by Andrew Lam


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Sometimes the line that separates coward from hero is not easy to spot.

When that line is crossed, to what lengths will a remorseful man go to set things right?

That’s a question that had never crossed Daniel Tokunaga’s mind until the U.S. government started calling, wanting to know more about his father’s service with the 442nd Regimental Combat Team during World War II. Something happened while his father was fighting the Germans in France, and no one is sure exactly what.

At least, no one who’s still alive and willing to give details.

Wanting answers, Daniel upends his life to find out what occurred on a small, obscure hilltop half a world away, in a quest for the truth that threatens his marriage, his sanity, and the love of everyone he holds dear. In unraveling his family’s catastrophic past, the only thing for certain is that nothing—his life, career, and family—can ever be the same again.

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ISBN-13: 9781946501127
Publisher: Tiny Fox Press LLC
Publication date: 05/01/2019
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 144,016
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.25(h) x 0.68(d)

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Repentance 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous 24 days ago
Repentance is a historical novel centered around 2 main characters, Ray Tokunaga, and his son, Daniel. The story focuses on the relationship between father and son, which is skillfully interwoven between events during World War II and the present era (late 1990's). Andrew Lam uses the backdrop of the European theater and the famous 442nd infantry regiment, well-known for being comprised of soldiers of Japanese ancestry, who fought bravely for their country despite being discriminated against at home. The battle scenes are historically detailed and captivating, and the story between and amongst family members and loved ones are well done-----it is a novel that is hard to put down from the beginning. Although with each passing year, our collective memory of those in the 'Greatest Generation' who fought WWII becomes more distant, it is a novel like this that reminds present-day readers of the sacrifices and burdens that these young men carried during, and after the war, and how much we and our nation are indebted to them. The story between father and son, as well as the accompanying storylines between husbands-wives and other loved ones includes themes and lessons that impact all of us: themes about love, sacrifice, forgiveness, understanding, and a desire to provide for our children opportunities that we as parents did not have. There are also themes about the importance of valuing and honoring those who we love the most, and not taking them for granted in the midst of the distractions and chaos of our everyday obligations of work and life. All in all, a fantastic read. It is one that anyone should enjoy and appreciate.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Read this book!! - Be drawn into a world of ‘uncommon valor’ I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel - Dr. Lam had me fully engaged from the first page. As a well reputed cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Tokunaga is the ‘hero’ surgeon that handles impossible surgical cases. He seems to have achieved the great rewards of life - a beautiful wife, great career, financially well off... what more could he need? Yet, he learns of a new kinds of heroism through the messy journey of uncovering his father’s legacy - all the while the reader is also introduced to the heroism of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. This piece of historical fiction was fast paced, engaging. I learned about these sons of Japanese Americans who fought to protect the very nation that had oppressed and mistreated their families. Themes of honor and sacrifice and the psychological effects of war are presented through the lives of these soldiers. Complex relationships which often accompany cultural and generational differences are handled with realism and sensitivity. I recommend this book to any person who is aware that who they are today is possible only through the great courage & sacrifice of previous generations. This is certainly true of myself. Grateful that Dr. Lam has brought the relevance of these timeless themes to our current day experiences.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Lam provides a fascinating history lesson with a page-turning account the 442nd Army regiment comprised of Japanese American soldiers during WW2. The book is brilliantly executed. Lam’s deep knowledge of the subject, combined with his suspenseful narrative and engrossing character development, result in a book I could not put down. Highly recommended!
Anonymous 6 months ago
This book was captivating from beginning to end and didn't want to put it down. Not only was the book well written, but the historical backdrop was meticulously researched and shed light on a little-known but valiant Japanese-American regiment who fought honorably for a country that discriminated against them. I also appreciated the character development and the plot itself. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a good read.
VAretiree 6 months ago
Must read. Historic fiction which highlights an important period in American history and the heroism of Japanese-Americans in the face of prejudice and injustice. Story is engrossing, it is hard to put down the book. Prose is rich and characters endearing. Highly recommended.
Alan Cloutier 6 months ago
Now here is a book you will truly enjoy reading. Dr. Andrew Lam writes about the very brave US Japanese American soldiers of the 442 infantry that fought in Italy and in France during World War II, and why some of them chose to fight. They fought and died for the US, even as many of them had ties to the Japanese internment/relocation camps out west made possible by president Roosevelt. Lam weaves this important history into a flowing story about two men named Ray and Hiro, their families, and how they are connected. When you think you have this story figured out, there comes another surprise. This tale spans more than a generation and carried me back and forth in time between 1944 and 1998. Back from when these men were young soldiers and friends, and then on to how their battlefield bravery played out 54 years later. How “honor” affected their children in unimaginable ways. This clarified for me what was literally just a footnote in my public school history book. How Japanese internment camps eventually housed more than 100,000. How the majority were US citizens. Every American should know this part of our past, and this enjoyable, easy read is a great way to learn it. Thank you for this book! Alan Cloutier.
NNLight 7 months ago
This is quite an intense book. The emotions of the reader are taken for a roller coaster ride throughout. The story of Daniel and his journey through the emotions of his life is one that is worthy of a reader’s time. The author accurately portrays the difficulties, pain, suffering and horror of warfare in the Vosges Mountains in World War 2. I’m so royally offended at the example of cowardice when Daniel's 'Dad' ran away and left Hiro to the Germans. That the character himself considered himself a coward and never lived that down, placated me. The character used his cowardice as fuel to fire up his later heroic actions gives the reader a sense of wonder at the bounds of the human spirit. The journey of Daniel from his earliest days through his troubled marriage and then to the truth is very well told. The depth of human spirit is ably explored and those who have a troubled existence, in any form, can gain strength from reading Daniel's journey. Andrew Lam does an impactful job bringing to light both the incredible actions of the 442nd in combat and how they were victims of racial injustice in the lack of appropriate battlefield awards at the time. Repentance also brings an excellent ray of light on the dark passage that was the internment of Americans of Japanese descent in World War 2. I observed a number of times when love is somewhat denigrated either as an aside or from direct commentary. This reader must state that while some marriages are born out of no love and some marriages the love is so weak it disappears...if you find the person you love with all your heart and they love you the same then the love only grows every single day. Repentance is a superb book and while not an easy read it is a book that I recommend to everyone. My Rating: 5 stars
Anonymous 7 months ago
I received an advance copy of Repentance. This book is fabulous. A stunner. It made me cry. It hit me on two levels. First, it’s a touching story of a broken family. Daniel Tokunaga is a cardiac surgeon whose marriage is falling apart and who hasn’t spoken to his war-hero father for a decade. These strained relationships set up a number of gut-wrenching scenes of anger, disappointment, drama and redemption that I won’t soon forget. Secondly, it’s the story of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, a group of unsung Japanese American WWII heroes who fought for their country even after that country had taken away their families’ possessions and freedom by rounding them up and putting them in internment camps. I’m quite surprised there hasn’t already been a best-selling novel about their incredible history before. I don’t want to give away any spoilers so I will only say that this book made me think about (and appreciate) my relationships with friends and family, and simultaneously opened my eyes to a totally new aspect of American history. If you’ve got a book club that likes historical fiction, this would be perfect. I highly recommend it.