by David Pietras


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When you hear the names Charles Manson and John Gotti, depending on your age will determine on what you remember of them. For those who were alive during the famous murder spree of 1969, you will remember the man that was plastered all over the local news. You will remember the followers, also known as "The Manson Family" that did his bidding for him.

You may have sat back and wondered how one man could have so much control over so many people. If you were born after 1970 then Charles Manson is just a figment of the past. A fading news story about a maniac who led a group of people to kill. There are so many stories about Charles Manson and his followers that sometimes the facts get lost in the mix of fantasy.
So, our question now is... "Just who was this Charlie anyway?"

In the early 70's as Charles Manson was locked up in the California prison system a new leader emerged. His Name was John Gotti. And at the time of Manson's imprisonment he was a New York crime family associate.

Through the years, John Gotti worked his way up the ranks of the Gambino Mafia family. Men respected him, his enemies feared him and the United States government hunted him.

To some, these two men had nothing in common. One was a crazy mad man, the other a criminal genius.

One represents horror and destruction, the other honor and respect.

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