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Running Breathless: An Untold True Story of WWII and the Holocaust

Running Breathless: An Untold True Story of WWII and the Holocaust

by Morey Kogul


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“One man’s incredible story of struggle and survival, told with painstaking and often poetic detail. Running Breathless tells a story that is compelling and important. Morey Kogul has given life to his father’s experience in a way that is engaging and accessible. This book is the personification of the mitzvah: ‘Zakhor, Lo Tishkach – Remember, Do Not Forget!’” Rabbi Craig Axler, Temple Isaiah, Fulton, MD “Running Breathless is well written and thoughtful. I heartily endorse it. It gives voice in a wonderfully first person mode to an aspect of the Jewish experience in World War II that has not received enough attention. Most of the Polish Jews that survived that war did so because they found themselves in the Soviet Union. Some, like the author’s father and mine, were able to fight and contribute to the defeat of the Nazis.” Dr. Miriam Isaacs, Retired Professor of Yiddish Language and Culture, University of Maryland College Park Author and former Visiting Fellow for the Study of Displaced Persons, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum “Running Breathless stunned me. It put me in intimate touch with my own experiences of World War II; I was from Dubno, the same town as the author’s father, and also fled to the interior of the Soviet Union. Morey Kogul skillfully put together his father’s accounts in a series of dramatic portraits of his father’s experiences. They form a rich, first-hand, exciting story of the Jewish escapees in the Soviet Union that is important to record and publish. This book should truly form an integral part of the unbelievable Holocaust chapter of the tragic Jewish experience of World War II.” Dr. Michael G. Kesler, Holocaust survivor and author of Shards of War

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ISBN-13: 9781684017324
Publisher: Mascot Books
Publication date: 06/05/2018
Pages: 216
Sales rank: 751,881
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Prologue 1

Part 1 Refugee 3

Chapter 1 Passover 4

Chapter 2 War 13

Chapter 3 The Origin of Guilt 16

Chapter 4 Running for Our Lives 26

Chapter 5 Refugee 31

Chapter 6 Trains 37

Chapter 7 Bridges and Bread 43

Chapter 8 Walking Through the Wasteland 52

Chapter 9 Collective Farm 56

Part 2 Soldier 66

Chapter 10 Defend Crimea 67

Chapter 11 Trenches 78

Chapter 12 Patrol 86

Chapter 13 Communications Officer 93

Chapter 14 A Letter from Dubano 102

Chapter 15 Missions 108

Chapter 16 Bessarabia 115

Chapter 17 Shabbat in Romania 119

Chapter 18 Return to Dubno 128

Chapter 19 Chana 136

Chapter 20 Hungary 142

Part 3 Survivor 147

Chapter 21 Moscow 148

Chapter 22 A Way Out 152

Chapter 23 Dubno for the Last Time 163

Chapter 24 Greeks 167

Chapter 25 Displaced Person 175

Epilogue, From the Author 182

Author's Note to the Reader 184

Photos 186

References 192

Acknowledgments 194

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