Pet and Horse Photography for Everybody: Secrets From a Pro

Pet and Horse Photography for Everybody: Secrets From a Pro


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ISBN-13: 9781682032244
Publisher: Amherst Media, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/01/2017
Pages: 128
Sales rank: 576,046
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Nicole Begley is the owner of Nicole Begley Photography. Prior to opening her studio in 2010, she spent thirteen years as a zoological animal trainer and work with everything from free-flight birds, to primates, to seals. She specializes in creating expressive images of pets and their people through Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania, as well as teaching pet photographers from around the world.

Nicole is an international award-winning pet photographer, and she has been awarded the Photographer of the Year designation through the Professional Photographers of America several years in a row. She has also earned the title of Certified Professional Photographer (CPP), a peer-reviewed certification.

Nicole shares her home in Wexford, PA, with her husband Brett, two small humans, and her Puerto Rican rescue dog Zoey. Oh yes, she is also chief of staff to Emma the cat.

Table of Contents

About the Author 5

The Basics

Welcome to the World of Animal Photography 6

A Rule for Sharp Images 7

Choose a Fast Shutter Speed 8

Take Full Control 9

Manual Exposure Decisions 10

ISO Adjustment Flexibility 11

Aperture and Depth of Field 13

Focal Point Impacts Depth of Field 13

Focal Length of Lens Affects Depth of Field 14

Metering Modes 15

In-Camera Light Meter Corrections 16

Exposure for Black and White Dog Combinations 17

Post- Production Adjustments 18

Face Entirely in Focus 19

Single Point Focus 20

Auto Focus that Tracks the Subject 21

Switch Focus to the Back Button 22

Settings to Capture Action 23

Shooting Blind 24

Best Lens and Shooting Style 25

Wide-Angle Lenses 26

Mid-Range Lenses 27

Telephoto Lenses 29

Beautiful Backgrounds with Telephoto Lenses 29


Patience and Knowledge 30

Anticipate Breed-Specific Behavior 31

Subject Safety 32

Leashes and Rope 33

Positioning the Lead 35

Photoshop Fix 35

Tethering for Proper Separation 36

Sit on Something 37

Capturing Expression 38

Sounds to Capture Attention 39

Two Dogs, Two Exposures, One Image 40

Two Dogs, Two Focal Points, One Image 40

Keeping on Leash Is Incredibly Helpful 43

Shoot the Background Without Refocus 43


Gain Experience with Horses 45

Beautiful Compression 45

A Wide-Angle Lens for Equine Photography 47

Use Leading Lines 47

Capturing the Special Bond 48

Horse Hugs 49

A Classic Head Portrait of a Horse 51

Barn Doorway Lighting 51

A Positive Experience for the Animal 52

The Challenge: Interesting Backgrounds 52

Capture Real Expressions 54

Capture Sections: Under-Saddle Images 55

Creating More Variety in Equine Images 56

Negative Space 57


Strategies for Photographing Cats 58

Larger than Life 59

Photographing Cats Outdoors 60

Get Down to Their Level 60

Minimize Cat and Camera Blur 62

Cats Are Visual 63

Raising the ISO 65

Using Catnip 65

About Cats and Lights 66

Not Staged 67

Elements in Settings

Natural Settings 68

Impactful Images in Basic Surroundings 69

Element of Repetition 70

Hidden Owner 71

Repetition 73

Patterns Lead the Viewer's Eye 73

Lenses Can Change a Scene 75

Interesting Lines 75

Leading Lines in Patterns 76

Playful Leading Lines 76

Out of Focus Leading Lines 78

Power Points 79


From Left to Right 80

The Viewer's Eye 81

Negative Space 82

A Center Composition 82

Creating a Frame 84

Framing Elements 85

Exposing for Details 87

Get on the Animal's Level 87

A Fun Perspective 88

Changing Perspective 88

The Importance of Cropping Correctly 91

Composition and the Subject's Eye 91

Distance Between Subject and Background 92

Color Harmony 93

Complementary Colors 94

The Most Important Ingredient Is Light 94

Catchlights 96

Creating Catchlights 97

Everyday Angle 98

Colors of Light 99

Lighting Considerations

Pleasing Soft Light 100

About Hard and Soft Light 101

Thin Cloud Lighting 102

Inverse Square Law 102

Benefits and Challenge of Full Sun 104

Soft Directional Light 105

Open Shade 107

Backlight 107

Creating a Silhouette 108

Using a Strobe 108

Constant Light 110

Adjusting Darks in Post-Production 111

Capturing Relationships

The Special Relationship 113

Casual and Interactive 114

Getting Them Face to Face 115

Change Your Perspective 116

A Special Moment 117

A Dog's Facial Expressions 118

Coach the Owners 118

A Telephoto Lens for Less Distortion 121

Hand Placement Tells a Story 121

Frame with Owner 123

Include the Owner 123

Their Loyal Companion 124

Have a Plan and Be Flexible 125

Index 126

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