A Quaker Christmas

A Quaker Christmas

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Quaker Christmas 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great christmas romance
mrsred49 More than 1 year ago
FOUR stories in one book! As these four ladies got together and compiled all these stories about the Quakers and I begin to read, I was so thrilled. Each story tells about a family that is related to the Quaker type of living. As Lauralee Bliss begins the book with "A Crossroad to Love" near a crossroad near Wyanesville, Ohio in the year of 1846. Silas Jones was on his way to Independence and wanted to get there before the snow got too bad but his horse had other thoughts as his hoof was infected and Silas had to get off. Now he wondered where he was and how he was going to get to Independence when a man came alone that spoke like a Quaker and told him there was a house just up the way. That is when this story really begins. The second story "Simple Gifts" by Ramona Cecil begins with Lucinda Hughes, pregnant and a widow was struggling to try to make it on her own, but she had some help with her late husband's friend Will Davis. He always stopped by from his work at the mill, where her husband had been killed. Lucinda was disappointed in her faith and God because of her young husband's death, so she had even stopped going to the "Friends Meetings". Will she get back into the Friends faith or will she just give up on God. The third story "Pirate of My Heart" is written by Rachael Phillips and features Keturah Wilkes, she loves God but is questioning the Quaker Faith as their belief on celebrating Christmas. She loved to decorate but her family did not, so she slipped and made some Christmas items just for herself. She meets a young man named Henry Mangum that came from a family that didn't mind stealing from others and drinking and having a good time, but he had been to a meting that had opened his eyes to the wrong way of life. He had started going to the meetings where Keturah went but his handsome brother also noticed the pretty young woman, who will win her hand or will both of them lose to someone else? The fourth story "Equally Yoked" by Claire Sanders features the "underground railroad" and finds Susanna Griffith alone with her young husband gone to help with another person with this project. She finds herself alone when a young pregnant run-away slave comes to her door so she takes her in to help her. How will Susanna handle this and what if she gets caught? This book was sent to me by one of the authors Lauralee Bliss for me to read and I chose to review it.