Pippa's Passover Plate

Pippa's Passover Plate


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ISBN-13: 9780823441624
Publisher: Holiday House
Publication date: 02/05/2019
Pages: 40
Sales rank: 293,743
Product dimensions: 9.20(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.40(d)
Age Range: 4 - 8 Years

About the Author

Vivian Kirkfield is a children's picture book author and a former early childhood educator. A passionate advocate for children and reading, she is the creator of the popular and award-winning blog "Picture Books Help Kids Soar" and the author of Show Me How! Build Your Child's Self-Esteem Through Reading, Crafting and Cooking. She lives in New Hampshire.

Jill Weber also illustrated Even Higher! and The Story of Esther, both by Eric A. Kimmel, as well as The Story of Hanukkah by David A. Adler. She lives in New Hampshire.

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Pippa's Passover Plate 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
GCKrause 10 days ago
Rhyming text for a Jewish feast with a little mouse scurrying around the house and countryside searching for her Seder plate. Kirkfield’s story is ripe with pleasing sounds, vocal rhythms, and word patterns. An original concept with clever word phrases and strong verbs, the story begs to be read aloud. Young readers of the Jewish faith will relate to this clever Passover story and non-Jewish readers will learn about the Seder plate, complete with a diagram of traditional Passover foods. All will enjoy the clear arc with beginning/middle/end that incorporates conflict with a satisfying resolution and ties back to the beginning. Good Job! And Weber’s art melds perfectly with Kirkfield’s words from page-to-page.
NatC 11 days ago
Jill Weber’s colorful, detailed illustrations and Vivian Kirkfield’s lively rhyme are a winning combination. Children will fall in love with the adorable Pippa and enjoy chiming in on the chorus of “quiver quaver, shiver shake. ” Children unfamiliar with Passover can learn the items on the Seder plate and may wonder about details included by the illustrator (Ex. the box labeled Matzos and the book titled Haggadah) so this is a great discussion starter. Jill Weber cleverly foreshadows each animal that Pippa asks about her missing plate, and children will have fun naming the many creatures she included in her illustrations.
Jenna Grodzicki 13 days ago
Passover will be starting soon, but Pippa can't find her Seder plate. What will she do? Will she find it in time? Vivian Kirkfield has created a beautifully written story about a mouse who is on the hunt for her Seder plate. After searching in all the usual places, Pippa ventures outside and, even though she's nervous, asks the animals if they've seen it. The ending is both satisfying and sweet. Jill Weber's adorable illustrations bring this story to life. Young children will relate to Pippa's dilemma. I highly recommend this book for children everywhere.
JoleneG 14 days ago
Pippa is searching for her Seder plate and will do anything to find it--including braving the outside and talking to a cat, a snake, an owl, and a fish to find the plate. Colorful, whimsical illustrations help bring the lovely rhyming words to life. This is a story your little one will want to hear again and again!
TeresaR 14 days ago
This picture book is the perfect way for little ones to learn about the customs of Passover while having a roaring fun time with the active rhyming text. It also has a cute refrain that kids will enjoy reading along with!
ChristineNE 14 days ago
Lively rhyming text and gorgeous illustrations, make for a sweet tale of Pippa the brave mouse and her search for her missing Seder plate. A wonderful book to read aloud again and again.
Anonymous 16 days ago
Pippa is a charming character, the rhyming language is fun and keeps the story moving, the illustrations are bright and interesting, and the story incorporates important elements of the holiday, including getting the house ready, the Passover plate, and the pleasure of sharing the ritual with friends.