.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it. Wish it was a longer book. Would love to see oliver get a story of his own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Tessa Bailey is a wonderful author! This isn't my favorite of her books, but it's still worth the read.
kimberlyfaye More than 1 year ago
I don't think it's any secret that I love Tessa Bailey's books. She's my go-to whenever I'm in the mood for a quick, sexy and naughty read. After finishing an angsty and emotional read, I was definitely in the mood for something a little dirtier, so I picked up my copy of Owned by Fate and absolutely devoured it in the matter of a couple hours. Perfect timing, too, because Exposed by Fate comes out in a couple days... but I already have a copy for review. *cough* Owned by Fate was the story of buttoned-up journalist Caroline and BDSM club-owner Jonah. Caroline visits Jonah's club, Serve, on an assignment. She's determined to hate everything about the club. Instead, after meeting Jonah and trying hard to fight the instant pull between them, she finds herself upstairs observing some of the more explicit goings-on and realizes it's not nearly as deplorable or offensive as she thought it would be based on her research. Something about Jonah – and the thought of him doing those things to her – makes her want to learn more about this world... and experience it for herself. What ensues between them is HOT... HOT... HAWT. Jonah just might be Tessa's dirtiest talker yet and I LOVED it. Not only was he a total dominant alpha, but there was a little something more to him. He was concerned with Caroline's pleasure and enjoyment with their arrangement. He felt more for her than he wanted to, but was willing to give it up if it made her happy. He was very focused on the needs of those people he cared about and I really liked that about him. The situation with his daughter and his fight to get to see her humanized him even more and made it impossible not to love this guy. Caroline was a really good heroine. She was a woman torn in a bunch of different directions. She had an obligation to her family and her job, but wanted to be true to herself. She thought BDSM was abhorrent and demeaning – or at least she thought she SHOULD feel that way, anyhow – yet she found herself drawn to Jonah and all he could offer her. What they had might not have been what she thought she wanted, but it was sexy and satisfying and led her to learn things about herself she never expected.  Owned by Fate was a fantastic start to Tessa's new hot and sexy Serve series. I was already looking forward to reading Exposed by Fate because, hello! new Tessa book! but now that I've got the background on Eliza and Oliver, I am EVEN MORE excited than I thought possible. As a matter of fact, I think I'll dive in right now... 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Terrific read Like the different issues addressed especially that you should never judge other peoples lifestyles Sexy hit
CindyMeyer More than 1 year ago
Owned by Fate (a Serve novel) is the latest novel by New York Times Bestselling Author, Tessa Bailey. I rarely pass up a Tessa Bailey book, and it’s finally occurred to me why. What I love, and I mean absolutely LOVE, about Tessa Bailey, is her ability to create immensely complex, colossally alpha, evocatively sexy, male lead characters who have just enough of a teddy-bear quality that there is no God-given way the female character (or the reader for that matter) has a prayer of avoiding falling full-tilt in lust and love with him. Ladies, meet Jonah Briggs, the owner of New York’s premier BDSM club, Serve. I know, I know, another BDSM romance… How cliché. Ho-hum. WRONG! Jonah is not the typical Dom-type, and that enigma alone is enough to have Caroline Preston doubting everything she thought she knew (thanks to her Google research) about the lifestyle. Caroline is just there on Friday night to get an interest story for her family’s flailing magazine, but Jonah’s over-the-top confidence and Caroline’s inexplicable magnetic attraction to him convinces her to try it, just once. When she walks into a company meeting with her brother and a would-be bail-out investor on Monday morning only to see Jonah also sitting at the table, her resolve to let the one-night experience be just that, nearly dissolves on sight. Unfortunately, Caroline’s traitorous body is at war with her brain, clouding her ability to reconcile what she physically wants and feels with what she thinks she should. Owned by Fate was a book – we’ve all read them – that I just couldn’t put down. I found myself taking longer breaks at work or hoping to wait for seating at a restaurant, so I could sneak in a page or two on my phone. Anecdotally, I don’t recommend this with some scenes, you could embarrass yourself. Sleep was also an impossible idea. It was more like reading interspersed with short naps, wake up, roll over, and grab my e-reader again. Thankfully, I finished the book somewhere in the early morning, and managed a few hours of uninterrupted sleep before starting the day. Have I convinced you yet? Read Owned by Fate. You won’t be disappointed, and now I’m looking at the sub-title “a Serve novel” and happily hoping that there will be more Jonah and Caroline in our future. Tessa? Are you listening? Five sexy, sleep-deprived stars!
rabidreaderSR More than 1 year ago
3.5 Stars. I liked it. Not as much as I love Tessa's other works, but Owned by Fate was still a quick, sexy read. What prevented me from loving this books was our heroine Caroline. Her disdain for the BDSM (very light BDSM ) lifestyle didn't make much sense to me...and when she realized she loved Jonah I felt a bit like..."no you don't." She was still an endearing character and I was rooting for her to have her happy ever after with the scrumptious Jonah. I loved Jonah. He made the book for me. Though I adored him, I still wanted more depth to his character. it was as if i loved his sexy, dirty talking mouth and not much more. Overall, I enjoyed it, and will be reading the others in the series. 
Mennina1 More than 1 year ago
Caroline Preston is a journalist for the financial magazine her father founded. The magazine has always been hugely successful until now. They are looking to do something to bring more readers and her brother wants to take a different spin to include lifestyle pieces from a BDSM club. Her father is completely against it and is looking for Caroline to squash this idea. Caroline decides to do some research and goes directly to the source. She goes into the club and doesn't know what to think. Jonah sees her in the club and is drawn to her. He takes her up to the private level not having any idea who she is. Caroline doesn't want to admit she is intrigued more than she thinks. She tries to fight her feelings for Jonah and Jonah tries to do the right thing and let her go. Jonah owns the club and so Caroline knows it is completely against what she feels she should believe in. The problem is Caroline is interested much more than she thought she would be. She writes a scathing article about how bad the club is, but really were they her true feelings? Does she save the family business the way her father would like her to do or does she go with her gut feelings? Great book, I would read again from this author. I was provided a copy of this book for my honest opinion.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
However i felt the ending was extremely rushed and ended to abruptly and i felt the book had potiental to be so much longer than 191 pages but besides them facts the book was a excellent read!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
HO HUM!   Another book about a BDSM sex club and sex just for the sake of having sex.  Nothing against this but it should be classified as erotica and not romance.  Ever since FSOG every other book that comes out is about sex clubs and it's getting really old!  I loved TB's first series but this one isn't nearly as good.  Still she did as good as most or even better than many in this genre.  The sex scenes were hot, just wish she would stick to the more original stories with more substance of alpha romance she started out writing and quit playing follow the leader with all the other writers out there, she's better than this!
Shirene More than 1 year ago
Book recommendations from a reliable friend or author are like gold to me. Recently the ever amazing and always stupendous, Katee Roberts recommended that everyone check out Tessa Bailey’s latest book to be release, Owned by Fate. When Ms. Roberts stated “Hey all! In case you're still on the fence about picking up OWNED BY FATE (and, dude, you want to pick it up. TRUST ME).” I took that as a gold star and pre-ordered the book last weekend. Well, I just finished it and “DANG IT ALL this book is going straight to the Best of 2014 List with no waiting, no stopping, no hemming and leaving you hanging. This book is just that good. Now I must admit I was a smidge unsure about the cover and we all know that the cover is a huge reason to pick up a book even in the electronic age. On first glance at blurb I didn't feel this cover didn’t encapsulate the book. However I'm not afraid to being wrong and admitting it to the entire world because I was wrong. The cover truly reflects the uncertainty and struggle that Caroline Preston is suffering during her exploration of her family business taking a dramatic detour due to the current economic climate and lack of readership. In walks the one and only Jonah Briggs, owner of a BDSM club that smells of red vines and everything that Caroline shouldn’t and doesn’t want in a man or a relationship. And yet this strong woman is pulled almost magnetically to his charisma, complexity, and unique fashion sense. This book should come with a combustible warning in the first chapter alone. The heat that these two exude is stellar. You can see the gravitational pull towards Jonah and Caroline’s head getting in the way as she continues to staunchly refuse to fall under his spell. This just makes for some outstanding sex scenes that nearly burned the pages. Now don’t get me wrong, Caroline is a strong role model. She is a professional woman and demands to be counted but her reaction to Jonah is just “Wow!” Must admit this book did have me on Amazon perusing for newsboy caps. There is just something about a hat whether it is a helmet on a knight or cowboy hat sitting jauntily on a cowboy. But I do believe that from this time forward when I hear or see someone wearing a newsboy cap, I’ll think of Jonah Briggs. Which is probably why I will give in the one I'm looking at right now. Final Thoughts Just go buy this book now. You can thank me later. *smiles* My thanks go to Ms. Roberts for being SO Right! And I’ve also already requested Exposed by Fate which is Oliver’s story which is set to release October 27th. All I can say is GIMME GIMME GIMME, pretty please. I purchased Owned by Fate and nothing else was exchanged for my honest review.
bouncyberthaCR More than 1 year ago
4 - "Are you going to suck it? Or just play with it all night? Stars! It’s safe to say that Tessa, has literally Owned the first book in the Serve series. I could not put it down; it started out decadently dirty, and kept me panting, sorry I meant reading, right up to its end! ”When was the last time you were properly f****d Caroline?” … “Never. The answer is never, because I’ve never f****d you.” I think that anyone who has read a Tessa Bailey book knows that she has mad-skills when it comes to her dirty-talking alpha males. Jonah Briggs is no exception, and he is in my opinion the embodiment of the dirty-talking Dom, with a heart of solid gold. Your pleasure is his to devise, deliver and control… and give it he does, imaginatively and vigorously! His name might be Jonah, but it was the only biblical quality he possessed. ”This isn’t over until I’ve been buried in you.” There is always a risk with an opening book in a series, in that the characters that the story is meant to be around are somewhat diluted with the introduction of future characters and side plots. There is definitely the inclusion of secondary characters to Jonah and Caroline’s book, but they do not in any capacity detract from the story that is still wholly their own.  ”Who you are… what you do… you’re not healthy for me.” I loved Owned by Fate it is a sexy, dirty and imaginative read, but there is also quite a familial feel too it as well, with the development and direction that the story takes. Elizabeth fights almost up to the end of the book to deny her true feelings and inclinations with regards to Jonah and his sexual preferences, and I loved the feelings and the emotions that were bought into play with the both of them as they work through their issues separately and together.  ”Everywhere reminds me of you, Caroline. Everywhere.” Can’t wait for more from this series!  ARC generously provided by Entangled, and it was my absolute pleasure to provide the above honest review.
IreneC More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars Owned by Fire was a hot and steamy read. While I LOVED Jonah I wasn't a huge fan of Caroline.  They have great chemistry, loved their banter I just wished I liked Caroline more, found her judgemental and whiny =( I love Tessa Bailey and while Owned by Fate was a good read, it wasn't my fav books by this talented author.
LovinLosLibros More than 1 year ago
3.5/5 stars Being a huge Tessa Bailey fangirl, I couldn't wait to check out her new series! While I don't read many BDSM books, I was intrigued to see how Tessa would pull it off. We already know she can write some seriously hot, dirty-talking alphas- so the jump to hot, dirty-talking, Dominant shouldn't be too much of a stretch! Our heroine, Caroline, is only headed to Serve for research purposes. In no way whatsoever is she the least bit interested in what takes place in the oh-so-sexy and dangerous BDSM club. She is there to gather information about the club so she can write an article in her family's floundering financial magazine. Then, powerfully sexy Jonah Briggs strides up to her and issues her a challenge she just can't seem to find the strength to refuse. Caroline is pretty close minded when it comes to this world. Her brain finds it abhorrent and yet her body is sending her a very different message.... She thinks Jonah's attraction to her and how he can pull her in is unhealthy for her and I hated that she felt that way, because he doesn't see his lifestyle has one intended to harm. Caroline really cracked me up. She claims the one night with Jonah is the only one she'll ever have and yet her body betrays her at every turn. It's like chocolate. You know too much is bad for you, but that doesn't stop you from eating it! The same goes for this lifestyle Jonah has introduced her to. I really loved Jonah's character. He is such a good guy. He may be dominant in the bedroom, but there is this vulnerability about him that made me want to squeeze him and never let him go. Bailey doesn't go too in depth with his past, but it's clear people have belittled him and made their opinions of his career choice known and it's a barb to the heart. He knows he shouldn't pursue Caroline because she doesn't hide her distaste for the BDSM world and what it offers. He doesn't like that she makes him feel less than what he is, simply because of the club he runs and what he finds pleasing. That was the hardest part to read because he is such a great guy and doesn't deserve to be hurt because of Caroline's ignorance. Caroline and Jonah's scenes together are uber sexy though. He is commanding and fierce, but he knows how to take care of a woman. Watching Caroline let herself go and embrace the pleasure Jonah can bring also made for some extremely steamy scenes. We are also introduced to Oliver, Caroline's older brother in this book. Oliver is the one who is encouraging the merger to make their magazine a bit more liberal in their articles by including lifestyle pieces that may appeal to the financially well-off. His playboy status is referred to, and I'm really hoping the next book in the series will be about him. We also meet Eliza, Caroline's best friend, who accompanies her that first night to Serve. Eliza is all about letting go and embracing the wildness the club has to offer, but I think she may be harboring feelings for someone who doesn't know she exists.... or he is well aware of the fact and is trying to stay away because of the potential issues it could cause.... Overall, I enjoyed Owned by Fate. I did find that I wasn't as engaged and pulled in as I usually am with Bailey's stories, but some of that might have to do with Caroline, as I just didn't like how she kept making Jonah feel as if he weren't good enough for her. I don't think she meant to do it intentionally, as she was drowning in a world she didn't understand and didn't know if she wanted to be saved or immersed even further! I'm definitely looking forward to the next book in the series and my fingers are crossed that it's about who I want to it to be about!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Always liked tessa books didnt like this one started out good. Then the sex was so boring and so much of the book i cant finish it.
Sheri_B1975 More than 1 year ago
Originally posted on my blog: Tangled Up In Books I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. In no way did this sway my review or my rating! I'm having a difficult time rating this one. It had a very strong start, went downhill a bit towards the middle, and finished with a strong ending. So everything is still up in the air and I'm not sure yet what to do. Though it's not completely out of the question three stars sounds a bit too low being as bold and fun in the beginning and end as it was. Three and a half stars would work but is it enough? This book hooked me almost instantly and I couldn't stop smiling with the end, but did that middle trip my feelings up enough to make a four completely out of the question? Sigh. I've never been so conflicted. I guess the only solution is to type out this review and hope it inspires me. Like I said the start was awesome. Caroline was great. She was very strong and confident, when she was in her element that is. From the opening of the book when she's entered Jonah's BDSM club for the first time I had the feeling she was going to be lots of fun in this book. She wasn't at all comfortable and I couldn't wait to see what was in store. Jonah was every bit the delicious alpha male. From the moment he appears on the pages he just oozes confidence, dominance and sex. I was in pure testosterone heaven. Normally when characters jump right into something it kind of kills the book for me. I mean come on play a little bit hard to get guys! But seeing as how I knew this would be starting out in Jonah's BDSM club, Serve, it was kind of expected and oh my word, the heat between these two? I'm surprised my fingers didn't burn as I scrolled through the pages. It was pretty intense. Like I also said earlier though the middle sort of went downhill for me. The relationship between these two started to dip into the unhealthy territory for a while. Between Caroline's guilt, denial and shame, and Jonah's fascination and borderline obsession I went through bouts where I wanted to knock their heads together and say, "Get it together!" All in all though by the end I really do think I kind of loved it you know? It was sexy, it was fun, it was even a bit heartwarming. In going for complete honesty here, this has been the second book I've read by Tessa Bailey and while I wasn't really into the first one, Owned By Fate is the perfect example of why I like to give authors a second chance and not write them off completely. I'm really looking forward to reading more from her now! And if the signs I saw in this book really were signs and not just my hopeful imagination, I think I know who the next book will be about in this series and I'm excited for it!! Thanks Entangled for giving me a copy of this book to read and review!
JaneyC More than 1 year ago
4 Your hand, my ass stars ”So a respected financial journalist and an award-winning interior designer walk into a BDSM club..” Caroline Preston finds her journalistic journey taking her into a BDSM club called Serve. Her families financial magazine was on a downward spiral, heading straight for bankruptcy, until her brother, Oliver, had a preposterous idea. He had found a potential backer who specialised in lifestyle magazines, and thought a mix of finance and adventurous themes may be a hook that landed them a wealthy clientele. So here she was..looking down her nose with disdain, and wondering who on earth leads a life like this. ”Caroline concluded the owner must have an odd sense of humour. One would have to, she reasoned, to build a business model on the foundation of spankings.” Jonah Briggs is Serve’s owner, and when he first spots Caroline sucking on a lollipop martini, he makes it his mission to show her his way. ”The man didn’t walk. He prowled" The liquorice smelling dominant had me in a puddle from the very beginning. Tessa is a master at portraying a dirty talker, making it very easy for me to exist purely on her books alone *nirvana*.  ”Sweetheart, I’m thick and unforgiving. You’re going to feel every merciless inch" I loved, loved Jonah and all his wicked ways, delivered with care and deliciousness. Caroline was a fighter, fighting her latent urges, so much so that I did feel a little sorry for Jonah, given her constant rebuffs. ”He’d grabbed hold of her libido and shaken it like a snow globe." A fantastic start to another series by a favourite, go to author. Too excited for the rest of the series, and Oliver next..!!  ARC generously provided by entangled publishing in exchange for an honest review..
aprilrenee1976 More than 1 year ago
pure emotions -Owned by Fate is a hot, seductive feast and a remarkable story for lovers of being swept off their feet by a dashing dominant master. ****A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for an honest review**** Owned by Fate is a very enticing story between Journalist Caroline Preston and Club Owner Jonah Briggs.  Caroline is trying to prove that her brother’s idea of adding the “lifestyle” articles to the family magazine is wrong and has no place in the sacred magazine pages. So she goes down to “SERVE”, the club that offers the different lifestyle and decides to write what goes on, hoping to change her family’s mind and make them decide to not put that “lifestyle” become a regular feature. Enter Jonah-the oh so sexy club owner who makes a woman drop panties in a heartbeat. He is very confident in his abilities and he believes he can get Caroline to do his bidding. Both of the characters find themselves drawn to one another. They do not know why and fight the feelings which end up causing pain and heartache. Caroline is ,well, judgmental for the first half of the book when it comes to BDSM- because she didn’t know anything about it and what she did know was from what she heard from people who knew nothing.  Jonah is more than the owner of a BDSM club. He has these different facets to him, of who is now, of who he was years before which makes a great backstory.  The ending is one that I adored and I would recommend keeping tissues handy.  Owned by Fate is a hot, seductive feast and a remarkable story for lovers of being swept off their feet by a dashing dominant master. The journey that both characters went on was captivating and this is one book that I truly recommend reading. My rating: 4.6 stars ****
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
Tessa does it again!  Jonah and Caroline are smoking hot and strong characters.  Jonah is phenomenal as a Dom, aggressive and possessive but still harbors such vulnerabilities.  Then there is Caroline, a fiercely independent vibrant woman, who discovers her own sexual needs.  I loved the way they could not stay away from each other. And the words Jonah would speak to Caroline, oh my word, needed a cold shower or a ceiling fan.  Tessa's story, for me, had such a overly sensual feel throughout the book.  Her way with words and scenery are just mind blowing.  I loved every second of this book and stayed up way way too late to finish.  But with a man like Jonah, alpha, hat wearing, big and hot, so worth the lack of sleep.