The Resurrection Of Hannah

The Resurrection Of Hannah

by Kathryne Arnold


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Samantha Clark is fast approaching a crossroads in her life, she just doesn't know it yet. In her late thirties, single, and caught up in the hustle of everyday life, she is disenchanted with her predictable lifestyle as a psychotherapist on the west coast of Florida. "Sammi" begins to experience troubling physical symptoms and turns to alternative medicine in her quest for answers. Through experimentation and curiosity, startling events begin to unfold, revealing a dream world where she becomes transfixed by an overpowering spiritual connection. This unlikely teacher shows Sammi how to move beyond her physical self, to be open to other levels of existence, to break free from the emotional bonds that hold her back.

As an exciting relationship blossoms in her present life, Sammi stumbles upon a centuries-old past, forcing her to examine personal beliefs as she struggles to stay adrift in both worlds. Held spellbound by her extraordinary history, she retraces her past life, discovering that it holds the key to her current dilemmas. She soon becomes entangled in a mysterious murder from which there is no turning back. Sammi must now solve the crime in order to cut the cord that binds her to a long-ago past, freeing her at last to live fully in the present.

Kathryne Arnold has interweaved themes of the paranormal with the current realities of everyday life, creating a complexly rich psychological tale. The Resurrection of Hannah is an unforgettable story of self-discovery, friendship, love beyond time and the resiliency of the human spirit.

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ISBN-13: 9781456725204
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/15/2011
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.65(d)

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The Resurrection of Hannah

A novel inspired by true events
By Kathryne Arnold


Copyright © 2011 Kathryne Arnold
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-2520-4

Chapter One

I woke to the sharp snap of a dry branch as it broke against the living room window. On nights when sleep evaded my grasp, I sought refuge on the couch. Last night my eyes refused to close until many hours after midnight, despite the various attempts to lull myself to sleep. I had been preoccupied with the demands of the holiday season and all that was upon me, doubting whether my energy would last through the next few weeks. Brushing the hair out of my face, I grudgingly opened my eyes to face the new day.

It was a balmy Saturday morning and I was thankful the workweek was behind me. At times I enjoyed my occupation as a psychotherapist, but it could often be emotionally and mentally draining. In November I had made plans to meet early in the afternoon with a group I participated in that discussed metaphysics. At this point in time, however, the last thing I wanted to do was use my brain in any capacity. It would have thrilled me to no end if my biggest decision was whether to cook my morning eggs sunny-side up or poached. Not that I didn't love this group of six that met faithfully every month. I just wasn't in the mood to open my mind expansively or engage in any group experience. An uneasy feeling had begun to develop, the seed of it taking root during the night.

As I abandoned my comfy couch and stumbled toward the bathroom, I slammed a big toe against the doorframe. Collapsing into a ball and muttering obscenities, I managed to hobble to the tub. Working the faucets, I cautiously stepped in and lowered myself into the rapidly rising warm water, willing myself to relax. Lately, it was obvious that my nerves were shaky, and I was lacking in the concentration department as well. But what troubled me more were the increasing bouts of insomnia and fatigue.

My reverie evaporated the moment the phone rang. I scrambled out of the tub and checked the nearest handset, the Caller ID displaying the name of my friend hosting our one o'clock group. My association with Rebecca ran deep, beginning as colleagues ten years ago and building into a relationship steeped in mutual trust and respect. I had noticed immediately that she had a curious mix of traditional male and female characteristics. She had thick, naturally wavy blond hair that I could not help but envy, and strong, attractive features with premature wrinkles around her thirty-six-year-old eyes, mostly from spending half of her life outdoors. Rebecca was vertically challenged, five feet was a stretch, with a compact, muscular build. She was a naturally gifted sailor, runner, and tennis player, so much so that I questioned whether she had sprinted out of her mother's womb with crosstrainers on her feet. I scooped up the receiver and imparted a cheery hello.

"Hi Sammi. I am so glad you're home," she said, her voice tinged with anxiety.

"What's wrong? Are you okay?"

"I just got in from jogging and checked my machine. I'm worried about Julie. You know, my friend from New York. She left a message about a mass or something on her ovary. I'm not sure, and I'm having a hard time getting ahold of her."

Rebecca was most surely clutching the phone, her face contorted as she revealed this information. She was easily excitable and at times given to histrionic behavior. She was born into a privileged background by parents who were known to be generous with the bucks but tight with the love. You know, poor-little-rich-girl syndrome. Her mother's moodiness and insecurity were definitely visited upon the child. Right now I knew it was my "job" to step in and offer reassuring, sensible advice. After she calmed down, we made plans to go out that night for dinner. I added that I needed some objective insight into a recent disturbingly vivid dream that was haunting me.

"I'm really looking forward to the two of us just relaxing and talking, but as usual, I'm putting the cart before the horse. Guess I'd better get some cleaning done before the gang gets here. Thanks again for listening."

"Anytime, you know that. It'll be good to go out and have some fun. Anyway, I'll see you soon," I said, antsy to get going. I needed to tackle some errands before going to Rebecca's. I grabbed my to-do list, and headed out the door.

My first stop was Nature's Health Market. I shopped there weekly because of its eclectic clientele and earthy-smelling produce. I got on the organic bandwagon many moons before it became popular, enduring shit from my friends for doing so, figuring I'd live a few more years in which to kick their collective butts. When I entered the place, the smell of rich, exotic coffee overwhelmed me. Allowing the aroma to fill my lungs, a feeling of familiarity inundated me, but I had no idea why. Suddenly, my body jolted upright. I grabbed onto the nearest shelf to catch myself, sensing I was going to faint. This was followed by a tremendous rush of lightheadedness, accompanied with the sensation of butterflies in my stomach. Todd, the manager of the store with whom I was acquainted, rushed to my side as my legs gave way to the floor. Once Todd was able to steady me, he placed a comforting hand on my shoulder. "Samantha, are you all right?"

My tongue felt thick, making it difficult to form words. I reached out for assistance, but my arms were dead weight. "Please, help me up," I said, overcome with embarrassment for causing an unseemly ruckus in the midst of the gluten-free aisle.

"Are you feeling okay?"

"Not really ... I feel queasy."

"Just be careful getting up," he said, offering me a hand. "What happened?"

"I have no idea. If you hadn't rescued me, I probably would've split my head open." Perspiration clung to my brow as we walked to the café. Todd fetched his poor patron some Evian, then excused himself after urging me to rest for a few minutes. What the heck was that all about? It couldn't be my hypoglycemia acting up; breakfast was just two hours ago. I'm probably more stressed than I realized. I'm forever running around – trying to do too much in too little time. After taking a minute to regroup and feeling more like my old self, I set about mindfully finishing my errands on the way to Rebecca's. I still felt a bit wobbly as I rounded the corner to my friend's house, but tried to forget my perplexing spill, pushing aside the feeling of spacey detachment that was increasing daily. Bursts of sunlight were beginning to poke through the thinning layer of gray clouds. It's going to be another beautiful day.

Two scruffy tabby cats greeted me as I approached her front door. I surveyed the browning lawn and unruly vines that had choked the life out of several potted plants. The porch was lined with cracked bricks that had lost their color from countless years in the sun. The front door burst open as I stood there observing my friend's lack of housekeeping skills, one of the several traits we had in common.

"Hello, Missy," Rebecca said, using the fond nickname we shared only with each other. "You're here! Give me a hug, now." The sheer force of Rebecca's energy nearly knocked me over. "It is so good to see you. It seems like ages since you've been here."

"Hi, there," I said, hugging her close, "I've missed you, too. I'm glad to see you're in better spirits."

Rebecca ushered me inside her cozy living room. "Yeah, I am. I've decided to lighten up." She picked up her hair and flicked it to the side. "I need to start taking things, as they say, one day at a time."

"Sounds like a good idea ... for both of us," I said.

"Hey Sammi, before I forget. I want to hear about that dream you mentioned earlier on the phone. You know I'm into that stuff."

"We don't have time now to get into it, but I'll tell you over dinner. It was so unbelievably powerful, it unnerved the hell out of me."

"Sounds perfect for analyzing," Rebecca said, peering out the front window when she heard the slamming of a car door, bringing our conversation to a halt. "Great. Kelly is here. Let the fun begin."

I immediately plopped onto the midnight blue leather sofa to claim half of it as mine. Kelly, Thomas, and Melissa arrived in quick succession, the latter two carpooling to save on gas. Rebecca busied herself pouring herbal raspberry iced tea into crystal goblets. We chattered away, catching up with the recent events in one another's lives. Melissa started telling one of her bawdy jokes, something she often did, more for the shock value than for the course subject matter. She's a big girl with some extra meat on her pretty bones, but manages to carry her weight effortlessly. Maybe this is more due to the creative outfitting that so well disguises her pounds. Melissa's porcelain face is punctuated by large eyes the color of emeralds and perfectly framed by a voluminous head of red hair. She is all too aware of her angelic appearance, and takes advantage of her entrancing looks and bubbly personality on many occasion, but not in a corrupt or hurtful manner. She simply uses them to get want she wants, and it works.

After Jason rambled in last, around quarter past one, everyone found a spot in which to get comfortable. We were pleased that all were able to make it today, for often there was one or two who couldn't attend, leaving us with a feeling of incompleteness within our little circle. The smell of lavender oil from the aromatherapy heater permeated the air. Thomas took it upon himself to light the candles that had been placed strategically throughout the room. The soft trickling of the indoor fountain was especially calming, causing my stress to melt away as I kicked off my shoes, curling my feet beneath me.

Having found myself in the role of ringleader, I spoke up first. "Okay everybody, let's begin. Last time Kelly touched on dream reentry and conscious, or lucid, dreaming. We were supposed to read up on them and then practice on our own. Did everybody get to do this?"

Jason shifted in his chair. He was the youngest, and the least intellectual of the bunch. His tousled blond hair and boyish good looks kept my sluggish hormones limping along. "I'm still confused by the whole thing. I tried controlling my dreams for three nights in a row, but couldn't stay focused long enough to get anywhere. It's frustrating." Others shook their heads in agreement.

Kelly jumped right in. "We can go over it again, Jason." Kelly thought of herself as the resident dream expert, eager to expound on the intricacies of these topics, usually sounding like a scientist when she did so. When watching her, I noticed a broad face splattered with freckles of varying dimensions, with eyes set quite close to a fairly prominent nose. Her body was to die for, and she had the habit of sticking her ample chest out whenever she talked, almost in an attempt to divert attention from her face. "I've read various definitions about these techniques, so I'm going to present my own interpretation that hopefully makes sense. Dream reentry and lucid dreaming are two well-known methods of actively participating in our dreams. To me they're both kind of connected. Dream reentry is just that, wanting to re-enter a dream for whatever reason, and a desire to relive it or alter its content. Conscious dreaming involves the act of increased awareness during the dream state in order to control your dream, or taking a fantasy from your conscious mind and then willing yourself to dream that experience. For example, my mother died three years ago, but I recently dreamt we were back in my childhood home, baking chocolate chip cookies. It was so emotionally satisfying that I became obsessed with reenacting the dream. I eventually realized that it was my intense motivation that made it possible to develop this skill. But it can take months, even years, to learn how to control them."

"I've had emotionally charged dreams and to some degree, was able to go back into them after I woke up. I've re-experienced similar dream content, but haven't been successful in going back to the exact same dream," Melissa said.

Kelly and Thomas acted as de facto teachers of the group, and to a lesser degree, so did Rebecca. The rest of us felt like freshmen wrestling with such profound constructs and hoping someday to utilize them in our simple lives. "Personally, I need some help in figuring out how to tap into this wellspring of emotions," I said. "I'd love to manipulate my dreams, and I understand that the strength of emotions plays a vital role. What I'd like to know is what we stand to gain from learning to control our dreams, other than it's a cool thing to do." Melissa snickered in response.

Kelly went on. "Well, people usually want to continue the original dream where it left off to see where it takes them, or they liked it so much that they want to re-experience the entire dream. The more of an emotional investment that exists, the higher the probability that this can occur. There is a mind-body-spirit element to dreaming that involves memory on both a cellular and soul level. To connect to your emotional self, you first have to identify your feelings, which are often just below the surface, and then you need to tap into them. But trying to tap into certain desirable feelings or dream states at will, that's what is so difficult. These methods of dream control are fascinating because we have free license to do what we wish without social sanction, guilt or fear. Anyway, I'm getting off on a tangent, sorry," Kelly said, turning toward me and continuing with her discourse, "So Sammi, to answer your question about what you have to gain. I'd say self-empowerment, for one thing. You can reconnect with your higher self, or gain increased knowledge of the landscape of the unconscious. Some people do it to discover their intrinsic healing abilities, or to find out what's sucking the life force out of them. I began because of a strong drive toward self-actualization. I wanted a heightened sense of spirit."

Thomas added his two cents. He reminded me of a wise old owl and was the elder of our clan, with a puff of white hair springing from a six-foot frame. He had the disheveled appearance of an egghead professor, his clothes never quite right, ill-fitting and out of style. Thomas still wore his favorite jacket on chilly days, a thirty-year- old checked thing with worn patches on the elbows. And he didn't walk, he loped, with shoulders hunched, usually lost in some lofty thought. "I have a couple of things to say. First, I believe that events, mindfulness, and emotionality are all important aspects of dreaming. But we must be aware of the state between being awake and asleep, when our ego boundaries are looser and humans are more willing to explore whatever paths they stumble upon. That is when we are more able to focus inwardly since there is less personal attachment to everything in our world. Another thing to remember is to pay special attention to dreams that have unusual types or degrees of emotional content, or dreams that tend to reoccur spontaneously. This is when your dreams, or perhaps your higher self, wants you to sit up and take notice. Pay close attention to your heart, for it will set you free," he said, with a hint of a smile on his craggy face.

It became glaringly obvious to Rebecca that some of us needed guidance on how to set our hearts free. "Semantics sometimes just confuses the issue. I think we need to do more and talk less. We should probably practice how to relax through meditation, as a group. Do you guys agree?" There was a chorus of nods. Rebecca was in her element. "Good. This will help to provide direction in order to better practice this individually at night. Let's do an exercise that will help focus your energy and quiet your mind as you fall asleep. Everybody get in a comfortable position, and try to relax your body as much as possible." She then walked us deftly through a sequence of steps, allowing the group to move into a state of total relaxation.


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Resurrection of Hannah: A novel inspired by true events 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 25 reviews.
Kissablysweetone More than 1 year ago
 Samantha has been having some rather vivid dreams lately.  She isn't sure what they mean but she feels compelled to figure them out.  They even take her back to her home town and the house she grew up in.  Each dream gives her a little more of the puzzle.  Sammi's dad helps her gather information so she can put the puzzle together.        Sammi's life is a good one but she's ready for a change.  Will these dreams help her decide which road to take?  Sammi sure believes they will.      A well plotted book with strong characters is what you'll find here. I enjoyed the search for information and the surprise that accompanies each bit.  I was excited as Sammi works to figure out what the final message is.  The uniqueness of this book makes it an enjoyable read.  I know you'll enjoy this book too.  Keep an open mind and heart while reading this one and you may surprise yourself.  I recommend this one to everyone.      I did feel it moved rather slow in the beginning.  It's technical and takes time to wade through it. It's worth the time though.      I gave this one 4 out of 5 cheers because of the slowness.  ~Copy of book provided by author in exchange for a fair review
HeatherJG More than 1 year ago
This book has a way of getting to you on a very personal level. At least it did for me. Sammi Clark is so caught up in the mundane everyday life that many of us deal with. That all changes when she becomes intrigued by a string of dreams and unexplained happenings that start pulling her in a different direction. This sort of story always gets to me because of things I've experienced The author does a great job telling the story but also does an amazing job with the imagery when describing the dreams that Sammi has. I'm really looking forward to following along and seeing that the future holds for Samantha Clark!
DaydreamsAndDee More than 1 year ago
I have written and rewritten this review about 5 times now and I am finding it so hard not to give away anything important! I did find it quite difficult to get into but once I had got past the initial build up I was hooked, finding the story really compelling and in the end zipped through it in a couple of nights. It's different from the normal books I read, and I really enjoyed this change of pace.
AMadisonMom More than 1 year ago
I was completely drawn into The Resurrection of Hannah. The very beginning of the book sucked me right in. (Julie & Sarah…. OMG! chills) I’m not someone who’s at all into anything “new age” (Note, it’s pointed out that everything “new age” really is hundreds of years old). I wouldn’t be found in Sammi’s monthly group meeting, doing meditation, dream work or hypnosis. But, I was completely unable to put down this book. The idea of Sammi being contacted through dreams and finding herself in old mysteries… it was fascinating. As I was reading I found myself speeding up my reading to try to make the connections that Sammi was making. I wanted to fly off with her to visit her father and research with her in the basement of city records. Sammi’s excitement, anxiety, thoughts, and revelations were all so truly well written. She was so real. Sammi’s relationships with her friends and family were all so loving and supportive. And on top of it all… I was completely in love with the idea of her making a relationship with Todd. Oh! And the end of the book??? Chills people. I had goosebumps. This book started and ended with chills.
Paige_Clendenin More than 1 year ago
I received this book free in exchange for my opinion, all views and opinions are my own. "The Resurrection of Hannah" is an amazing , heart pounding story of discovery. Samantha Clark, our main character, is faced with some crazy dreams. Being a physiotherapist, Samantha knows that most all dreams have a meaning. She even attends a dream interpretation group each month. When she began to have some very active nightly encounters in her dreams, she felt there was a little more involved in her dream filled sleep, than just the normal nights sleep. This book covers paranormal themes, as well as touches on the possibilities of reincarnation. There is something magical to this tale told by Kathryne Arnold. She has done a marvelous job wording this story, and keeping you on the edge og your seat. From the start, you stay captivated, and that captivation, only escalades through each chapter. Samantha believes in a more pure way of taking care of the sick, and because of that, she has love and compassion for people and their circumstances. Because of this, when Hannah shows up, it changes Samantha's life. In this tale of an unsolved murder from years before Samantha was even born, she will be forced to find out who did it. Can Samantha actually do anything about it? This is Kathryne Arnold's first novel, and i would have to admit that she has done a beautiful job. I look forward to reading more of her work, and am currently working on the second book in (The Samantha Clark Mystery Series) "The Fear of Things to Come" is the second book. Because I write for a family friendly site, I feel i should mention that there are some scenes in this book that are a little graphic in explanation. This however does not change my opinion of this book, I would tell anyone looking for a paranormal thriller, to read this wonderful book by Kathryne Arnold, and to just read with your own discretion.
lifeasleels More than 1 year ago
I wish I would have read this book prior to reading The Fear of Things to Come. While I do not think you would necessarily have to read them together (or in order) The Resurrection of Hannah is definitely the precursor to some relationships and situations in The Fear of Things to Come. I will admit, the beginning was a little slow with a lot of detail. I wasn’t sure which direction the book would go, but once it all finally clicked, I couldn’t read it fast enough. I loved, loved, loved the subject matter. It definitely aligned with my personal belief system and I was super intrigued. I know about past life regression and believe in the spirit world, but have never read anything that really surrounded the topic. I have only read about it. It was a great joy to share Sammi’s journey with her in a world of my own belief system (something you don’t find often!) This was a great book. I wouldn’t really classify this as a mystery – more paranormal or metaphysical. It was a fabulous read, one that I am glad I got the opportunity to read!
MikiHope More than 1 year ago
Do you believe in reincarnation and/or that your dreams are telling you something? Have you ever been somewhere and could swear you have been there before but know you have not? Perhaps you met someone that you feel so close to but they are total strangers. Well I for one will NEVER SAY NEVER! In this novel Samantha Clark, a psychotherapist, is being haunted by dreams. She enlists the aid of her friends and her father to get to the bottom of it. Relationships have never been Samantha's strong suit-but she really does not know why. This is really a heartwarming story of two lovers who reach across the ages to help and to finally be with who they were destined to be with. I did enjoy this book and give it a 5 star without hesitation.
sleepygirl More than 1 year ago
I was intrigued by the fact that this novel was inspired by true events since there are quite a few paranormal occurrences. Kathryne Arnold's writing flows well. It has a little more detail than I like but that's just my personal taste. I did like that there was a lot of dialogue because that helps to learn the personality of each character. The characters are well developed. It was easy to empathize with Sammi for the most part but once in a while all I could think was, "What was she thinking?" Todd is a good guy and almost too good to be true. The rest of the characters are messed up just enough to be believable. The Resurrection of Hannah is a unique and captivating story and I look forward to reading the second Samantha Clark book.
JulieGB More than 1 year ago
Samantha had become discontented with her career as a Psychotherapist. On top of that, she began having weird dreams, which didn’t help matters. Then add a dream man obsession, a former lover, and a new possible love interest, and you have an intriguing read, especially since it was inspired by true events.  The idea of reincarnation is fascinating to me. However, I liked the parts of Samantha and her friends more than the actual historical/past life parts. I enjoyed relating to Samantha and her being out of balance with her Libra scales. That is so like me. And oyster dressing is my favorite dish, especially made by my mama.  Samantha’s dad sounded like a cool preacher that I could relate to, along with each of her friends. Their camaraderie during Christmastime had me longing to be a part of their group. But I my favorite part of the book was the incident in the City Hall basement with the spider. That was hilarious.  
Deal_Sharing_Aunt More than 1 year ago
I really liked this book. I loved that it was about something different, then magic and romance. The idea of reincarnation is not new, but I have not read about it in a book. I believe in fate and everything happening for a reason. This is the author's first book. and the only negative I saw was inexperience in editing, stretching the plot, etc. However her future books will not have this problem. What I liked most about this book was that the author got those two messages across very nicely. Through characters and past lives. It was interesting to read the different lives of Hannah, and how she coped with this new knowledge. I also like that the author included alternative medicine to deal with physical pain. This may sound like a paranormal story, and it is, but it inspired by true events. This is a keeper for me, and I will be reading future books by this author. I am giving this book a 4/5. I received this book to review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, all the opinions above are 100% my own.
77517 More than 1 year ago
   I received this book for free from the Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.This story combines so many aspects that there is no way a person could not find it interesting. In the beginning we get teased with a story of reincarnation. Whether you know that’s what you’re reading at the time or not, it becomes much clearer later on in the book. The main character goes on a very personal journey. Which leads her to her own murder in her previous life 200 years ago. With this mystery comes some very spiritual experiences. Her spiritual soul mate from 200 years ago gives her the knowledge in today’s life to break free from the personal habits that she feels has held her back from reaching her life long goals. The story took a turn at the end that I didn’t expect and I’m pleased to find out there is a 2nd book (The Fear of Things to Come). I was left with a few unanswered questions! Which I can’t wait to find the answers to.   
coziecorner More than 1 year ago
Kathryne Arnold pens "The Resurrection of Hannah" in a plot that deals with past lives and the metaphysical and physical planes. Between her great characters that were believable and relate-able with some humor thrown in, this spiritual read kept me hooked from the start. Filled with mystery, this fun, amazing read is highly recommended for all. This review is based on a complimentary copy from the author which was provided for an honest review.
beckvalleybooks More than 1 year ago
The story begins with the building up of the main character, Samantha Clark, her friends, her loves and her emotions at almost reaching 40 and being a private Psychotherapist for so long she now wants more from her life.  Samantha also attends monthly group meetings which delve into spirituality, dreams, outer body experiences, meditations and the like which end up helping her more than she could think. One night Samantha has a dream, not just any dream, but a dream that is so overwhelmingly physically and mentally vivid, reuniting her spiritually to a male presence that she knows isn't a stranger yet cannot recall him. The dreams continue, yet become stronger, more intense and full of pure love for this man as he starts to send her messages and she finds out the full tragic story of how their lives are entwined and starts her journey in the real world to find the dreadful truth to unlock their spiritual bond so they can be both freed.  This for me is when the book became alive and I found myself wanting to read more and more as the mystery and suspense continued. For someone who is fascinated with the dream world and the 'other side' I thoroughly enjoyed the read.   There were parts of the book that I was actually imagining myself in Samatha's place, how eerie it must have felt for her at times and would I have had the strength to continue as Samantha did to find out the truth.  The story is easy to follow and as the book progresses the author does a great job getting you hooked.  A great suspenseful read that I'm sure you will enjoy.
MsDivatude More than 1 year ago
I absolutely love this author's style of writing! I read the sequel to this book first and reading this novel gave me lots of "ah-ha" moments. Ms. Arnold has a way with crafting together words that pull you into the plot and characters' lives. Her background and knowledge on the topics that she incorporates into her novels makes for a great read. I cannot wait for the third book in this series to see where life has Sammi (as she has affectionately become in my mind). While reading this novel, you can't help but question the balance of life and death and the life, hereafter. Books that make me pause, reflect and apply them to my personal experiences are favorites of mine and, once again, Ms. Arnold has done just that. Definitely a must read!
ReadRateandReview More than 1 year ago
Kathryne Arnold, you are amazing! The Resurrection of Hannah was an amazing book. It had me guessing to the very end and I couldn't help myself and had to read it every chance I got!  The main character makes you want to help her, soothe her, assist her in her journey. The whole concept surrounding the events in this book were very fascinating to a person like me who never remembers her dreams and always wishes she did. It made me want to run out and get dream books and different dream inducing herbs like Sammi did in the book. Once I picked up this book it was all over for me. I couldn't do anything else until it was done! I just had to find out what happened next!  I would definitely recommend it to anyone and personally I can not wait for the next installment of Sammi's story! 
pellerini More than 1 year ago
Already a fan of Kathryne Arnold, I had some high expectations for The Resurrection of Hannah.  I was not disappointed.  You are introduced into the life if Sammi, the main character as she is trying to uncover what her alarming dreams mean to her, in real life.  Her revelations are intriguing and allowed for a very realistic visual of something that was paranormal in respect.  I find Kathryne's writing very easy and enjoyable.  I look forward to reading more books by one of my new go-to authors!
BeccaW More than 1 year ago
Resurrection of Hannah was a pretty good book, for someone to read that is not very much into the Christian faith. I am not Atheist or anything like that, I just don’t religiously read the Bible. I don’t know any verses to be quite honest!  The one thing that I do kind of believe in, however, is reincarnation, this book ended up being one that I enjoyed.  This novel was an easy read. It was never too heavy into the religion or anything as to where you would want to put the book down and call it quits. The character, Sammi, is a Christian. I will put that out there first and foremost. She prays to God. So if something like this makes you feel uncomfortable this may not be the book for you. There was another thing about the book that I was a huge fan of, and that was that it was inspired by true events. I love movies that say that at the beginning because it makes it seem all that more relatable. The same case is true when it comes to novels. You can go right into it knowing that some part of the novel that you are delving into was originated from someone’s real experiences. There are mystical elements to the story that you pretty much believe will never happen in real life. but to each their own…believe whatever makes you happy! It made the novel even that much more enjoyable. Jonathan and Hannah were characters that kept me intrigued the whole time. I was always curious about them and their connections to everything throughout the story, and of course, Sammi’s life. There were other secondary characters that also played a vital role in the development of the story. Their names are Todd, Melissa, and Julie. Although they play key roles, the author does not put a major emphasis on them. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was full of mystery and just the fact that true events were networked in there somewhere was the icing on the cake. Not to mention it was an easy and quick read, so it was perfect for summer. I would give it four stars just because I would have liked to have seen more from the secondary characters. Overall, great book! I received this book to review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, all the opinions above are 100% my own.
CinnamonHollow More than 1 year ago
I received this book to review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, all the opinions above are 100% my own. This book was pretty good! At first I didn’t think I was going to like it. Even though I love sci-fi and Vampire/magic/mystical type stories, the Christian side of me doesn't really get into things regarding past lives and reincarnation. I just never could put being a Christian who believes in Heaven and a former life being resurrected, together. BUT this novel was written in a way that made it so easy to read. Sammi IS a Christian. She believes in God and prays for guidance in her life. Kathryne Arnold wrote this story with both points of view merged into one story. It is so cool how she combined it in a way that seems plausible even to me. And it is inspired by true events. So even I can’t dispute how “mystical” things can happen. No matter what we personally believe in, the truth of the matter is that there are things that cannot be explained and parts of our faith and our lives that we don’t fully understand. Like in this novel. I found myself not able to put the book down. I couldn’t wait to find out what Sammi was going through and who Jonathan and Hannah were to her. Being that this novel is inspired on true events, I was really curious to read what Sammi was experiencing and how it would affect her life and those around her. Sammi’s life certainly went on a roller coaster ride of emotions with a love story like no other. I would have liked the story to include more of Todd, Melissa and Julie, though. We were introduced to them as what I thought would be main characters but their stories were sort of left out and we had more of Jonathan and Hannah. I wish that we could have seen Sammi interacting with Todd, Julie and Melissa a little bit more and perhaps see them play more of a role in helping Sammi solve her mystery. I also felt like the mystery of Hannah should have been dealt with a little more. I would have liked to have seen Sammi actually experience more flashbacks of Hannah’s life so we could have more of a connection of the two together. It was mainly focused on Sammi and Jonathan and him helping her find herself. So I felt like some things were missing from the story. Overall, I think The Resurrection Of Hannah was a very good story. I am glad I was able to see from Sammi’s perspective what it would be like to learn about a past life with a soul mate and a HUGE mystery to solve.
Aiesa1 More than 1 year ago
“The Resurrection of Hannah – A novel inspired by true events” is a well written story. I found it quite easy to read and follow. Sammi’s adventures are quite mystical and spell-binding. Her experiences are told to clearly catch the readers attention. Kathryne Arnold cleverly uses  the aspects of  mystery and the paranormal to tell this true story. Sammi is a very loving and caring person who must deal with devastating situations. Her strength shines as she supports friends and family, while also dealing with her own turmoil.  Dreams of a sad mystery from the 1800′s coerce her to search for answers… a journey that will lead her to find peace of mind and a determination to never give up.
AdriLisa More than 1 year ago
The Resurrection of Hannah by Kathryne Arnold dabbles with mystery and paranormal genres. Therefore, becoming one of the must read books this summer. At times, I just pictured myself in certain places wondering if it would be all possible because it is so well-written. Samantha Clark is a loveable character even during her worst turmoils which turn into avenues of suspense and almost anticipation. While there were elements of trust among the characters, for me, there was only suspicion. It is always a fun-read when I really get involved with the story-line. I truly recommend it. Thumbs Up to Kathryne Arnold.
gaele More than 1 year ago
The concept of synchronicity has an effect on every aspect of our lives, and Samantha’s story and characterization are an example of this. Introducing this concept, and setting the stage for other spiritual and metaphysical ruminations, Arnold prefaces the first chapter with a quote from Wordsworth: “Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting.”  This sets the stage for multiple plot points to weave through the story as it progresses.   Samantha is a very likable character, easy to bond with and presents a solid center for the story.  Through describing dreams about an old mystery from 1800’s New England, as she learns to let go of her more ‘western’ sensibilities and be open to experiences, a murder is uncovered and needs solving.  The mixing of past and present, reaffirming personal growth and offering several different avenues of exploration, Arnold manages to present a gripping story that becomes both a page turner and a journey of self-discovery.  I did truly enjoy this debut offering, and found Ms. Arnold’s style to be very descriptive and detailed.  I did wish for more showing to draw the reader into the center of the action, I believe the tension and immediacy to solve the mystery would have had a stronger emotional impact with that small change.  All in all, however, this was a cleverly told, well-paced and characterized debut novel from a new writer to watch in the mystery / thriller / suspense genre.  I received a paper copy from the author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.  
SueDemoya More than 1 year ago
The Resurrection of Hannah is a great read; fun, suspenseful and interesting! This book is a wonderful summer read. Hopefully, this will become a series, so we can get to know Samantha and crew better.
Katelyn_HemlebKH More than 1 year ago
I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants a great read. I absolutely fell in love with the mystery and romance elements that were intertwined throughout the novel. I felt as if I was connected to the characters and I was also trying to solve this really old mystery. A truly good book brings out emotions and that is exactly what it did. I laughed, yelled, smiled, and cried. I cannot wait for another book by this author! Katelyn Hemleb Largo, FL
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just finished reading this book and I only have good things to say. I absolutely loved the mystery that is involved in the novel. If you are looking for a great read that will keep you interested until the end this is the book for you! -Shirley Arnold Largo, FL
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you love metaphysical fiction you will really enjoy this novel. It gave me goosebumps!