A Revolution In Health Through Nutritional Biochemistry

A Revolution In Health Through Nutritional Biochemistry

by John Neustadt, Steve Pieczenik


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Biochemical testing is a revolutionary concept in medicine that has saved many lives and improved the health of countless others. Symptoms and diseases have underlying biochemical causes, and advanced testing technologies can now detect the exact steps within pathways causing diseases, including depression, fatigue, adult-onset asthma, seizure disorders, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, memory loss, and more. Biochemical abnormalities may then be corrected using targeted nutrient therapies. Nutritional Biochemistry is a revolutionary approach that is redefining medicine and providing clinicians the ability treat the underlying causes of disease instead of just ameliorating symptoms with drugs.

"The principles set out in this book are at the same time both ancient and revolutionary. Ancient because they have been known and followed for thousands of years, but revolutionary in our time because they run counter to the approach to health with which all of us have grown up. The principles are simple: 1) most medical approaches treat symptoms not causes; 2) most pharmaceuticals and medicines are intended to destroy something, not add something; 3) with our modern lives and diet, most people are lacking one or more things essential to the proper functioning of the body and need to add them, both to eliminate existing problems and to maintain optimum health. These principles are always a supplement, sometimes an alternative, to conventional medicine. I cite my own successful experience that they work when conventional treatments have not done so."

-John W. Hanes, Jr.

Former Director, Squibb Corp.

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KerryAK More than 1 year ago
Every physician, every patient, every person who wants to be healthy and strong, should read and consider the extraordinary wisdom of this book.