Poverty is not Natural

Poverty is not Natural

by George Cutis

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Across Europe, politicians and economists remain locked into micromanaging the welfare state established post-war, tweaking it here and tweaking it there to ameliorate the consequences of poverty, but failing to end poverty. Instead of focusing on consequences, George Curtis seeks the cause of poverty. This was laid bare in a book, Progress and Poverty, by an American economist, Henry George, in 1879. Two years later, without any prior knowledge of George’s work, an Irish bishop, Thomas Nulty, came to the same conclusion from a theological point of view. Yet, despite poverty remaining a crisis in today’s 21st century society, the moral and economic arguments made by George have remained unaddressed. The author of this book regenerates George’s ideas, recognizing that the cause of poverty is entrenched throughout the world in a widely accepted social institution, just as slavery once was. Henry George argued that a true understanding of Christianity led to the conclusion that the “right of property, originating in the right of the individual to himself, is the only full and complete right of property. It attaches to things produced by labor, but cannot attach to things produced by God.” George Curtis analyzes Henry George’s remedy for poverty with a fine balance between Christian moral sensitivity and economic pragmatism, observing its effect on Christian social teaching, and its relevance in addressing the contemporary nature of poverty. Poverty is not Natural demonstrates that what is morally right is also the most economically efficient.

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ISBN-13: 9780856834448
Publisher: Shepheard-Walwyn Publishers, Limited
Publication date: 01/12/2020
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About the Author

George Curtis started full-time work at the age of 14. He became a qualified Methodist local preacher and served for 30 years as the North Lincolnshire district organiser of the National Union of Agricultural Workers. In later life he was awarded a BSc (Hons) degree from the Open University.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 6

Introduction 7

1 The Great Enigma of Our Times 11

2 Justice is the First Quality in the Moral Hierarchy 16

3 Leo Tolstoy and Henry George 23

4 The Unflinching Service of a Holy Ecclesiastic 28

5 Henry George's Open Letter to Pope Leo XIII 43

6 The Giving of Alms Cannot Abolish Poverty 59

7 Christian Socialism and the Labour Party 65

8 The Inadequacy of Socialistic Remedies 73

9 The Significance of Land 79

10 A Remedy for the 21st Century 86

11 The Way Forward 102

About the Author 115

Further Reading 119

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