Primeval Origins: Rise of Serpents: Book Three in the Primeval Origins Epic Saga

Primeval Origins: Rise of Serpents: Book Three in the Primeval Origins Epic Saga

by B. A. Vonsik


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Primeval Origins: Rise of Serpents - Book three (#3) in the epic story of mankind's origins and the creation of the Four Horsemen. Join Nikki, a paleo-archeologist graduate student on a field expedition, discovering our hidden history, turning her life upside-down and sending her on the run from unknown deadly forces, as she learns of and experiences our undiscovered history filled with terrible tyrannies, deadly dinosaurs, brutal beasts, ancient gods, and heroic hearts as the origins of our End Times is revealed, answering the question, "What if all of our myths and legends are true?" Primeval Origins AWARDS and HONORS Paths of Anguish (Bk#1) * Young Adult Book of the Year, 2014/2015 Reader Views Literary Awards * Finalist, Fantasy Book of the Year, Readers Favorite 2016 Book Awards * Finalist, Fantasy Book of the Year, 2016 International Book Awards * Distinguished Favorite, Epic Fantasy Book of the Year, 2017 Independent Press Awards * Fantasy Book of the Year, 2017 NYC Big Book Award * Winner, Science Fantasy, National Association of Book Entrepreneurs (NABE) Winter 2018 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Light of Honor (Bk#2) * Fantasy Book of the Year, 2016 Reader Views Literary Awards * Finalist, Fiction/Fantasy Book of the Year, 2016 CIPA EVVY Award * Merit, Fiction/Fantasy Book of the Year, 2016 CIPA EVVY Award * Finalist, Fantasy Book of the Year, 2016 International Book Awards * Finalist, E-Book Fiction Book of the Year, 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards * Finalist, Science Fiction, 2016 Best Book Award * Epic Fantasy Book of the Year, 2017 Independent Press Awards * Fantasy Best Books, NABE Summer 2018 Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards * Fantasy Book of the Year, 2018 New York City Big Book Award * Epic Fantasy Book of the Year, 2018 New York City Big Book Award Epic Fantasy, Science Fantasy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Young Adult, Action & Adventure, Myth & Legend, Dystopian, Good and Evil, Christian Fantasy, Kindle, Nook, iBook/

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ISBN-13: 9780578220031
Publisher: Celestial Fury Publishing
Publication date: 05/29/2019
Pages: 328
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.69(d)

About the Author

Multiple-Award Winning Author and creator of the Primeval Origins Epic Saga
- Primeval Origins: Paths of Anguish (6 Awards and Honors)
- Primeval Origins: Light of Honor (10 Awards and Honors)
- Primeval Origins: Rise of Serpents (Released to all of you 29 May 2019)!

B.A. Vonsik graduated from the United States Air Force Academy and served as an USAF Special Operations aviator. Currently, B.A. Vonsik works in the training and simulation industry by day while at night and all other times detailing the world of Primeval Origins with new discoveries and research in ancient mythologies, creation myths, religions, sciences and technologies. Starting with a curiosity about why many of our mythologic pantheons seemed very similar, B.A. created the Primeval Origins story based on more than 25 years of research integrating our mythologies, ancient alien theory, history, the sciences, with the stories of the Bible, Qur'an, and Hindu religions. B.A. Vonsik lives with his extraordinary wife in Florida.

For greater insights to the Primeval Origins Epic Saga and universe...the books, the coming RPG game, the story, the news, the lexicon (based on the Sumerian language), encyclopedia, research blog, and much more, visit the and register for free to the Ebon Circle Archives. The website includes the Primeval Origins World Encyclopedia and Lexicon...all the background elements of the story that you just can't stuff into the books.

Also visit the Primeval Origins Facebook page and publisher's websites. The websites are loaded with news and additional information about B. A. Vonsik.

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Blurry appeared the dirt beneath Rogaan's sandaled feet. His head swooned as his body felt sluggish as he willed himself to move, yet somehow, he still felt light as a feather to his mind. Tremors in the ground, he felt through his sandals, were familiar and comforting in their almost constant presences. A noise off to his left, a shuffling of feet over the crunchy ground. Rogaan swung his body around to face whatever it was but staggered off to his right, almost falling before regaining his footing. A featherwing's screech echoed above him. A light breeze was at his back carrying on it the scent of cooked fish. Rogaan shook his head forcing it all to clear, the haziness slowly receding. He both welcomed it and felt a loss for the euphoria. He took a deep breath. His thoughts returned to him, and his vision cleared. Looking up, in the light of the late day standing before Rogaan was a Tellen of light-brown skin. The Tellen was not as tall as he and filthy in appearance, dressed in a torn, dark green tunic, light green, loose-fitting breeches, and high-ankle sandals. The Tellen's dark hair hung over his broad face falling to his shoulders in a tangled mess that matched his hand-length beard. Those dark gray, oval eyes set apart slightly more than the average Baraan fixated on him with a burning intensity few could match.

"This one will kill you," Sugnis scolded Rogaan with deep and grumbling words. "He is more capable than the handful before him. How you avoided the point of this Saggis's diseased blade is a mystery of the Ancients."

"Staying downwind of me limits your fight options," Rogaan hinted of Sugnis's tactics to close on him as he sought to avoid the unpleasant discussion of his seriousness and commitment to the fight. The expression returned on Sugnis's face told him the Tellen got his meaning.

"Most go down with the hook punch you took," Sugnis critiqued, the flash of a compliment in his eyes and face now gone, replaced with that intense burning stare that gave Rogaan shivers. "You recover fast ... faster than all but him. Still, you need to learn to avoid injury and pain, not endure it."

"I deserve it," Rogaan spoke more to himself than to the Tellen, filling the need to pay for all the terrible things he had caused happen to his family and friends ... and their family. "And more."

"What did you speak?" Sugnis asked, though Rogaan felt certain the Tellen heard his words.

"Will you ever take a bath?" Rogaan continued to insult Sugnis of his terrible body odor to throw him off the coming lecture about feeling sorry for himself. "Seriously, I can smell you even with you being downwind."

Sugnis simply stared at Rogaan, his oval eyes narrowed, and his jaws clinched. Rogaan felt the intensity of that stare as a familiar shiver crawled up his back.

"Guilt clouds your thoughts again," Sugnis reprimanded. "It will kill you to lose focus against such a dangerous foe as you just lost focus allowing me to strike you."

"No," Rogaan argued with Sugnis. "You are that good at fighting. I did not see your punch."

"Your eyes tell the moment to strike at your sides," Sugnis simply stated. "They wander when your thoughts wander over that guilt you carry."

"I made a mess of things!" Rogaan growled at himself more than at Sugnis.

"Yes." Sugnis stated matter-of-factly. "A terrible time fighting against enemies far beyond you. So, few lost their Lights or were put in bondage or servitude. You did well for not being prepared."

"Tell that to Pax and Suhd." Rogaan felt sick to his stomach.

"Nothing you do to satisfy guilt will make well their situation," Sugnis advised. "They too were swept up in the same winds being friends with you."

"Being my friends is what lost them their parents." Rogaan felt tears well up in his eyes and his throat tighten as he fought down a wave for welling despair and rage. "Now, Suhd is being forced to do who knows what, and Pax is with us on this unkind rock of a prison surrounded by every watery set of jaws wanting to eat us."

"You have your wellness," Sugnis spoke cheerfully in his deep voice with obvious intent at redirecting this discussion more positively. Then, his deep voice dropped even deeper, more serious. "At least until the morning when you face this latest Saggis."

Rogaan was about to argue with Sugnis again, proclaiming his failings to Pax and Suhd and Mother and Father before getting interrupted by a group of newcomers. The group consisted of strongly built, light brown-skinned male Baraan island prisoners dressed shirtless and with breeches or loin covers. The group walked the edge of the two-stride high elevated rock rim of the fighting pit.

"Practice all you want, stoner," one of the Baraans yelled out as they walked. "Tomorrow, you die, and I win my Hili'giin. He looks to be a pretty one."

The other Baraans laughed at the statement as they strolled off to the hovel Rogaan shared with them. Rogaan felt disgusted and dirty at the thought of the "Hili'giin service" as the island prisoners called it. Youngling prisoners, female and male, forced to be concubine slaves to the older prisoners. The female younglings rarely survived it. The few that did killed themselves on the rocks or threw themselves into the waters to avoid carnal and other abuses as a "Nigilim'gardu," spoiled concubines, for whatever time they had remaining of their jailing. Rogaan quickly learned only strong and ruthless survive this prison island.

When Pax and Rogaan arrived as the ship docked in the inlet, they were thrown into a crowd of unruly prisoners. They were immediately whisked off to a fighting pit located close to the dock where they, along with a handful of other young prisoners, one a female Rogaan has not seen since, were commanded to strip naked by the crowd. When Pax and Rogaan refused, the self-proclaimed leader of the island, Urgallis, ordered those Baraans loyal to him to teach the uncooperative a lesson. The fight was brutal and short with five of Urgallis's thug brawlers sprawled out in the pit. Pax suffered many bruises, and a crude knife wound on his ribs but refused Rogaan's offer of aid, instead, keeping to himself, even caring for his own wounds. For Rogaan, he stood tall with bruises, but otherwise well off. Before Urgallis could send real fighters at them, Urgallis's rival in this rocky prison, Kirral, showed up with his battle-ready Ursan, quickly declaring Rogaan and Pax to be too old to be Hili'giin, just to spit in the face of his adversary. Since then, Rogaan and Pax kept to the hovels controlled by Kirral to avoid fighting with Urgallis's bands of loyalists, though, even the Kirral loyalists, mostly Baraans considering themselves higher in standing than the few Tellens, Evendiir, and Skurst in their midst, treated him with contempt. At least they talk to Sugnis and me, Rogaan reflected, seeking something positive from the horrid experience.

"Don't give them a thought," Sugnis coolly told Rogaan. "Those needing to dominate others to feel better of themselves are best avoided. And when you can't avoid them ... kill them. Come, you need food to keep up your strength for tomorrow. I have fish drying on the rocks."

Rogaan's first thought was to politely refuse Sugnis's offer of a meal; one whiff of the pungent Tellen churned his stomach. Sugnis really needs a bath. Thinking on his need for allies and Sugnis's kindness, Rogaan reconsidered. Besides, he would likely have to fight for scraps back at the hovel. "I accept on one condition."

"I'll guess," Sugnis's deep voice sounded playful. "You want to eat upwind?"

"Yes," Rogaan replied with a guarded smile and a bit relieved.

Sugnis led Rogaan to his camp. Near the fight pit and away from the hovels, the camp sat in a high crop of rocks and boulders where structures were not easily built or navigated due to the treacherous way the rocks rested upon each other from successive floods and for the tangle foot, strong vines that covered much of the island. It had a high vantage point where much of the island, the Ur River, and the surrounding area of the far shorelines were visible. Rogaan had come to this spot several times in his first days on the island, seeking solitude so to stew on his self-made predicament and blame himself for his arrogance and stupidity ... a dangerous combination. Rogaan fell into his melancholy once more. If I had only listened to Father and gone to the Ebon Circle temple, I would be a prisoner of them and not here on this forsaken pile of rocks, Pax's and Suhd's parents would not be dead, and Pax would not be shunning me. Then Rogaan's thoughts turned to his family ... prisoners, Mother at her Isin family's estate and Father in the Farratum jails. Regrets swept heavily over Rogaan, causing him to misstep and trip. Fortunately, he got his feet back under him before falling to the ground and embarrassing himself. A disapproving look from Sugnis was the worst that happened.

Approaching Sugnis's camp, the wind shifted several times almost in tune with the trembling in the land beneath him as they climbed, making Rogaan regret accepting the Tellen's meal offer. He really needs to bathe. Along the way, Sugnis disarmed trip-cords, made from the island's tangle foot vines, barely visible to Rogaan that he would have easily missed if he did not see where Sugnis reached. The Tellen carefully reset each trip-cord upon their passing. Several times as they went, they stirred up white- and gray-colored twin-tailed featherwings that flew off back to the colony on the western shore of their rock of an island. Soon arriving at their destination, the camp itself was a four-by-five-stride recess in the rocks, cleared of the vines, with a rocky overhang on the south side forming a small cave- like structure facing north. The sun on an east to west arcing path through the northern sky heats the rocks by day, and the rocks keep him warm by night. Rogaan appreciated the Tellen's knowledge and pragmatism. The camp had some unexpected features; rocks for sitting around a central fire pit with a pile of driftwood neatly stacked in the rocks, a bed of partly dried ferns elevated slightly off the ground in the cave recess, makeshift wood plates, dining ware, and a metal pot hanging over a pile of red and gray embers in the fire pit. Accommodations Rogaan thought inconsistent with Sugnis's minimalist vision of living.

"Not my usual 'hole in the ground,'" Sugnis proudly stated as he stirred the embers in the fire pit with a stick before adding several pieces of driftwood on top. "It's a bit too done up compared to my covered 'holes' needed in the wilds on the mainland. Keeps me from being a bite to eat in the night. But here, only Baraans are a danger, and I took care of that when I arrived."

Rogaan heard of Sugnis's arrival on the island, killing several of Urgallis's fighting followers, then holding a bone dagger to Urgallis's throat before the first day fell to night. Ever since then, Rogaan observed Urgallis always gave foul looks in Sugnis's direction but took no action against the Tellen. When Sugnis took Rogaan as an apprentice in fighting, Urgallis begrudgingly extended his foul looks and the immunity from physical abuse to him as well. This hatred, and more importantly, the fear, were welcomed by Rogaan, free of the need to look over his shoulders at all times. No longer needing to worry about Urgallis's band, Rogaan focused on the many Saggis who almost always appeared on the island a few days after the resupply ships arrived. Soon after the dockings, a new killer emerged from the shadows trying to extinguish his Light. Rogaan had become expectant of it and even felt annoyed by the Saggis. In truth, Pax had saved him from the shadow blades several times and scolded Rogaan to be more serious in his respect and regard of the killers.

Rogaan reflected on that first attempt on his life. It was a long fight breaking much of the shack he lived in. After that, the Saggis was subdued by a bunch of Baraans who took him away to ready him for the pit, the means of keeping order on this rock. Rogaan found himself in the pit the following morning facing the killer again. He had no intention to take the Saggis's Light, only to survive the one-on-one combat, but the Saggis had other plans and would not relent, leaving Rogaan no choice. He had to kill him, with a large rock to the head, of all things.

In this morning's attempt to take his Light, the Saggis caught Rogaan unaware. He was enjoying the morning sunrise — too much — and feeling the small ground tremors frequent on this island. Rogaan had let his guard down. His inattention allowed the Saggis to approach undetected. If it had not been for Pax rendering the Saggis unconscious with a thrown rock, Rogaan was certain he would not be taking breath now. Then, before Rogaan could thank Pax, he disappeared back into the shadows of the hovel and stayed elusively at the edge of Rogaan's vision all day. Since the Saggis was taken away by Kirral's followers, Rogaan prepared for the fight in the pit with Sugnis critically coaching him.

Now, the two sat quietly in the fading light of the day around a low fire eating Sugnis's dried fish he retrieved from a sun-exposed boulder covered over by a makeshift thin metal mess to keep animals, featherwings, shell-walkers, or biters from the meat. Where did he get such a well-made mesh of metal? Rogaan pondered a bit on that after he got over being surprised by Sugnis having it. Rogaan took notice how strange it was that the annoying flying biters did not bother them or even buzzed about. What is Sugnis's secret at keeping them away?

Sugnis was a mystery to Rogaan ... and everyone else on the isle, it seemed. Appearing on the island less than a month after Pax and himself were delivered to this rock and just days after that first Saggis assassination attempt on him. A few days later, Sugnis took favor of Rogaan and started training him in the arts of fighting, presumably after hearing of Rogaan's battle with the Saggis. Strange happenings, unasked for, but welcomed by Rogaan. That was almost nine months and six Saggis ago. And Rogaan no longer believed in coincidences.

"You never answered how you came to be a prisoner here," Rogaan half-asked, half-accused Sugnis of secrets.

"No need; that's past," Sugnis answered without missing a bite of his fish meal.

"So then, why take me on as a fighting apprentice?" Rogaan finally asked Sugnis directly, wanting to know if someone sent him or if this was all by chance.

"You need training," Sugnis spoke matter-of-factly. "So far, you survived by luck and brawn, and that thing you do, sometimes moving faster than the eye ... Still, I haven't figured that out. But fighting skills for the pits and other places ... dung."

"Thanks ... I think." Rogaan did not know how to take Sugnis's bluntness.

"Most of the Saggis carry the mark of the Keepers of the Way," Sugnis continued explaining the unasked questions in a manner as if talking about fish drying. "The others, one of the Black Hand and one with no marks at all."

"So, what of the marks?" Rogaan asked.

"It tells me more than one interest wants your Light to pass to the beyond." Sugnis held Rogaan's eyes with his words.

"I thought they all came from the same place, the Keepers." Rogaan felt confused as the hairs on his neck stiffened with a growing realization that his situation was more complex than he thought.

"Some are set on you taking your last breath." Sugnis hesitated as if considering what he would next say. "Others wish you to live. The Keepers of the Way want your last breath. Know why?"

"No," Rogaan said as he searched his memories of the teachings of his father. He talked to himself as he recalled his knowledge as if reading from a scroll or book. "The Keepers are against the Agni using temples ... such as the Ebon Circle. They have influence in Shuruppak, mostly in the east regions with their center of power in Ur."

Sugnis openly wore a look of confusion listening to Rogaan. "Where did that knowledge come from?"

"My father taught me." Rogaan paused as he answered. A revelation that came to him now that he was ready to understand. He continued talking, but more to himself than answering Sugnis. "... many things. Maybe it is time I listened and embraced his teachings."


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