Reading People: How Seeing the World through the Lens of Personality Changes Everything

Reading People: How Seeing the World through the Lens of Personality Changes Everything

by Anne Bogel


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If the viral Buzzfeed-style personality quizzes are any indication, we are collectively obsessed with the idea of defining and knowing ourselves and our unique place in the world. But what we're finding is this: knowing which Harry Potter character you are is easy, but actually knowing yourself isn't as simple as just checking a few boxes on an online quiz.

For readers who long to dig deeper into what makes them uniquely them (and why that matters), popular blogger Anne Bogel has done the hard part—collecting, exploring, and explaining the most popular personality frameworks, such as Myers-Briggs, StrengthsFinder, Enneagram, and others. She explains to readers the life-changing insights that can be gained from each and shares specific, practical real-life applications across all facets of life, including love and marriage, productivity, parenting, the workplace, and spiritual life. In her friendly, relatable style, Bogel shares engaging personal stories that show firsthand how understanding personality can revolutionize the way we live, love, work, and pray.

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Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 09/19/2017
Pages: 224
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About the Author

Anne Bogel is the creator of the popular blog Modern Mrs Darcy and the podcast What Should I Read Next? Her popular book lists and reading guides have established Bogel as a tastemaker among readers, authors, and publishers. Bogel lives in Louisville, Kentucky. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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Reading People: How Seeing the World through the Lens of Personality Changes Everything 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 37 reviews.
Rachel Bennett More than 1 year ago
"The point isn't to trap you in those boxes; it's to organize your behavior in a way that makes sense and helps you understand how the pieces work together, how to find them when you need them, and how to put them to work in pursuit of your best self." What a fun and informative read from Anne Bogel. I have always enjoyed personality tests and systems so jumping into this for me was already exciting; however, I believe Anne has approached these systems in such a way that those who know absolutely nothing about them will come away informed and excited to dive into their own personalities. She speaks about each framework with the confidence and authority of someone who's done her research, but she never seems patronizing or preachy. If you've ever wondered, "why do I do this?" or "does anyone else act or think like this?" or even "is this normal?!?" then this book is for you. I also love how Anne was so intentional in this book to not only inform readers about these different frameworks and structures but encourage us to use this new knowledge to better ourselves. I think often times people get discouraged by personality tests because they're not "the type that they want" but she reminds us that it's never wrong to be who you are. Buuut, she also doesn't give us permission to stay the same "just because it's my personality" but urges us to do better, and be better! I would recommend this to almost anyone, but especially those who already love reading - she uses examples of characters from classic literature to help explain some of the personality types (!!!).
TBRetc More than 1 year ago
If you're an avid reader, you have most likely heard of Anne Bogel, aka Modern Mrs. Darcy. I've been following her blog for years. She's someone you can look toward for a solid book recommendation, a space to discuss what you've been reading with other avid readers, and if you're lucky, personalized recommendations via a spot on her podcast, What Should I Read Next! What always stood out to me about her writing was its authenticity. She seemed to be someone who knows very well what books she's apt to enjoy and which ones she stays away from (she's a HSP and owns it!) I've always been impressed with the level of self-awareness she seems to possess. Turns out, there's a reason why she's so in tune with her own personality. She's been studying personality as a hobby for the better part of 10 years. Of course you've seen those quizzes online: what Disney princess are you, what famous Shark are you (seriously), and the like, and while those are fun, I've often been interested in finding serious personality quizzes to help me understand myself in a real way. I know that the quizzes that you find online are not going to be as thorough as the ones you would actually be able to complete with a trained professional, but I do think there are ones that we can take at home that are worthwhile. These assessments can be used as a guide and if you are able to answer honestly, I think you can gain some serious insight. Luckily, Anne has done the hard work for us. I would describe Reading People, her debut novel, as part memoir, part non-fiction, and part self-help. There are eight different major personality assessments that Anne introduces: Introverts and Extroverts, Highly Sensitive People, The Five Love Languages, Keirsey's Temperaments, The Myers-Briggs Indicator, the MBTI Cognitive Functions, the Clifton StrengthsFinder, and the Ennegram. I have a pretty solid background in psychology, but I definitely still found myself learning new things. I loved all of the citations she gave and there's plenty of if you want to know more about this, turn to this resource. I think what I found different about this book was that it was not meant to be a be all end all overview of all things personality. To me, it seems this was meant to serve as an introduction to personality to anyone who might want to know themselves and the people they work with better. One item that was stressed over and over was to answer the questions in the assessments truthfully and sincerely- answer who you REALLY are, not who you think you SHOULD be. That's harder than you think- but that's a part of the growth process. I'll admit, I had my eyebrow raised when I saw that the book may change how we live, work, and pray. I am not especially religious and tend to be intimidated by books that might have a religious tone. However, I wasn't turned off by Anne talking about the role in religion in she and her family's lives, since it felt like an authentic part of her experience. I thought the message would hold true for those that are religious and those that are not. I thought it was important to mention that because I'd hate for people to rule this book out for fear of it getting too religious.The book reminded me a bit of Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project (but less shallow). One of the ideas that stuck out to me that helped sell me on the importance of personality, is how one key piece of information can re-frame everything (relevant, if dated example- finding out in the Sixth Sen
Stefanie Nordstrom More than 1 year ago
Reading People is like sitting at Anne Bogel's kitchen table, having a cup of coffee and chatting about figuring out who you really are. Reading People is Bogel's personal journey with seven creditable personality types and their assessments. Not only does she share her experience finding legit assessments and resources for reliable results, but she shares her struggles in misclassifying herself. She gives a source of empathy that it can be hard to separate your natural tendencies with learned behavior and what culture pushes you to be. On top of that she shares how these improved her marriage or career or parenting... As a bonus, she includes more resources that take the next step to help you develop your natural potential - or even beyond it. Personality Types represented in Reading People: 1. Meyers-Briggs 2. 5 Love Languages 3. Enneagram 4. Highly Sensitive People 5. Clifton's Strengths Finder 6. Keirsey's Temperaments 7. Introvert vs Extrovert
MeganEricson1 More than 1 year ago
Because of this book: - I have an excuse forever to drink multiple cups of coffee per day. (Thank you extroverted brain.) - I found out my husband is an HSP (highly sensitive person) and how to prevent him from getting into the "Overtalked Introvert Danger Zone." - Finally confirmed, without a doubt, my Myers-Briggs type. It's ESTJ, BTW ;-) - And, found an old copy of StrengthsFinders 2.0 on our bookshelf (Score!), so I can hopefully decide where my career should be headed from here. I was thrilled to learn Anne Bogel (of the Modern Mrs. Darcy blog and What Should I Read Next? podcast) was launching a book with an overview of the top personality tests and why they've made a difference in her life. I am obsessed with personality tests. I am constantly analyzing my friends and family members (whether they want to be or not). Even though I've heard of all these typing systems and taken most of them, I didn't know how to learn from the results. The real gems from this book, in my opinion, are not the overviews of the personality types (though extremely helpful), it's Anne's insights into how that typing system can improve your life and help you along in your journey to personal growth. I think most people have been forced to take an assessment in a school or job setting, and then thought: "This isn't me!" Anne goes over common user-error issues in taking these assessments. Also, anyone who thinks personality tests are dumb or dislike being "put in a box" should read this book. Anne systematically debunks both assumptions, and more eloquently than I could ever try. As the old adage says: When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. This one found me at just the right time. P.S. I was given this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. And, honestly, I love it!
KateUnger More than 1 year ago
Reading People is an introduction to many different personality type frameworks. Similar in style to Gretchen Rubin’s books, Anne discusses her own experiences with typing herself, so the book is very conversational, while also educational. It’s like discussing these frameworks with a friend. I was familiar with some of the frameworks discussed in the book, but even then I still enjoyed those chapters because it was interesting to read Anne’s anecdotal stories also well as her simple, easy-to-understand explanations. The book covers the following personality type frameworks: Introverts vs. Extroverts Highly Sensitive People The Five Love Languages Keirsey’s Temperments The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (and Cognitive Functions) The Clifton StrengthsFinder The Enneagram This book is a terrific start if you’re interested in personality types and examining yourself or your loved ones. I found myself relating to many of the examples given in the book, and the whole time I was determined to type my husband and son. At only 203 pages, this book is very easy to get through. And it’s organized very well. Each chapter focuses on a new framework. Having the paper copy would be very helpful, so you could refer back to different sections in the future. Anne gives many helpful websites and other books if this book sparks your interest in a personality framework and you’re left wanting more. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in getting started learning about personality frameworks or for any fans of Anne Bogel who want to read her stories and learn more about her.
Katie Earley More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! It was great to explore the different personality frameworks that I've long been fascinated with, but still have much to learn about. There were many moments of recognizing myself in the pages (especially the section on Highly Sensitive People!). I feel like there's a lot of relief in being able to name our quirks, and better understanding them leads to an easier time navigating them. I will definitely be returning to this book again soon to really nail down my MBTI and Enneagram so I can keep learning! (I did receive a free copy and know the author in real life, but I promise that if I didn't like it I'd just avoid the topic. I'm very passive-aggressive like that. )
KBShank80 More than 1 year ago
My love for Anne Bogel’s Modern Mrs. Darcy blog, especially her book recommendations, lured me to her launch team application. Having the opportunity to read a book that my book guru actually wrote was something I couldn’t pass by. Reading People: How Seeing People through the Lens of Personality Changes Everything is a somewhat peculiar title and I wasn’t exactly sure how Anne was going to weave her friendly writing style into what seems like a very academic subject. Nevertheless, on our recent trip I loaded the book on my iPad and was pleasantly surprised immediately. Certainly this is a book all about personality types and testing but more so Anne focuses on how personality affects our lives. Bottom line, it takes the academic and makes it actionable. Anne brings together in one place some of the most helpful personality frameworks in a way that allows readers to truly consider themselves and others while they read. It’s all in the book—summaries of the personality types, details about how each type interacts, and tools to discover your type. When I started reading I was expecting an overview of personality traits. What I got instead was a guided tour of myself and those closest to me. Her stories helped me understand how my quirks were not completely crazy and probably even normal for the way I’m wired. “They’re not crazy; they’re just not us. They are hardwired differently than we are, and personality insights explain why and how.” My greatest gift from this book was the perspective of an outsider. She shares stories about herself and her family, gives examples of both the positive and negative implications of different traits, and offers suggestions on how to best utilize our unique personality to create a better community. While reading each chapter I started to understand more about each member of my family and how small changes could improve our overall family dynamic. “When we better comprehend our differences, we can appreciate them for what they are—even if that’s no guarantee they won’t drive us bonkers every once in a while.” This book helps us put what we learn into practice, creating the correct balance for us that utilizes our strengths, empowers others, and allows us to thrive. She uses a no-nonsense approach and relatable style to help us do the deep work necessary for change. When you’ve finished you’ll feel like she has given us permission to stop pretending to be something we’re not, be respectful of others, take responsibility for our actions, create realistic expectations, and take care of ourselves. It’s the gift we all need. Reading People is definitely a book for everyone who wants to understand themselves, their families, and the people around them. Nothing but good can come from truly embracing Anne’s words.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very informative on different personality tests. She provided historical context for each test as well as examples and how to apply the knowledge to every day life. A good and informative read for personality amateurs and self-help gurus alike.
Kayla_Stierwalt More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of Reading People: How Seeing the World through the Lens of Personality Changes Everything by Anne Bogel from Baker Books in exchange for a review. I love this book and , even more, I love that this book has led me to Anne and the Modern Mrs. Darcy Book Club. Reading People appeals to my interest in understanding personality and people on a deeper level. While it covers a lot of information I have already read (I’ve read numerous books about the Myers-Briggs personality typing), it gives a wonderful overview of various approaches. I recommend it as a place to start and as a resource for books to continue research. I agree with Anne that understanding these can help you understand yourself better and therefore know your strengths and tendencies and how to cater to those as you structure your life for success. Anne makes this information accessible and interesting for anyone, an accomplished feat considering the complexity of the subject. Her voice welcomes readers into this informative world in an enlightening way that truly highlights the wonderful aspects of understanding personalities and ourselves. I love how she does this.
LeighKramer More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars. Allow me to start with a bit of a humble brag: it’s not every day your friend credits you for an entire chapter in her book. (So full disclosure: Anne is my friend and I might be biased…but I really am impressed with this book!) Yep, Anne says my enthusiasm for the Enneagram is what got her interested in figuring out her type and I’m not sure I’ve ever received a better compliment. More on that below. Reading People is a fantastic resource and I wish it had been around when I was first looking into various personality frameworks in my early 20s. Anne walks us through several personality type frameworks, giving a basic introduction to each, explaining how to figure out your type, and then, most importantly, what to do with the information. It’s that latter aspect I could have used help with. I’ve always enjoyed figuring out my personality type. But when I was younger, it seemed like fun or interesting information but not anything that would necessarily change my life. That may be because I was still figuring out who I was, apart from any frameworks. Anne’s examples and analogies were relatable and easy to understand. It was fun to see what the personality type might be for various literary characters. (I often think about this when it comes to the Enneagram.) I’m especially grateful for the way she unlocked insights into the cognitive functions for MBTI. This aspect of Myers-Briggs has always confused me, even after my MBTI-junkie friend tried explaining it to me a few years ago. But after reading that chapter, I have a better grasp on how my INFJ works. If you’re friends with me for any length of time, chances are good I’ll bring up the Enneagram. It’s my favorite personality type framework and the one that’s had the most impact on my life. Figuring out I was a Four seven years ago has ultimately made me a stronger, healthier person. I got to vet chapter 9 ahead of time- I’m the Leigh she references- and I really hope Anne’s introduction to the Enneagram gets people more interested in figuring out their type. It’s not always the easiest to figure out your type because you have to own up to your struggles but each type has amazing gifts and gives us a path toward healing and wholeness. It’s completely worth it. If you’re new to figuring out your personality type or you’re not sure why personality types matter, this is the book for you. A brief note: Reading People was published by Baker Books, a Christian publisher. If you’re not a Christian, be aware there are some references to faith and Christianity. However, I don’t think it would be an off-putting amount if you’re not religious. There are more references to characters in books, for instance, than the Bible.
jojosmodernlife More than 1 year ago
Thank you Pinterest! I was introduced to Anne Bogel's work by Pinterest years ago by a pin about books that stemmed from her blog Modern Mrs. Darcy. I highly recommend her blog as it is a great resource for book recommendations as well as other fun lifestyle information. I also recommend her podcast What Should I Read Next? for all of anyone's bookish needs :). An in-depth yet easy to understand look into different personalities. It is also a look into the interactions of these distinct personalities and how conflict can be reduced by understanding how each person's personality affects how they communicate. I really enjoyed how she broke down each personality type, gave strengths and weaknesses of each, and referenced other resources so that the reader can investigate further. The section that made the biggest impact on me was the section about Highly Sensitive People. I have quite a few people in my life who would fit into this personality type and it completely opened my mind on understanding them. Also, it helped me learn how to be helpful when they are stressed. For example: keeping the kitchen counters clean. I wouldn’t have thought about the importance of it before reading this book. I would recommend this book for fans of non-fiction and self-help. I would also recommend this book for those who are fascinated by different personality types and would like to know more. Bonus: The audiobook is read by none other than the author Anne Bogel herself! Please note: I received a hard copy of the book for free from the author in the encouragement of an honest review.
dhiggins4 More than 1 year ago
“Reading People” by Anne Bogel was one of the most life changing books I’ve ever read. If I could give this book more than 5 stars, I would! I have learned so much from this book, and I intend to go back and review it some more. I have read multiple books on personality, but this is by far, the best one yet. The author explains many different factors for figuring out our personality type, i.e., The Five Love Languages, Myers-Briggs, Cognitive Functions, The Clifton StrengthsFinder and The Enneagram. I was already familiar with The Five Love Languages and the Myers-Briggs, but the other ones were new to me and very insightful. This book was extremely interesting and I had so many “aha” moments! I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in personality types and trying to understand others. I received this book from Baker Books for my honest opinion.
dhiggins4 More than 1 year ago
“Reading People” by Anne Bogel was one of the most life changing books I’ve ever read. If I could give this book more than 5 stars, I would! I have learned so much from this book, and I intend to go back and review it some more. I have read multiple books on personality, but this is by far, the best one yet. The author explains many different factors for figuring out our personality type, i.e., The Five Love Languages, Myers-Briggs, Cognitive Functions, The Clifton StrengthsFinder and The Enneagram. I was already familiar with The Five Love Languages and the Myers-Briggs, but the other ones were new to me and very insightful. This book was extremely interesting and I had so many “aha” moments! I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in personality types and trying to understand others. I received this book from Baker Books for my honest opinion.
Amaack More than 1 year ago
Have you ever been confused about the alphabet soup and descriptions that are also known as personality tests? I can tell you I'm an ISTJ with cognitive functions Si and Te. I'm a Guardian with introverted tendencies and my love language is Acts of Service. I'm an Enneagram 5, which falls right in line with my strengths of Input, Learner, and Intellection. Does this confuse you? These are all answers to several of the popular personality tests and frameworks I've encountered. Though I've known about most of these tests before, Reading People by Anne Bogel helped piece together a little more about how all of these tests can work together. Reading People is Bogel's attempt to share her extensive knowledge about personality tests with the world. Because I'd done many of the tests and read a few of the books Bogel uses as sources, I was already familiar with a majority of what was shared in this book. What I loved about Bogel's approach though was the reminder that while these tests give insight into who we are, it's what we do with this information that matters.  Through examples based on life and some of our favorite literary characters (could you expect anything less from the host of the What Should I Read Next? podcast?), Bogel breaks down the ins and outs of some of the most popular personality tests. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, StrengthsFinder, Enneagram, and The 5 Love Languages are just a few of the personalities in this book.  Bogel reminds us, "Personal growth takes us out of unhealthy reflexive actions and enables us to be more fully ourselves, more present, more aware, and more intentional." It's not enough to just know your personality. As Bogel wraps up Reading People, she reminds the reader that because we understand ourselves better, we can navigate the world better. It's not enough to just gain the knowledge. The important part is now using that information to find more healthy ways to interact with the world at large. I enjoyed reading Reading People. I found that because I had some basic knowledge of many of the personality tests shared in the book, it was slightly repetitive for me. However, I did appreciate the dive into the cognitive types on the MBTI, because it helped me nail down my wavering decision on whether I am an ISFJ or an ISTJ (definitely an ISTJ). I've also gained some more books that I want to read to dive deeper into some of these tests, particularly where kids are involved. I know for a fact that my daughter is an extrovert, and I'm about 90% sure she's a Highly Sensitive Person. So, being able to understand her personality better will help me learn to navigate our days to provide the best experiences for both of us! I received a copy of this book from Baker Books. This review is my own, honest opinion.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anne Bogel is my favorite bookish-personality, known for her blog—"Modern Mrs. Darcy"—and podcast, "What Should I Read Next." Now, as the author of "Reading People," she's combining her astute observations about character differences on and off the page with her love of personality frameworks. "Reading People" is a resource to trump all other personality exploration resources, with a little side-eye to Buzzfeed-esq viral quizzes and a rich understanding of the yearning for self-discovery that baits us into clicking. The book explores some of the most popular personality frameworks—including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, StrengthsFinder, and Ennegram—giving readers an overview of the frameworks' philosophy and the different personality types assessed in each framework. Bogel also uses personal anecdotes to show readers how they can apply these personality treasures to their own lives. Unique to any other book on the market, "Reading People" does not claim itself as the ultimate authority on all things relating to these personality frameworks. To the contrary, Bogel repeatedly explains that the book is simply meant to provide a convenient overview—all of the basics of the frameworks in one place—and encourages readers to delve deeper into other materials to learn more. Of course, as a fan of Bogel's I think what I loved most about this book was the conversational tone. For me, it was like sitting down to coffee with a friend to discuss an interesting topic—warm, engaging, and comforting. But as a fellow reader, I also loved how I could see Bogel's extensive knowledge of literary character development shine through—albeit subtly. I believe the personality revelations she presents in this book are largely aided by her voracious reading life off the page. I can picture her applying each and every one of the personality types to a famous literary character or ten. Regardless of my fangirling, I vouch for this book to everyone I know as an excellent resource to help people become more aware of themselves and the people they love—ultimately fostering stronger personal relationships and, I believe, a better appreciation for others and the differences of people in the world overall. I can personally say that I had multiple "ah-ha" moments of my own while reading, and my husband and I especially found value and intrigue in the Enneagram section. Bogel provides enough information for readers to be able to type themselves, should they wish too—and, at the very least, enough to give you some theories and a sense of direction for further study.
seekinggraceandgratitude More than 1 year ago
We live in a selfie culture obsessed with trying to nail down why we are the way we are, why certain things happen to us or behavioral patterns occur, and how we can become our best "selves." This is what attracted me to Anne Bogel's new book, Reading People. The book is intended to shine both light and depth on learning how to understand the unique personalities of ourselves and those we interact with. Inspired by pop culture's interest in online personality quizzes (you know, the many Facebook time-suckers with ranging themes from "find out which movie star is your perfect match!" to "discover the ice cream flavor that best describes who you are"), Reading People specifically focuses on the most reputable personality evaluations. This includes the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Enneagram, StrengthsFinder, and others. I was initially fascinated by the idea of understanding my own personality as well as the personalities of those closest to me. However, I found this book to be a bit more focused on logic and a lot less focused on application. I was hoping to attain a biblical perspective on personality as well as practical application and wisdom on how to approach the many personalities I encounter each day. While I wouldn't say the book failed at this I would say it certainly didn't succeed. Or at least, not for me. Perhaps the book was way more intellectual than I expected or than I prefer, which it very well could have been. I don't know, I just couldn't "get into" this book like I had hoped and I felt like I had already accomplished what the book intended after reading a few chapters. Once I felt like I nailed down my personality (plus the many personalities of those I do life with), I found the information to be very repetitive. Even though it was presented differently through the various personality evaluations, the content all seemed to be about the same. Additionally, I was disappointed by the lack of scripture and influence of spiritual growth. I was hoping this would be the heart of the book when in actuality it was an asterisk sparingly used. While Reading People received great endorsements, I most likely would not have chosen to read this book if I had read a review similar to mine. It is possible I am not fascinated with understanding and decoding personality like I had previously thought. With that said, if you are someone who enjoys personality quizzes and learning more about what makes you (or those you love) tick, this book may be a perfect match for you. * I was gifted this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. As a person who has changed immensely since becoming a follower of Christ 10+ years ago, I have found the quote below to be highly supportive of my personal transformation. “We are constantly evolving products of the influences we take into our brains. What we look at, what we long for – to a large extent, this is exactly who we become. The foundational habits we adopt, the people we hang out with, the thoughts we dwell on – these all greatly impact the kinds of people we are and the kinds of people we become, as well as how we change and how much.” ~ Anne Bogel, Reading People
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anne Bogel takes the work of researching personalities and brings the reader an easy to read jumping off point to get to know themselves and those around them better. After years of her own research, she’s letting her readers know her favorite personality typing assessments, where to take the quizzes for yourself, and how knowing your personality can help you relate to the people around you. The conversational style of the book makes it seem like a chat with a very knowledgeable friend, but don’t let that comment make you think this book is fluff. It’s not, and I know the chapter on cognitive functions is going to take me a few read-throughs. Simply put, if you’ve ever taken the Myers Briggs assessment, found out your Enneagram number, or wondered if you were a highly sensitive person, then you’d like Anne Bogel and this book. She’ll give you some more insight into those assessments as well as a few others. I like this book enough that even though I was selected to receive a free copy from the publisher, I went ahead and bought another hard copy to reference and pass along.
aharey More than 1 year ago
Reading People by Anne Bogel is the personality book I've always wanted to read but didn't know it. She breaks down several of the most popular and well-known personality frameworks to the nitty gritty, making them easy to understand and made me eager to try each of them. This book reads like fiction, but really gets to the heart of why understanding the makeup of our own personalities can help us live the life we really want. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever been curious about the different frameworks or wants to find ways to learn more about themselves.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Reading People was one of the most eye-opening books I've read. Anne Bogel kindly walks you through various personality assessments using common language that is thought provoking without feeling like you're reading a textbook. The anecdotes that Bogel includes allow the reader to relate to each personality type in a positive way. I found that this style of writing helped me to better understand others' thoughts without being given the mentality that one specific type is better than another. Additionally, this book has helped me to understand my own emotions and how my actions are influenced by my personality. I'd highly recommend Reading People - this book will open your eyes to a new world of understanding yourself and others!
KimBocko More than 1 year ago
I truly enjoyed Reading People by Anne Bogel. I've followed her blog, Modern Mrs. Darcy, for the past two years and was excited about her book launch. What I love about the book is that Anne provides the framework for a variety of personality lenses, but then makes each accessible by providing real-life and relatable examples and stories. I feel like I have the tools to understand myself better. A great read!
CisnerosCafe More than 1 year ago
Reading People: how seeing the world through the lens of personality changes everything by Anne Bogel was published by Baker Books. I chose this book for review and was provided a complimentary paperback in exchange for my honest review. "'What am I really like?' is a scary question" (Bogel, 33). I'm an introvert? I beg your pardon? According to who? I'm an outgoing rockstar - in my head, behind a good book (never a bad one), and alone time is my soul language. Anne Bogel pegged me from a mile away with her new book, Reading People. Bogel delivers a personality rich book that condenses all those Buzzfeed personality quizzes into one book with a pretty design on the front cover. It reminds me of the Beauty and the Beast rose contained in the terrasphere. I felt a little like I morphed from Beauty to Beast when I read about my personality. Just kidding. "All this time I thought I was an extrovert with a knack for adventure. I want to jump out of an airplane!" My husband raised one eyebrow in protest of my assessment. "Your idea of a perfect life is living in the mountains, devoid of civilization, surrounded by books, and journals." He gets me. Anne Bogel gets me. Fifty pages into Reading People, I rolled my eyes, exited my vehicle because it was time to go back to work from my lunch hour, and huffed all the way into my office. Who does Modern Mrs. Darcy think she is? Obviously, her expertise was rubbing me the wrong way. I've always imagined myself an extrovert. The thing is I've always wanted to be an extrovert. What I believed an extrovert was had me totally reading myself wrong. "...understanding things beneath the surface-why people act the way they act and prefer the things they prefer-helps us at least make sense of what's going on" (Bogel, 55). When I take personality tests, I answer how I imagine myself to be not who I truly am. Who needs Buzzfeed telling me what kind of reader or lover I am. Puh-leeze! But if I want to understand myself in relation to my husband's personality, my teenager's personality, and my tween's personality, it behooves me to learn about personality types (and not the ones flung at us from Facebook). In each chapter, Bogel does a great job of offering further research and real assessments online. By the end of the book I was hyperaware of the fact that I'm also hypersensitive (HSP). Imagine that. Turns out random acts of kindness send me into an episode of tears not because I'm depressed but because I'm hypersensitive.  I cannot be more grateful for this book. Here's to understanding my little family better and hoping I can read someone before I judge them. I recommend this book if you're looking to embrace who you are and who others are in relation to their personality.
Anna White More than 1 year ago
I am a longtime reader of Modern Mrs. Darcy and was able to be on the launch team for this book. The overarching theme of the book is that learning more about our personalities and the personalities of those we loves lets us get outside the narrow box of the way we view ourselves and to get a bigger picture of who we are and why we do the things that we do. The book is organized into chapters that focus on many different types of personality assessments, from the Myers Briggs (MBTI) to the Enneagram. Each chapter gives a broad overview of the personality assessment and refers the reader to resources so that they can take the different assessments and learn about themselves. Bogel emphasizes the fact that it can be very hard to identify aspects of your personality because often when taking self assessments we answer based on who we wish we were rather than our actual lifelong character traits, and I have to agree with this completely! I like how she gives a good overview of so many different types of personality assessments and how she wrote about her personal experience with each assessment. I feel the weakness of the book is that it does not include any actual personality assessments in it (because of course they are all copyrighted). To really get the full experience the reader has to go outside the book to the internet or to other books to actually take the personality assessments. To get the full benefit of the book I feel the reader would either need to already be very familiar with the different personality frameworks or would need to read each chapter, take the personality test online, and refer back to the chapter again. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in personality, especially those who already have an idea of what type they are on the MBTI, Enneagram, etc. I am a personality junkie and was familiar with almost all of the assessments covered in the book, but I learned new things and enjoyed the way Bogel related the different personality assessments to her own life. (less)
GuyAustin More than 1 year ago
Fascinated with personality quizzes? Love digging a little deeper into what makes you tick, your husband, wife or partner tick? This is a non fiction work. A self help. A resource guide. It is a explaining of personality frameworks with a personal connection to them by the author and it was very readable. I enjoy a book I learn something from. I learned a great deal from this one. In fact some of the information I gleaned about myself is the reason I started a blog this summer. Though, I was part of the launch team for this book and given an advance reader copy in exchange for a review, it was not what I thought it was going to be, In a good way. I really enjoyed all it had to offer. Because of this work by Anne Bogel. I will be doing a deeper dive into the subject matter and learn more about myself towards the goal of improving how I interact with the world and my close relationships.
Amy Nabors More than 1 year ago
I first became interested in personality frameworks in college when a friend introduced me to the book Please Understand Me that talks about the Myers Brigg Type Indicator personality framework. (I’m an introvert, highly sensitive person, INFJ, & Enneagram Type 1.) Over the past few years though I’ve loved learning more about the various types of personality frameworks out there, though, and that’s why I think Reading People is such a great book for everyone whether you are just beginning to study about personality types or if you’ve been dabbling in various ones for years like me. Anne does an excellent job summarizing several different personality frameworks in a way that is easy to understand. It can be overwhelming to pick up books on the most popular personality frameworks, but she pares them down to their basics without losing any of the important things you should know about them. She also shares interesting historical facts about some of the frameworks like how the Enneagram has been around since the fourth century. She also shares resources where you can learn more about each one if you want to dig deeper. Here are the frameworks she discusses along with a great chapter on introverts vs. extroverts: The Five Love Languages StrengthsFinder 2.0 Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Kiersey’s Temperments The Enneagram Anne understands that when we can view not only ourselves, but our family members, friends, co-workers, and really anyone we encounter that it can make a world of difference in not only how we interact with them, but in also in how we understand tham and so many other ways as well.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Even if I weren’t an Anne Bogel fan, I would truly have enjoyed this book. The key to any book like this, however, is to apply it after you have put it down and the cover starts to gather dust. I can say for certain that I will continue using the ideas she presents well into the future. It would have been easy for this type of book to be very theoretical, but Anne looks at several of the most helpful frameworks and gives practical, real-life examples of personality typing in action. The amount of information out there about various personality frameworks could be incredibly overwhelming, but this book makes the tools very accessible and easy to put into practice immediately.