by Kim Chance


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Lainey’s normal, bookworm life no longer exists. With her family murdered by the Master, she joins forces with a group of Supernatural rebels. But as she struggles to cope with her new role as Keeper and the uncontrollable power it gives her, Lainey realizes that magic does indeed leave a mark—but it’s not always physical.

Ty isn’t one of the good guys. He’s done terrible things, and he won’t stop until he gets what he wants. Even if it hurts. Even if it means betraying the girl he loves . . . again. For Maggie, all her comic book dreams have come true, and her new life as a Shifter is just beginning. But with war closing in, is it truly a dream or a death sentence?

In the ultimate battle for power, Lainey, Ty, and Maggie must face-off against the Master, and work together to discover the greatest weapon of all.

Seek and you will find.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781635830385
Publisher: North Star Editions
Publication date: 09/10/2019
Series: Keeper duology Series
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 150,120
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.80(d)
Age Range: 14 - 18 Years

About the Author

Kim Chance is an English teacher from Alabama, currently residing in Michigan with her husband and three children. When not writing, Kim enjoys spending time with her family and two crazy dogs, binge-watching Netflix, fangirling over books, and making death-by-cheese casseroles. Keeper is her first young adult novel. Kim is also a YouTuber who loves connecting with other writers. She posts videos and is the creator of the #ChancetoConnect chat on Twitter. Connect with her on Twitter: @_KimChance, Instagram: kimwritesbooks, Facebook: @kimwritesbooks, and on her website:

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Seeker 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Kristen_Gwen_Johnson 5 months ago
Seeker, by Kim Chance, is a whirlwind adventure about spells, evil Masters that want to suck all the magic from the world for himself, and the power of friendship and forgiveness. I absolutely loved Kim’s first book, Keeper, and the love continued for this sequel. I watched Kim’s YouTube channel as she wrote this book, and I know what a struggle it was for her. As a reader, I can say it was worth the effort. Lainey, Maggie, and Ty’s stories ended just the way I would want them to, and the journey to get there was nothing short of exhilarating. Lainey is the Keeper of the Grimoire—a book of powerful spells that her family has kept safe for generations. The Master wants that book in order to use a Siphoning spell on all the world’s Supernaturals so he can take their powers. But Lainey, Ty, and Maggie are not going to let that happen. What the Master doesn’t know is that the Grimoire is no longer a physical book, but its power and spells are inside Lainey, and only she can access its power. As she learns to control her magic and access the Grimoire, she must deal with the feelings and fears from what happened at the Gathering (in book 1) and overcome those fears in order to defeat the Master. I loved this book, and hated putting it down. The only thing I had a little trouble with was keeping all the main characters straight as they all used first person point of view. It took a bit of effort to remember whose pov I was in, but the story moved along and I could not wait to see what happened in each chapter. I love each of these characters, and enjoyed the new characters that she introduced in Seeker. Kim Chance has an easy style that carries you along in the story, and her descriptions kept me in the scene and reading as fast as I could to see what happened next. I highly recommend Keeper and Seeker to those who enjoy great stories of magic and good vs. evil. I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
QuirkyCat 5 months ago
Seeker is the second and final novel in the Keeper Duology by Kim Chance. This concludes the tale of Lainey, Ty, and Maggie. And it’s a dramatic tale, to be sure. While this is the second novel in the series, you could easily jump in at this point if you really wanted to. Though you’ll miss out on some of the finer details on their backstory, naturally. Thankfully, Kim Chance’s recap is more comprehensive than not. Lainey is the Keeper. It’s not a role she ever expected to have, and it’s one that has taken a lot of adjusting. And to be honest, she’s still working on that bit. This is a lot more magic and power than she ever expected or dreamed to have to deal with. Maggie is Lainey’s best friend. Her world was turned upside down when Lainey became the Keeper. Now she’s a Shifter…and she’s still adjusting to that change in her life. Thankfully, copious amounts of comic book reading have prepared her for this. But no amount of reading can prepare her for the war she and her friends are involved in. Ty has a dark past. And that past is going to leave scars forever. He knows some of the things he’s done shouldn’t be forgivable. And he’s mostly okay with that. The pain certainly won’t be enough to keep him from doing what needs to be done. Somehow these three different characters will have to work together in order to beat a greater common enemy. But we’re talking about three teenagers versus one of the oldest and most experienced magical beings out there. “Hollywood made it look so easy: swish and flick. Bibbidi bobbidi boo. The weird nose-twitch thing. But magic didn’t’ actually work that way.” Like its predecessor, Seeker was a whirlwind of a read, with a fast-paced plot and ever changing dramatic events to hop between. Having three main characters tends to have that effect. Especially when one considers that they’re all prepping for war. There were elements of the Seeker that were really well done and interesting. And there were elements that went a little over the top. That isn’t a bad thing, automatically. But it does break the immersion, which can be worse for some readers than others. I should probably mention that there are a lot of pop culture references in this novel. And I mean a lot. Take a look at the above quote – that should give you a good idea of what sort of references and jokes you’ll be in for. On the whole, I’m pretty happy with how Seeker wrapped up the entire plot. I don’t feel like there were any loose threads, or plots otherwise left unfulfilled. And I’m happy that the series wasn’t stretched into more books. Two was the perfect number, in this case.
Anonymous 6 months ago
This book is so good!! After getting off to a slow start, most on my part since I could only read like five minutes at a time, I tore through the second half of the book. The addition of Ty’s and Maggie’s POVs were so fun! It made me love Maggie even more than I did in the first book, and I honestly love her! I also like that we got to learn more about Ty and see the reasons behind the decisions that he’s made. As for the story, there were so many parts where I was just sitting there like, “YES!” The relationships that are built in this book were super fun to read about, I do wish that there was a little more of it sometimes, but they were well done. Let me say again, I love Maggie. Her relationship with this new boy kills me, it’s so funny! Of course, one of my favorite things about the duology isn’t the romantic relationships, but the friend and family relationships. The relationship between Lainey and Maggie is so sweet, everyone deserves to have a BFF like this. I also loved the different versions of relationships between family members and the strength that is shown through them. The plot for this story is interesting. I love books with magic in them and part of that comes from getting to watch these magical people learn more about their powers and become more confident in them. This book did not disappoint. Lainey had a lot to learn since the end of the first book, both in terms of magic and how to deal with different internal struggles she’s dealing with. It was interesting to watch her emotional journey and the way that the previous events have an effect on her in this book. Overall, this was a satisfying conclusion to this duology and I would highly recommend it!
MusicInPrint 6 months ago
LOVED CHANCE'S THE KEEPER AND ALSO THIS DUOLOGY 2!! Our witch Laney has a destiny to fulfill that has left her with guilt, loyalty, and a fear that she can not achieve this before more tragedy comes to her friends. Amazing paranormal story with heart!!! Starting with the first in this series would be best. Will not hesitate to pick this author's works up again. "A copy of this book was provided by North Star Editions via NetGalley with no requirements for a review. Comments here are my honest opinion."
SpringPaul 6 months ago
If you liked Keeper, you’re going to love Seeker! I’ll keep this as spoiler-free as I can. First, Kim Chance does an amazing job with the different points of view! So often I get confused in books with multiple POV, but the voices in SEEKER are so clear, I never once had to look back at the chapter heading to figure out whose head I was in. The “can’t put it down” tension is fantastic! Don’t read the first page unless you’re prepared to get sucked in. Kim Chance manages to weave all of the things we love about supernatural books into a new, dynamic plot that will keep you guessing until the end!
J_M_Miller 6 months ago
Seeker ends the Keeper duology with a bang! The world really opened up in this follow-up, showing us more about Lainey's family history and also bringing in new characters who have been involved in this war for much longer and who are integral in helping Lainey reach her magical potential before fighting the Master. While I adore Lainey and enjoyed discovering magic exclusively through her eyes in Keeper, I absolutely loved getting multiple POVs in Seeker! It really elevated the entire story by shining light on the relationships between the three main characters and each of their struggles. This magical duology is a must for YA readers!
Marta Cox 6 months ago
Ok I'm a little late to the party and hadn't realised this was the second book but actually there's enough here for me to have some idea what has previously happened. Lainey is struggling to come to terms with the violence and mayhem that her magic caused . She sees herself as a murderer and just cannot get over the deaths but then she doesn't have the luxury of wallowing because Lainey is the key to fulfilling all the Masters plans. Struggling to come to terms with her off the charts powers is just the start though as a blast from the not so distant past is about to reappear but can Ty ever be trusted ? This was unusual in that as much as Lainey is our main protagonist we also get a lot of her friend Maggie who has been bitten by a Were. Maggie is expecting to become a Shifter but fate has other plans for her although ironically it does involve Shifters. I feel readers might be divided by Maggie because her constant popular culture references and obvious Nerdy ways did occasionally feel like overkill. For most of this book Lainey is feeling sorry for herself and I could understand why certain characters obviously wanted to shake her. I actually preferred the parts that featured Ty as he is a young man with baggage of his own and his betrayal added angst and emotion to the story that was definitely needed. There is an ending although I'm honestly not sure how I felt about the big reveal. I will say this is aimed at YA readers who want a happy ending although with that cover resembling the actress from Twilight I'm sure most readers will have guessed the audience it's primarily aimed at. Sadly for me there just wasn't enough action but it was easy to read. This voluntary take is of a copy I requested from Netgalley and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair
TPulyer 6 months ago
Seeker by Kim Chance is an enjoyable conclusion to a YA fantasy duology. In the first novel, Keeper, Lainey Styles discovers she is a witch, and her world turns upside down. The story introduces the main characters and explains the reason for the supernatural battle that is to come. In this book, Seeker, we continue with the journey. Lainey is trained on how to access, use, and control her powers and prepares for the ultimate end of the story. What I Like: The depth of the writing greatly improved from the first novel to the second. When reading the first novel, you feel like you are skimming the surface, but, in this novel, you get to dive in and truly experience the story with all your senses. I love to see a story grow and develop as much as the characters should. I love Maggie, the self-proclaimed Sam Wise to Lainey's Frodo. I feel like this is a good comparison for these characters, as I have always argued that Sam Wise is the real hero of The Lord of the Rings and can say (as Lainey did) that Maggie is a hero of this story. Much like Sam Wise, she has the strength of character to make the hard choices that ultimately lead to a successful conclusion. She isn't forced into the situation, as Lainey is by her heritage; instead, Maggie chooses to be there and support her friend. She willingly is a proactive participant, even when Lainey tries to push her away. I like the fight scenes, especially the final battle. Fights are notoriously difficult to portray, especially in novels, but the fight scenes in Seeker make it look easy. What I Wish: I wish I liked the protagonist more. I found Lainey to be very angsty, and I never felt that there was any more to her than her angst. I wanted to like her more, to get to know her better, but the development of her character is not to the extent where I could. There are some elements of the timeline that I found confusing, and I wish they were explained better. As always, I try to avoid spoilers, so though I think this is impactful enough to mention, I must keep the specifics vague. I can say that my confusion has to do with the longevity of supernatural lives and how that works exactly. I also wish the novel stayed in one perspective, as the first novel did. I find that my personal experience as a reader is disrupted when I must figure out who is talking now. It's a technique that is used by many writers, but I have never experienced it utilized without disrupting my reading flow. To Reader or Not to Read: Keeper and Seeker are good additions to any YA Fantasy fan's library. It has a strong good versus evil plot and is enjoyable to read. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous 6 months ago
I adore Chance's writing style. The imagery and descriptions are gorgeous, and you're easily sucked back into the world and the story with only minimal catch-up details. I was so immersed. It's the kind of story you just get lost it, the kind you find yourself dying to get back to when life interferes, and the kind you can't resist continuing even though there're only a few pages left and you know it'll be over soon. I love that kind of story. You have fun from start to finish, and I think it takes serious skill on an author's part to captivate a reader so entirely. Chance has pulled no punches when it comes to plot. The stakes are higher, and the whole general tone of the story is darker - fittingly so. It's more mature, more sombre, and yet still consistently entertaining. I appreciated this. It's still a fun story (SUCH SUCH SUCH FUN) but it's also got a carefully administered amount of gravity. And that makes sense. The characters are in a life or death situation, and we feel this. The stakes are strong and emotional, and this is always present, keeping the reader invested and concerned. It's an escapist story. But it's not without weight. Chance balances the light and dark perfectly. "Sometimes we don't realise our own hearts," she whispered, the tinkling of her words like falling tears, "until we lose them." The main difference in Seeker compared to Keeper is that we now have Ty and Maggie's narrative points of view, as well as Lainey's. It ends up being a brilliant idea, because these two characters show us sides of the story we wouldn't have otherwise experienced: Ty gives us a glance into the Master's evil operations, and Maggie gives us a glimpse into her inner turmoil whilst at the same time providing much-needed comic relief. The much-loved female friendship between Maggie and Lainey is even stronger in this book. I love the twist at the end, and how the two girls are always, always there for each other. It's wonderful. Lainey, fierce but impulsive Lainey, is of course at the head and heart of this story. She's struggling to deal with her grief and pain whilst soldiering the fact she's the only person who can destroy the Master, and I truly loved her character development. She learns a lot and her strength is so admirable. The new secondary characters - Oliver, Teddy, Zia, and more - are also fantastic. Each of them has an important role to play and enough backstory and motivation to flesh them out. Everyone on the page is fully realised; however brief their appearance might be, each character is distinct, and they all make an impact. The only disappointing character was the Master. He's the cliche villain through and through; totally the evil laugh, brooded in mystery, angry and evil bad guy we've all seen before. Ty and Lainey's relationship has been through a lot, and in this novel their feelings are angsty but undeniable. I loved seeing them grapple with each other, watching their bond grow stronger, watching them deal with past pain and reconciling betrayals and hurt with what they know now. They grow a lot. Their interactions are also beautifully written, and their chemistry is incredible. Seeker is a breathtaking sequel that ramps up the emotion and tension and delivers a compelling, escapist story. It's urban fantasy at its very best. I loved spending time with these characters, and I'm so grateful for the adventure this series took me on.