Politically Divided: A How-To Healing Workbook for Families, Friends and Couples

Politically Divided: A How-To Healing Workbook for Families, Friends and Couples


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No matter where along that red-blue divide you find yourself, disagreeing with someone politically can wear you down at the same time as it opens up new possibilities for enlightenment. But if you're not there yet--and most of us aren't--this workbook helps you remember that life is short and the person you love isn't the enemy.

Deceptively simple and invaluably warm-hearted, Politically Divided uses 27+ games and activities to help you get to the heart of political disagreements and have a little fun in the process. While it won't completely solve our national crisis, it makes a good case for laughter opening the door.

With chapters like "Finding Common Ground During an Earthquake," "Just (Can't) Get Over It" and "Improving Your @#$%&! Vocabulary," this how-to healing workbook takes the sting out of repairing political divisions you thought were here to stay.

If you're tired of feeling at odds with people you love--and if studies and articles about the political divide leave you without a clue about what to do--you've come to the right place.

Finally, a relationship-boosting workbook for the rest of us.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781970128017
Publisher: Rock Otter Press
Publication date: 01/25/2019
Pages: 122
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.26(d)

About the Author

Mitch del Monico is a lifelong storyteller who owes a lot of his personal success to people he loves who disagree with him politically. He has worked as a writer, film and music video director, editor, fact-checker, personal trainer, and digital media assistant on a ship that sailed the Atlantic Ocean. He decided to create this workbook after watching the increasing divide in the place he calls home, a country whose founders un-ironically used "united" in its name. Applying a researcher's perspective, he went looking for the fun in getting to know himself and others better while creating activities that encourage communication. By shaping them with his own family members and putting them into the world, he hopes to lessen the near-constant outpour of negativity, increasing tolerance for differing points of view along the way.

Marilyn D'Amato is an award-winning designer and art director based in New York City, servicing the music, event, and advertising industries. Her projects have been featured in retail stores, at prominent events, in national publications, and have appeared in the set design for television and feature films.

Sabriga Turgon is an editor, Certified Ghostwriter, and owner of Ghostwriter Global, where she writes better books for a better world. She wants the world to be populated with words that inspire, motivate, heal, soothe, and tickle. Contact Sabriga at www.ghostwriterglobal.com.

Table of Contents

Is This Book for You?

How to Use This Workbook


Part One: Campaign Promises

Chapter 1 » Non-Disclosure Agreement

Chapter 2 » Rules of Engagement

Chapter 3 » Family Values

Part Two: Primaries

Chapter 4 » Learning to Walk a Mile

Chapter 5 » They Don’t Call ’em Strong Feelings for Nothing

Part Three: Attack Ads

Chapter 6 » Improving Your @#$%&! Vocabulary

Chapter 7 » Your Brain on Anger (and What to Do About It)

Chapter 8 » Why Do I Hate You So Much Right Now?!

Chapter 9 » What My Search Results Say About Me

Chapter 10 » One Person’s Junk Mail is Another Person’s Treasure

Part Four: Debates

Chapter 11 » Finding Common Ground During an Earthquake

Chapter 12 » Hands Off!

Chapter 13 » Sorting Out the Issues

Chapter 14 » If You Can’t Say Something Nice...

Part Five: News Cycles

Chapter 15 » My News is Be er Than Your News

Chapter 16 » What the Heck is a Policy Wonk?

Chapter 17 » Should I Meditate or Call You?

Part Six: Elec on Results

Chapter 18 » Just (Can’t) Get Over It

Chapter 19 » Bring It On: Defending Your Position

Chapter 20 » Did My Vote Even Count?

Part Seven: Concessions

Chapter 21 » It’s About to Get Real

Chapter 22 » For the Good of the Country

Part Eight: Reunification

Chapter 23 » Building Yourself Up

Chapter 24 » Hope for the Future

Chapter 25 » Social Networks

Part Nine: Civic Engagement

Chapter 26 » Your Best “You” Runs Into a Wall

Chapter 27 » This is How We Move On




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