Sepher Rezial Hemelach: The Book of the Angel Rezial

Sepher Rezial Hemelach: The Book of the Angel Rezial

by Steve Savedow (Editor)


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Sepher Rezial Hemelach is the longawaited first English translation of this famous magical text a translation from the ancient Hebrew in the rare and complete 1701 Amsterdam edition. According to Hebrew legend, the Sepher Rezial was presented to Adam in the Garden of Eden, given by the hand of God, and delivered by the angel Rezial. The myth thus suggests that this is the first book ever written, and of direct divine provenance. A diverse compendium of ancient Hebrew magical lore, this book was quite possibly the original source for later, traditional literature on angelic hierarchy, astrology, Qabalah, and Gematria. Moses Gaster mentions this in his introduction to The Sword of Moses (1896) suggesting that the Sepher Rezial could be a primary source for many magic and qabalistic books of the Middle Ages. Sepher Rezial Hemelach is a compilation of five books: "The Book of the Vestment," "The Book of the Great Rezial," "The Holy Names," "The Book of the Mysteries," and "The Book of the Signs of the Zodiac." It includes extensive explanatory text on the holy names of God, the divisions of Heaven and Hell, the names and hierarchy of the angels and spirits, as well as symbolic interpretations of both the Book of Genesis and Sepher Yetzirah. It also includes material on astronomy, astrology, gematria, and various magical talismans, most notably those used for protection during childbirth. In his introduction, Steve Savedow details the history, bibliographical citations, and lineage of this famous work. He lists the old and rare manuscripts still in existence, and provides a bibliography of other reference works for study of the Western esoteric tradition.

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About the Author

Steve Savedow is the author of The Magician's Workbook: A Modern Grimoire and Goetic Evocation: The Magician's Workbook, Volume 2. He has studied magic and the Western Mystery Tradition for many years. Savedow lives in Daytona Beach, Florida, where he is the proprietor of the Serpent's Occult Bookstore, an independent bookstore specializing in magic and pagan titles.

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Sepher Rezial Hemelach

The book of the angel Rezial

By Steve Savedow

Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC

Copyright © 2013 Steve Savedow
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-60925-318-9



It is decreed, the holy and pure are filled with secret wisdom [Rezi Chokmah]. The knowledge is the result of understanding.

The wise are humble and cry in joy from the names learned in clear language. The chosen are pure of heart. Make to heal the body. Give grace that measures the strength of the light of the shining star. Gird with the strength. The power is established forever by the actions before the generations. Rejoice in silence from generation to generation of the holy heights [Qedoshov Merom]. It is written as pure gold. A bubbling fountain of purity is established in the center of the sublime power. Of the works of glory, the most precious pearls are not compared with the glory, nor the finest gold of Aphier. The value of wisdom cannot be measured, nor understanding of knowledge. Also, there is no measure to the value of the secrets written herein, as revealed by Elohim.

As the force of fire, all search therein. As the ruler of the heavens, all search therein. The Tree of Life is supported and guarded and protected, as the apple of the eye. By reverence of the Lord, the glory is obtained. Obtain the glory to obtain life. Of understanding, receive wisdom. Of salvation, keep from death. Of fulfillment of the Nephesh, by consecration. Of the power, be strengthened by reverence of the Lord. Of learning the knowledge, understand and fill the heart with wisdom. From drawing of life, increase from the sole to the heel. Form divisions in the Garden of Eden.

Elohim treasures the reverence. The Lord fills all the Earth with glory, as in heaven where the throne is established. There is no measure to the glory. Seven fountains rise and fall to honor a thousand thousands ministers [Mesharethim] and a myriad myriads hosts [Tzebavoth]. The force of fire ignites the river of fire flowing forth. The sound shakes the nations in fear of destruction. A vison comes forth of the image of a fiery archer as Tharshish and Sardonyx, and arrows as swift as lightning.

The throne of the glory resembles ice [crystal]. Surrounded by Malachim, the archer Ophan kindles the flames. The people of the dominion tremble in fear and cover their eyes. The Lord made clouds and fog all around, wrapped in swaddling cloth, dwelling alone upon the throne, concealed and hidden.

The worthy go forth to the hidden light. The most profound secrets are revealed. The revelations are made clear, not obscured by darkness. There is nothing in all the universe that compares. All actions and desires are fulfilled by works revealed. Become proficient and results occur quickly. Those who attempt to duplicate the works receive no results. The souls [Nepheshoth] of the disobedient and rebellious are punished by condemnation. By desire, to establish the curse. The sea dries up. The Sun and Moon darken. The light of the stars becomes faint. The mountains shift and fall, and the Earth trembles. This is the result of arrogance. Those chosen are strengthened by the power of the wisdom, established by understanding the knowledge.

In the holy book are 72 signs, given by Michael, the great prince above seven princes, ministering before the king, king of kings [Melech Melechi Melechim]. From it, Adam, the first man, received the beginning wisdom. From it, awaken and proclaim the names of every living creature and bird and creeping thing and fish. From understanding, increase the wisdom of all created by Elohim on the sixth day of Genesis [Berashith].

Adam read the holy book and learned the letters and words. He knew the words were true. The knowledge lifted him above all other creatures. He was in awe from all he saw therein, and understood that all that is written in the book is the truth. It is true; all of the words in the book are most holy. Great is the glory of every power.

In holiness and purity, perform the operations. In humility and modesty, succeed in all works. Become wise by the spirit of wisdom [Ruoch Chokmah].

It is written, Adam prepared a bar of gold and purified it twice by fire. Then [he] engraved thereupon the signs of the holy book, in holiness and purity. Then [he] placed the book in a cleft of the rock on the east side of the Garden of Eden—not to fall to Earth, but to endure and sustain the power. In every place, Adam was sustained.

It is proclaimed, Adam wandered upon the earth, as a ship upon the sea. He remembered and recorded when mountains melted like wax; and the sea went forth as hoar frost; and fire went forth as dust; and lions and leopards and bears and animals of the pasture stood silent and still; and insects rose up in the air as birds; and the sea became a desert wilderness.

He remembered and recorded the letters of the holy name before the Sun and the Moon and Orion [Hakesil]. By the light of all luminaries, rule in righteousness and in reverence of Elohim. Also, hold dominion over the spirit [Ruoch] and over violence [Shad] and over misfortune [Phega'a, or enemy] and adversaries [Shatan] rising up over men and women. It is written, be summoned as you wish and desire.

He recorded when the stone wall of the tower suddenly fell to the ground; and fruit trees bear fruit before the proper time; and [people] take flight before battles of war.

Everything was revealed to him: of the holy spirit [Ruoch Hakadesh], of death and life, of goodness and evil. Also, the mysteries of hours and minutes of time, and number of days. Calculate the seasons and anniversaries [Yobelim, refers to the equinoxes and solstices] until the end of the universe. Measure the time from the beginning until the end.

Then serve his son, Seth. For ten years, instructed according to the way of the holy book, he received understanding of all letters and words engraved in the holy book, of all powers revealed. He knew by the powers therein to perform miracles, and learned to perform the works. He kept the book hidden away in the cleft of a rock.

From the book, Adam learned that the time of death drew near. Every day, he rejoiced in adjuration, not eating fruits or vegetables or any meat [giving] forth blood. Every day, [he bathed] in the purity of running water, once in the morning and once in the evening. He spoke to his son, Seth, by adjuration alone, not guided by the holy spirit. Preparation is difficult. Work only in humility and reverance, in purity and holiness. Every path is revealed and you become wise by the signs.

After all this, Adam was released to the long home [Beth A'aolam, a reference to the cemetery or grave]. His son, Seth, served the Lord. He was sustained therein by every power, not turning to the left and right from every word spoken by his father, Adam. He became wise from understanding the knowledge, and received the wisdom of the holy book. He opened the gate of wisdom and understanding. Know the difference between good and evil, be repelled by evil and choose goodness.

See and behold the generations of ancestors coming after. The foolish and the vain and the sinful profane by proclaiming false idols in the name of God. The disobedient and rebellious tolerate suffering, not knowing or understanding. Journey in darkness.

Seth became wise by the secrets of the book and the letters of the holy name engraved therein. He learned that God would cause the sea to overflow and destroy all the world by his power. He kept the book in a vault of gold and also placed in the vault all the precious spices, and kept it hidden in a cave. He lived in the city of Enoch, built by his brother Cain [see Genesis 4:17].



This is the prayer spoken by Adam when cast out of the Garden of Eden. From [his] prayers for mercy, [he was] given the holy book by the compassion of the Lord.

Adam spoke: Lord, eternal God of the universe, [you] created all the universe by power and glory. The kingdom is everlasting beauty, going from generation to generation. Nothing is unknown and nothing hidden from your eyes. You created me by your hand, to hold dominion over all living creatures and lord over actions.

The cunning and accursed serpent of the tree deceived my wife and me by lies, leading [us] astray to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge. I know not what will become of my wife and myself and my sons, and the generations coming after. I am disobedient and foolish, running away before your power, not answering nor raising my eyes, ashamed of sins, of wickedness and iniquity, knowing you would cast me out into day.

Here am I, in the wilderness, to plow the soil and toil upon the earth, receiving nourishment from it, trembling in fear upon the earth, dwelling, from this time, by eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge and not heeding your words, not receiving wisdom. I know not what will come from foolishness.

You are merciful and rule with great compassion. I am the first man you created and breathed into me Ruoch and gave the Nephesh [see Introduction]. I beg mercy of compassion. Be slow to anger and show mercy as prayers rise up to the throne of glory. I petition for salvation from the throne of compassion. Let there be mercy. I desire to speak in your presence, no longer hiding as I pray for mercy. The everlasting Lord of the universe holds dominion over all, ruling in great compassion.

I pray you reveal what will come of the generations coming after. What will occur every day and every month. I pray you do not conceal the wisdom. Watch over me and sustain my labors.

Adam prayed for three days. God sent forth Rezial, the angel, who dwelled upon the river going forth from the Garden of Eden. He was revealed to Adam as the Sun went black. By his hand, he gave the book to Adam, saying: "Do not fear and lament no longer. From the day you served in prayer, the prayers were heard. I come to give the knowledge of the words of purity and great wisdom. Become wise by the words of this most holy book. They reveal until the day of death. All sons serve below. All generations coming after are guided by this holy book to prosper in purity. Be humble in Ruoch. Reveal all that is written therein. Know what comes to pass every month, and between day and night.

"Every word is revealed. Learn when to eat, when to fast, and when to honor A'arob; what to do in heavy rain or in times of drought; how to increase crops; hold dominion over wickedness in the world; [what to do] when plagued with locusts [Arbeh] and locust larvae [Chasiel]. [Learn what to do] when fruit is picked off the trees; when [you are] plagued with boils; when to fight wars and when to turn away. [Learn how to act] when disease comes to man or beasts; when the good come upon the highest favor; when the wicked spill blood; when to lament that the profane desecrate the flesh."

Adam drew near and heard, learning to be guided by the holy book. Rezial, the angel, opened the book and read the words. Hearing the words of the holy book from the mouth of Rezial the angel, he fell upon the ground trembling in fear. Rezial spoke: "Rise up and be strong. Revere the power of God. Take the book from my hand and learn from it. Understand the knowledge. Make it known to all pure. Therein establish what will occur in all time."

Adam took the book. A great fire kindled upon the bank of the river. The angel rose up in flames and returned to heaven. Then Adam knew the angel had been sent forth by Elohim, the holy king, to deliver the book, sustained therein in holiness and purity.

The words of the book proclaim works to perform when seeking to prosper in the world. For three days before the New Moon [Rash Chadesh may refer to the first of the month], prepare by fasting. Do not drink wine nor lay down with his wife. Bathe in the sea before the rising Sun.

Then bring two turtledoves. Slaughter them with a knife of brazen metal [brass or copper] with two edges. Slaughter the first turtledove with one edge of the knife. Slaughter the second turtledove with the other edge. Remove the intestines and wash in the sea. Bring three shekels of aged wine, pure frankincense, and a little honey, pure and clear. Mix all together and fill the bellies of the turtledoves. Then cut them into pieces. Place the pieces upon burning coals before the rising Sun of noon as a burnt offering.

Then be wrapped in white robes and go forth unshod. Write the names of the Malachim ministering in the months. Divide the names into three sections. Burn one section every day for three days. On the third day, gather up all the ashes. Scatter them upon the floor in the middle of the house. Then sleep above the ashes. Record above the names of the Malachim: the Hadieriem [mighty or noble ones], the Chazekiem [powerful ones], the Geborim [strong ones], the Kadeshim [holy ones], and the Moshelim [rulers, or dominions]. Then awaken. The Malachim came forth in the night in dreams to reveal their names. These were made clear, not in riddles, but all clearly revealed. Seek without fear.

After four generations, Enoch, son of Jarod, served and became wise in the reverence of Elohim. Keeping the body in purity, bathing in the sea of life [Mim Chiyem] and living in holiness before the Creator of the universe [Borah La'ahalom]. In a dream, the place was revealed to him where the book was concealed and also the path to lead therein. Work in holiness and purity. Rise early and walk until noon. Because of the heat of the Sun, stop to rest, not realizing [he rested] in the [holy] place. There, pray in the presence of God and be blessed. Rise up in purity and be sustained in the place of purity. While concealed therein, the light of all paths will be seen. Guide therein until seeing the highest holiness. Separate from those dwelling upon the Earth, taken by Elohim.

In this holy book is knowledge of the Malachim ministering in the seasons, the signs of the zodiac, all the luminaries, and those ministering in every month. Also, the names and invocations of every season, and the Malachim ministering in the four seasons of the year. Become wise from the names of the Earth and the names of the heavens. Also, the names of the Sun and Moon. Increase the glory by every power. Understand all knowledge over all creation.

Adam, the first man, understood the power was passed on to the generations coming after, by the power and the glory. After Enoch was taken by God, it was kept hidden, until coming to serve Noah, son of Lamech, a most righteous and honest man, loved by the Lord.

In the time of five hundred years, there was great corruption on the Earth, by acts of violence and corruption of all flesh. Because of the ways of people of the Earth, a great cry rose up from the Earth to the heavens, before the throne of the glory of God.

Noah was favored in the eyes of the Lord. The Lord sent forth the holy prince, Raphel, to Noah. Raphel spoke, I have been sent forth by the word of Elohim. The Lord God restores the Earth. I make known what will be and what to do, and deliver this holy book. You will understand how to be guided therein by works most holy and pure. Hear the word of the Lord. You are the most righteous and honest man in all the ages. Behold, I give you this holy book to reveal all the secrets and mysteries. Work in holiness and purity, in humility and modesty. From it, learn how to make the ark from pitch pine [A'atzi Gupher]. Gather your sons and wives and sons' wives. Live in hiding for a short time, until the wrath of the Lord passes over.

Noah took the book from the hand of the holy prince, Raphel. In time, he received understanding of the knowledge therein. By the words of the holy book, [he was] guided unto the Ruoch of the Lord. He made the ark in the length and width written therein. By the knowledge, Noah became wise by the holy name and spoke to every house of God: Come to the ark, those righteous and worthy.

From the secrets of the book, Noah, son of Lamech, built the ark and understood all the words. [He] then brought to the ark two and seven males and females. The sky opened up and the flood lasted forty days and forty nights. Noah spoke by the Ruoch of wisdom and understanding, giving blessing to the Lord Elohim, the great, strong, and honored king.

Noah spoke: Blessed is the Lord, giving wisdom to revere your name. Blessed is the kingdom. By reverence, deliver the souls of the pious. In the secret place, protect and deliver us in salvation, living by your grace, forever serving your spirit. By understanding every word, every man and beast and living creature and bird and creeping thing and fish know of the power and great strength. Become wise by the great wisdom of the holy book. Make known when it is day and when it is night. Know when to eat and when to fast.

Excerpted from Sepher Rezial Hemelach by Steve Savedow. Copyright © 2013 Steve Savedow. Excerpted by permission of Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC.
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Table of Contents


Translator's Introduction          

Title Page for the 1701 Edition          

Foreword by the Master Proofreader          

Book One          

Part 1—Book of the Vestment [Sepher Hamelbosh]          

Part 2—This is the Prayer of Adam, the First Man          

Book Two          

Part 1—This is the Book of the Great Rezial          

Part 2—Regarding the Power of Ruoch          

Part 3—In the Beginning, Part 1 [Berashith]          

Part 4—In the Beginning, Part 2          

Book Three          

Part 1—The Holy Names          

Part 2—The Gemarah          

Part 3—The Actions          

Part 4—The First Action          

Book Four          

Part 1—Book of the Mysteries [Sepher Hereziem]          

Part 2—This is the Work of Genesis          

Part 3—This is the Prayer Required to Establish Greatness          

Book Five Book of the Signs of the Zodiac (Sepher Hemazeloth)          

Appendix—Sepher Rezial Manuscripts          



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