She Lies in Wait

She Lies in Wait

by Gytha Lodge


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ISBN-13: 9781984817358
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 01/08/2019
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 24,328
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

Gytha Lodge studied English at Cambridge University and received an MA in creative writing from the University of East Anglia.

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She Lies in Wait: A Novel 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 26 reviews.
bjneary 2 days ago
Thank you to NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group for the advance reader copy, She Lies in Wait by Gytha Lodge, in exchange for an honest review. Oh did I love this book! There was so much suspense as a group of friends goes into the woods for a night of camping, fun, and drinking; and the next morning one of their group is missing. Fast forward thirty years, and the body is discovered very close to their camp site. I especially enjoyed the very capable but human police detectives being led by Detective Chief Inspector Jonah Sheens as they painstakingly reconstruct the crime and investigate without sleep and food to catch a killer (maybe one of the friends?). As Jonah leads his detectives to track down the stories from the suspects, I was riveted until the last page. The suspense kept building and did not disappoint; I will definitely continue to read this thrilling new series. Highly recommended.
Twink 5 days ago
She Lies in Wait is Gytha Lodge's latest novel. And it introduces us to new series featuring Detective Chief Inspector Jonah Sheens. I was drawn to the premise of She Lies in Wait. (I also really like the cover!) 1983. A group of teenagers are partying in the woods. Drugs, drink and sex. When morning comes? One of them - Aurora - is missing. And she's not found...for thirty years. DCI Sheens is assigned the case. He too grew up in the same small town and knows all the players. The six teens have stayed in touch with each other. The discovery of Aurora's body brings them home. Could one of them have information as to who the killer might be? Is it one of them? Has someone lied all these years? Lodge gives the reader glimpses into the past in a series of flashbacks to that fateful night. It's quite sad, but is quite believable. None of the remaining six are likeable. I couldn't connect with any of them, including DCI Sheens. He too has secrets. Leads with questionable pasts and methods make for interesting reading, but Sheens' deliberate withholding of information left a sour taste in my mouth. The characters I did quite like were the supporting cast at the police station. I liked the idea of trying to suss out who amongst the group might be the killer. Lodge throws in some additional choices beside the group of six. Initially I was quite drawn into the interview, keeping mental track of who claimed what. But midway, I found my interest flagging. Lodge does explore the relationships between the six, but I found I couldn't pretend interest in characters I was quickly coming to despise. The ensuing interviews became repetitive. I put the book down for a few days, then came back and finished up. The whodunit ending up being who I thought, the why for additional deaths was too far fetched and I felt no sense of satisfaction with turning the final pages. Lodge is a good writer, but this plot and lead character were just okay for me.
RobinLovesReading 6 days ago
My rating: 4.5 Stars She Lies in Wait is one terrifying novel. Seven teenagers go camping. One of the teens, Aurora is dead. Six come back alive. It is more than obvious that one of the remaining teens is a murderer. This was in 1983 and the case remained unsolved. It is now thirty years later and Aurora's bones are discovered. It is apparent that only one of the six knew about this place and DCI Jonah Sheens is now in charge of solving this cold case. When Jonah was a young cop back then he knew the teens. Now he must interview each of the five remaining, all now in different walks of life. As this story is told, it is relayed in the past and present, and Jonah excels in ferreting out the correct facts. It certainly is not black and white. Each of them was profoundly affected by the murder. So, which of them could have done this terrible deed? After all, at the time they were all aged 14-18. As Aurora is the girl that was killed, quite a bit of the story is told from her point of view in the time leading up to her awful death. Jonah is no-nonsense. He might be just a bit too close to the facts, but he carefully checks out each recollection and any clues that come his way. What Jonah discovers is that pretty much everyone is a liar and that they are all holding secrets very close to the vest. Hopefully, Aurora can truly be laid to rest. It was a complete accident that her bones were discovered. Now all of the other adult lives are called into question. When the actual interview questions and their corresponding answers, as well as the eye contact and body language Jonah witnesses after he brings the six friends together, he realizes that it is evident that someone is most certainly lying. Also, there must be a cover-up. While it may be true that only one of them is a killer, it is more than clear that someone else knows more than they are saying. How intriguing! I was kept engaged throughout this story and was right there right along with Jonah as he was investigating this case. I enjoyed the twists and turns and most certainly the shocking conclusion. As a debut author, Gytha Lodge has done a fine job delivering this story. I look forward to her next thriller as I cannot wait to read more cases that Jonah gets to solve. Many thanks to Random House and to NetGalley for this ARC to review in exchange for my honest opinion.
Nycol 7 days ago
She Lies in Wait by Gytha Lodge is a mystery and thriller of epic proportion. After a body is discovered in the woods, Detective (DCI) Jonah Sheens is in charge of investigating the case. The discovery yields that the body belongs to a teen who went missing in 1983 after a night of drinking with friends and camping in the woods. This discovery turns a disappearance into a murder investigation which is 30 years cold. Jonah will need to investigate the other individuals who were present that night to get to the bottom of what happened to the teen. Told from different points of view, She Lies in Wait will have you guessing up until the very end. This book has a great plot, with great characterizations and keep my interest from start to finish. There were quite a few characters with backstories that I had to keep track of so I re-read certain sections to ensure accuracy. However, once I had the characters down, I could appreciate the well-developed characterizations of each. I hope this is a series of books because I really want to see how Jonah investigates other crimes. I received a review copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley for my honest review. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
SL22268 8 days ago
Intriguing! Thank you to Random House and NetGalley for an e-ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. The description of this book intrigued me. 6 friends...1 killer....who did it?? 30 years later, there is a discovery of the body that throws this case right back open. DCI Sheens is in charge, and he has a link to this group of friends as well. I went back and forth on who I thought the killer was and it ended up NOT being who I suspected. I recommend this book if you like a quick, suspenseful read!
Persephonereads 9 days ago
I would first like to thank Netgalley and Random House for allowing me to read an advanced reader's copy of this novel for an honest review. 4.75 Stars In 1983 smart,thoughtful,quiet and beautiful 14 year old Aurora disappears on a Summer camping trip with her older sister and her sister's friends. It's been thirty years and Aurora's body is finally found. It's up to DCI Jonah Sheens to sift through the secrets that bind the friends after 30 years. Jonah was a casual acquaintance of the group all those years ago. More like an observer really. He always wondered what is was like to be in the popular group, to really know them but now that he is investigating them he is not all that impressed. I love a good detective series and this novel is a perfect introduction to Sheens and his group of detectives. The novel did feel a bit long and it took me longer than it normally does to read this kind of novel. That being said I really enjoyed this ride, this mystery was well done even if I did figure it out rather quickly and the writing was tight. This will be a series I will be reading from now on.
GGGeiss 10 days ago
I was sitting on an international flight, as I read this book, so I was a captive audience, but the novel was not captivating. Many characters, terribly uninteresting and feckless people. We were provided with snippets of background on each but no real substance. There was no suspense. I understand this will be a series but I will not be reading anything additional about these characters, some of whom, had to have had their lives negatively affected by the investigation into the murder. Not a grabber for me. Thank you Netgalley and Random House for the opportunity to read and review this ARC.
3900980 10 days ago
She Lies in Wait by Gytha Lodge is a novel about 6 teenagers who go on an overnight camping trip on a hot July night in the 1980's. They are carefree and enjoying a night of fun and drinking and hooking up. As the night turns into early morning they discover the youngest of their party, Aurora has gone missing. Police are notified and a search ensues without any results. Some 30years later bones are uncovered at the same camp sight. The friends are once again brought together to relive that horrible night. Detective Chief Inspector Jonah Sheens is assigned the case. Not new to the specifics, as he was a young police officer back when the disappearance occurred, he knew the group friends including the missing Aurora, As the group once again begins to retell their stories from years ago, secrets begin to come to light between the friends and soon it looks as if they are turning on each other. But why? And the Investigator himself has a dark hidden secret he has kept all these years. This well written novel will keep the reader interested from the very first page, Easily readable and with fast paced dialogue it will keep you guessing until the end. I completely enjoyed Lodge's first novel and so will you.
gypsygrandmatv 10 days ago
I love reading a good British mystery and this book by Gytha Lodge is everything I could ask for. I believe that this is her debut novel too!! I'm looking forward to reading more from her. 30 years ago 14 year old Aurora Jackson was camping with her sister Topaz and some friends when she disappeared. Eventually she became a cold case...until by accident her bones are discovered buried under a tree...the police are now investigating her murder. DC I Jonah Sheen and his team must uncover what happened that night so many years ago. What follows is a well developed and fascinating story that results in some unexpected turns that lead to a surprising conclusion. Well formed, 3 dimensional, interesting characters add to the enjoyment of this book. Thank you Netgalley for allowing me to read an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
AvidReaderOfAllBooks 10 days ago
Ok for a first book but really boring. It was too straight forward without any twists or excitement in it.
Rhonda-Runner1 10 days ago
When 9-year-old Jessie Miller hides from her father, she discovers bones. The bones are identified as those of 14-year-old Aurora Jackson who disappeared 30 years prior while on a camping trip with 6 other kids, including her younger sister, Topaz. DCS Jonah Sheens, who heads the investigation, had gone to school with the teens involved although he did not run in their circle. There are twists and turns and it is a very good read although I found it confusing in the beginning with all the characters that were introduced all at the same time. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to review this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
MelissaTReviews 11 days ago
Thank you so much to Random House and Netgalley for the ARC. She Lies in Wait by Gytha Lodge is an English whodunnit. This book kept me guessing until the very end, which can be hard to do these days! A group of seven teens go into the woods to camp and party. Drugs, Drinking and all around debauchery ensue. Only 6 are present the next morning. What happened to the youngest teen, Aurora? She was nowhere to be found until 30 years later when her body is stumbled upon. Who killed Aurora? This is what DCI Sheens is supposed to find out. Could her murderer be one of the group that went camping that night? Or could it have been a stranger? The story plays out as Sheens interviews all of the members of the group there that night. Information and secrets come out that have been hidden for decades, including his own. Will his team be able to catch Aurora's killer? I enjoyed this book. It was little bit of a slower pace than what I usually pick, but I truly enjoyed going along for the journey trying to figure out who the murderer was. I felt that the characters of Sheens and his team, especially Hanson, were underdeveloped. I would've loved to know more about how they ticked and what was going on in their lives. Instead, this was only just hinted upon. There is definitely a lot more to be learned about Sheens and his team. I would absolutely recommend this for those who love whodunnits and crime dramas!
GraceJReviewerlady 13 days ago
I adore a good thriller; this is a fantastic new series with a diligent team of detectives and I'm looking forward to reading much more about them! Thirty years ago, Aurora Jackson goes missing after being invited along to a party with her sister and her sister's friends. For thirty long years they all hoped that one day she would turn up but with the discovery of a body, it becomes a murder investigation with local cop, DCI Jonah Sheens and his team taking charge. This is compulsive reading, and one I found myself thinking about when I wasn't actually reading it. Full marks to the author for the way the team deal with the investigation: they work resolutely, sometimes following gut instinct but always - always - following up with solid facts. I began by suspecting no-one and ended with suspecting EVERYONE! Skilfully crafted and beautifully written, this is the first novel by Gytha Lodge which I have come across. However, it most definitely won't be the last, and I really hope she's already working on the next one in this series as I cannot wait! My thanks to publisher Michael Joseph - Penguin UK for my copy via NetGalley. This is my honest, original and unbiased review.
KimBnAZ 13 days ago
This book left me wondering almost until the end what went wrong one fateful night thirty years ago. A well played mystery by Gytha Lodge, this first novel in the Jonah Sheens series left me wanting more. More mysteries, more tales to tell. While this book wrapped up one story, it sure left the door open on Jonah. Aurora Jackson is a beautiful, flighty teenage girl who just wants acceptance from her sister and her sister’s friends. When her sister and a group of friends are heading to the woods for a night of partying and camping, Aurora is included. As the day goes into night, Aurora feels awkward and not really part of the group. Until one of them, Benners, gets Aurora drunk. Too drunk. So that Aurora gets violently ill and crawls off to sleep on her own. The next morning when a group of teenagers wake very hungover, they realize that Aurora has disappeared. They search and search for her, but no trace is ever found. Until thirty years have passed, and a new investigation into the missing persons case is started back up. What happened to poor Aurora and why is the case reopened thirty years later? It’s a great mystery that kept me turning the pages to find out. Gytha Lodge delivers a novel written in current and past tense. Each chapter takes us a step further in today’s investigation and what really happened on that night thirty years prior. I loved the format. It kept me wondering and guessing who did what, as each subsequent chapter led me to believe something different. I was surprised at the end, and as I said, I look forward to seeing what’s in store next for Jonah Sheens, the detective who began the investigation thirty years ago, and finished it now.
whatthebook 14 days ago
I received an advanced copy reader of She Lies in Wait from Random House Publishing Group via NetGalley, in return for my honest opinion. She Lies in Wait by Gytha Lodge is a story about friendship and betrayal. In the summer of 1983, six teens went camping but in the morning on them was missing. Thirty years later, the body of Aurora Jackson is discovered, close to the campsite she disappeared from. Detective Chief Inspector Jonah Sheens and his team are called into reopen this cold case. The remaining five friends are brought back together by DCI Sheens to re-examine what happened on that night thirty years ago. It seems that everyone wasn't truthful all those years ago. DCI Sheens also has secrets about his relationship with Aurora, but he will stop at nothing to reveal Aurora's murderer. This was a great read, a little cumbersome in a few spots- nonetheless the story line had a good pace and kept my attention. For more of my reviews visit or or follow me on Instagram @whatthebook__. (less)
Anonymous 14 days ago
#She Lies in Wait, the first book in a new series featuring DCI Jonah Sheens, is a must read thriller for 2019. A thirty year old cold case, suddenly reopens full force, when the body of Aurora Jackson is discovered in a spot that only a handful of people knew about. It was in 1983 that a group of friends and one of their sisters, Aurora all went camping. When the next morning Aurora is nowhere to be found. Who is responsible? Could it have been one of them, or was it someone entirely different? The book goes back and forth from present day to past. We follow the case unfold as DCI Jonah starts uncovering new truths from the group of friends that differed from the original statements, as well as glimpses of Aurora's viewpoint form that night. This book kept me interested the entire read. I constantly thought I had the offender figured out only to have new evidence come about and switch my attention to another character. What happens with the killer in the end might have been the only thing I wish was slightly different, just because it's the cliche ending for a killer. Otherwise, this was a brilliantly, written psychological thriller that I would highly recommend! Thanks #NetGalley for e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.
suekitty13 14 days ago
Alternating between the present and flashbacks to the ill-fated camping trip, this suspenseful story kept me turning the pages late into the night. The victim, Aurora, was so sweet and guileless and the crime was pretty darn heinous. The worst part was that the killer could only be one of her sister’s friends, or maybe even the sister herself. This leads to a deep examination of the past and the shifting friendships and alliances of this group of teens. Really, who wouldn’t want to revisit their teenage angst, embarrassing mistakes and love affairs thirty years later? That’s a nightmare scenario right there! Investigating the crime is a team led by veteran DCI Jonah Sheens. In procedurals like this it is usually the case that the investigators have complicated, interesting lives themselves and this book is no exception. I really enjoyed the dynamics between newbie Juliette and her superior Jonah. This volume seemed to focus on Juliette and Jonah but I feel like there is so much more to delve into with these characters. I’m very glad to see this is book one of a projected series! The rest of the team is also quite fascinating and I hope we learn more about them as the series goes on. I’m especially intrigued by DC Ben Lightman. What’s his story? Why is he so emotionally contained? You will suspect everyone. EVERYONE! There are a plethora of plausible suspects both within the camping party and a few from outside it as well. My compass needle would swing strongly to point at one person and then towards another and I was never sure if the suspect would be the “easy” villain, and there were several of these, or someone totally unexpected. Every individual was just as likely as the next. The resolution wasn’t a total surprise as I suspected everyone to some extent. Looking back it did seem to fit with the character’s personality but I don’t know that I would have guessed the exact circumstances. The last chase scene was ridiculously stressful and I was yelling inside, and judging by the look my cat was giving me maybe a bit out loud, at the potential victim to hurry, or to fight or to do something to not let the villain win! The villain was truly reprehensible and I did not want them to get away with it or to hurt anyone else. It was a real nail-biter! Everyone has their secrets that they want to keep hidden and so everyone lies. They lied during the initial investigation and they lie again when the case is reopened. The trick for both the police and the reader is to determine which lies matter and are hiding a killer, and which lies are just due to wounded pride or the ravages of time and drugs on memory. As the truth begins to unfold several of the characters make poor, awfully suspicious, choices that make them look even worse. It is a real tangle of stories and the whole truth doesn’t come out until the end. I found it an unpredictable and exciting story with plenty of red herrings to throw you off the scent. It’s one that will keep you up past your bedtime and is a very promising start to a new series. Thank you to Random House for providing an Electronic Advance Reader Copy via NetGalley for review.
Candace-LoveyDoveyBooks 14 days ago
This story was definitely interesting. I was compelled just from reading the blurb but when I actually got to reading the story I was completely hooked! It's basically a story of he said, she said when the remains of a young missing girl are found 30 years later. Until DCI Jonah Sheens can find hard evidence against the strongest suspects, the truth is known only to the killer. I liked that the story was written to be hard to figure out before the climax, but the actual point when DCI Sheens figured out the killer was less than believable. It was like he pulled it out of thin air based on a few measly clues that, to me, did not immediately point to the killer. Everything following his supposed solving of the case supported it, but the story lost its edge at that point. It felt like after a lot of back and forth and false leads the author figured it was time to finally wrap it up at any random moment. Despite that I am eager to continue this series. I've had a hard time enjoying detective stories led by men, but Jonah Sheens and his team were a good group to read about. They all seem to have baggage that's not immediately obvious but lingers in the observations they make about each other over the course of the story. She Lies in Wait is the story to read if you're a fan of Kylie Brant or Dervla McTiernan. *ARC won via Shelf Awareness*
diane92345 14 days ago
A young girl’s body is found 30 years after her disappearance in She Lies in Wait. Benners, Connor, Brett, JoJo, Coralie, Topaz and her younger sister Aurora go camping. One evening of drinking, drugs and sex later, Aurora is missing. Despite an intense searching effort, she remains an open cold case. When Aurora’s body is found 30 years later buried on the very campsite where she disappeared, the police reopen the case. The friends all maintain that they saw nothing unusual the night Aurora disappeared but could they be covering for one another? It is hard to imagine She Lies in Wait was written by a debut author. The rollercoaster plot had me guessing everyone but the victim was either the murderer or complicit in the crime. The police managing the case were equally clueless. Watching the police group wade through piles of data seemed much more realistic than in most police procedurals. She Lies in Wait is an excellent British police procedural. It recommended to anyone who enjoys playing armchair detective. 4 stars! Thanks to Random House for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.
jdowell 14 days ago
Off to the races! This is a great debut novel and is the beginning of a new series starring DCI Jonah Sheens. Basically it is a well-done police procedural. Thirty years ago six friends went camping and one 14-year-old girl disappeared and was never found. Fast forward to present day and some bones are found near the campsite. The mystery is to solve what actually happened. The story is told in two timelines with Aurora narrating the past and then the investgation happening during the present. It was an effective method in this case. I have to say I enjoyed the writing style and felt the case was investigated by an interesting team of "coppers" (I do love British mysteries!). I liked following the various paths of the investigation to the result. With six on the camping trip with more than one thing to hide it was fun to see how it unfolded. I would recommend the book and would read the next one when it is available. Thanks to Gytha Lodge and Random House Publishing Group through Netgalley for an advance copy.
MeganLeprich 14 days ago
Thank you so much to Random House Publishing and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. This book just wasn't doing it for me.  Six teenagers go camping in the woods with drugs and alcohol and only five of them return.  Not really all that surprising to me but I thought okay, maybe this will be a good book.  I was wrong.  Honestly I feel like this book was a rip off from other authors that I've read, just a little slower.  The beginning of this book intrigued me but the constant back and forth over a 30 year span confused the hell out of me.  I would quickly lose in the book which character it was talking about and at what point and time it was, even when the beginning of the chapter would tell me what date it was. And it just had sooo many slow spots. I honestly contemplated giving up at times but I powered through hoping it would get better and it never did. I guessed the murderer pretty early on so that kind of ruined the rest of the book for me because the whole book was based around finding out who killed the girl. Another thing I didn't like was the characters with the exception of JoJo. I immediately liked her early on even though she didn't have a main role until the very end. All of the other characters drove me insane, in their present day role and their role from 30 years ago. Also the whole story behind the murder bored me. The most interesting part was that it took 30 freaking years to find the body and figure out who did it. Thank you again to Random House Publishing and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book for my review.
Vesper1931 15 days ago
Thirty years ago in July 1983 and seven teenagers are out camping, but by morning one will be dead. Now a family are camping in the area and the young daughter finds the bones. DCI Jonah Sheens, as he was a young constable at the time, knows who the bones belong to and it is him and his team who are brought in to investigate. With two different timelines the truth is finally revealed. I enjoyed this mystery, and find the police team a good mix of characters. But who could not be charmed by Aurora herself.
SilversReviews 15 days ago
What could have happened to Aurora? Someone knows but isn't telling. Uncovering bones from a thirty-year-old disappearance/murder case wasn’t something the police thought would happen after their very thorough search and investigation back then. The remains of fourteen-year-old Aurora Jackson was a shock to the six teens that had been with her as well as the town and her parents. Everyone believed she had been kidnapped or had run away not murdered. SHE LIES IN WAIT goes back and forth from 1983 to the present telling the story of what happened at the campsite, how the investigation was exhaustive and came up with nothing, and moves to present day with the interviewing of the now-adult teens and the re-opening of the case. Opening the case meant bringing the six friends together at the station for a meeting. Was that a good idea or had there been collaboration beforehand? Are they all only going to try to save themselves? Will one of the friends say things that had not been said before and reveal something that could get that person arrested? The investigation turned up some facts that had been overlooked and involved a person that was not one of the six friends. SHE LIES IN WAIT moves smoothly from one chapter to the next and holds your interest because of all the questions about what really happened and who was lying back then and who was still lying now. If you enjoy being a detective, you will definitely enjoy SHE LIES IN WAIT. The story line is good and nicely carried out with some twists and of course secrets being kept. 5/5 This book was given to me as an ARC by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
book_junkee 15 days ago
I was all over that cover and tag line and synopsis and sadly, I only made it to 40% before skipping to read the last 4 chapters. I liked Jonah well enough. He seems like a stand up guy, but in the amount that I read, I couldn’t tell you that for sure. There are loads of characters and we get several POVs in each chapter. And yet, I didn’t feel connected to any of them. If this was on purpose to make me unable to trust anyone, it missed the mark. Plot wise, it is insanely slow. I did like the alternating chapters of past and present, especially with the past chapters in Aurora’s POV. When I read the last few chapters, I wasn’t surprised by what happened and how. It seemed a bit obvious and that made me uninterested in going back to read the rest. Overall, it lacked the urgency or tension I was expecting. Understandably, with a case that’s 30 years old, that’s bound to be missing, yet I just couldn’t click with it. Jonah’s character does have some promise and I might be interested in future books. FYI: there is a drugging and fade to black rape scene. There are mentions of several other rapes committed by the murderer. **Huge thanks to Random House for providing the arc free of charge**
JackieBCentralTexasJB 15 days ago
My Thoughts In 1983 teenage friends Topaz Jackson, younger sister Aurora Jackson, Daniel Benham, Connor Dooley, Jojo Magos and Coralie Ribbans invite older teen/heartthrob Brett Parker on a weekend camping trip. The trip ends with 14-year-old Aurora missing and the other 6 left with vague memories as to just who had seen the young woman last the night before she disappeared. 30 years later, now a DCI in the British Police force that serves their town, Jonah Sheens resumes the investigation into Aurora's closed cold case when a family named Miller vacation in local Brinken Wood. Young daughter Jessie Miller stumbled onto the teens grave site when exploring alone away from the other members of her family. Aiding in the newly opened investigation are new hire DC Juliette Hanson, team member DS Ben Lightman and senior member DS Domnall O'Malley. As the investigation begins the 6 reunited, now grown and leading successful lives, friends are once again being interviewed about the circumstances leading up to Aurora's long ago disappearance. As the investigation continues the cause of death and the motive for it causes the once tight knit group tension and uncertainty along with some healthy doses of suspicion aimed at an outside source. The investigation itself was brutally revealing as between the past/present flashbacks and the multiple character viewpoints a grisly picture emerges for not only the police but the reader as well. What I gathered from this tale was that there is no time limit on the horror of death and that there is also no limit on how someone can hide in plain sight while committing crimes against those who trusted them. Twisting/winding through betrayals, deceptions and outright lies spanning over 30 years the mystery of one innocent teenagers disappearance is explored using flashbacks from past to present. When the final truth comes out not only is it dealt with swiftly but in some ways ironically as justice is finally served to the one responsible that no one suspected the identity of until almost too late. My only complaint is the lack of a glossary with definition of initials/terms used to describe the UK police force and a few other items that as an American was unsure of their correct meaning. For example (CID) means criminal investigation department, (DCI)means detective chief inspector, (DCS) means detective chief superintendent, (DC) means detective constable, (DS) means detective sergeant, (DI) means detective inspector and so on and so forth. That bugged me throughout the read but did not detract from the story in any way shape or form. [EArc from Netgalley]