She Is Free: Learning the Truth about the Lies that Hold You Captive

She Is Free: Learning the Truth about the Lies that Hold You Captive

by Andi Andrew
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She Is Free: Learning the Truth about the Lies that Hold You Captive by Andi Andrew

We say we're free in Christ, but many of us are still living in captivity—to fear, anger, shame, isolation, unforgiveness, and control. We're good at faking it around others, but we're exhausted by the ruse. Andi Andrew wants women to break free of their self-imposed prisons and live the lives that are rightly theirs in Christ.

Sharing her own intentional journey of finding true freedom by surrendering control of her heart and life to the God who welcomed her with open arms, Andrew encourages women to give their pain and brokenness to Jesus. She shows them how to purposefully take captive the lies they have believed and replace them with God's truth. Compassionate and biblically based, She Is Free is an invitation to women to step fully into the love that sets them free.

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ISBN-13: 9780801093289
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 10/03/2017
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 59,489
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Andi Andrew is cofounder and copastor with her husband, Paul, of Liberty Church with four locations in New York City. Liberty Church is soon to be expanding in San Francisco; Swaziland; St. Petersburg, Florida; and a fifth New York location in Brooklyn. In 2015 she launched the She Is Free Conference in order to help women find freedom, strength, and wholeness in spirit, soul, and body. A frequent speaker all over the world, she and Paul have four children and live in Brooklyn.

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She Is Free: Learning the Truth about the Lies that Hold You Captive 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Anonymous 19 days ago
She Is Free!!!!! Andi Andrew writes a raw, emotional, incredible book about living in the truth and freedom that God has designed for you. Her willingness to share some of the darkest times she experienced that has gotten her to a point of complete surrender to the will of God is truly inspiring. The practical applications of how you too can get there are not always easy but LIFE CHANGING! What would you give to be free of the lies that hold you captive?! This book is step one!
Anonymous 20 days ago
This book is AMAZING! It's full of so much honest truth. Andi gives real life examples of how she has walked into truth and freedom. This book has made me slow down and look at my own life in a way I have never done before. It's a must read!!!
Anonymous 20 hours ago
No More Fake Christianity - Are you tired of living a fake Christian life and pretending you’ve got it all together? I sure was. Have you been feeling trapped, crazy, sad, depressed, anxious, angry, full of shame, or isolated? Does it seem like no matter what you’ve tried, real freedom is beyond your grasp? Well if you identify with ANY of these things, like I did, then this book is for you! I really appreciate the way Andi vulnerably writes her own personal journey to freedom and took me along with her. She gave great practical tools at the end of each chapter that helped me dive in and find answers for myself. This book also helped me to connect with God by learning WHOSE I am and therefore who I am. Be ready to dig deep and get very honest with yourself as you identify the lies of the enemy, root them out, and get rid of them forever by replacing them with the REAL TRUTH from our loving Father. If you’re looking for real freedom and real connection with our Heavenly Father, then I highly recommend reading this book! I also think it’d be great for a book club, Bible study, or to just read through with a good friend and process your journeys to freedom together. Let’s all get truly free, and help others to be set free too!
courthope2014 6 days ago
This book is amazing! No matter what you’re going through in life or where you are with your faith this is a must-read. Pastor Andi’s vulnerability and life story are refreshing and relatable. She makes the gospel easy to understand and shows the many areas in which we all need to find freedom. I highly recommend this book!
Anonymous 11 days ago
You cannot read this book and not be changed! Be prepared to have the lenses of your life changed with each chapter as Andy identifies and explores common lies we believe about ourselves and shares her own personal journey of overcoming the lies and walking out new found freedom. Filled with truth, you'll want to keep this book handy to keep refering back to. Andy's honest and transparent style will have you feeling like you are catching up with a good friend. Heartfelt conversations and defining moments... Absolutely loved this book and can't wait for the next one!
Anonymous 16 days ago
This book is a must read for all women. I'm so thankful for the transparency that Andi Andrew shows in the pages of these books. She's a real woman with real issues who needed a miraculous God. Women will be able to relate to her on many different levels. It's always powerful to read a book and take a deep breath knowing that you aren't alone. This book couldn't have come at a better time for me personally. There were many times when reading this that I would say "me too"! I was reminded that God set me free to set others free and that His truth is bigger than the lies I had come to believe. I will be recommending this book to every woman I come in contact with.
Anonymous 18 days ago
Andi is like the treasured friend everyone needs- the kind who offers soulful advice in a warm but honest way. I have read through this book much quicker than I usually read through any kind of book, and it's already filled with annotations. I know I will go back to it often. This book is filled with intentional questions to help you examine areas of your life you need to focus on, as well as prayers to pray when you can't find the words. I read this by myself, but it's the perfect kind of book to read with your small group or Bible study, too. A few snippets that struck me deeply: "What if we stopped focusing so much on *who* we are and stepped into the fullness of *whose* we are?" ... "Is the kingdom outside of me dictating the kingdom inside of me? Or is the kingdom inside of me transforming the kingdom outside of me?" ... "I knew it would all be okay even though I didn't know how." ... "When I simply become aware of His unending presence in my life, it's amazing how easily He replaces all my fears- which come out of a conscious or unconscious partnership with the enemies lies- with His pure love."
Daniela Kamachi 19 days ago
I met Andi for the first time at a women's conference last year and her message really spoke to my heart. She is funny, vulnerable and speaks God's truth in a very deep way. When I heard about her book I couldn't wait to read! I wanted to know more about her story and how she became free from the enemy's lies. I already have a paper copy of the book and it's really really good. It's a journey into God's freedom through a path of redemption, surrender, and authority to put the enemy away. Go get your copy of the book and enjoy God's freedom in your life!!! Andi is very inspiring and I can't wait for more books from her!!!! Daniela Kamachi
Anonymous 19 days ago
I am currently reading She is Free and am in love with every page. It is actually difficult for me to read too quickly as I am so moved and want to press in and linger relishing the truths and wisdom and allow it to settle into my spirit. Andi is honest and loving and deeply relatable as she shares about her family, her inner thoughts, and common struggles we face in our lives as well as the special and insidious lies that come into our minds and try to work their way into our hearts, holding us in bondage, telling us we are not good enough, not lovable, that we are not meant to have good things in our lives (love, motherhood, fill-in-the-blank with whatever secret fear haunts you). Most of all she shows how God is our loving Father and life giver and the answer to all of our insecurities and fears lies in knowing who He is, His word, and who He says we are as his children. I take my time with this book , as I feel the truth wrap around my heart, and I pray reading the guiding questions at the end of every chapter. I thank God for Andi and this book as she is a warrior for all of us; and shows us that we are in fact warriors also, that we are strong and beautiful daughters of God and that all it takes to fight is to shine light on the truth and hold it up letting it penetrate the dark, shadowy corners of our heart. - Nathalie Cheng
Anonymous 19 days ago
“Your Pain is Your Platform” She is Free by Andi Andrew is eye-opening, heart-wrenching, and incredibly thought provoking. Through her own personal stories and using her “pain as her platform”, Andi takes us on a journey of self discovery and finding freedom even in the darkest of times. Her humor and sweet personality make this heavy topic much easier to approach. I am different because of this book. I was unintentionally holding myself back from the freedom God had for me. So many of us believe we are free, but are we really? This book will do nothing but inspire, encourage, and grow your relationship with the Lord. I am so thankful to have read this and to have experienced this beautiful freedom. This is a MUST READ for all Christians who desire a deeper, intimate, and freer relationship with God. He is just waiting patiently to SET YOU FREE! Now is the time to let Him!
Anonymous 19 days ago
There is “NO SUBSTITUE for God’s Presence”….and there is no substitute for experiencing TRUE FREEDOM. And in this incredible book, She Is Free, you will find freedom from issues WE ALL FACE…issues like fear and anxiety and you’ll learn how to embrace God’s powerful presence in a real way. This book and Pastor Andi’s story has impacted my life in ways that I never thought were possible. Her story and journey to find freedom are what have given me courage to join that journey too. Are you ready to experience TRUE freedom? Don’t let another moment pass by, your story and journey are WORTH IT!
Anonymous 19 days ago
I had a feeling this was going to be a good book, but it surpassed my expectations in many ways. I was so hooked on this book from the beginning. One of the things I love is how she encourages us to read specific scriptures in our own time. It really took what I was reading in the book to another level. Also, Andi's honesty and spunky sense of humor make reading this book fun and down to earth. Something that really resonated with me was when she says this “Neither your past pain nor your current season defines who you are. Yet you do have to face your hurts, without fear, and give them to Jesus the healer, not shying away from those gritty moments in your current season. The Father’s love for you defines who you are.” If you're on the fence and don't know if you should get this book I want to encourage you to take that step of faith in getting it. Sometimes you read books and you give them to friends to borrow, but I want to keep this book to myself and instead buy it for my friends because it's that awesome. I know it's a book I will constantly go to for encouragement, hope and freedom no matter what season I am going through in life.
Anonymous 19 days ago
Read this cover to cover in one day. So much powerful truth. Andi equips you to remember the freedom you already have to break free from the chains that are holding you back. Highly recommend!
Anonymous 20 days ago
Andi Andrew wrote this book with her heart and soul. She shares her journey to help all of us to “be set free”. From the pain and hurt as a young child. Not knowing the anger she held inside. She shares has she felt depressed, anxiety, anger, unhappiness, to finding God’s love, which brought her peace, comfort, joy, happiness and finally being “Set Free” . I want to share part of a paragraph in chapter 9 on “Freedom from Isolation “. When I finished this chapter, I had a lot of heaviness in my heart. My mother chose a life of being isolated from her family and friends. After reading this, I feel that she did not realize how much God loved her. He does not want us to be isolated from his love. Isolating ourselves so we’ll never be rejected is simply a different way of being hurt. It’s choosing the pain of loneliness over the potential of pain and loss. By isolating ourselves , we attempt to stop others from rejecting us, but we simultaneously reject the love of God. I was able to set myself free. Our family tried many things to help her, but she chose to be isolated from her family and friends. There was nothing that we could have done. We all need healing in one way or another. You can trust in God’s words that you can “be set free”. I recommend this book very highly. Once I started her book, I had a hard time putting it down as I also found I needed to be set free from other disappointments and hurt in my own life. ~~ Cindy
Anonymous 20 days ago
"She is Free" is revolutionary. It pushes you to think critically about the lies you've been led to believe and the walls you've constructed around your vulnerability while encouraging you with love to run to God, spend time in His presence, and walk in true authority and freedom. There are heartfelt anecdotes from the author's own life; deep Biblical truths rooted in God's unwavering love and desire for His people; and practical steps on how to break the chains that are binding you. This is more than a book; it's a tool for change. Andi's passion is palpable and contagious, and it is clear that this is not just a moneymaker for her; this book is truly about equipping people (especially women) to walk confidently and activating the Spirit within them. We are free to set others free, which is a rallying anthem that cries from the very pages. This book leaves you hungering for internal change and God's word; sometimes I have a hard time picking up my Bible, but the powerful Scripture used throughout has me craving the Lord every day. It's not just a book to pick up and put down. You will highlight, you will underline, you will cry ugly tears with mascara dripping down your fave, and you will be dying to share it with every woman you know. Andi has purposeful questions for reflection at the end of every chapter too, which makes it ideal for a community group. I couldn't recommend this highly enough. -- Elise
booksbucksandbeyond 20 days ago
It is for Freedom that we’ve been set free. We use this amazing curriculum at our church called Living in Freedom Every Day (LIFE). It’s a 12-week study followed by a 2-day retreat. It’s wonderful, but people are always asking me for ideas to help them continue in their newfound freedom. A kind of Freedom 2.0. THIS book is it and I will be recommending it to the hundreds of people who go through this program at our church twice per year. I was so thrilled to be on the launch team and receive an advance copy of the book. It did not disappoint. It is an amazing and practical guide to discovering freedom in several specific areas and comes with questions to help you go deeper. I also really enjoyed Andi’s conversational approach and her storytelling abilities. This was an easy read, but it also had great depth as well. Highly recommended.