Revelation: Drama Of The Ages

Revelation: Drama Of The Ages

by Herbert Lockyer


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World-renowned author Dr. Herbert Lockyer pulls back the curtain on the most exciting story of all time in this fascinating study, providing a glimpse into world events—some that will occur in the future and some that are happening right now.
Every Christian should be aware of the biblical prophecies from the book of Revelation that are about to unfold, such as…
  • The incredible calamities of the tribulation
  • The mark of the beast
  • Who will live and who will die
  • The role of the two witnesses
  • The triumphant appearance of the Warrior from heaven
  • The never-ending delights of the eternal kingdom
Plus, many more startling and inspiring events of the coming times!
Here is your opportunity to be captivated by the greatest drama ever told, as expressed through the pen of one of the most prolific Bible teachers of our times.

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ISBN-13: 9781603745567
Publisher: Whitaker House
Publication date: 08/01/2012
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

About the Author

Dr. Herbert Lockyer (1886–1984) considered becoming an actor when he was first deciding on a career. Tall and well-spoken, he seemed a natural for the theater. But the Lord had something better in mind. Instead of the stage, God called Herbert to the pulpit, where, as a pastor, a Bible teacher, and the author of more than fifty books, he touched the hearts and lives of millions of people.
Dr. Lockyer held pastorates in Scotland and England for twenty-five years. As pastor of Leeds Road Baptist Church in Bradford, England, he became a leader in the Keswick Higher Life Movement, which emphasized the significance of living in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. This led to an invitation to speak at the Moody Bible Institute’s fiftieth anniversary in 1936. His warm reception at that event led to his ministry in the United States. He received honorary degrees from both the Northwestern Evangelical Seminary and the International Academy in London.
In 1955, he returned to England, where he lived for many years. He then returned to the United States, where he spent the final years of his life in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with his son, the Rev. Herbert Lockyer Jr., a Presbyterian minister who eventually became his editor.

Table of Contents

Part 1 The Facts and Features of Revelation

1 Canonicity, Author, and Title 11

2 Audience, Date, and Purpose 13

3 Form, Connections, and Scheme 15

4 Key Words and Keynote Verse 17

5 Characteristics and Christology 19

6 Interpretations and Lessons 22

Part 2 The Actors and Scenes of Revelation

7 The Seven Spirits 29

8 The Sevenfold Vision 49

9 The Seven Golden Candlesticks 73

10 The Seven Seals 104

11 The Seven Trumpets 132

12 The Seven Personages 177

13 The Seven Divine Interventions 212

14 The Seven Vials 232

15 The Seven Dooms 258

16 The Seven New Things 314

17 The Seven Last Things 331

Part 3 The Further Facts of Revelation

18 The Numbers in Revelation 337

19 The Symbols in Revelation 350

20 Sermon Outlines of Revelation 363

Bibliography 373

About the Author 375

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