Revolutionary (Anomaly Series #3)

Revolutionary (Anomaly Series #3)

by Krista McGee
4.6 6


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Revolutionary 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Shadowplay4u More than 1 year ago
A magnificently bone-chilling and thrillingly captivating end to an immensely entertaining trilogy! This story has everything in it, and I enjoyed losing myself in its thick shroud of mystery loaded with more twists and turns than I could count. An achingly sweet romance sprinkled generously throughout this wildly enthralling read acted as the icing to this delectable treat! The action was non-stop, and the suspense was enough to keep you completely entranced by the complexly heartbreaking storyline. I have been impatiently waiting on this last book, and I was delighted to find that it was even better than I had imagined! If Thalli imagined that her life would calm down after her recent adventures in the cities of New Hope and Athens, she was gravely mistaken. In reality, her adventure had only just begun. Just as she is finally able to settle down and enjoy the beautiful new life that she has fallen into, the State rears its ugly head and reclaims her and others for reasons she would rather not think about. She has come full circle and is determined to reclaim her life once and for all. Will the State drain the fight out of her with its malicious and logical methods, or will she be its undoing? I was completely enthralled as I watched Thalli blossom into a strong and beautiful woman from the weak and confused girl that we first met. Life never gave her roses, but she took the hand that she was dealt and did her best to transform it into something worthwhile. As we watch her relationship with the Designer deepen, she begins to realize that what we were called to do is not often pretty or comfortable. In most cases, we have to set aside our own needs and desires to do what is best for others, but through our sacrifice, we find greater blessings than we could have ever hoped for. Thalli is no different in her own life’s journey. She sacrifices all to help those she loves and even those she may never meet. Following the still small voice of the Designer she has come to love and trust, she becomes much more than she ever dreamed, and she is granted blessings far beyond her own imagination. While some may argue that faith and emotions are worth less than nothing in comparison to logic and science, everything around us speaks to the contrary. If there was more love in this world, we would see less conflict and pain. There would be no need for the pursuit of perfection because true love looks only at the heart and not on the outward appearance. The building blocks of society (the family) would be held in the high esteem and value that it rightly deserves instead of being torn to shreds and ridiculed. Children would feel secure in their self-worth and grow to respect themselves leaving the world of drugs and prostitution almost non-existent. What a different world we would see if we would learn to love our children, our spouses, our family, our friends, our neighbors, and strangers with an unbridled love. What a revolution this would cause! Krista McGee has yet again proven just how limitless her imagination and heart truly are. Her potential is phenomenal, and I am eager to see what she creates next! This series and its amazing characters have taken up residence in my heart, and I will always remember their courage, love, and zeal for life. What touched me the most was how Thalli intimately connected her emotions to the music that she played. I also find that music has a similarly profound effect on my emotions. Each song allows me to escape to a temporary yet safe hiding place leaving behind the circumstances that I am dealing with. It acts as a soothing balm to my weary spirit and gives me the strength and encouragement to keep moving forward.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great series!
Writingsof_Rosie More than 1 year ago
A fast-paced conclusion to a brilliant series! I have been eagerly awaiting Revolutionary since Luminary released last winter. Ms. McGee left us with so many questions and hardly a sufficient amount of answers! What was going to happen to Thalli and friends? What could happen next? How on earth was it all going to be resolved in one book? Thankfully, Ms. McGee gives us the answers we want and more in Revolutionary. Thalli has grown and changed all throughout this series. When I think back to Anomaly, she's a completely different character! She's stronger and more obstinate than ever in this installment. Her journey has been rough but it's only polished her and made her better. I enjoyed watching her development come full circle.  Oh, the plot twists! Brace yourselves, people, if you're like me you won't even know which way is up! This conclusion is very well written and keeps your hand fingering the next page, ready to turn at will. I didn't think the series could improve on itself, but Ms. McGee surprised me. That said, this isn't my favorite in the series. I think Anomaly holds that place securely, but it was close. :-)  Fans of this series should not miss out!! Possible spoiler: The ending felt super rushed to me and I didn't quite like it. End possible spoiler. I recommend to fans of Christian dystopian and sci-fi ages thirteen and up.  I received this book for free from BookLook in return for an honest review of my opinions, which I have done. Thanks!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Th is an absolutely wonderdul ending to McGee's Anomaly trilogy. I cried and laughed and screamed all the way through it. All in all, one of the best trilogies I've ever read.
BuriedUnderBooks More than 1 year ago
Good versus evil is at the core of the Anomaly Trilogy and everything finally comes to a head in Revolutionary with a mixture of battles and introspection and, in Thalli’s case, a lot of questioning about her faith. A theme such as this one always has a religious flavor to it and there’s plenty of it here but Ms. McGee has wrapped it in a thrilling dystopian that kept me on the edge of my seat after a little bit of a slow start. Loudin is the very personification of evil but, at the same time, he made me reflect on our current society’s predilection towards excusing terrible behavior based on something like a rough childhood or mental abnormalities. Yes, it’s true that Loudin is clearly insane—he gives new meaning to “megalomania”—but, when you get right down to it, he’s just plain evil. Ms. McGee has drawn him so evocatively that I would get a chill down my spine every time he came on the scene, wondering what horrible plan he’d come up with this time. The relationships between Thalli and the two young men in her life, Berk and Alex, are really interesting. It eventually becomes clear that she loves one but there is no doubt whatsoever that both are integral parts of her being and she cares deeply for both. The romance has developed naturally over three books and I’m so glad of that; it never becomes the central story even though it’s important. Thalli herself is a young woman faced with the overwhelming need to stop Loudin because she really may be the only one who can. Imagine having the fate of humanity literally resting on your shoulders! Unfortunately, Thalli is also wrestling with doubts about her faith as so many believers do when faced with horrendous crises and those doubts will certainly affect the outcome of this epic battle. There’s heartbreak in this story as well as hope and I found myself completely satisfied while still wishing there could be more. It’s always hard to come to the end of a much-loved series so I’ll just say, “Well done, Krista McGee, and thank you!”
CaptivatedRding More than 1 year ago
Each book in this series just seems to have gotten better and better. What started out as a book with just a minimal amount of characters, grew into a story with many characters--all integral to the plot. Not only that but the characters that have been in the series from the beginning are so much more fleshed out in Revolutionary. There's been some definite growth here. With each installment having its own specific death-defying scenario, it's no surprise that Revolutionary was able to capture and keep my attention the whole way through. This is definitely a read that I didn't want any interruptions for. There is a slight love-triangle, but I believe if you read Luminary, you knew that it was coming. Seeing as how it wasn't really the spotlight of the story, I think it actually worked quite well in getting the plot moved along. After this series I can honestly say that I'm very anxious to read more from Ms. McGee.