Rational Expectations and Economic Policy

Rational Expectations and Economic Policy


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ISBN-13: 9780226251349
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Publication date: 07/28/1984
Series: National Bureau of Economic Research Conference Report Series
Pages: 304
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Table of Contents

Stanley Fischer
1. Rational Expectations, Business Cycles, and Government Behavior
Herschel I. Grossman
2. Unanticipated Money and Economic Activity
Robert J. Barro and Mark Rush
Comments: Alan Blinder, Robert J. Gordon, and Robert Weintraub
General Discussion
3. The Monetary Mechanism in the Light of Rational Expectations
Olivier Jean Blanchard
Comments: Bennet T. McCallum, Michael Parkin, and David E. Lindsey
General Discussion
4. Can the Fed Control Real Interest Rates?
Robert J. Shiller
Comments: Phillip Cagan, Charles R. Nelson, James L. Pierce, and Martin Feldstein
General Discussion
5. A Competitive Theory of Fluctuations and the Feasibility and Desirability of Stabilization Policy
Finn Kydland and Edward C. Prescott
Comments: Martin Feldstein, Robert E. Hall, and John B. Taylor
General Discussion
6. Rules, Discretion, and the Role of the Economic Advisor
Robert E. Lucas
7. On Activist Monetary Policy with Rational Expectations
Stanley Fischer
Comments on Chapters 6 and 7: Robert E. Hall, Mark H. Willes, and Peter Howitt
General Discussion of Chapters 6 and 7
8. What to Do (Macroeconomically) When OPEC Comes
Robert M. Solow
Comment: Neil Wallace
9. Macroeconomic Policy, 1971-75: An Appraisal
William Poole
Comment: James L. Pierce
General Discussion of Chapters 8 and 9
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