Pray Big Things: The Surprising Life God Has for You When You're Bold Enough to Ask

Pray Big Things: The Surprising Life God Has for You When You're Bold Enough to Ask

by Julia Jeffress LPC Sadler

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In Pray Big Things, Julia Jeffress Sadler dares you to start praying big. Sharing her own story of God's life-changing answers to bold prayers--a miraculous journey through infertility, miscarriages, and giving birth to triplets--Julia challenges you to take God at His Word and see Him move like never before. Humorous, practical, and filled with biblical insights, this book will give you the courage to pray big things and watch expectantly for God's even bigger answers.

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ISBN-13: 9781493417612
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 09/03/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 275,270
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About the Author

Julia Jeffress Sadler, LPC is a reality star from TLC's Rattled who has seen God do immeasurably more than anything she could hope or imagine. After suffering three miscarriages in one year, God blessed her and her husband, Ryan, with triplets. Their story of faith, prayer, and evangelism in the midst of heartache has encouraged thousands around the world. Julia is a licensed professional counselor and the girls ministry director at the 13,000-member First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas. She is a regular conference speaker, radio show guest, and host of The Julia Sadler Show. Her clinical training, biblical foundation, pastor's daughter upbringing, and sense of humor provide a fresh perspective on cultural topics. Julia and her junior-high sweetheart, Ryan, live and minister in Dallas, Texas.

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Pray Big Things: The Surprising Life God Has for You When You're Bold Enough to Ask 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
dhiggins4 15 days ago
I absolutely loved “Pray Big Things” by Julia Jeffress Sadler! The author is wise beyond her years. There were so many tidbits of information in this book. I have highlighted so many parts of this book! Julia Jeffress Sadler and her husband experienced a lot of heartache as they tried to have children. Julia and her husband started praying bold prayers, and God blessed them with triplets! I’ve always known we were supposed to take everything to God and pray big things, but I don’t really do that most of the time. This book really encouraged me to start doing this. I need to pray big things to God! This book was one of the most encouraging books I’ve read all year. I definitely recommend this book to everyone! Julia’s writing is full of wisdom yet very easy to read and understand. I received this book from Baker Books for my honest opinion.
Meg Bucher 28 days ago
“Pray Big Things,” by Julia Jeffress Sadler promises “the surprising life God has for you when you’re bold enough to ask.” Prayer is powerful. Most of us have heard that statement before, noticed it on bumper stickers and scrolled across many beautifully constructed images proclaiming the truth. Prayer IS powerful. Sadler unlocks the art of asking God for big things. Jesus sacrificed His life in order to unlock and throw open wide the opportunity to communicate with our Almighty God. And He is faithful to hear and answer His beloved. “God dares us to pray big things,” Sadler writes, “I dare you to pray big things!” “Pray Big Things,” consists of ten easy-to-read chapters, packed with answers to Biblical questions about what prayer is and how it works. Scripture is referenced throughout the book, rooting it first and foremost on the truth of God’s word. In Chapter Eight, Sadler addresses unanswered prayer, “When God says ‘no,’ it provides unique opportunities for us to say yes to trusting Him like never before.” Prayer is a rich and deep experience with our relational God. Sadler does a great job resisting the urge to over simplify it. “God will give you everything you want,” she writes, when everything you want is Him.” I recommend this book to all who are looking to enrich their prayer life, and relationship with God. (I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.)
seekinggraceandgratitude 3 months ago
In Pray Big Things, Sadler shares the vulnerable moments and raw reality of the biggest struggles she experienced in her life – infertility, multiple miscarriages, and giving birth to triplets. She stands firm that her biggest prayers were answered when she prayed big prayers to an even bigger God. Sadler is completely honest when she admits her frustrations with her situations along with her unwavering faith and bold prayer requests. She and her husband elected to pray very specific, big and seemingly impossible prayers consistently to God after they recovered from a second miscarriage. They prayed with purpose, intentionality, and spiritual strength, but neither of them considered their exact prayers would be answered along with so much more! Pray Big Things is more than a book about faith, it’s a book that accounts life’s highs and lows with a God who always remains the same – always true to His word, full of love, hope and comfort, and forever faithful. Sadler uses scriptural references throughout the book to support the many doubts, fears, trials, and challenges people encounter in this world, but her strongest point of biblical encouragement comes from an Old Testament legend, Joseph, and his story to showcase God’s complete faithfulness throughout the hardest tests of life. She uses pieces of Joseph’s story in each chapter to emphasize the journey of faith, the process of sanctification, and the power of never giving up. Sadler recognizes running to God rather than away from Him is not a natural response when the going gets tough. It’s easier to shake our fists at God, doubt His plans and purpose, or believe everything is hopeless. But choosing to running to God during our times of hurt and devastation will allow Him to hold us close while He reminds us that He is the One who is ultimately in control and the One who has the final say against any of satan’s attempts to steer us away from the loving arms of our Father. “We honor God when we dream big, pray bigger and give Him all we have. Dreaming big shows the faith we have in Him. Praying big shows the trust we have in Him. Giving God all we have shows our gratefulness for His blessings.” ~ Julia Jeffress Sadler More than just a book of prayer and praise, Sadler does an excellent job at highlighting the weaknesses and pitfalls of a lukewarm faith. There is an entire chapter dedicated to finding purpose in the pain along with prayers that seem to be unanswered or not heard but are instead answered in way that is different from how we imagined. Gold thrown in a fire always comes out stronger. Sadler’s Pray Big Things will light you up to pursue God’s plans, purpose, and ultimate best even when life seems to not be going your way. It is a book overflowing with goodness and reminders of God’s beautiful promises and absolute faithfulness. Life will never be easy but prayer will give us the peace and hope we desire to walk into the fire and come out blazing. Pray big things, friends. Pray big, bold prayers and wait expectantly for an incredible God to answer. * I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review
Anonymous 3 months ago
I have never really been the type of person to pray, mainly because I felt awkward doing it or wasn't sure if God was receiving it the way I intended for Him to. This book really showed me how truly valuable prayer is and that all we have to do is pray boldly and God will answer. One of my favorite quotes in the book says "You do not have because you do not ask God. When you ask, you do not receive because you ask with the wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures." (James 4:2-3). This really hit home for me and made me look at my prayer life in a whole new perspective. It encouraged me to write my own Pray Big Things list to pray for each day and see God work in my life. This book is so inspiring and encouraging and filled with so many references to God's work (I literally highlighted so many quotes and bible references). This book is not only about Julia's story and how God worked in her life, but how God can work in all our our lives if we start praying big and boldly. I challenge you to read this book so that it will give you the courage to pray big things and watch expectantly for God's even bigger answers.
Anonymous 4 months ago
I love the balance the author strikes in this book. “Let us let go of the dreams that are not from God and hold on with all ferocity to the ones that are from Him.” We are told to pray so many times in the Bible, and yet I’m sometimes afraid to really ask for things! This book helped me remember to seek God, ASK Him for the desires of my heart, but ultimately to trust Him and trust that His answers are always best. You won’t regret this read!
Kimberly4 4 months ago
Pray Big Things is an amazing book! From the very beginning you will feel very encouraged to ask God for things you want, and learn to have to confidence to go to God in prayer with all your wants, needs, and desires. I am currently only three chapters into “Pray Big Things”, and the book has already impacted my life. In the first chapter, when Julia talks about making the decision to pray big things and be bold in our prayers, it impacted me in learning to be bold in our prayers and ask God for our wants, needs, and our desires. In addition, at the beginning of the book I was encouraged by the bible verse James 4:2, “we have not, because we ask not”. It has impacted my life in teaching my to be bold in my prayers and not be afraid to pray big things. If you want a book on learning to be bold in your prayers, then you should read “Pray Big Things”, because from the first chapter, you will learn so much. I cannot wait to continue reading and get further into the book.
Christy910 4 months ago
Must Read book!! This book will encourage you and challenge you in your prayer life! There is practical and biblical applications, plus Julia’s hilarious personality shines through the book, making it a fun read!
Anonymous 4 months ago
Prayer has always been a part of my Christian lifestyle, but lately it had taken a back seat. Pray Big Things was just what I needed to remind me that it’s time to start praying big things again! Julia’s story is so inspirational, but the importance of prayer in their story is what makes it even better. In the book, Julia says, “I chose to stop treating the Bible as a book of suggestions and started claiming and believing it as the only way my life would ever work.” Wow. The book is based on Biblical truth and specific scriptures. It is well written, easy to read, and meets you right where you are. It is the perfect jumpstart for a stale prayer life, or a brand new prayer life! If you want a book that will direct you into a closer, more dependent relationship with the Lord, then this is the book for you!