by Karen Avivi


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Shredded by Karen Avivi

Drop into the world of rule-breaking, gravity-defying girls who shred riding freestyle BMX.

Josie Peters thinks she'll do anything to ride in the Ultimate BMX freestyle event the summer before her senior year. To hit the qualifying events in the Midwest, Josie and her friends take off on a summer road trip where late-night parties, an intimidating mega ramp, and the lure of sponsorships spark friction between the girls. When Josie's best chance for success depends on her relationship with flashy rider R.T. Torres, she has to decide what she's trying to win and how much she'll sacrifice.

More than a girls' sports book or a BMX biking book, Shredded is a motivating push-your-limits story that takes on feminism, friendship, sexism, and sibling rivalry.

Even readers unfamiliar with BMX or extreme sports will be caught up in the adrenaline rush of Josie's tricks, wipeouts, and wins. Hints of romance provide extra conflict without overtaking the main plot. Ideal for fans of realistic young adult fiction, Shredded features a strong female lead character who goes after what she wants by taking action.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780991807932
Publisher: Karen Avivi
Publication date: 04/01/2013
Pages: 316
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.71(d)
Age Range: 13 - 17 Years

About the Author

Karen Avivi is never bored. If the weather is nice, it's almost impossible for her to stay inside. Karen has tried surfing, skydiving, scuba diving, stunt classes, archery, winter camping, orienteering, mountaineering, mountain biking, and she even attempted a bike ramp once but it didn't end well. If she's not reading or writing, she's usually planning a new adventure.

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Shredded 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Dia_Pelaez More than 1 year ago
Engrossing, pulse-racing and features one hell of a daredevil for a heroine! I'm all for strong female heroines in stories, and that was the main reason why I was so ecstatic when I was approved to read and review Shredded by Karen Avivi!  I LOVE JOSIE!!! She thrives in the male-dominated sport of freestyle BMX and kicks ass like it's nothing! And at the heart of it all, I appreciate that Josie took the lead and initiated change by leading female BMXers to be recognized. First off, I do not know any trick on BMX. I only know how to ride a bike, and that's the extent of my talent when it comes to bicycles. But I do however, have experienced being the only female in a male-dominated environment. I am a bit boyish in real life. I used to do Taekwondo and was the only female student when I joined the local dojang. Whenever the students paired up, I was always the odd one out, and the teacher often noticed me, but that didn't make me stop doing the sport. In College, we had summer training for Taekwondo because I got into the varsity team. I was still the only female during the summer training, so I had to endure lots of bruising because of sparring with guys twice my size. This background made me really appreciate Josie.  Story-wise, I appreciate that the story didn't solely focus on the romance aspect. This was actually one story where I was against the romance part, and was more into Josie as a character and her crusade to have female BMXers get the respect and recognition that they deserve. While I was reading on the latter part of the book, I got a little worried because Josie might lose herself and give into her attraction to RT. Thank God the ending was perfect, and I felt vindicated. Also, I love that aside from the emotional roadblocks that Josie had to go through because of her personality, she also had to deal with external forces like having her parents agree for her to join a BMX competition in another place. Having to earn her parents' permission was really relatable, and the degree of dedication Josie showed for the craft she loved was really inspiring. I also liked that she had to actually deal with male BMXers who are asses. They get more recognition and perks during competitions, but Josie did not let this faze her. And there was also RT Torres, the potential love interest. I was a bit disappointed that he didn't deliver when it counted, but I loved Josie more so it wasn't really a loss on Josie's part.  The side characters are also awesome! I love the other two girls that Josie connected with because of BMX. They're definitely not your typical girls, and I really liked that about them. It's nice to have like-minded individuals as back-ups. All in all, I highly recommend this to young-adult readers. This book is one very good example that young-adult books don't necessarily need to be about romance in order to be great. Karen Avivi's Shredded has a great plot, great development and one kickass female lead!
Rose-butterscotchbubbles More than 1 year ago
Really good BMX Story From the synopsis on Goodreads, this book sounded like a fantastic read. Having spent most of my time as a kid either reading or on my bike, skate-board, or roller blades, a book about a BMX girl definitely sounded interesting.  The plot in this book is fantastic, and exactly what I was hoping for. Thankfully lacking the teen angst and emotional yo-yos that often accompany YA books, this story has realism and depth, while being a wonderful inspiration. We get to follow Josie on her summer adventure and watch her grow, facing decisions and challenges that ultimately help shape her as a person. The moral of this story, and the lessons presented, are all timeless and wonderful, and are mixed perfectly with the life of a teenage BMX athlete.  The characters are all fantastic, and all easy to relate to. Complete with quirky parents, an irritating brother, old friends that seem to slip away, new friends who become family, and acquaintances you still can't figure out. The side characters are all interesting- they all contribute to creating a full little community, and add a great sense of realism and depth to the story. The BMX stunts are all simply awesome, and fill the book with amazing, adrenaline-filled action scenes.  The synopsis (or blurb) really does a great job at describing this book- it's right on the nose, and the book is as good as it sounds. I love the ending, and the life lessons in this story are all very touching. The writing is simply marvelous- with wonderfully researched descriptions of stunts and events, the author pulls you in and effectively shows you the world of BMX.  The themes of feminism and sexism are most definitely apparent, and while I'm not exactly a feminist myself, those ideas are a very important part of this story, and I'm sure make the main female characters very relatable. I gave it 4 stars simply because that fits the best- while it wasn't in the "loved it" category, it's a really good story, and a book I would definitely recommend.  *I was given an ebook copy of this book, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite Josie is a BMX bike rider and the hero of "Shredded", whom we first meet as she is trying out her back flip in the skateboard park. Although she has done it before in more private places with the coaching of her friend, Miguel, Josie is nervous about performing her back flip stunt in front of her boyfriend Sean's friends. They never seem to take her seriously and think of her more as a follower of Sean's than a BMX rider. Josie performs the back flip successfully only to find out afterwards that Sean has broken up with her and is taking Cindy, a younger girl, to the prom. Both Sean and Cindy have advertised this on their social media pages leaving Josie feeling humiliated and angry. She finds a girls' BMX group called Exquisite online and arranges to have the two members meet her at her home for BMX practice. Josie is thrilled to meet Lauryn Jax who is just as serious about BMX as she is. The three girls decide to enter all the Midwestern BMX events that summer, culminating in the Ultimate in August. Josie has to convince her parents that her BMX biking is just as important as her brother Trent's sports, and that her going on this tour is the same as Trent going to his sport camps. I loved this book. I applauded when Josie stood up for equal rights with her brother and resisted her parents' attempt to treat her differently because she is a girl. Karen Avivi's extensive research into BMX tricks and competitions has resulted in a book that keeps the reader's attention riveted during the description of each gravity-defying trick. I could visualize Josie and the other BMX bikers as they analyzed the courses at the events and performed their movements. Avivi makes each event and stunt come alive. She also addresses some very important issues about how young women are frequently treated in extreme sport competitions, and how that can be changed by the young women who participate. You don't have to be a woman to enjoy this book or be into BMX or other extreme sports. It is a fabulous read and one I wholeheartedly recommend.