Placemaker: Cultivating Places of Comfort, Beauty, and Peace

Placemaker: Cultivating Places of Comfort, Beauty, and Peace

by Christie Purifoy


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ISBN-13: 9780310352242
Publisher: Zondervan
Publication date: 03/12/2019
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 42,791
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Christie Purifoy earned a PhD in English Literature at the University of Chicago before trading the classroom for an old farmhouse, a garden, and a writing desk. She is the author of Roots and Sky: A Journey Home in Four Seasons and lives with her husband and four children at Maplehurst, a Victorian farmhouse in southeastern Pennsylvania. Her lyrical reflections can be found at

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Placemaker: Cultivating Places of Comfort, Beauty, and Peace 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 29 reviews.
MelissaBaird 13 days ago
Christie's eye for beauty is matched by the depth of her heart to make space for longing and suffering. In Placemaker we get to join her on her journey through beauty and heartache and the various places she's lived as she explores what it means to live as placemakers. This is not just Christie's personal story, though. She artistically weaves the history of places, trees, flowers, and those who have gone before with her own, and the result is a gift that will speak to you whether you already consider yourself a placemaker or not.
Herbquilter 15 days ago
A meditative thoughtful book of peace, nature, joy, growth, creating, home and love. I love home! Christie has written this as though she's letting a best friend into her heart, mind, and home. I love the realism, dreams, and hardships that take us into a glimpse of her home and thoughts. This book enhanced my belief in home, inspiration and God's hand, even more than I already felt. "Home is never simply a threshold you cross. It is a place you make and a place that might make -or unmake-you" Placemaker by Christie Purifoy
Anonymous 13 days ago
A book you will treasure! ... The journey toward home. The shaping and reshaping of a place until it feels like it was made for us. That place of comfort and belonging where our truest selves can emerge and grow. A place of peace and joy that inspires us to open the door wide, set extra places at the table and welcome others in to make themselves at home there too. These endeavors capture beauty in so many forms ... in the physical space of a sunlit room or a cozy chair or a bustling kitchen, in the natural space of a blooming garden or a patch of green, but also in the faces of the people who treasure and reflect the beauty that touches them. This is what Christie Purifoy calls “placemaking,” a pattern given to us by our Creator when He first fashioned man, made a home for him, and placed him in a garden. In her new book, “Placemaker,” Christie welcomes us to journey with her through the many places she has lived, the ways she and her family have shaped (and been shaped by) those places, the joys and sorrows along the way, and the gardens and trees that help tell her story. Christie has awakened in me a deeper interest in history! For at its best, placemaking first seeks to know a place, its natural surroundings and its people, the backstory that frames the present. When we treasure those details and weave them into the history we ourselves bring to a place, a beautiful vision for the future materializes. Journey with Christie through “Placemaker” and be inspired to ”set a table with care, pick up a hammer with courage, and plant seeds with hope! Allow an intentional look back, around and forward to spur you on as you embark on the “honorable and holy pursuit of cultivating places of comfort, beauty, and peace.” “Placemaker” is published by Zondervan.
Anonymous 13 days ago
Stunning book. Not only is it written about creating beauty, but it is beautifully written! Christie leaves you wanting just one more chapter, every time. An incredible book following the journey of trees, homes, and what it means to create a life that matters.
Anonymous 13 days ago
Placemaker by Christie Purifoy is one of those books that you can’t wait to start reading, then once you do, you don’t want it to end. Christie is a gifted wordsmith and story weaver. She speaks of magnolias and maples, of home and heart, of forests and family and faith. She teaches us that “like the God to whom we belong, we are placemakers.” We send roots into places, shaping them as they, too, shape us. We must learn to see, to live in possibility, to find the beauty and the holy, even in our wilderness places. Reading this has made me feel more grateful, more hopeful, and more thought-full. I am learning to look at my home, and my life, through the lens of a placemaker. I highly recommend this book.
JenF74 23 days ago
Christie Purifoy has once again written a beautiful book about life, its beauty and how each of us can find personal growth through cultivating the space around us. Her writing is both elegant and comforting to the soul; a balance of delightful prose and home-spun stories of life and the magic that comes from the places we call home. By weaving in both spiritual and natural elements, Christie reminds us that there is beauty all around us, and simple yet magnificent joy to be found once we open our eyes and hearts to the world we live in.
Anonymous 13 days ago
Christie Purifoy writes for the soul. She is both a caring and a careful memoirist is currently one of my favourite authors.
Anonymous 17 days ago
Placemaker, a beautifully written book, is a uniquely blended story of home and place. Authentic and heartfelt, Christie Purifoy creates a rich narrative by weaving the history of a place with personal experiences and how the two impact each other. In a day when connection to the natural world around us has greatly diminished, Christie invites us to consider the trees, land and gardens of placemaking. The profound connection of place to it’s natural history is a long forgotten appreciation for the value of creation. In this book we journey from home to home, see glimpses of memories and dreams birthed in each, and are introduced to the trees. The unique beauty of Christie’s writing is how choosing a place or being chosen by a place is more than an isolated, personal story. The places we dwell throughout our lifetime are influenced by the trees and all that grows upon the land, rooted in the stories of those who effected the making of each place – years of cultivating and creating what is currently the environment in which one lives. Placemaker is a worthwhile read; the experience has produced in me a rare longing to read it again.
BonnieJMcKernan 18 days ago
My family and I have been in the throes of slowly renovating an old 1900 farmhouse these past two years and during this intense season I’ve found myself in—of making a place out of this old house on these old hills—I could not be more grateful for this book and these words. As much as it seems intentionally curated for my very own soul, I’m convinced it is indispensable for everyone else’s as well. In a world that’s drowning in books of how-tos, and 10-easy-steps, and stripped-down bullet points, we are in desperate need of books like these. We really are. Books that remind us that truth can be beautiful, well-written, and a joy to read. Books that don’t hide what’s hard, but show us the peace and loveliness of what’s good. Because every single one of us, “like the God to whom we belong, we are placemakers.” And as Christie helps us notice our soul’s desire for beauty and our need to create and be created, she reminds us that our cultivation of good and beautiful places is not a retreat, but a holy pursuit. That we were never meant to merely consume, we were made to collaborate and participate. In the last two years, I have laid my head and brushed my teeth in more places than I can count. Parents’ homes, basements, hotels, short-term rentals, travel trailers—and if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that a soul withers when it’s not planted. And while we may long for fertile homes in which to root, we mustn’t convince ourselves that placemaking is dependent on any particular place or time. “What is placemaking?” Purifoy asks us to ponder. “It is deliberately sending your roots deep into a place, like a tree. It means allowing yourself to be nourished by a place even as you shape it for the better. It is creative work for men and women; it is possible whether you are employed outside your home or within it. Unlike hospitality, it is sometimes solitary and sometimes communal. ...We can be placemakers whether we are homebodies or world travelers. We can be placemakers whether we care for a farmhouse in the country or share a dorm room at a university. We can and should be placemakers whether we intend to stay or know we’ll be moving on in six months.” I couldn’t recommend this book more in these fast-paced, surface-deep days we have found ourselves in...
MaryB0583 25 days ago
Christie Purifoy’s, Placemaker, is possibly the most beautiful book I have ever read. As someone that loves reading fiction and some self-help books, this book is neither but has become one of my favorite books of all time. I am at a stage in my life of downsizing and recently made a multi-state move. I am renting for the first time in more than 35 years. The house I rent is the place I live. While I can’t leave marks on the wall, I can leave marks on the place. And the place WILL leave marks on me. Being a placemaker is more than planting a tree and caring for the home and yard. Placemaker reminded me to open my heart, hands AND my home and invite others in to join me on this journey called life.
Melissa_Phipps 12 days ago
This book beautifully tells the story of the journey through places, plants, and people in Christie’s life. In this story she discusses the rich history of her places while stirring a desire in the reader to learn the history of their own places. She encourages and motivates the reader to take the risk of investing time, energy, and love into their own places. She reveals the rewards of being persistent in the making of those places. Placemaker will surely inspire you to look for and cultivate the beauty in your own place.
Anonymous 13 days ago
Like so many others, I too fell in love with Christie's writing when reading Roots and Sky. In Placemaker, Christie's words provide encouragement for your soul as she shares the story of her journey through life and the trees that accompany her along the way. You will be inspired to sink your roots down deep where you live and with the people with whom you share this life. This book is beautifully designed from the front cover to the deckled pages (feathered edges) to the flaps on the inside front and back covers, Placemaker physically embodies Christie's message of cultivating comfort, beauty, and peace. As a member of her book launch team, I received a free copy in advance but my opinions are my own. Placemaker belongs on every coffee table as a beautiful reminder to live this quote: "With God’s help, we can pick up the pieces of an old and dying world, and we can make them new. We can make a place where beauty and peace can take root, flourish, and grow."
Carrie Roer 13 days ago
I've been wrestling lately with whether or not my family is supposed to move away from the home we've lived in for the last 10 years. I've been seeing everything that's wrong with this house, instead of the good things about it. Placemaker is the story of one woman’s journey in cultivating comfort, beauty, and peace in each place she’s lived. It’s a story of trees, of opening our eyes and noticing things, and of kitchens and gardens and family. Christie has such a beautiful way with words, making this story a refreshingly satisfying read with my afternoon cup of tea. "What is placemaking? It is deliberately sending your roots deep into a place, like a tree. It means allowing yourself to be nourished by a place even as you shape it for the better… We can and should be placemakers whether we intend to stay or know we’ll be moving on in six months." Because of this book, I'm inspired to do little things (add a houseplant) and big things (paint the kitchen), to continue to make my place -- whether I'll stay for 10 more years or move in 6 months. Highly, highly recommend!! I have been part of the launch team for Placemaker, and received a free copy of the book for review. All opinions are entirely my own, and I even decided to purchase my own copy of the book to giveaway because I enjoyed it so much.
Angie Chadwell 13 days ago
I’ve read the last page of this book, but I dare not say that I’ve finished with it nor has the message finished with me. On a walk today, I found myself contemplating the lasting nature of a grove of redwood trees. Christie’s beautiful book resists categorization into one genre; part memoir, some placemaking inspiration, a few timely history lessons, and infused with the Creator’s master plan for the place and people He made. Throughout its pages, I could hear the author’s contemplative voice. This book has given me understanding of why I am attracted to old things, homes with trees in the front yards, and how a house become a home when we share it with others. I’m not typically a re-reader, but this book will be one of the exceptions.
Anonymous 13 days ago
This book was beautifully written. Christie takes you through her world of Placemaking from all her different homes. Being able to be a placemaker is a wonderful peaceful experience. Through her words and nature Christie helps you see our home, our placemaking in a different lights. The way she intertwines trees to her many homes was a beautiful sight. I now view all my homes and nature in a new light.
tammyk4975 13 days ago
How do we find beauty within the various places and seasons of our lives? That is the topic Christie Purifoy so gracefully explores in her latest book. She examines the importance of finding physical spaces that resonate with our spirit, as well as creating places of peace and beauty that nourish the needs of self and others. I worked my way slowly through each chapter, savoring the themes and observations presented. This book poses lots of questions, yet allows room to wrestle with the answers (or lack thereof). Christie doesn’t try to tie everything into a neat bow at the end, but rather leaves space for the questions to bloom into insight and hope for ongoing placemaking in our lives.
Anonymous 13 days ago
A beautiful book, part autobiography, and part encouragement. The author's lyrical style makes for a lovely and comforting read, the kind of book you want to read curled up on the couch with your favorite cup of tea. As someone who moves fairly frequently (five times in 20 years), it was an encouragement and a reminder that everywhere I live can be home for me, if I will have the eyes to see it. For anyone struggling to settle into a new place, or to find your place, or to transform the places around you, this is a must-read.
nomer15 13 days ago
I first encountered the words and work of Christie Purifoy when she did a podcast interview on "The Simple Show" (episode 32--go listen; it's a good one!). I was so captivated by her words that I checked out her book "Roots and Sky" from the library. It drew me in so quickly and thoroughly that I immediately ordered her book because it was one that I needed to own. She came through the pages as a kindred spirit, one who I could count as a friend even though she has no idea who I am! When I found out that she was releasing another book, I jumped at the chance to be on the launch team for her newest work, "Placemaker". "Placemaker" beautifully shares the love that Christie has for home and trees. She shares the stories of the widely differing places that she has called home. She doesn't gloss over the challenges of many of those places, but she continually draws the reader back to the beauty and peace of each place. Woven throughout is the story of the trees that define each place. I loved the way that nature holds such a prominent place in this book. As I read this book, my little corner of Minnesota was hit with a blizzard (culminating our snowiest February on record!). The month felt like it had sucked the soul and life out of everything, but this book helped me so much to see the beauty of my outdoors and to look forward to the promise of spring. I loved this book and can't recommend it highly enough!
Nicnac63 25 days ago
I’ve never described a book as gentle before, and I’ve never labeled an author as peaceful, yet those are the first words that come to me as I sit to write this review. I can’t say I’ve ever read a spiritual growth book like Christie Purifoy’s Placemaker. It places the reader in a serene atmosphere, weaving the mind through forests, farmhouses, and the bonds of community. I love my home and where it is—in the woods, far enough away from asphalt and traffic, yet close enough to not feel totally isolated. Upon reading this book, I’ve learned how cultivating my land, creating a comfortable and peaceful home, welcoming others into my ‘neck of the woods,’ that I’d become a placemaker without knowing it. The tree titled chapters and the decorative little snippets scattered throughout the pages give this book a cohesive feel. Placemaker inspires “cultivating beauty in little ways and large…” First Line (Introduction): The first trees I ever loved graced the cover of my tattered paperback copy of The Magician’s Nephew, one of the Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis. I received a review copy of this book from the publisher via Handlebar. Opinions expressed are completely my own.
JulesQuilts 4 days ago
This is a stunningly beautiful book! Christie writes in a friendly and rhythmic voice and weaves information in through her story. Through many moves she has aimed for making a difference in the lives of those around her, her home, and her family no matter how long or short a stay they may have had in one place. Her use of trees for chapter titles ties the book together well with putting down roots and the places trees hold in our lives, the neighborhood, and fun memories. I have read parts a 2nd & 3rd time and underlined a lot. Just a lovely book and a joy to read! Reading this feels like talking with a best friend. The cover is a nearly mix between paperback and hardback with a good hand to it. The title is embossed and beautiful! The pages are rough cut and a thick weight; which I think adds a bit of nostalgia to the book.
ADelightfulGlow 8 days ago
Placemaker brings us into a world of beauty and settling and trees and questions and quest, in lyrical, poetical words and voice. I loved how Placemaker gives us pause to reflect on our place in the world and how creating beauty and sharing places with others adds meaning and purpose to our lives and enriches us in ways we might not even be aware of at first. I love stepping into Christie Purifoy's story and gaining inspiration from her and from Maplehurst. If you're seeking placemaking and purpose, beauty and a reminder to embrace where you are, you will love this book.
LaurenDV 11 days ago
Christie Purifoy has a way with words that transports you and makes you think about things differently than you did before. She is a gift. Her first book, Roots and Sky, is still one of my favorites, and Placemaker has me viewing home and beauty in a new light. "Placemaking," she writes, is "to find beauty in making a home together and then share it with other people." I never had a word for it, but I know it when I see it. My mom is a placemaker. For someone like me, a missionary kid for whom home has not been one place for more than a few years at a time, until my married life... it can be difficult to settle down. Maybe this explains my slowness at putting holes in the walls or making changes to our house: "Many of us long to put down roots in some particular place, but we guard ourselves against heartbreak by waiting for a perfect place. The imperfections of a place will hurt us so much more if we have freed our hearts and sunk ourselves deep." She also puts her finger on something I have noticed. I am drawn to beauty, and then almost as quickly I feel a thought come to me that it is superfluous - that utility is the real thing that matters: "This magnetic pull toward beauty is an inclination most of us carry but too few of us acknowledge. Even if we are aware of it, we seldom honor it as something planted in us for a purpose." But if that were true... why make flowers beautiful?
Anonymous 11 days ago
Placemaker is a lovely and lyrical read for readers who appreciate the artistry of good writing. Told through personal story and through the use of metaphors of the garden and the natural world, Placemaker is also a universal story of learning to love the places in which we live. It’s a book about belonging and beauty, comfort and community. I can’t recommend it highly enough to readers who enjoy books of memoir and metaphor beautifully told.
BaileySuzio 12 days ago
I was a little concerned that this book wouldn't connect with me because I'm living in a small apartment, without the ample space for hospitality I'd prefer, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Purifoy makes Placemaking accessible to everyone in every stage and greatly encouraged me to see where God is calling me to steward well the little place in the world I've been given. No matter where you are in life, Placemaker will encourage you to see the world and your role in tending it with fresh eyes.
N_Ashcraft 12 days ago
Christie Purifoy has written such a beautiful book. Placemaker is not meant to be read to simply fill time. Placemaker is meant to be savored, pondered, and it evokes emotions that bring memories flooding back from the places in our past. Placemaker inspires passions for things that seemed so mundane in our day to day "busy" lives. Placemaker is a book that is meant to be reread and shared with others. I can not wait to gift this book to the placemakers that influenced me throughout my life.