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Relief from Anxiety and Panic: by changing how you breathe

Relief from Anxiety and Panic: by changing how you breathe

by Tess Graham
Relief from Anxiety and Panic: by changing how you breathe

Relief from Anxiety and Panic: by changing how you breathe

by Tess Graham


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Relief from Anxiety and Panic by Tess Graham


There is a fast and natural way to get lasting relief from anxiety, but you may not have heard of it. Few people realise that the key is to correct the underlying disturbance in their physiology – that is, body function and blood chemistry, by learning to breathe correctly. And that is NOT deep breathing!


  • You feel more or less anxious most of the day
  • You sometimes feel breathless, spaced out or panicky for no reason
  • You sleep poorly, toss and turn, or snore, and wake up tired
  • You have scary palpitations or tingling in your hands or feet
  • These are all common symptoms in people who do not breathe correctly.

    You can calm anxiety, stop panic attacks, and get your life back, by learning to breathe the way calm people do.

    Relief from Anxiety and Panic provides a fascinating insight into how your everyday way of breathing can be responsible for the mental torture and uncomfortable physical symptoms you may live with daily. Drawing on over two decades of research and clinical experience, physiotherapist Tess Graham shows you how to recognise your faulty breathing habits and change them – easily, step-by-step, through breathing retraining as thousands have done.

    You will learn simple strategies to * quickly relieve mental and physical symptoms of anxiety, * abort a panic attack, * reduce stress, * increase focus, * stay calm under pressure, and to * switch off at night to enjoy restful sleep. You will learn how to control your physiology for a lifetime of wellbeing. You will read about lives transformed just by learning to breathe properly. It is not complicated. You usually feel benefits immediately.

    Don’t be a victim – change your breathing and change your life!

    From the author of the ground-breaking book, Relief from Snoring and Sleep Apnoea: a step-by-step guide to restful sleep and better health through changing the way you breathe.

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    Product Details

    ISBN-13: 9780995412705
    Publisher: BreatheAbility Publications
    Publication date: 10/09/2017
    Series: BreatheAbility for Health , #2
    Pages: 224
    Sales rank: 929,711
    Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.47(d)

    About the Author

    Tess Graham is uniquely qualified to talk about breathing. For over two decades she has delivered breathing retraining programs to more than 6000 people - children, adults, the elderly, athletes and invalids alike - with extraordinary and consistent success. She established Australia's first dedicated breathing clinic in Canberra, Australia in 1993. Tess graduated from the University of New South Wales with a science degree, majoring in anatomy and physiology and has post graduate qualifications in physiotherapy and breathing retraining. She built up a clinical practice focused entirely on breathing-related issues, the most common of which were asthma, anxiety and panic disorders, and sleep-breathing problems like snoring and sleep apnea. Other areas of focus included children's breathing-related issues, and working with athletes for sports performance enhancement. Tess has involved herself with research, development, training, writing and lecturing in the growing field of breathing retraining. She has appeared on national radio and television and is a frequent speaker at conferences and industry events. Tess is the director of BreatheAbility International and creator of the BreatheAbility® for Health seminars and programs. She conducts practitioner training programs throughout Australia and abroad.

    Table of Contents

    Reviews Foreword Introduction Part One Understanding Anxiety And Panic: The Way You Breathe, The Way You Feel 1 - Anxiety-a new understanding, a practical solution 2 - Anxiety and stress disorders - what are they 3 - Signs, symptoms, causes of anxiety disorders 4 - How does your breathing compare to normal 5 - Let's begin 6 - The over-breathing model - explaining anxiety disorders 7 - Not just the head stuff - explaining those other symptoms 8 - Why me? How disordered breathing starts 9 - The food connection Part Two How To Change Your Breathing: Day By Day, Habit By Habit 10 - The breathing retraining approach 11 - The program: nine healthy habits in nine days 12 - Healthy habit one: awareness 13 - Healthy habit two: nose breathing 14 - Healthy habit three: upright posture 15 - Healthy habit four: regular breathing 16 - Healthy habit five: diaphragm breathing 17 - Healthy habit six: eight to twelve breaths per minute 18 - Healthy habit seven: silent invisible breathing 19 - Healthy habit eight: breathing control when speaking and singing 20 - Healthy habit nine: breathing well during exercise 21 - Where to from here? 22 - Rescue breathing exercises for anxiety and panic attacks 23 -Strategies for insomnia and improved sleep 24 - Working with your doctor 25 - Hold-ups to improvement 26 - Taking it further 27 - Summary, plan and learning guide 28 - Conclusion Frequently asked questions Glossary Chapter references and resource materials Learning resources Acknowledgements About the author Tess Graham-Trainer Tess Graham-Speaker

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