QueenSpotting: Meet the Remarkable Queen Bee and Discover the Drama at the Heart of the Hive; Includes 48 Queenspotting Challenges

QueenSpotting: Meet the Remarkable Queen Bee and Discover the Drama at the Heart of the Hive; Includes 48 Queenspotting Challenges

by Hilary Kearney


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At the heart of every bee hive is a queen bee. Since her well-being is linked to the well-being of the entire colony, the ability to find her among the residents of the hive is an essential beekeeping skill. In QueenSpotting, experienced beekeeper and professional “swarm catcher” Hilary Kearney challenges readers to “spot the queen” with 48 fold-out visual puzzles — vivid up-close photos of the queen hidden among her many subjects.

QueenSpotting celebrates the unique, fascinating life of the queen bee and chronicles royal hive happenings such as The Virgin Death Match, The Nuptual Flight — when the queen mates with a cloud of male drones high in the air — and the dramatic Exodus of the Swarm from the hive. Readers will thrill at Kearney’s adventures in capturing these swarms from the strange places they settle, including a Jet Ski, a couch, a speed boat, and an owl’s nesting box. Fascinating, fun, and instructive, backyard beekeepers and nature lovers alike will find reason to return to the pages again and again.

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ISBN-13: 9781635860375
Publisher: Storey Books
Publication date: 04/30/2019
Pages: 128
Sales rank: 170,892
Product dimensions: 7.10(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Hilary Kearney is the author of QueenSpotting and the creator of Girl Next Door Honey, a beekeeping business that offers educational opportunities to hundreds of new beekeepers each year. She maintains the blog Beekeeping Like A Girl and her writing on bees has appeared in Modern Farmer and Grit magazines. Her work has been the subject of features in Huffington Post, Vogue, Mother Earth News, and other outlets. She rescues wild bee colonies and manages around 90 hives in her hometown of San Diego, California.

Table of Contents

Preface: Flash of Splendor
How to Use This Book
Why Find the Queen?

Inside a Honey Bee Colony
Queenspotting Puzzles: Easy
Queenspotting Puzzles: Intermediate

The Life of a Queen Bee
Queenspotting Puzzles: Intermediate
Queenspotting Puzzles: Advanced

How to Spot the Queen
Queenspotted! (Answer Key)

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QueenSpotting: Meet the Remarkable Queen Bee and Discover the Drama at the Heart of the Hive; Includes 48 Queenspotting Challenges 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous 3 months ago
I have helped my Dad for many years growing up. At one time he had over 30 hives and I have hives of my own. Bees never stop amazing me and I keep learning. This book helped me learn more and I look forward to the next book. I liked to parts about finding the queens.
Anonymous 3 months ago
I purchased this book because I thought my grand kids would like the queen spotting pictures. I really like the layout of the fold-out frame photos, they are very nice quality and look like actual brood frames. I also like how you start with easy-to-see queen photos then get progressively harder. The answer section in the back for the queens I couldn't find was very helpful. Hilary's stories are very informative. I've been keeping bees for 14 years and learned a lot in the book. She has a special gift when it comes to relating with her bees and sharing her experiences. My 4 year old grandson especially liked hearing the story about the twin boys finding a queen during their birthday party. I recommend this book for ages 4 and up.
Ruth Askren 5 months ago
Amazing pictures, illustrations and simply stated info, all about the Queen Bee and her hive! This book is like the best combination of "fun facts" and a playful enjoyment of the mysteries of that dark place, the interior of the beehive. Hilary Kearny really communicates her inquisitive spirit and contemplative enjoyment of our most helpful insects, and infectiously carries that over to the reader who cannot help but get involved in the quintessential search, the search for the Queen. Queenspotting! Very fun and inspiring.
DSteadman 9 months ago
This book is well written, easy to understand, and the photographs are beautiful. As a "mid-level experienced" beekeeper I found the information in this book to be accurate, very informative, and I learned many things I did not know about the queen and bees in general. The photography is exceptional and the fold out "queen spotting" pages were a lot of fun. I liked that it was easy in the beginning of the book and got more challenging further along in the book. The real life swarm catching stories were quite entertaining. I'm very glad I bought this book and will share it with my friends who are interested in bees.
JohnBeaudry 10 months ago
Hilary's book is amazing. I have taken two of her classes which, if you live nearby, are well worth it. Hilary has years of experience and shares it freely with everyone. You can use this book to deal with whatever issue you are dealing with. For example, you may be looking for your queen. You can look under many subheadings like I need to find my queen because...and she lists the many reasons why. She explains the reasons why you might want to look for your queen, and then tells you how to do it based on your unique situation...and I am learning that every situation with bees is unique! This book has a world of information. Perhaps the most helpful are some 40 fold out pages with photos of bee hives where you can learn to spot the queen. This is a must have for anyone wanting to learn the art of bee keeping!