Sex Says

Sex Says

by Max Monroe


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From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Max Monroe comes a new standalone romantic comedy.


My name is Lola Sexton, and I'm a sex addict.
Okay...that's a lie.
Truth is, I'm a serial dater turned dating and relationship columnist for The San Francisco Times. My readers call me Sex. Sex Says.
I love my job.
I love my life.
And I hate Reed Luca.


My name is Reed Luca, and I'm a liar.
Ironically, that's the truth.
I'm 31, and my occupation is...well, complicated.
My favorite kind of woman comes in all shapes and sizes, but always has a big brain.
I've never hated anything.
Lola Sexton hates me.
Luckily, it's a thin line between love and hate, and with my help, pretty Lola will only be able to straddle that line for so long.

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ISBN-13: 9781543009927
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/19/2017
Pages: 342
Sales rank: 1,179,927
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.71(d)

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Sex Says 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
tsmb02 More than 1 year ago
I picked up this book because it was only 99 cents! After reading it, I would pay full was that good! Lola Sexton works at the San Francisco Times and is the writer of the relationship column, Sex Says. Lola writes a column about Signs of Mr. Avoidance & Why You Should Avoid Him and this catches the attention of Reed Luca and really fires him up. Reed is a college educated person who basically drifts through life, continuously taking on new, unique jobs. After reading Lola's column, Reed decides to make a video of himself refuting Lola's words and ends up posting it on YouTube. The video goes viral. Lola is mortified and arranges to meet Reed and confront him. What she doesn't expect is to be attracted to him. Turns out Reed if VERY attracted to her and a fun love/hate relationship begins. When a rival newspaper hires Reed to write a column, "Reed This" that will be a rebuttal of all of Lola's columns every week, that is when the fun begins. As these two spend more and more time together, feelings start to develop and they both start to see the other's point of view. I just loved the emails and then texts that these two send to each other. Quite a few times I was laughing out loud. Just when it looked like these two were going to get their own version of a happy ending, things decided to take a detour. When these two finally got to their happy ending, it was perfectly quirky, just like them!
BeckyRendon More than 1 year ago
I have to laugh because these characters are absolutely perfect in their own ways. Quirky and fun, Lola Sexton is my spirit animal. Reed Luca, however, is sex personified with an contradictory opinion of everything. The combustible chemistry and lit match take these two to a whole new level of burning. It's hot and tense but also an absolute blast. The ridiculousness is smile inducing even as I type this. Sex Says but you need to Reed This to understand- this hate to lovers book is everything you want in a rivalry and a romance. Right, wrong, or palm will love it all!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
rturn More than 1 year ago
I usually love Max Monroe boos. I flew through all 3 of the billionaire books and their novellas. When I saw the new book, I was so excited, but that feeling didn't last long. I struggled to force myself through this book. I couldn't connect with or empathize with these characters. Their immature and childlike personalities was a complete turnoff to me. The whole "I lie because it's funny" Reed, and I prefer to live at a child Lola...not telling her neighbor she wasn't a teenager...was just weird. I finished the book hoping that I would finally feel the pull, the one where the outside world stops existing and you look up a few hours later wishing there was one more page. I never did. As I am NO FAIR WEATHER fan...I have already downloaded Dr. OB, here is hoping it's better than this one was.
NRuffo More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars This book is a departure from the sex-filled Billionaire Bad Boys series that Max Monroe started with. The title may sway your opinion of this statement, but please keep an open mind. Lola and Reed's story is about intimacy, trust, and finding someone who is very much as eccentric as you. And while there are a few sexually explicit scenes, they don't rule the book or their relationship. Lola and Reed started out like a wildfire burning out of control. Or maybe I should say Lola did. She was full of fire and indignation while Reed had a laissez faire attitude. I was expecting Reed to be all dark and brooding, but he was compassionate, way too perceptive for Lola's liking, and in need of a good friend. I loved how eccentric and fun these two were. They were absolutely perfect for each other. Reed is a uniquely special guy. He's not your typical book boyfriend but still one you'll want to stash away. I enjoyed the progression of their relationship from enemies, friends, and eventually lovers and partners. I also loved how Reed just knew from the moment he met Lola that she would love him one day. The secondary characters are fabulous! Without them, our leads wouldn't have been the same. We all need a little stability and craziness in our lives. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Readers Copy of this book.
Naughty_Book_Blog More than 1 year ago
Delightfully amusing and irresistibly sexy! Lola and Reed's battle of wits and words had me grinning like a fool and laughing out loud. The story is a bit different than what I was expecting. The characters were both unique and headstrong. Reed certainly isn't your typical book boyfriend. Much like Lola, he is a bit of a free spirit. He lives his life with his own unique code of living life to the fullest and doing what makes him happy. He's free-spirited and adventurous, sort of with "a rolling stone gathers no moss" type of philosophy. But alas he is a man with some rather predictable faults. Lola certainly holds her own against Reed. A free spirit as well, yet she is more anchored in her life and career. She has her own unique sense of style, a fearless attitude and a wicked sense of humor. Reed and Lola sort of start out as enemies, then evolve into something closer to frenemies, which of course leads to much deeper feelings. Overall, I'm going to sum up this story as playfully sexy and entertaining.
Kelly_BTCBlog More than 1 year ago
Reed Luca....holy balls! I think most women, who read this book, will agree with me when I say that we want our very own Reed! Laid back, quick-witted, hilarious, and drop dead sexy, Reed is his own breed of male. Reed's character completely saved this book, in my eyes. Without him, I don't think I would've been able to finish. Which is a complete shock to me, because I absolutely LOVED Max Monroe's previous books. I found that it took me a lot longer to really get interested in the story, as I realized that Lola was a very big contradiction. Over half the time, what came out of her mouth wasn't even how she truly felt. She couldn't be completely honest with herself, let alone anyone else, when she dealing with her issues and what she really thought. And isn't that what her column was supposed to be about? Her TRUE opinions on dating and relationships. And even though I stated Reed saved the story for me, he had his own flaw that didn't sit well with me. As open and honest he was in his own columns, he couldn't be completely honest with Lola about his real feelings. But I guess it was easier to overlook that flaw in him, since it was obviously stated in the book how much of a pathological liar he was. Overall, I just wasn't WOW'ed by the story. It had a lot a potential, and I was genuinely excited to read it. I could very well be in the minority of people who weren't completely blown away with this book, but it will not deter me from reading anything else from Max Monroe. It will actually make me want to read more. One sour apple won't ruin the entire sweetness that is Max Monroe's books.
Janet_Reads More than 1 year ago
Max Monroe stands out in a diluted sea of contemporary romance. Reed and Lola are both engaging and charismatic characters, and they are both refreshingly different. These two aren’t cookie cutter romance novel hero and heroine – even their names are awesome - and they are what give Sex Says such a fun and unique feel. I want to hang out and be Lola’s friend, and I really want to be Reed’s girlfriend. (Sorry, Husband.) Their verbal sparring is mesmerizing and some of the best foreplay I have ever read. You’ll be thinking about these two and their story long after you’ve finished reading, and you’ll definitely put Sex Says on your read-again-soon shelf. Don’t miss Sex Says by the brilliant, dynamic co-authors known as Max Monroe. Postscript: I feel compelled to add a note about Reed smoking on the cover of Sex Says. When I first saw it, I was fairly shocked and frankly turned off by it. I am not a fan of smoking cigarettes and don’t find it sexy. I held my opinion until after I read the book, and I admit the cover makes much more sense now that I know Reed. It is also representative of Max Monroe’s uninhibited writing style and their individuality. My only concern is that readers won’t read Sex Says solely based on its cover, and I am sad they will miss out. This is definitely a time to not judge a book by its cover. ARC provided but this review was voluntarily and honestly written.
CrystalsBookWorld More than 1 year ago
First of all, I need to say by far Sex Says Cover is Sexy as hell! I mean look at it! Yes, that is what caught my eye at the beginning. I have been showing it off for a while now. And the story was not what I expected. It rocked! I read the blurb, and I have been part of the teaser tour, but I was not prepared on how the story turned out. Sex Says is unique. I love the mind set behind the story. The non-traditional expectations the characters had was a great addition to this story. Max Monroe will fly over your expectations. I love the unexpected, and not once did I predict correctly what would happen next. Lola has her column she writes, Sex Says. She has been successful but is a huge procrastinator. Reed just does what he wants. He makes everything just a little more sexier too. He can be a a*hole with his no nonsense attitude. But in reality he only had himself to look after until one day he came across a column in a newspaper and had some things to say back. The rest of characters are fun. There is one that has a stick up her you know what, but I laughed hard when Reed put her in her place. I think that is when Lola started to fall. This book is fun, sassy, a little childish (but that is okay, it works), and you have the yummy sexy time in it too. Steamy steamy sexy time! The intensity and crazy whirling emotions these two have, hooked me from the get go! I loved that this book had me thinking differently. Thank you Max Monroe! I needed this story to freshen up my e-book shelf.
CousinMaura More than 1 year ago
"Some of the best love stories start off with the two people not liking each other" I am a HUGE fan of Max Monroe and really enjoyed the Billionaire series - honestly, I wasn't sure any future books they wrote could live up to it. Sex Says lived up to it and more. I highlighted so many awesome quotes and sentences in this book that it looks like I am back in college. Reed Luca (my new book boyfriend) is a guy who doesn't need to bend to social norms. He doesn't need a traditional 9-5 job to prove himself to anyone and is willing to do a hard days labor to help achieve some items on his bucket list. For example, he joins a painting crew so he can climb to the top of The Golden Gate Bridge. He is a people watcher, a lover of the written word and doesn't like to do the thing that is expected. Lola Sexton is a columnist for the local paper. Her column is titled "Sex Says" which is an observational column offering dating advice, advice she doesn't take sometimes. Lola is secure in who she is as a woman, makes no excuses for her wardrobe because she wears FABULOUS shoes and surrounds herself with rainbows and unicorns. From Lola's overweight gold fish named Louie, to her friends, to her boss at the paper - Lola seems to have it all. Lola and Reed are both loyal to their cause (is their cause annoying each other? Perhaps) and the dialog they engage in is witty and snarky and deep. Both of these characters had a depth to them that I find unusual in romantic comedies. So to wrap up this review (because really I could just go on and on about it) here are some of my high points of Sex Says... 1. Reed is hot AF and one of those guys that might get overlooked because he blends into the background a bit. If you are single and out walking today, please take a look around because YOUR Reed might be sitting on the park bench observing you. 2. Lola teaches us that it's not what you wear, it's how you wear it. Own your confidence - embrace your quirks - rock those roller skates. 3. Simone shows us how stupid is to put on fake accents and pretend to be people we are not. Seriously Simone? A British accent from Paris? sheesh. 4. Demon Dialing is my new go-to phrase. I used to say "smile and dial" and now will say "I demon dialed 4 people before I got a human being" 5. Carb-loading for exacting revenge is a very valid reason to eat carbs 6. EVERY SINGLE TIME I SAY THE NAME OF THIS BOOK, I SING THE JANE'S ADDICTION SONG AND NOW I'M JUST SCREAMING IT OUT AND FREAKING MY HUSBAND OUT. If I end up divorced, I really need to find out who Max Monroe is because I'll be moving in with them... 50. Oh - it turns out that I really CAN use too many ellipses... Sex Says by Max Monroe is a 5 star read for 2017.