She: A Celebration of Greatness in Every Woman

She: A Celebration of Greatness in Every Woman

by Mary Anne Radmacher

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She is a book of qualities illustrating the greatness of women. From "everywoman" to exemplars such as Madame Secretaries Hillary Clinton and Madeline Albright to visionary artist Shiloh McCloud and poet Maya Stein, these many women represent the very best in the human spirit. Author/artists Mary Anne Radmacher and Liz Kalloch have gathered these fierce and feisty females along with their best advice for our life's journey on the topics of leadership, friendship, purpose, adventurousness, cooperation, collaboration, risk-taking, resourcefulness, happiness, compassion, and much more including what it is to inspire. Each page spread features a collection of vintage art and ephemera elegantly designed by Liz Kalloch paired with a love letter by Mary Anne Radmacher to each quality along with a tribute to women's strength, character, and the extraordinary capabilities within each and every woman. She gathers the wisdom of many wise women including Madeleine L'Engle, Laura Schlessinger, Erica Jong, Rachel Carson, Oprah Winfrey, Harper Lee, Lucille Ball, Mother Teresa, Pearl Buck, Cheri Huber, Julia Child, Drew Barrymore, and many more.

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ISBN-13: 9781936740741
Publisher: Viva Editions
Publication date: 01/07/2014
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 202
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MARY ANNE RADMACHER’s words find their way around the world in homes, school rooms, board rooms, prison cells, offices and business centers and medical facilities. Her words are quoted on television, in other books, in eulogies, on wedding and church programs and in commencement speeches. She is listed in the Oxford Dictionary of American Quotations. She is the author of eleven books and the artist and author of hundreds of products. She lives with her husband and three dogs on Whidbey Island in Washington State. Her media compass point is

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A Celebration of Greatness in Every Woman

By Mary Anne Radmacher, Liz Kalloch

Cleis Press, Inc.

Copyright © 2013 Mary Anne Radmacher and Liz Kalloch
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-936740-72-7


Consider the possibility of soaring.

What is often perceived as failure is better understood as practice.

A bird is not born able to fl y but rather a bird IS born equipped to fl y.

The moment when consistent attempts/practice intersects with appropriate development and right timing, that is the moment when a bird can fl y. The potential for flight is within them, from the beginning. It just takes time.

You are also equipped to fl y. You have everything it takes to soar.

All those attempts that look like failures? They are attempts, exercise, practice. Each effort defines a woman's capacity, her unique style. At that ideal intersection when effort and equipment work wonderfully together with personal desire and vision, it will be no surprise, at all, that YOU SOAR, you will soar and you can keep on soaring.

Too many people expect perfection or, at least, practically perfect, the first time they try something. Without that immediate satisfaction of quick mastery, they assess that they can't do it. "I'm no good at this." "I haven't the native talent for this." "I'm just not _________(artistic, creative, athletic, witty, funny)."

That something brings you pleasure is reason enough to pursue it. It does not require immediate mastery or even that you eventually do it "perfectly."

Could the ancient wisdom of fall seven times get up eight sound like: Leap. Fall, Get up. Jump. Fall. Get up. Skip a little. Fall. Get up? Rather than considering those falls failures, consider them training for soaring. Brain specialists assert that the brain has to pave new pathways while embracing a new skill, pursuit, idea, vision. Laying down a new road takes time whether it's a county road crew laying asphalt or you discovering ways of thinking or behaving.

The key word is discovering. Uncovering. Unfolding. There are extraordinary capacities held within you, some of which you only have a whisper of an idea. You don't have to go get them, learn them, apply them. You already have what you need within you. Here you will connect with the wisdom of dozens of amazing women, just like you. Through phrase, shared experience, and stories, you will begin to see how these women harnessed their personal capacity and natural strengths to make significant contributions to their own lives and the lives of their circle.

SHE (She Harnesses Everything)—is a Celebration of Greatness in Every Woman. It is your personal Book of Hours. Allow it to inspire you, call you to courageous ways of seeing how lovely, how awesome, how amazing you truly are.

Mary Anne Radmacher and Liz Kalloch


Excerpted from SHE by Mary Anne Radmacher, Liz Kalloch. Copyright © 2013 Mary Anne Radmacher and Liz Kalloch. Excerpted by permission of Cleis Press, Inc..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Foreword by Jane Kirkpatrick, xiii,
introduction, xv,
preface, xvii,
she is willing, 3,
Amanda Oaks, 4,
she is nurturing, 6,
Glenis Redmond, 8,
she is an intrepid traveler, 11,
Gina Bramucci, 12,
she is magical, 15,
Kathleen Gallagher Everett, 16,
she is a purposeful risk taker, 19,
Gillian Simon, 20,
she is cooperative and collaborative, 22,
Mary Anne Radmacher, 24,
Liz Kalloch, 24,
she is compassionate, 27,
Marianne Elliott, 28,
she is resourceful, 30,
Hillary Rodham Clinton, 32,
she is mystical, 35,
Shiloh McCloud, 36,
she has a voice, 39,
Jen Lee, 40,
she is inspiring, 42,
Deanna Davis, 44,
she is happy, 47,
Melody Ross, 48,
she embodies actions and words, 50,
Maya Stein, 52,
she is regal, 55,
Madeleine K. Albright, 56,
she is a leader, 59,
Patti Digh, 60,
she is determined, 62,
Mary Anne Radmacher, 64,
she is a life long learner, 66,
Jennifer Louden, 68,
she is imaginative, 71,
Gail McMeekin, 72,
she is in service, 74,
Connie Fails, 76,
she is creative, 78,
Liz Kalloch, 80,
she is welcoming, 83,
Christine Mason Miller, 84,
she is an exquisite aesthetic, 86,
Maggie Oman Shannon, 88,
she is contentment, 91,
Caren Albers, 92,
she is a model of balance, 94,
Kim Hamilton, 96,
she is a fine, kind friend, 99,
Barbara Joy, 100,
About Our Contributors and Role Models, 105,
Index, 111,
About the Authors, 113,

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